Lionel Messi talks about this Copa America, playing without fans


Lionel Messi spoke about the 2020 Copa America being suspended and playing behind closed doors.

Messi commented on once more having the opportunity to try and win a senior trophy with the Argentina national team. Speaking with Mindfulness Matters, here’s what he had to say:

“The Copa was going to be a big occasion for me this year and I was extremely emotional of having to compete once more. It was difficult when they suspended it but I understand it completely.”

Regarding the current world of football and having to play behind closed doors:

“The preparation as a group is the same as other matches. But individually, every person has to prepare and visualize playing without fans because it’s very weird.”


  1. Deep within, Messi wants to lift the trophy for his beloved country. He still missed the trophy!
    May his dreams comes true despite the pandemic and all the football suspend. 2021/2022 and 2024 will be his peak and last chance.

    • Messi in Copa 2024?
      Wow, that is optimistic. He will turn 37 in June 2024.
      He takes good care of his body and might make it to 2024.
      I hope Argentina wins WC 2022 and Messi retires after winning the final.
      That would be the best finish possible for his time with the NT.

    • Saying publicly that it’s an option for him could be a way for him to pressure Scaloni to try him out. I remember that he has previously expressed how it’s his deepest desire to be the NT goalkeeper of Argentina, being his #1 personal and professional goal. No way he feels the same about France NT.

  2. Let’s hope there is a vaccine early next year so the Copa can go ahead. If not, it will suffer the same fate as the Olympics. In 2021 or not at all. We all like to see Messi lift the Copa next year. The 2024 edition is too far away for him. Fingers crossed scientists find the answer.

  3. It’s unfortunate that Copa got suspended…I believe every Argentine team fan was excited to see our NT in this tournament. Specially now because how new team is developing and there is a more synergy.
    I hope this break gives you some rest Messi and desire to win everything possible for club n NT!
    Let’s go for Copa 2021 on home soil and hopefully with home fans

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