Lautaro Martinez of Inter reportedly very close to joining Barcelona


Lautaro Martinez is reportedly very close to joining Barcelona.

Martinez has been linked to the Liga champions for months. However, per a report by Ole in Argentina, the Inter man is very close to joining Lionel Messi at Barcelona. Per the report, only the details remain before it’s made official. A Barcelona player is expected to be part of the deal.

Two clubs will also benefit from the €111 million price tag. Racing Club will receive €8 million from the transfer while his former youth club Liniers will get €2.35 million.


  1. If a set of Argentina Players, for Example, Messi- Latauto- Tagliafico or maybe, Messi- Latauro- Foyth, Or Just the combination of Latauro- Messi plays every week in the same team, Argentina is bound to win a cup in the next 2-5 years. This was needed. We never had this in recent years. This is very good for La Albiceleste. But Latauro has to be patient. Barcelona is spending $$ they definitely have plans for him.

  2. Patience and consistent are needed joining the elite Barca, be ready to play from bench every week. But, it is a dream come true from every player. Lautoro is young and with his energic stamina he will be the Starting XI

  3. Awesome!!! Argentina will have the most feared front line in the world with Messi and Lautaro, and they will demonstrate it every week with Barcelona!
    Luis Suárez’ contract expires next summer. It would be naive to think Lautaro will join and immediately replace him as a starter. He will be implemented with time. What is important is how much he can learn from Suarez, improving chemistry with Messi and growing as a player until Copa America next year. Now fingers crossed for Tagliafico to join them!

    • Reportedly inter want junior firpo as one of the player plus cash for lautaro. So if that happens Barca have to find a replacement for jordi Alba who is near not in a good form. So in that case Barca can buy tagliafico as their relationship with Ajax is very smooth. Just imagine Barca buy Lautaro, tagliafico and fyoth. If that happens we got aa serious claim for Copa next year and hopefully world cup 2022.

      • It would be a dream scenario indeed. Not only would it be great for improving the chemistry between the players, but we would be able to watch them play together every week and they would always play under Messi captaincy

        • If we want to win the world cup our players must be a starter at their respective club and play for top clubs of Europe. Look at france and Germany. If you see the starting line up of France their players play for best clubs and that gives them experience, play under pressure and produce the quality performance. Look at Germany 2014 majority of their players were in the same club Bayern Munich, that brings the chemistry between them. I think for Argentina what we need is at least our player plays for big clubs of Europe and be a starter of their club.

    • awesome news. fingers crossed. That will decide which club to support for next year. Pray they also get Tagliafico & Gallardo joins them soon .

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