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Diego Simeone gave an interview with former Argentina goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea where he spoke about coaching the Argentina national team, compared Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona while also talking about the World Cup and the Champions League.

Simeone has won as a player with the Argentina national team having lifted two Copa America titles while winning a La Liga as Atletico Madrid coach. His team is known for their strong defensive game as well as being mentally strong. Speaking with Goycochea on TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say when being asked about coaching Argentina:

“It was and is my life. Everything is in due time and space. I have no doubt that if at any time the two situations meet (time and space), I may possibly get a chance (to coach the Argentina national team). When the national anthem starts at the Copa America or at the World Cup, I get angry at myself and say “why”?”

Regarding current Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni:

“What he’s doing is very good. You could see it on the pitch that they’re looking to continue with a system, you could like it or not but the group looks to be following the plan.”

The Atletico Madrid manager also compared Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona:

“One is a goal scoring machine, I have suffered it during the 8 years and I live it every day and the other is Argentine football represented in a person.”

About the Argentina national team not being able to win a trophy:

“When we won the 1991 Copa America, it had been 32 years since we had lost won it. Today, we are going down that path. We have been very close. It’s always a highly criticized group. If you win the World Cup, you are seen as a reference. If you lose, you’re negative, a failure. That you didn’t give it your all. The boys responded very well, even to the circumstances where unfortunately they have had to lose. That side of it is painful. For those living it and for those that have been part of the Argentina national team and not been able to win it. There’s only one winner.”

He also compares the Champions League to the World Cup:

“I relate it to the Champions League. They are tournaments which you can win. How? With proper preparation in terms of emotional aspects, individual aspects. You have to have it and you have to have luck on your side. You can try to look at paths or look for possible solutions but there are details in a tournament that is so short. And you need people with mental strength, it’s not easy. It’s for that reason that the winners keep winning. Germany wins, Brazil wins.”


  1. The interview/article mentioned Simeone won La liga as manager only even though he also won La liga as a player with the same team.

    Also the last time Argentina won Copa was in 1993 not 1991, and the last title was 27 years ago not 32 years.

    Simeone is right about mentallity, Germany and Brazil has always been stronger mentally in last 25 years. However, with the right gameplan and the right players, you can still win tournament despite not having winning tradition. Spain did that between 2008-2012, 1 WC + 2 Euro. Spain has always shit before and after , they crashed out in first round in 2014 and only reached second round in 2018 despite everyone think they’re one of fav. The truth is, they’ve always exited in second round most of the time, but nevertheless they managed to won 3 titles during those 4 years span while Argentina had lost 4 copa finals since 2000s and 1 WC final. Argentina always had strong run in every tournament until they face Germany or Brazil.

    There’s no doubt Messi tend to put sub par performance everytime Argentina face those 2 teams. During Maradona’s day as a captain, Argentina had victories over Brazil, Germany, Italy, England and Uruguay at WC knockout stage (1986 & 1990). That’s not by accident, the team was simply strong mentallity.

  2. Foyth to Barcelona is going to be the best move his career if it happens. It’s always better to move from a mediocre club Spurs where he is not getting playing time. In Barca Foyth will not get playing time too ahead of Pique and Langlet but Pique is already 33, Varane also sat on the bench in real at 22 when Pepe and Ramos used to play but he learned experienced and become world class. Similar thing can happen with Foyth and he will get cup matches regularly in Barca if performed good then can earn into the first team squad too. Moving from Spurs is must where many suggest Foyth should move to the mid table club where he get regular playing time but I think Barcelona move will be the best for him.

  3. Those big names like him seem to underestimate how hard to coach a national team. It’s basically a very different job. You cannot really buy players and you got to adjust your tactics and formation with whatever you have. You are quite short of time as well, only have feel gathering a year to work on the tactics. And also, coaching a national team like Argentina is a lot of pressure with people have so much passion.

  4. Best substitute team of Argentina
    Musso Montiel. Quarta. Nehuen Acuna /Ansaldi
    Palacios. Guido Rodriguez. Mac Allister
    Dybla. Alario/Icardi. Nicolas Gonzalez

    This team is quite good too.

    • Palacios is a clear starter. He just missed Copa due to injury & later the Brazil/Uruguay game due to the Copa Liberatores final . See his game against Mexico ( 4.0)
      Palacios – Parades – DePaul if its a 4-3-3
      Infact Depaul can switch to his club preferred left & Palacios can be right. Palacios can pretty much fit into any role in midfield . LoCelso & Nico Dominguez will be the subs.

      • I think you have not seen Lo celso’s performance in Tottenham,he was single handidly pulling his team.He is fan favorite now.He is creative too so he will come ahead of Palacios.But i think Lo celso Paredes and Palacios can be good too but leaky in defence.De paul is a work horse,a hard worker player.

        • i have seen LoCelso in both spurs & argentina. in NT’s 4-3-3 he is in a more defensive role & thats why Scaloni substituted him with Acuna during Copa games & team had better defensive stability. Lo Celso’s creative quotient is higher . He is more effective if he can be in final 3rd which is not possible with messi, dybala etc . In the left midfield role – Palacios is anyday a better fit with his box to box play.

    • Musso is the best GK currently available for Argentina, should not consider as substitute. Big Clubs like Chelsea, AC Millan, Inter are going for him tell me any Argentina GK hotter or better than musso currently.

  5. Stay away from our beloved ❤️ albiceleste. We don’t need you. Sampaoli is far better than you. He rejected the lucrative job of Sevilla FC for coaching our beloved ❤️ albiceleste. He stated nothing could be more passionate than coaching his country in this situation. We could not have qualified for world cup. Still he took the risk. Had he got more time by his side he could have done a great job. I know some of our mundo fans may get dejected. But we should give credit to him for making himself available for his country. Because he thought his country needed him the most. I believe if simione becomes the coach of this team we will loose our attacking football ideology. But we are 🏆 less for a long time . Being true mundo fans we will welcome you as our coach. And we wish you all the luck and you will become a world champion coach. Whatever thank you for your concern about argentina football team.

  6. Simeone is a long way to coach N/T, his defensive style did not suit Tango style, however being mentally strong and stand on your own feet is needed in building the teamwork and create positive character. Albiceleste is too soft and lack of self confidence after the failure of WC and 2 Copas

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