Javier Pastore linked with David Beckham’s Inter Miami


Javier Pastore is being heavily linked with a move away from Italy and to David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

Per a report by Footmercato, Inter Miami have started contacts with the soon to be 31 year old midfielder. Pastore’s agent has reportedly been in contact with the club.

Pastore joined Roma from PSG in 2018 for € 24.7 million and made only 13 appearances this season, assisting twice.


  1. Pastore can go to Boca or river I hope…..it will help him to leave a legacy in Argentine football……..to some extent…….his carrier has no visibility at all……he surly deserved much more….no question about his talent…..has always been a part of big teams though…..

  2. Actually within 1 year our defence will be overloaded
    L. Martinez
    Junn foyth
    Nehuan perez
    Jonathan silva
    Facundo medina

  3. I dont know why everyone is having problem wirh Acuna. He is Scalonies one of the go through man, just look at the Germany game, Ecador match, beazil matcg and Uruguay match. I am not a big fan of him, but name a single player in argentina who can combine all his abilities., pace, strength, crossing. We should accept the fact that everyone will have some weakness and some weak days. If we look closely, after the copa Acuna is one of the most improved player. It was evident from the Germany match itself, he was like a dynamit. Running box to box, beating defender, providing crosses he can do it all. He will be our impact sub for sure. Apriciate for wat he has done, don’t blame for a mistake. Everyone has bad days, be confident in Scaloni, he knows his players better than Anyone.
    And some one was asking for backuo for tagluafico.. Jonathan Silva. He is one of the best performer of his team on this season.

    • Acuna is worst player of this squad right now.Against Brazil and Uruguay in friendlies he did do anything significant.Match vs Germany his time span was very little.He is consistetly inconsistent so should not be in the team.

  4. Marcos Acuna should not be in the team because he often lose the possesion of the ball and not good in recovering the ball.Scaloni should consider this.Scaloni is very good in finding defensive flaws of players but not good in finding attacking flaws of players.Many times Acuna lost the ball in Copa semi final vs Brazil that decreased our intensity of attack and we lost the match we did not make any clear cut chance for the goal but in 3rd place game vs Chile,Lo celso was there and untill Messi was shown red card everything was fine we were winning by big margin.
    We need a better substitute for Tagliafico.

    • Acuna shouldn’t be our starter for sure. I don’t think we have depth in defense and that worries the most. We have two player for RB montiel and fyoth. Montiel is good but not consistent fyoth is not getting the time under his belt. Another one is Saravia, he is good but not best. Now for CB we have some veterans and some young lads. Otamendi and pezzela have experience but we can’t relay on them if we want to win tournaments. Young lads are talented but they are not starter of their teams so they don’t have experience. Now for LB only reliable player taglifico please tell if you any other player(not acuna). Now for GK I am less worried I think musso is my preferred option.

  5. Pastore is injury prone; once regarding to become the next “Enzo Francescoli” and a rising star suddenly dim due to injury in wrong club and lack of playing time. P$G did not optimize his potential fully

    At the age of 31, he still can deliver and wish luck on his side by joining middle club at EPL or La Liga. Going to Miami is rather too early unless being offer luminous financial reward.
    Wish El Flaco all the best at his new station

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