Lucas Alario scores for Bayer Leverkusen in defeat vs. Bayern Munich


Lucas Alario scored for Bayer Leverkusen in their 4-2 loss vs. Bayern Munich.

Alario scored the first goal of the match to give his team the 1-0 lead. The Argentine was played in and from a tight angle was able to slot the ball past Manuel Neuer early in the game.

He replaced the injured Kei Haverts in the starting eleven as Exequiel Palacios was on the bench.


  1. From what I saw last night, Leverkusen seems not fit for their current formation 343, the CBs are too slow, the winger backs didn’t cover space and too static, the CM are decent defensively but quite slow in transition, the 2 wingers are too similar. I don’t think their coach fully make use of the potential of this team because I was quite surprised by their performance at champions league. Maybe last night they played against a machine like Bayern, that’s why it show so much weakness.

    I think this team is better in 4312, they definitely need Palacios in the midfield for the transition and keeping the ball possession. On the other hand, they should remove one of the wingers in order to let Alario play with Havertz.

  2. “If he had stayed in Boca, the national team had a central position for 10 years. Dortmund paid him 18 million euros, he will have seen something, but he plays little. That club has the luxury of buying it and taking it to the bank, he paid it and later it We see, that luxury is given”

    This is what scaloni have said about Leo balerdi this boy has all the attributes to be world class.
    All he need is game time and properly it’s way early to say but I firmly believe he is the best one All of Argentina young cbs.

    • nice to see you here my friend.
      i had some time to notice you here and i am happy to see something from you.

      keep yourself good and healthy.
      always happy to see you here.

    • Shame that he didn’t stay longer with Boca. His potential as a CB would have been more obvious by now. But I’m happy that Scaloni seems to realize his potential.

      In Dortmund, I really hope that he becomes a CB starter next season. Piszczek is now 35 years old, he is set to retire next summer and Hummels is 31. They bought him from his potential they saw as a CB, so they need to try him out as one!

  3. As much as I like borussia dortmund, I think Balerdi should move from the club. Dortmund is an excellent for developing young players but if the coach is not confident enough in you then it is time to move on. Favre’s team is winning matches so we cant criticise his coaching. Balerdi has potential, may be under a different coach he can develop into a class defender.

  4. No doubt one day Balerdi will be a fantastic CB, but the only thing he needs right now is to force a move to a club that will value his huge potential like Jadon Sancho did with Man City when they failed to allow him enough minutes. Now Europe’s elite clubs are fighting over the English man which I think would never have happened if he stayed at City.

  5. Hi everyone! Hope you and your family is fine.

    Recently I am seeing a lot of Werner and Lautaro debate among fans. A lot of agree Werner is the better player. Their argument is he has better goal numbers, cost less etc.

    I followed both Werner and Lautaro. Frankly speaking, talent wise Werner is nowhere near lautaro. When Lautaro runs ring around defenders like Pique, Silva, Bonucci and Chilellini, Werner can’t even beat one Tottenham player if there is no enough space to run. When there is pressure, Lautaro attempts dribble and physical balance, Werner tries back pass. If Werner costs 60, Inter can ask 100 for Lautaro. I am happy they are holding strong.

    Balerdi is very talented. Favre is a moron that’s all. Borussia payed 15 milion for Balerdi to play as wiesel’s sub for 10 min?I follow all our young defenders. Balerdi is the best and most complete one. He has pace, suberb positioning, no risk defending approach. Neheun Perez has superb one to one defensive ability, Quarta has great anticipation. Balerdi needs to leave borussia asap.

    Bundesliga is a good for German talents. Not many non german star came out of bundesliga.
    Spain and Italy is still the best place for Argentinos.

    • Maybe next season Balerdi might get more chances to prove himself as a CB or DM and Dortmund have paid a huge amount for him so they might have thought of him to be useful for their team in the long run but if even in next whole season he is treated in the same manner like now then he needs to leave dortmund asap and join another decent european club

  6. Hopefully Palacios starts to gain minutes soon at leverkusen otherwise Scaloni might look for other alternatives and in case of Balerdi maybe he could become a decenent DM and maybe even replace Axel Witsel in the midfield by next season or maybe he could become starting CB also by the next season depending on the situation so lets wait and watch what happens in the future.
    Balerdi being converted into DM could prove beneficial for NT also because for that position only Guido Rodrigiez (has huge potential) is available and Ascaibar in not in form currently so hopefully Balerdi starts to gain minutes atleast as DM in the Dortmund Lineup.

  7. Balerdi is still young. Stop overrating him, he’s not gonna start over Witsel, can, or Delaney

  8. I don’t want argentines to go to Bundesliga anymore.
    How can balerdi didn’t play today? Dortmund played 2 midfielders in the back three then also he didn’t play.
    And palacios is not even getting a single min for some reasons.

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