Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez


Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni commented on the possibility of Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez playing together at Barcelona.

Lautaro Martinez has been rumored to join Barcelona for a few months and the current coach of the Argentina national team mentioned that it would be good for the team. Speaking in an interview with TNT Sports, here’s what Scaloni had to say:

“The more Argentine’s that play together at the same club, the better it is for us because they would know each other more and it would really benefit us a lot because with the Argentina national team, we don’t have that much time to work with them.

“It would be really positive for Messi and Lautaro to be in the same team. Either way, it won’t be easy because Inter and Barcelona are great teams and are equal in the hierarchy in Europe. But if they play together, it’s much better because they’d accumulate more minutes.”


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  3. what about a 4-3-1-2 line up
    it gives us option of playing lautaro and aguero together with messi (CAM)behind them. remember messi said he is being more of a provider now.last few years messi struggled with NT because he didn’t get much support from midfield so now he can create lots of goalscoring chances for lautaro and aguero.

    OR>> A usual 4-3-3
    ocampos——lautaro/aguero ——messi

    OR>> a 4-4-2 DIAMOND
    If messi plays as a CAM with any three of paul.balerdi. locelso.buendai starts

  4. Emi Buendai should be choosen ahead of Palacios.Buendai and De paul should fight for Right midfield and Lo celso and Mac Allister should fight for left midfield.Paredes is always a starter.Aguero and Lautaro upfront.

  5. How does a 4 man midfield of Paredes , Guido or maybe Balerdi(he played few games as DM for Dortmund) , Rodrigo de paul and Ocampos sound in a 4-4-2 formation with this formation maybe NT can play similarly to Atletico Madrid of Simeone?

    • Wthout a DM or at least a half DM half regista (Paredes) i say no, too offensive and unbalanced midfield trio, maximum against the weakest opponents, when defending is not so important.

    • Agree with balala, you don’t necessarily need a true no.5 to do the dirty work but there is a need for a defensive minded player in the vein of Palacios or Dominguez.
      Mind you De Paul, Celso and Buendia are all highly diligent midfielders who can run all day and defend to their last breath, so a midfield of those 3 could in theory work against weaker teams that park the bus, but not against stronger teams, let alone the top ones.
      If you add paredes to that list then you can have a 4-man midfield like this:


      Not a half bad midfield, although I’d prefer Ocampos to Buendia, even though I like Emiliano alot and think he should be called up.

    • I don’t even think Paredes as a sole DM makes total sense, especially against elite teams. I tend to prefer a pure destroyer or at least someone who is much better at destroying than Paredes. However, Scaloni seems to have made up his mind about who his number 5 is since Paredes typically starts most of the games in that position.

  6. Hello everyone,this is Nilaksha from India(Kolkata). I have been following this site since 2 years but created an account just week ago so that i can discuss about argentine football.

    P.S Dont be offended if i post any insensitive football opinion. I am still a Teeanager and still learning more and more about this game.

      • yes . Aguero is definitely better than Lautaro ( overall records & even current form) But investing in Lautaro now is the right decision considering 2022 WC. He can be polished up & is a potential future superstar.

    • wah bhai bhai wah.
      wondering what will be your opinion the day wanda ditches icardi.
      for NT – lautaro is more useful as he presses opposition defenders better than all the other argentina attackers.

    • Eta ki bhai? Icardi is a better finisher than Lautaro,true..but Lautaro is a complete forward. He can dribble , pass and his hold up play is really good. If you feed icardi with the ball,he will score. But he is not at all creative

  7. It will be a criminal if Emi Buendía doesn’t get
    Call up from Argentina nt.
    All the big clubs are Closely follow him
    Likes arsenal man City man utd and Liverpool.

    City are unlikely to encounter monetary problems for obvious reasons, but if the club wish to make shrewd, cost-efficient investments due to the financial impact of coronavirus on football, then Emi Buendia could be the man to target.
    The Norwich City playmaker is likely to suffer relegation at the end of the season, and the Canaries could be hit quite dramatically by the current climate, meaning that an asset such as Buendia would have to be sold for cheaper than he’s worth.

