Roberto Sensini talks Caniggia Argentina goal vs. Brazil, Diego Maradona, more


Roberto Sensini gave an interview with the AFA website where he spoke about the match he enjoyed the most while with the Argentina national team, his favorite players, goals and more.

Sensini made a World Cup final with Argentina back in 1990 and while he may never have won a World Cup, he was part of some legendary matches. Speaking in an interview, here’s what Sensini had to say:

About playing for the Argentina national team:

“Having player for the Argentina national team is everyone’s dream. I was one of them, I was fortunate enough for a long time and that makes me happy. For all those wanting to be footballers, representing your country is the best thing that can happen and even more at a World Cup. Maybe at the time I don’t know if I enjoy it or realized the spot I had but as the years pass by, you value it a lot more. I’m thankful for what football has given me.”

Which match he enjoyed the most while playing with Argentina:

“There were a lot but I always remember Caniggia’s goal against Brazil at the 1990 World Cup. For many reasons but the one where we eliminated Italy on penalty kicks at the same World Cup. But that match was special for having eliminated Brazil and the way it all happened. We suffered a lot but thankfully Diego’s play ended with a goal and it was all very joyful.”

He has been part of teams which had great players, if he had to pick just one, who would he pick:

“No doubt Diego (Maradona). He encompassed everything you need to have as a player and as a team mate, beyond the fact that I’ve had other great team mates. But Diego had everything to be the ideal team mate because he made you win matches, he taught you to play and after that as a professional, he defended you. These are all things you have to value.

“After that, someone who marked me a lot in terms of their wanting to win was Bati (Gabriel Batistuta). I share a lot of times with him but Diego is Diego.”

As a fan, what was the goal he celebrated the most with the Argentina national team:

“There are two I have to pick. The one from Diego in 1986 against England. For me, that looks like a goal that we still celebrate. And the one Burru (Jorge Burruchaga) scored in the final of the same World Cup. I would pick those two. The one from Brurruchaga for he importance of it and that it made us win the World Cup. And the one from Diego for the play and for everything it meant for Argentines.”


  1. I remember this game vividly. Somehow I feel, Argentina enjoyed some luck around that period. 1990 world cup was lot of good fortune. Compare it to 1994, 98 and later. This Brazil game, we were pummeled. Multiple shots of bar or posts. We had once chance and we won. I don’t remember any games from recent era like this. Where we are totally beaten on the field but we came out winners on scoreline. Rather it is the opposite. Often we are the better team, but we lose on scoreline. The tide has to turn, a little bit of luck or fortune is needed to win a tournament.

  2. This match, this world cup, this goal …. During this match Argentina was completely dominated by Brazil, Diego played with an injury during the entire competition, couldn’t train normally and need to inject huge amount of pain killer before each match. I didn’t rewatch the game but seems to me that it was the only shot for Argentina and Diego/Caniggia made that happened.


    the days of carantine i have see that game so many times.
    if somebody want to see it he can do it.
    since we are speaking about that game.

    Brasil, decime que se siente
    Tener en casa a tu papá
    Te juro que aunque pasen los años
    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que el Diego los gambeteó
    Que el Cani los vacunó


  4. So true, Diego’s run and Caniggia’s goal vs Brasil will live forever. I haven’t seen it for some time but it just brought out wonderful emotions to relive it.

  5. Who is better Execuel Palacios or Mac Allister?
    I think Mac Allister is better,he can dribble better and good in ball possession and he also has powerful final touch.Mac Allister’s clever passess in final third and speed specially on the ball is better,he is quite good in interception.What is your point of view on these two player guys Please tell.

    • Both are raw not finished product but yes Macalester has more potential at moment Palacios ahead of him

      • I couldn’ t have said it better, that goal will always be remembered indeed my friend. If only we had a player like “El hijo del viento” Caniggia nowadays! This guy was a true phenomenom to me, one of my top 5 players ever.

        • i love him so much too.
          no Argentine fan can not love him.

          plus i am so proud because he is one more big player who comes from River plate academy.

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