Walter Benitez extends contract with OGC Nice


Walter Benitez has extended his contract with the Ligue 1 club.

Benitez has been with the club since 2016 where he joined from Quilmes. The club announced that the Argentine will be extending his contract but it hasn’t been announced until what year. Despite not playing a single match for the senior Argentina national team, Benitez has impressed in France. Speaking on the club’s website, here’s what he had to say regarding his contract extension:

“I am very happy to stay here with Nice. This was the best choice for my career. I feel great here. A great project began here last season with INEOS.

“Nice is a big club here in France, but also overseas. It’s all positive. These are the reasons that I decided to extend my stay here.

“People were often asking me if I was going to sign and when… It’s nice, very flattering. The fans are right behind us and they are happy with what I have achieved since I joined the club. Today, it’s done… today, I’ve signed. I think they are going to be happy, just like me!”

Patrick Vieira, current coach of OGC Nice had this to say:

“It’s a clear message from the club and director of football, Julien Fournier: our aim is to retain our best players as long as possible. We have shown that with Walter.

“This contract extension is very good news. I have been working with Walter for two years now and, honestly, I enjoy it immensely. He is a very good goalkeeper and a role model for the young players in the squad. I have a lot of respect and admiration for the man behind the player. Walter is a consummate professional. He is always ready, training hard every day, he knows his body. He’s a player you can count on.”


  1. Paris Saint-Germain are closing in on a €60 million (£54m/$66m) deal that will see them take Mauro Icardi from Inter on a permanent basis, reports ESPN.

  2. Rulli and Benitez were both ranked within the top 4 goalkeepers of L1 by the French sport journal. Benitez has been consistently ranked in the top4 since many years. To me, he is the best.

  3. Right now Argentina looks like a perfect team. I think this team is more creative than 2014 Argentina team.This team can beat that 2014 Argentina team.This team has more unity and single mindness than that of other.Messi was looking like a 2010-11 Messi under Guardiola against Uruguay.

  4. He should have been called up to the NT atleast for some friendlies.

    Rulli, Gazzaniga, Benitez etc r now behind the pack its Armani, Andrada, Musso and Marchesin that Scaloni trusts till now.

    Let’s see what happens in the next year. This year anyway we r not gonna see a NT match.

    Goddammit there is still 7 months left this year. What to do, it is what it is. Had Covid virus didn’t happen some other virus may have happened. May be it was meant to happen.

  5. Benitez deserved the call although playing in the NICE; he is good and can be the second choice for N/T. The first choice is still a question mark …

    at least try him at Olympic games

  6. What a damn shame. Many of us were hoping to see him move to a better team and league to prove his true potential against better players. He is potentially the best goalkeeper from Argentina, but he can’t show us that in France, which is why Scaloni probably won’t call him up. It’s completely beyond me why teams all over Europe have turned a blind eye here, since his contract was expiring this summer and he would have been a free agent.

    • Who knows , summer transfer is until over until for 3 months even if there are no rumours , after all they’re still rumours , just talk a look at Lautaro , it might not happen after all although I which it would .

  7. what a special day today.

    Except the fact that 25 May is one of the biggest national holiday of Argentina i will stay to the football part of the day.

    today is the birthday of Daniel Passarella the player symbol of Argentina national team and my beloved River plate.

    for every real River plate fan you are one of the biggest symbols.
    God have you good Daniel.

    but the special of the day don t end here.

    like today in the year 1901 born my biggest love 🙂 🙂 🙂
    the biggest club of universe for me hi hi hi 🙂

    the great RIVER PLATE of course who else 🙂 🙂 🙂

    so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eternal love 🙂

    happy anniversary to all the millions of River plate fans in Argentina and in all around the world.


    Yo te aliento de la cuna hasta el cajon
    Porque yo
    Dejo todo por verte salir campeon

    Y al jugador
    Que deje la vida por esos colores
    Estos son

    • My friend cox4, I appreciate your contribution to the blog here, especially as you state very sane and reasonable opinions, however your picture tells you are unfortunately a leftist/peronist, that is a shame, I hate to start the topic of politics, but I want to say it clear: peronismo and protectionism would only make argentine economy worse and worse. I hope someone like Jose luis espert, Javier milei or even horacio rodriguez larreta (the least radical of them) gets elected as president in 2023.

      • hello my friend. the truth is that i don t like to speak about politics.
        i will avoid it. just allow me to tell you few things.
        i don t agree with you but this is not bad or problem. i respect your opinion but allow me to disagree.

        the truth is that i am Peronist yes.
        just i am not sure that you understand it from my photo.
        my photo is not connected with Peronism.
        because the photo is from cemetery of Darwin in Malvinas islands where is buried my 649 brothers that lost their lives for Argentina in war of 1982.

        the photo is about them and it is not political.
        it is write ” ELLOS NOS ESPERAN DE PIE ” and down of that “VOLVEREMOS”.

        i am proud for them and as long as i live i will honor and respect them.
        this is not about politics or that i am Peronist.


        • Firstly, thank you for replying to me even though you didn’t like what I wrote in general, that is called respect, and I can say it is a mutual one, I respect you so much as well.

          Secondly, let me tell you a background of myself. I am egyptian, and I love Egypt so much, however, I can probably say that I love argentina as a country much much more. Yes, don’t get surprised, I have literally fallen in love with this wide, beautiful and rich country since not less than 10 years. Consequently, I am continuously following every single aspect of it, just with admiration and amazement, unfortunately as you can see, except for politics, which really distresses me when it is particularly linked to the economy of argentina; my love.

          Thirdly, I know that argentines who voted/rooted for Fernandez use the expression “volveremos” which means “we came back” as I suppose, because they consider the years of macri’s administration as the downfall of “neoliberalism” as they call it (however I don’t think that macri is a true liberal, he is just a populist like the kirchners and like the current president, and I don’t believe in populism, especially in countries of relatively poor education and high poverty). That is why I thought of you being peronist when I saw the word “volveremos”.

          Lastlty, I would like to show my deep respect and admiration for those who lost their lives in the malvinas war in 1982. Although I hate the reason for waging the war, they have nothing to do with it, they are just true patriotic argentines. I also want to apologise for you for saying “shame” in the previous reply, as I was really furious about what peron and his policies have caused to the argentine economy since the 1940s, but def I exaggerated much by saying “shame” to a true argentina supporter like you, please accept my apologies.

          • my friend first of all no reason to apologize to me for anything. i am not angry with you or anything you said to me at all. i would be more offended if you would say to me shame that you are River plate fan than shame that you are Peronist.

            Second i am very happy that you know so much things about Argentina.for that reason allow me to say to you something more. i have deep hate for Videla regime and for all those that rule Argentina the junta era from 1976-1983 when finally democracy restored in country.
            those people destroy my country in every way and in every aspect.Not Peronism.without i say that Peronism don t have any fault of course.

            Last i want to express my deepest deepest deepest respect to you and to your country. Egypt, Greece, Persia (Iran),India, China and few more countrys bring the civilization to earth. we ow to them the civilization. for that those countrys have special place in my heart and i totally respect them.


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