Lionel Messi reaches 699 career goals in FC Barcelona win vs. Leganes


Lionel Messi reached 699 career goals after he netted one for Barcelona in their 2-0 win vs. Leganes.

Messi scored Barcelona’s second goal, a well placed penalty kick at the first match back at the Camp Nou since La Liga resumed. The Argentina and Barcelona captain earned his team a penalty following a run only Messi could do. The number 10 received the ball in midfield and dribbled his way through the Leganes team before being taken down in the penalty area.

He has scored 629 goals in 720 games for Barcelona and 70 goals in 138 matches for Argentina.


  1. I don’t see fati as next big thinks for barca, i see fati as classy player, a player similar callibar of Samuel eto in his prime, i also doubt about the standard growth of Argentine young talent, like palacios ,, bcs look at the standard of other player like Frankie de jong, camavinga, pedri, rodri, ndidi, leroy sane, kai haverts, sancho, takefuso kubo others player their growth ,, i think aregentine forward and wing very strong with player like ocampos,depaul,nico gonzalez, dybala , but Argentine defensive midfield, defense need a lot improvement, right back, left back options i think this is position where player need very fast running bcs this position cover both attack & defence, i think montiel is slightly fast than saravia, both quarta martinez and balerdi very good options,,, but i think Argentina need focus in its central midfield and defensive midfiel,,, Argentina miss Player like de jong in its midfield,

  2. Penaldo misses penalty even Messi and Maradona miss so to your answer everyone great players misses nothing wrong with you learn from practice remember Messi was another the great free kicker taker no look he is one of the best free kick taker of all time. Also I like to add it’s up to the kid to show the world he has all the talents to be one of the best player in the world online time will tell. Also we should hope this kid will be future for our argentine football. I have faith in him we will see and playing in Argentine football is to much pressure look at Messi people expect him to win alone when you don’t have good all star team. Argentine does not even produce world class talents they expect Messi to win it is different game today lot has changed over the years.

  3. for those who are getting hyped about luka romero and have doubts whether he wud represent argentina . let me clear the doubts about him .as i have watched him play .

    he represented for argentina at the copa sudamericana under 15 tournament last year argentina reached the finals of that tournament and lost to brazil on penalties.

    luka romero was the one who missed the penalty unfortunately and cost argentina u-15 the chance to win the copa sudamericana u-15 and poor kid was devastated and cried a lot.

    i have watched some of the argentina u 15 games including the semis and finals and here are my observations on the kid’s attributes

    the comparisons to messi is justified because he is an awesome dribbler dribbling seems similar to messi . but unlike messi at his age i dont tnk he is fast as messi or agile as messi . his shooting style is same as messi’s less shot power but rely more on finesse which is why his penalty was easily saved because player’s who rely largely on finesse shot dont have the power . this allows goalkeepers to easily judge the angle and due to less shot power it is mostly saved by goalkeys this is the same problem with messi and other argentines who are weak in penalties .
    other than that im sure he will represent argentina on a senior level and develop into a world class player

  4. Tagliafico wants a Premiere league move, i only worry about regular time in Premiere league but there is no doubt about his work ethics he will earn his place in any team.

  5. At this stage there is no words to describe this guy. MESSIAH looks like an apt name to call him. The Football God.

  6. Really physically and hard games, more like a rugby but great to watch Barca and Messi passed it. Unfortunately Leganes missed the golden chance; Ansu Fati is a next big things. Just wonder how Barca still need Lautoro and Neymar

    Messi will make his 700 goals in next game.

        • 😂😂😂😂
          @Cleanball smooth answer….
          Though I agree with Shakib on 1 point (not the “Stupid” part) We all want to see Latauro and Messi team up for our beloved Albiceleste. This will make our attack strong. Though I support Barca but Albiceleste is in my blood. I dont care how much loss barca makes i wanna see Latauro and Messi together.

          • Sorry my beloved brothers forgive please I’m sorry I wrote support sometimes the phone Mess up things I write something comes up something else.

        • Sorry brother forgive cleanball we all are brothers Argentine is in our DNA don’t forget that we want to see Argentine players play together with Messi it will be beneficial also like Romero is better dribbler than anu fati or a better passer like Messi watch his video he looks like Messi but it up to the kid to show the world how good is he

          • @Shakib … I ve seen Romero (Mallorca) he dribbles a lot like young Messi. I also read somewhere that Barca are following this kid. Who else is better than Messi to groom this kid?

    • Barca need lautaro as a replacement of old horse Suarez in place of struggling Grizzy. And yes,they dont need to spend 250Milliom bucks on Neymar

  7. Messi pure class … business as usual. Looks more motivated after the break. What a run before penalty , through pass to Semedo was really good sad score didn’t stand. Almost played as Midfielder today, Rakitic n Vidal played mostly ahead of him.. so many good touches n passes. GOAT!!

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