Lisandro Martinez talks Argentina team, Ajax, life in Netherlands, more


Lisandro Martinez gave an interview where he spoke about the Argentina national team, Ajax, life in the Netherlands and more.

Martinez is still in his first year in Europe but has adapted well. He’s earned a starting spot with Ajax and has even made his debut with the Argentina national team. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“The truth is that you have to think of your health. We are people and we have to take care of ourselves. It’s a lot from an economic point of view but we have to be careful and hope that every decision taken is the best for everyone.”

His experience with the Argentina national team and if he sees himself at the Olympics in Tokyo:

“I will always be available, be it for the U23 team or for the senior Argentina national team. Anything that has to do with the national team, I’ll be there. I don’t know how it’s going to be next year but I’d like to be there.”

What he’s doing during the quarantine as he has been inside for more than a month.

“I’m doing well, training, I’m here with my girlfriend. We try to distract ourselves a bit by watching Netflix. We are well, we have to worry about those who are suffering because of it.”

When he opens the computer, what does he look for first? The news over there or the news here?

“No, the news from Argentina. I’m watching it all the time to see what happens there. I don’t watch the channels from here in the Netherlands.”

How he feels being distant from what’s happening in Argentina:

“I feel bad. I feel bad for those who are really suffering from it. Let’s hope that the government is on the side of the people who need them and that the people who are doing well or don’t lack anything, try to support those who are in need the most.”

And in the Netherlands:

“Here in quarantine, people walk around on the streets. The shops are closed. Today I saw that the kids are going to start school. I want this to be over with.”

How is he with his family that live in Argentina:

“I’m always in contact with them. It’s very difficult to be so far away. Right now, you want to be with the family but you have to be strong. Regarding the precautions, we help each other all the time. Thank God they are all very well.”

Psychologically speaking, how is he:

“I’m very strong mentally. At times, I have days where I feel overwhelmed and don’t want to do anything. But I’m doing well. They are moments to reflect, to find yourself too and to improve.”

What will happen there regarding the league:

“From what I understand, they will tell us about it on Friday. I have no idea.”

If he cares or not since it would be his first championship in Europe:

“I’m not going to think about myself, I’m not selfish. If a decision is made, it should be same decision in all of the European leagues. Although we are tied on points with AZ, I would like to play a match against them to see who would be champion.”

He’s been a starter all season. If he was worried about getting to Ajax and not playing:

“I knew I was coming to a very big team. I came focused and I decided to play. I knew where I was going and I worked a lot, mentally speaking. When I first started training, it was difficult. It’s another rhythm, the key is to control the ball.

“In the third week, I started to adapt to the group. After a friendly, I won my spot and the coach started to put me in every game.”


  1. Lisandro martinez can be utilized as an effective left back and could maybe even replace tagliafico as starting lb in NT and reason for him playing as LB is because Lisandro martinez height is too short to play as CB.He along with Jonathan silva are good substitutes for Tagliafico rather than acuna.

    • Absolutely fucking not!! Acuna is the only player on the national team that plays with balls id have him starting over everyone even tagliafico and especially over an overrated div 2 hothead of a lwb in silva and a natural cb in martinez. R u high? Acuna always shows up for the jersey that last game against germany where acuna was man of the match shows exactly what he brings, strength tenacity, drive, he actually puts in good crosses unlike tagliafico and always links up well with the wingers and midfield

      • Jonathan Silva plays in spanish first league dude, Acuna is simply horrible in midfield, except crosses he cant pass the freakin ball to his teammates, miss the easiest 3-5 m passes regularly, dont feel one touch passes, no through balls in his repertoire…Acunas football intelligence, pressure resistence and passing abilities are too low for this position. Look his matches against Brazil or against Croatia on WC where he was horrible. Acuna on the ball>>>Argentina lose the ball position….enough from this, but i have no problem when he plays as left back, quick with good crosses and grit, but def not enough disciplined to the midfield.

      • Football is all about first touch especially for fullbacks and when it comes to First touch Acuna is worse than horribe. Watch him against Brazil in semi final copa he was the weakest link on pitch wasting all the attacks Scaloni should have substitited him earlier.

        • Why not play buendia in midfield than acuna ?He is much more workholic and can provide crosses too
          Bdw ,I think buendia can also be tried as rb because he is a good crosser and tackler

          • Because Acuna has been tried out and works well. He is one of the strongest points of our team. Look buendias time will come he might be a good sub but Acuna is more experienced and is an engine for recovering the ball, crossing, and pressuring the opposition

      • Acuna is worst player in Argentina team a single good match does not guarantee spot in national team.Even Meza was superb vs Spain then he collapsed in World Cup.

        • Bro I’m sorry I don’t normally say this to people but you’re a fucking moron if that’s what you believe lol I really hope you’re just trolling.

          • I never troll just look at the match against Brazil in Copa how many times Acuna lost the ball.He is bad in possesdion,can not get the ball properly, does not have pace,always loses duels.He is good only in croses.Just keep your eyes wide open to see the reality man you are blind to the game indeed.

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