Bundesliga to return on May 16, Argentina players involved


Germany’s Bundesliga will restart on May 16 behind closed doors as all five Argentine’s in the league will look to participate.

With the entire football world coming to a break due to the world pandemic, the Bundesliga is the first European league which will be returning. For Argentina, it means five of them in the league. Here are the Argentine players:

Bayer Leverkusen:
Lucas Alario
Exequiel Palacios

Borussia Dortmund:
Leonardo Balerdi

Eintracht Frankfurt:
David Abraham

Santiago Ascacibar

Here are the matches:

Saturday, May 16:
Borussia Dortmund (Leonardo Balerdi) vs. Schalke
Fortuna Dusseldorf vs. Paderborn
RB Leipzig vs. Freiburg
Hoffenheim vs. Hertha Berlin (Santiago Ascacibar)
Augsburg vs. Wolfsburg
Eintracht Frankfurt (David Abraham) vs. Borussia Monchengladbach

Sunday, May 17:
Koln vs. Mainz
Union Berlin vs. Bayern Munich

Monday, May 18:
Werder Bremen vs. Bayer Leverkusen (Lucas Alario, Exequiel Palacios)


  1. Musso is a solid goalkeeper without any doubt.As I said earlier we need to build a young and dynamic team. A champion team has to be solid in all the aspects of football. Armani and marchessin alre of no use to this team. Along with them TAGLIFICO, Roberto perreira and Acuna have no business in this team .

    • I agree with you except for Tagliafico.He is quite good.He is good both in attack and defence.Scaloni needs to put him in attacking role more than defensive work.Taglifico generally does not lose the ball so he should be in attacking threat more.Renzo Sarvia and Tagliafico are our best fullback pair.Montiel also has chance.

      • I think that generally we will want LB: Tagliafico, RB: Montiel, but depending on the opponents, perhaps Tagliafico can be given a more attacking role if Foyth plays as RB alongside defensively and physically strong CBs like Balerdi/Romero

        • Fully agree with all on Musso. Hopefully he is our best & dosent fade out like Ruilli. Wish Scaloni consistently starts him.
          3 players i would still see in 23 man squad for their versatility is Acuna , Foyth & Lisandro M( once he is given a chance & proves his case ).
          Acuna – LB & LM backup. Can be a sub for both these roles. If in a game ur leading & want some defensive player in Left midfield, he is not a bad option. He is limited on talent – but enough for a sub player.
          Foyth – RB & Right CB backup option . Talent is there for sure & with more club game time he can reduce making costly penalty leading errors. I just wish he moves away from Mourinho.
          Lisandro – Again high on talent & waiting for showcasing that in NT. DM & Left CB option. Already showcased his wonderful talent of forward ball playing at Ajax. But aerial & physical strengths to be tested .
          But for Scaloni – these 3 in 23 man squad will give him atleast 1 extra crucial spot as they can play more than 1 role ( atleast as a sub )

  2. Musso should go to Chelsea not to Inter because he can easily replace Kepa or Caballero but that Inter goalkeeper is very solid it would be hard for Musso to replace him.Premiere league have some of the best forwards so he will be tested there.Chelsea has Lampard i think he will groom Musso well.

    • I think Musso to Chelsea is just a rumor . It doesnt make any sense they are going to sell or replace Kepa just after 2 season because they are spent 80m on him they will try him for atleast 1 more season .

  3. Juan Musso should now starts for Argentina.His long and solid body is like a wall.His hands and feets never fail.To me he is a mixture of Kyler Navas and Armani.He should start over Andrada and Armani for sure.Despite the size of his heavy body he is very fast,quick and agile.Hevis a good shot stopper and his concentration is good too.
    Aramani is average kind of goalkeeper very good in corners but succumbs to pressure.If opposition team is in total attack most likely he will concede the goal and his reading of the game is poor.
    Andrada is above average goalkeeper.He is a good reader of the game he is quite acrobatic too but his hands are week they fail sometimes like against Suarez in match vs Uruguay.I do not know how good he is on corners but he is week in countering freekick.His ball distribution is best his long passes are almost accurate.

    • Musso is currently best Argentine GK in club lebel but need experience in NT but need experience in NT that’s why musso must play all NT matches before the world cup 2022.

    • I agree with u on Musso but he needs to improve on his penalty kicks saves and he could be one of the best GK in the world and hopefully he transfers to Inter milan but Scaloni should also call walter benitez the guy is a beast of a GK he only needs a team with a good defense

  4. According to AS.com, Nehuen perez was close to sign for Ajax for 24 mil. before corona outbreak but now will continue in atletico madrid.

    16 year old boca juniors player Angel coira(formerly played in real madrid) is attracting offers from clubs in Italy and spain.

  5. On a normal world we all would have been eagerly waiting for the Copa 2020, The Euro 2020…2020 was suppose to be a great year as far as sporting events were considered, But now Everything is destroyed.

    Damit, Damit Chinese ruined everything it’s such a catstrophy. Humans were not ready for this. Personally speaking my life is destroyed. I have to start from 1 again. I don’t know how to start again. There is a small light in the end of the tunnel which is “Hope”

    I hope all in here who r from around the world r safe.

  6. “ensures that the sporting decisions are made on the pitch and not in the boardroom.”

    Football is an industry, can’t stop the flow and show ; decision have to taken to safe the industry and big loss of money and jobs. Keept the faith that everything will be fine and normal back again. We Love football games

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