Barcelona, Atletico Madrid interested in signing Nicolas Tagliafico of Ajax


Barcelona and Atletico Madrid are both reportedly interested in signing Argentina left back Nicolas Tagliafico.

The Ajax man is rumored to be leaving the club in the summer and two clubs in Spain are being linked to signing the 27 year old. Per a report by Marco Timmer of Vl_nl, both clubs want to sign Tagliafico but Ajax have not yet been approached by either club.

Tagliafico himself has stated that he would like to make a bigger move in Europe.


  1. My 1st XI (4-3-3/4-4-2)… Most probably Scaloni will stick to this XI.
    De Paul-Paredes-Palacios/Lo Celso

    My 2nd XI (4-3-2-1/4-3-1-2)… My favourite XI.
    De paul-Paredes-Palacios
    Messi-Lo Celso

    My 3rd XI (4-3-1-2)… Scaloni used similar XI in Copa 2019 vs Chile, My 2nd favourite XI.
    De Paul-Paredes-Palacios

  2. Musso – Montiel Foyth Romero Tagliafico – De Paul Paredes Lo Celso – Messi – Dybala Lautaro

  3. “Not thrilled with the performance he’s been providing throughout 2019/20 season, Juventus management are allegedly puzzled over including Argentinian U23 international centre-back Cristian Romero (turning 22 on April 27) in their masterplan, ahead of next season. Unlikely to accept being temporarily working with the Under-23 squad, after having been a regular for Genoa, Romero might reportedly be pulled into talks with Napoli over Arek Milik.”

  4. Paredes is one of the best in Argentina.We can see how he helped PSG to knock out Dortmund i believe if it were for Verratti then PSG surely going to be knocked out but as we know Verrati presses really well so we should not understimate Paredes.He is guaranted startervin Argentina.

  5. Theres a lot of young argentines with good pressing and work ethic which fits in modern football.
    The most hardworker energetic lineup would be imo: GK—Tagliafico/Acuna—Romero—Lisandro Martinez—Montiel—De Paul/Palacios—Ascacibar—Lo Celso—Ocampos—Lautaro—Buendia/Angel Correa…they pressure really good with big intensity, Buendia is stand out in this aspect plus Nico Dominguez, Zaracho and Nico Gonzalez is really good too from the bench. Our only lazier players with less energy are Paredes, Macallister, Messi, Aguero Matias Vargas and Joaquin Correa.

    • Lautaro is stand out too for a CF, always pressure, just like Lo Celso for an AM, and we know Ocampos and Angel Correa high workrate in defending too.

    • No doubt this playing 11 is hardworking but your back 4 is too short to handle crosses and set pieces
      Bdw a solid cb duo and fullback duo is must along with good gk
      I feel our mid is sorted out

    • Even messi is pressing nowa days for argentina,


      L. Martimez Quarta

      I think this will b the preferred defenders

      Domingues /Mac alister

      Nico gonzales/ Alario

      This might be the 23

    • So

      GK Andrada; RB Montiel, CB Romero, CB Lisandro Martinez, LB Tagliafico; DM Ascacibar, CM Palacios, AM Lo Celso; LWF Ocampos, RWF Messi, CF Lautaro.

      • > Ascacibar, CM Palacios, AM Lo Celso;

        I really want to see this midfield In action

        Defense is a bit too short. Tough time stopping the likes of Dutch giants like van dyke

  6. 🗣 Enzo Francescoli (River Plate sports director) “Luis Suárez is the best Uruguayan footballer for what he has given and generated. If Suárez could come to River, it would be important to the history of the club. I would love to try, but it only happens to me in my head.”

    “I do not want to disturb Suárez or any player if I see that it is not possible with the economy of the club, his contract.”


  7. Tag reunion with De Jong will be great beside his daily training alongside Messi; But is Tag deserved playing for N/T as his mobility and defensive wall did not work great enough.

    Maybe Simeone defensive and counter attack playing style will be more useful to learn for Tag

  8. Is joaquin correa the fastest winger argentina have now? He has sublime skills , passing and all but lack composure in finishing. In most of his missed chances he is cutting towards the goal keeper reducing the angle for himself. We need a pacy winger along with lucas ocampas, i dont know much about nico gonzales… is he better than correa?

    • I think Nico Gonzalez fits the bill but he is playing in the 2nd division of Germany and he is clearly not ready ATM. But, he is someone to watch out and I personally thinks he will be vital for us in the future.
      And j correa lacks not only composure to finish but also energy, thay guy is just too lazy.
      And a correa has energy and some pace but he lacks quality in the final third.
      Ocampos is energetic, trickery and have some quality in the final third but he doesn’t have pace to outrun defenders but at least he may be able to provide width.

