Nicolas Tagliafico comments on Argentina team in 2018, Ajax, more


Nicolas Tagliafico spoke about the Argentina national team at the 2018 World Cup while also discussing his time with Ajax.

Tagliafico has been one of the world’s best left backs and has been linked with a to Barcelona and Chelsea. Speaking in an interview with 94.7 FM, here’s what the 27 year old had to say about the team at the 2018 World Cup:

“The Argentina national team is always a candidate but I don’t know if we would have been champions. We didn’t come fully prepared, we were missing some details to correct. There were tactical doubts and football doubts in the team. There were a lot of changes and there was negativity outside of the group.

“I tried to enjoy every moment, including the bad ones. It’s a memory I will have with me my entire life even if it wasn’t how we wanted it to go.”

About his time with Ajax:

“We placed the bar very high in the last Champions League. The club was back in Europe and now they looked at us differently. At Ajax, I learned a lot about their customs, their school is one of offensive football. They’re looking to score goals, not to defend.”


  1. 3 Argentines have been nominated for Golden boy Award 2020 (this award is given to age of 21 or below players who play in Europe) those 3 Argentines are-
    1) Nehuen Perez(CB)
    2)Facundo colodio(ST)
    3)Matias Soule(RW)(He plays for Juventus U17 Squad)

    • nehuen perez deserves the nomination he is easily one of the best teenage defensive talents

      facundo colidio wow he went under the radar in mundo after leaving inter its nice he seems to be finding feet elsewhere . many had high hopes for him i hope he comes back to the top.

      matias soule wow im astonished to see him in the list he only joined juventus few months back when he was 16 yrs now turned 17 and already in the golden boy nominees wow i must say this kid is something for the future of argentine football.

      • Hopefully by next year more Argentines are nominated for Golden boy Award and hopefully win it also like Messi and Aguero did in the past.(Maybe by next time Enzo Barrenechea of Juventus is also nominated he plays as DM)

  2. Tagliafico’s best place is Chelsea. He should choose them instead of Man U,Tottenham and PSG. Chelsea have an exciting team and Tagliafico can hopefully shine there

    • he can grow in the footsteps of messi. the kid would have his guru in barca man both almada and messi have almost similar abilities im sure messi also would be keen on training the next great argentine talent

  3. 4-3-1-2 and 4-4-2 are the formation Argentina going to use.Lo celso Paredes and De paul for 3-man midfield and Lo celso Paredes De paul Ocampus for 4-man midfield.And our backline going to be same mostly.Ocampus fills up Messi’s place in 4 man midfield really well.Buendai should be choosen ahead of Palacios.Palacios’s off -field activies are not good for the team

    • I keep hearing things about palacios’ off-pitch “controversial” activities from some people here and there but I really don’t know what they are talking about, can you tell me more info about this activities that may harm the team as you mentioned? I mean I have heard something related to sol Perez (a celebrity female personality in argentina), but whatever it is that happened when he was back in argentina so it should irrelevant now.

  4. Hopefully Tag will move to La Liga or EPL, he will grow in more competitive game. However, in Ajax the good things is he get more playing time and play at CL.

    N/T need a reliable LB and a winger

  5. Lionel Scaloni should try 4-2-2 formation.
    Foyth(If gets playing time, hoping with Leeds)/Montiel/Saravia,
    Pezzella/Quartza, Otamendi
    De Paul, Buendia, Paredes/Palacios/Balerdi (again if they gets regular playing time, Ocampos (He can play at left wing and can help team to achieve the required width, also he can help defensively during Tagliafico forward run)
    Messi Aguero/Lautaro

    I don’t see any space for Acuna in this team, considering talent that we have currently. Lo Celso can start from bench as required.

    Buendia n Ocampos can help to attract opposite players and make some space for Messi. After getting space, it’s GOAT who knows how to make a business.
    It may be little early or may be little exaggerated, but I see potential in Messi and Ocampos pair similar of Messi and Neymar.

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