AFA president Claudio Tapia comments on World Cup qualifiers


AFA president Claudio Tapia commented on the South American World Cup qualifiers being postponed.

Claudio Tapia spoke to Radio La Red about the World Cup qualifiers. They were set to start earlier this year but have since been delayed. There were rumors that they would get pushed until September but that doesn’t look like it will happen. Here’s what he had to say:

“I don’t see us playing the World Cup qualifiers in 2020. I don’t believe they could take place in September. Sanitary conditions are not in place for it to happen.

“I’m almost convinced that FIFA will take the decision not to have the World Cup qualifiers. For me, it looks normal not to have football on the continent.  Today, the reality is different in South American countries.”



  1. The usual format of qualifiers r actually the easiest because even if we loss some matches we still have a chance to make it atleast in the top 5.

    Any other scenarios is risky 2 groups splitting or Copa semifinalist would put us in pressure. There will be lesser matches too.

    As we r in rebuilding phase if we get more matches the better for us. All the South American teams r getting strong day by day.

    Fifa will not remove the Qualifiers entirely that’s for sure.

    • We are notvin rebuilding phase,we are in maturity phase now.Rebuilding phase hss already gone,six months earlier

  2. Nicolas Gonzales scores a penalty in stuttgarts 3-2 loss. Stuttgart sits at 3rd place in 2nd division of bundesliga, top 2 teams go to first division . I hope a 1st division team picks him up in case Stuttgart stays in 2nd division .

  3. As I said before……I just don’t see how they can play all 20 qualifiers between now and the time they need to be concluded, nm just starting any time soon!

    I hope the Border from the Brazilian side is CLOSED for the foreseeable future.

    • it is 18 actually but anyhow you are right.
      i don t know. time exist enough but if we don t start September or October then things will become very difficult.
      as about Argentina borders have been closed since March and will remain closed till September.
      All commercial flights were suspended until September 1 too.

  4. If Scaloni wants to keep Marcos Acuna in any case then Scaloni should not use Acuna in Midfield role he should be just a left back.We have Lo celso,Mac Allister and Palacios for Left Central Midfield role.

    Andrada is best goalkeeper for Argentina right now and i can say he is the best goalkeeper in the world for that ball distribution trait by using his feets.That gives our players extra advantage.His pin pointed passes are very crucial and other than that he does not feel pressure when opposition teams are in full attacking mode.Scaloni should use him over Armani anytime and for the future Musso is good choice.

  5. Make 2 groups of 5 teams as they did in the past. Winner and runner up go to the WC. It is just 8 games to be played in 2021.

    • i don t like this idea. i don t see any big different than Copa america.
      if it is like this then we should not make qualifiers at all and the teams that reach the semi finals in next year Copa to qualify directly and to world cup.

      personally i hope the qualifiers will happened as usual.

  6. I see Tapia is doing the good job for N/T and youths development, i do not know for the domestic league and its regulation and schedule; bringing Scaloni, Aimar and Ayala with Batista seems works on progress. With the advised from Menotti Arg is on the right track again. However, the biggest achievement is the ‘trophy’. Without trophy Tapia is done.

    Success in football is counted by winning

    • about national team look like as you said but for domestic league affairs the guy is MAFIA.
      make Grondona look like child in front of him.

      i am shocked with myself to say this but this guy make me miss Grondona.

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