Mario Kempes voted biggest Valencia idol in history


Mario Kempes has been voted as the biggest idol in Valencia history.

In a poll conducted in Spain, the Argentina World Cup beat out David Villa in the final. With more than 100,000 votes in the poll, Kempes got 53% of the votes.

Along with Kempes, Pablo Aimar, Roberto Ayala and Claudio Lopez were all in the poll. Congratulations to Kempes!

Mario Kempes and the voting.
Mario Kempes on the cover of Super Deporte.


  1. Well deserved . One of best players in 70s alongside Cryuff & Beckenbauer. Kempes has been a top scorer many times. Twice in Argentina league (74, 75) , twice in La liga (76, 77), and the World cup (78) . He was Valencia top scorer in 5 different seasons.

  2. Messi in barca, De Stefano in real, kempes in valancia……… looks like Argentines have concuared Spain quite well…..

  3. Well deserved for Kempes, his time with Valencia is just incredible.
    His peak at 1978 WC and Golden Ball, remember his one moment stop at Pelita Jaya FC, Indonesian but unfortunately no success for El Matador.

    Thanks for the two goals at WC Final, unforgettable beautiful moment !

  4. Foyth to Barcelona is going to be the best move his career if it happens. It’s always better to move from a mediocre club Spurs where he is not getting playing time. In Barca Foyth will not get playing time too ahead of Pique and Langlet but Pique is already 33, Varane also sat on the bench in real at 22 when Pepe and Ramos used to play but he learned experienced and become world class. Similar thing can happen with Foyth and he will get cup matches regularly in Barca if performed good then can earn into the first team squad too. Moving from Spurs is must where many suggest Foyth should move to the mid table club where he get regular playing time but I think Barcelona move will be the best for him.

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