Javier Pastore on Argentina absence: “It hurt to watch 2014 World Cup from home”


Javier Pastore spoke about not playing for Argentina at the 2014 World Cup while also commenting on this missed opportunities to win a Copa America.

Pastore, who will be 31 later this month, hasn’t played too many matches with the Argentina national team. Despite bursing onto the scene and taking part in the 2010 World Cup and 2011 Copa America tournament, his international career has been filled with ups and downs.

Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, the Roma midfielder had this to say about his time with the Argentina national team.

“It was a wonderful moment in my career being in the Argentina national team. I had been called up in 2012 and 2013 but about a year and a half before the World Cup, I stopped being called and it hurt me a lot watching it from home. Even though I hadn’t won a spot. It hurt not being at the level I wanted to be at to be in the Argentina national team.”

The former PSG man also commented on what the Copa America tournaments:

“2014 and 2015 were my best years at the club where I was playing practically every match. I was lucky enough for Tata Martino to call me up and he played me in a lot of matches at the Copa America where a nice connection was made with the boys. After that, I was injured in the final against Chile and from there I just wasn’t able to recover properly.

“It’s sad to see that we didn’t win a single Copa America because one always plays to win and we weren’t able to get the titles. Above all because we played well in many matches and we had more goal scoring opportunities than our opponents. But the penalty kicks are for who kicks better.

“It’s sad to see because we were close, not only for us but also for Leo who always has it in his head.”


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  2. Beardless Messi with 1 goal and 2 assists in Barcelona’s 4-0 win against Real Mallorca. It was rumored that 15-year old Argentine Luka Romero could be part of Mallorca’s squad but he was not

  3. Luka Romero Update :

    Although the La Liga regulations do not allow the participation of those under 16 years of age, Real Mallorca insists on the participation of a 15-year-old boy with the first team with the approval of his parents
    Yes, it is Luca Romero, nicknamed the new Messi, who preferred to represent Argentina over Mexico and Spain

  4. His biggest mistake is he thought too much money, more important than his own career and playing time. Except his first games and his excellent season during 2014-2015, he delivered nothing. He could have left PSG several times but other clubs pay him lower so he chose to stay and he ended up with no offer. It was a very poor management of his career. I dream of the pair Pastore-Messi but it never happened. Could have been so fun. At his full potential, he could reach the level of the world class playmaker.

  5. Atleast he was able to be part of 2010 WC even though he didn’t start at all. Atleast he got a chance.There r so many Argentine players who were way more talented but even couldn’t make it into atleast 1 WC. Andrés D’Alessandro comes in mind quickly.

    Pastore is yet another example of a wasted talent I would say. Never achieved what he was capable of. I think It’s better our players try to choose and stick to Spanish league or Italian league for a better outcome. EPL, French league and Bundesliga generally(Some exceptions r there obviously) don’t suit our players may be Italy and Spain feels more at home for our players.

    • No way Dalessandro was more talented than Pastore, but injuries ruined Javier career, he was a fast counter-attacking style,direct playmaker, Dalessandro on the other hand helluva slow. Andres was more hardworker and more a passer-type playmaker, who controll the game tempo, but Pastore’s killer passing imo is better with more brilliant passes.

  6. Argentina should stick with scaloni.. there May be ups and downs in qualifiers but scaloni should continue.i think he is the guy who can provide us trophy copa after alfio basile and world cup after Carlos bilardo

  7. Lo celso and Mac Allister at Left CM
    De paul and Palacios at Right CM
    Paredes and Guido Rodriguez at DM
    Pezella and Nehuen Perez at Right CB
    Otamendi and Lucas Martinez at Left CB
    Sarvia Montiel and Foyth at Right Back
    Tagliafico and Acuna at Left Back
    Aguero,Lautaro,Dybla and Alario for Attacking forward role.Messi and Dybla as playmaker.
    Ocampus to fill up the place of Messi when Messi goes deep in attack.These 20 players are best.
    Andrada,Musso and Benitez should be in the team.Andrada always starts and for penalty shoot out Benitez should be used.

  8. Pastore Lamela and Lanzini are ultra talented but injuries made them insignificant. Ansaldi was talentd too but he was not used properly by any Argentine coach.

  9. Hii everyone.good morning from nepal.hope all guys are safe during the pandemic of corona virus.i was Argentina fan since my childhood days.Argentina had best players in every part eg defense attack mid gk however unable to win a major trophy.its a bitter truth that since maradona days except in 2014 Argentina didn’t go further in world cup from QF..2006 squad was best,2006 team played the best football however Argentina lost to Germany on penalties.it was a bad luck.. Argentina didn’t hire a good coach,if coaches were excellent Argentina would have won at least one world cup.2014 was best chance.we went to final but we lost.hopefully Argentina stick to scaloni till 2022

  10. one more name to the long long list of names that in begin all people speaking about the “new Maradona” bla bla bla and in the end …….!!!!

    • Hi, if you dont mind answering, how good is french league considered by argentine media and people? Do they think it is superior than argentine league or inferior?

      • the French league it not so much popular. that is why it is ignored mostly in the media. at least compared with Spanish and Italian. English too have big attention too. French no.

        as about compare with our league there is 2 big differences.
        first the money. France is one rich European country and can t compared with Argentina. second is the style of football. our football have not so much tactics. France is playing European football.

        the only sure is that me and majority of Argentines we believe we have much more talented football than France. just we don t have the money of France.

        • @cox4 Thats what I thought, reputation wise they are low in argentine media except psg.
          I asked this question because recently in my local watsapp grp there was a discussion why benitez is not considered for national team and my point was he is not getting enough exposure by playing for OGC Nice and have been in limelight for only two years.
          Monetirely I know french league is way bigger than Superliga.

      • French is successful for bringing their youth potential; Look at Mbappe case. Without leaving the country and with regular playing time he is mature and grow well. Financially the club are doing good with proper administration and organized well, i would say better than Italy, indeed one of the best in Europe. Bringing the top coach from every corner, they succeed in winning WC 1998 and 2018.

        Their success is based on building and giving chance to “Talented Young Players” along with good strategy tactics and plan. Scaloni need to follow this and have the courage to combine and orchestrated the new young talented players with Messi in harmony

  11. The future was bright but it dimmed very quickly and that exactly is the last thing we want to see happen to the younger generation.

    Hope to see Dybala playing today.

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