Andres D’Alessandro talks about his time with the Argentina national team


Andres D’Alessandro has never played at a World Cup and he spoke about it in an interview.

Speaking with TyC Sports, D’Alessandro commented on how he wanted to have played at a World Cup and had Marcelo Bielsa remained as coach, he would have been given the possibility. Here’s what he had to say:

“I would have liked to have played more with the Argentina national team. I never played at a World Cup and that is something I regret during my career. It had to do with things that happened, with coaches that had their players, it had to do with things more than just soccer that happened.

“I know something clearly: Had Marcelo Bielsa continued with the Argentina national team), I would have played at the 2006 World Cup. I would have continued with the Argentina national team for much longer because Marcelo knew how to get to me and the head I had.

“He understood the personality and the character I had, he knew how to get me. In 2006, I played a World Cup qualifier after having lost the Copa America and won the Olympics, I could have shared the pitch and the responsibility with Aimar and Riquelme. I think I had a place.”

D’Alessandro also spoke about not being given a chance for the 2010 World Cup with Maradona as coach:

“I had more of a chance in 2010, I was much more mature, with more games under my belt, many more scars… It was a spectacular year for me, having been the best in America and winning the Libertadores with my club but strange things happened like never having at least been tried for one game.

“During that year, many players had been tried and it was news (that Diego Maradona had called-up more than 100 players to the Argentina national team). It seemed strange not to have been part of any match, it’s something I will tell about in my book.”


  1. Great player, he caught my attention since 2001 world cup U20 with maxi and saviola, he didn’t play all the matches but each time he played was a delight. I like very much their football and same level of like on Bielsa’s 2004 Olympic team. Fast transition football with versatile midfielders, capable wingers and a striker who can drop deep.

  2. Always admire D’Alessandro, one of the most successful Arg player in Brazil league. Elegant player. Wonder why he did not been given more deserve chance to played for his country; maybe his position is tight enough with similar kind players. His peak is 2006 – 2014 and nobody even approach him. Even Redondo or Zanetti did not got a call. Regretful, wasteful or shameful

    Imagine he got the chance to play in final WC 2014… yes no ‘if’ or’ but’ in football

    • i don t know about national team but for what i feel lucky and blessed in my life is that i had the privillege in my young age when my father allowed me to start going to Monumental to watch my team i had the luck to watch him together with Ortega and Martin Cardetti in one magical trio.

      i still remember that trio lift all Monumental in sky with magical moments of great football.
      what happened about national team after or rest of his career is other subject.
      personally i am grateful to him about what he offer to my team and for all the wonderful memories he give me in my life.


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