Lionel Messi on Lautaro Martinez Barcelona rumors: “He’s an impressive striker”


Lionel Messi gave an interview where he spoke about the rumors of Lautaro Martinez leaving Inter for Barcelona.

Messi doesn’t always give interviews but in this case, he spoke with Sport and Mundo Deportivo about Lautaro Martinez. In regards to the rumors, here’s what Messi had to say:

“I am being honest when I say that I don’t know if there were or are negotiations right now for him, I have no idea. I think I’ve already said it. Lautaro is an impressive striker, above all because I think he is a very complete number nine. He’s strong, dribbles well, scores goals, knows how to protect the ball.. But we will have to see what happens with him and with the others names they are saying.”

The Argentina and FC Barcelona captain also spoke about the current transfer marker:

“There are a few people at the club who are in charge of the theme of signings and they are the ones who select who they think are best for the team. It’s obvious that the situation we are in will make the market a bit strange and you have to be sure to improve on what we have.”


  1. Good endorsement from Messi. Since Eric Abidal became the sporting director, he has been pushing to buy a lot of French national players. Same is happening in Real Madrid. It is important to play in big clubs. It helps you adjust to pressure. It helps you to build discipline and live with high ambitions. You train better and eat better, keeping you in better physical conditions. Above all the mentality to win every game. I am not saying it guarantees success for NT, but creates a better chance.

    There is a documentary from Antione Griezmann, where he says, he will never be the player he is if it didn’t go to Atletico Madrid. He trained in a way which was never possible or even known to Real Sociedad.

  2. Valencia are chasing Argentine up-and-comer Nahuel Bustos, reports Radio Marca Valencia.

    The Spanish side are nearing a deal to sign Bustos from Talleres de Cordoba with owner Peter Lim’s final approval one of the final steps remaining.

    Valencia are also debating whether to purchase 80 per cent of Bustos’ rights or spend extra money to buy all 100 per cent

  3. Messi said Barcelona is not champion league material which is true.Setien seems as dull as Valverade.Sentiens only think about possesion without caring about the result and his player selection is worst that is what happens when an average coach tries to achieve bigger prize without changing his ways.

  4. There is a rumour going on that Barca and Juve could go for player swap deal for jean clair tobido and Cristian Romero if true it could be good news for ARG NT if Lautaro,Messi,Romero and maybe even Foyth also play for BARCA because this could improve team chemistry or team work between them which will be benifical for NT in the the long run

  5. Messi neither inflates nor underrates a player when it comes to giving opinion about him; because he knows well what Excellent quality means and what average means, thus I believe Messi said very right things about lautaro, and given this high praise of his abilities considering his age, I think lautaro is just destined to the greatness, and he will join a high-class club soon, whether it would be Barca or not, bec many other top tier clubs would be gladly excited to gain his services. However, I personally think that the transfer_if happened_ wouldn’t be before the winter of next season.

  6. So Messi has endorsed Lautoro to join Barca; believe that the negotiation is on the way; almost 80% will happen. And, Barca in need of good striker to replace Suarez and support Messi.

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