    This season, the 23-year-old has been incredibly creative under the radar. He’s posted seven assists so far, but crucially, he’s generated 70 shot assists.
    Buendia is averaging 3.1 shot assists per 90, which is bettered by only Pascal Gross and Kevin De Bruyne based on those who have amassed at least 1,000 minutes on the field.

    His numbers are boosted slightly because he takes set-pieces, but that also applies to Gross and De Bruyne. Silva, in comparison, is averaging 2.2 shot assists per 90.

    • with ocampos around , buendia may not make it in starting 11 currently. Also Scaloni clearly prefers taller players ( unless its one of the big names like messi, aguero etc ) . But fantastic talent & i feel he will peak further in coming days.
      other option is ocampos plays on left wing. something like a 1-1-4-4
      Messi ( floater)
      Ocampos- Parades – DePaul – Buendia

      & to think of it we have Aguero,Dybala, LoCelso, Palacios in the bench.

    • Yes Emi is a brilliant player. His technoque reminds me of prime isco. He is a terrific dribbler. Sterling And Salah, considered as 2 of the most elite dribblers in PL has completed 43 and 48 dribbles respectively in this season . Whereas Emi has completed 92 dribbles, more than Salah and Sterling combined!!His vision is fantastic and his ability to pick up a pass and create chance is awesome. His defensive abilities suprises me…he is sooo good at that too. He can be a gamechanger as a CM/CAM. I think he should be in the starting 11.

    • His defensive contribution has been impressive too. And he has so much energy you can see him on the left too. I think ideally it’s to have him and De Paul plus a Guido or Paredes as DM.

    • emi buendia is a must call up by the NT i hope he joins atleast a midtable club in england or a europa league club in la liga or serie a . bundesliga shud be avoided by argentines given how unfairly they treat our talents. french league is too boring .

  8. meanwhile chimy avila still recovering from his injury
    no news yet on giovani lo celso’s absence in spurs training . im afraid he might have a fitness issue

    • Yeah gio lo celso has fitness issues
      That is what I’m hearing from spurs fans But still looking forward to see how alexis Mac Allister does in the epl
      If he given chance and af course
      Emi Buendía.
      Personally this is the players I will
      Closely follow from elp
      Lo celso
      Alexis mac allister
      Emi Buendía
      Juan foyth sadly I don’t think he will play. Manu lanzini sadly I don’t think will play Af course it’s always pleasure to see Kun aguaro keep breaking records.

      • yeah but i dont think alexis might get the nod immediately given we know how premier league treats argentines he wud only be gradually eased in. emi buendia for sure will start because he did feature in the recent freindly against spurs i hope he can attract a bigger club or atleast scaloni recognise this underrated gem . him and ocampos on either side of the midfield would help both the attack and the defence in every aspect . hope argentina recognise him sooner before making another mess of a young talent.

  9. He speaks Logically. Another thing I admire about Scaloni is he is again and again warning our NT players like Paredes to try to not be a bench warmer at their respective clubs. He generally prefers players who play continuously which I think is logical.

    Infact players like Romero was shown the door for that reason.

    • true that is how an NT coach should work because by observing these strict criterions every player will make sure he has minutes under his belt. the national team is not a place where one’s name guarantee’s him a place in the squad rather his form should be the deciding criteria.

  10. I don’t see Laurtaro going to Barcelona this summer. They just don’t have the money for him rn

    • You’re right, they don’t have the money right now. But they reportedly are willing to sell every single player except Messi, Ter Stegen, De Jong and Ansu Fati in order to raise funds for their targets.

      First Inter need to find a replacement for Lautaro, then Barcelona need to sell some players to raise funds, then both teams need to make a deal, most likely 80-90 million + 1 player for Lautaro

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