    • J Correa will b a great asset to the team if he improves his finishing. Because in lazios every important match he is doing good, either providing an assist or giving a goal. In super coppa final i think he was making a lot of problem for bonnuci and demiral(who is really fast). Don’t know much about NICO but looks a good peospect. Showed good understanding with messi in game against Brazil. Dont know much about his pace. Is he reallyy fast. We need a really fast player, along with a quick defender(both balerdi amd nehuan are options for tat). I think if we solve this 2 problem we might be having a big chns i n the upcomming tournaments

  9. Tagliafico should go to Barca,Alba is very inconsistenent plus he has become injury prone now.Barca would suit Tagliafico best there he can become a good left back who knows when and how to change his position in left wing area.Lautaro to Barca chances are very slim Barca not gonna to pay 110 Euros as Corona pandemic hit hard and Inter is in no mood to bring down the price rate so only swap deal is on the cards now.Yeah Lo celso would be best for Barca now Lo celso has become matured.In Barca game plan Messi and Lo celso will rain hell on the opponents.Montiel is also an lther case he also deserves to be right back for Barca he is way better than Sergio Roberto and Semedo.

  10. Re-watched the match between World Cup final 2014, surprisingly Argentina outplayed Germany in the first half with a team consists of best players(top20) in 2014 Neuer, Kroos, Ozil, Swinstiger, Lamh, Muller, Hamules, Boitang, Gotze(who turned like rohinho after that) with the average players Perez, biglia, mascherano(as midfielder) Demichelis, Garay, Zabaleta, lavezzi(surprisingly best player in first half compare to all german superstars) Argentina played full of energy with their strong attacking option, Higuain, Messi and lavezzi and Germany was feeling more pressure due to favorite tag and track history of losing big matches in tournament 2008 final, 2010 semi-final, 2012 semi final again with more or less same core of players. On paper Germany was much stronger and Argentina was no where but on the filed Argentina benefited as underdog and nothing to lose feeling, Argentina 2014 campaign was the best after 1990 and wining 2014 considered icing on the cake but for Germany point of view 2014 was the last chance for their Golden Generation to win silverware. Lamh, Swinstiger, Ozil were in his last best days where Podoski, Klose were playing their last game. There was immense pressure on Germany than Argentina reason played poor in first half and kross almost gift a goal to higuain who missed. Many might argue if Higuain scored then Argentina could have won should remember Cruff Nederland also leading 1-0 against Germany after the first half then a completely different Germany came in 2nd half outplayed Nederland ultimately won 2-1. Who knows if Higuain scored in the final and Argentina leading 1-0 then Germany came back to win 2-1 because that 2014 Germany team had immense potential to come back. Anyway on Filed in the first half Argentina was far superior despite on paper Germany was much stronger. Then tactical blunder made by Argentina coach, substituted best player on first half from both the teams Lavezi with Aguero who was ultimately worst rated player on that final. With momentum Germany started playing better football in 2nd half and Swinstiger played his match of life in career, Aguero wasn’t seen anywhere in the pitch, Argentina midfield lacks creativity Germany completely dominated in midfield and in 2nd half the picture was almost clear only Germany can win the final unless lucky win for Argentina. In extra time, Argentina played horribly, fouled after fouled, Aguero was seen more in tackle than with ball. Swinstiger alone equal to the other 10 Argentia players apart from messi in that final. Maybe Argentina can’t recover from the hangover tie breaker won against Nederland and waiting to finish 120 min finally end of the 2nd half in extra time Gotze goal came, in the extra time Germany desperately to win before the shootout where Argentina mindset completely different. After back to back pressure and tiredness Argentina defense finally broke and Gotze scored wining goal, Average Goal Keeper also cost Argentina had Allison was in the goal then Gotze goal could have been easily saved even Cladio Bravo(peck) too. After 120 min ended, statically Germany scored 1 goal with better ball position as well as deserved winner. In that final Argentina played with one player Messi where Germany played with 11, in first half Lavezzi and Higuain contributed(despite miss) but Aguero substitution completely changed the game in favor of Germany. In 2014, Argentina was lucky enough to reach the final with average defense(surprisingly played best) and poor midfield on the soldier of messi, Nederland easily deserve to play final than Argentina, they had much better team in 2014 but lost in tie breaker just like Argentina in 2006 lost against Germany despite much better team. Argentina wasn’t unlucky in 2014 worldcup, Argentina was unlucky in copa 2015,2016, don’t know why Argentina failed to score 120 min in two consecutive final with attacking option like Aguero, Higuain(peck), Dimaria(peck), Dybala or Icardi, In penalty shootout Bravo is going to beat for sure that’s why chile were playing for draw, Argentina could have beat them in regular time.

  11. Messi is planning to win his last WC the reason he is pushing to sign Lautaro and Tagliafico, No wonder he will push Barca to sign Lo celso next season.
    BTW Tagliafico will have to fight for his position at both clubs with Alba and Lodi.

  12. I’d want him to play with Messi but I feel him playing physical futbol at athletico Madrid will make him fit to Argentina’s style a bit more.

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