Argentina youth Luka Romero of Mallorca becomes youngest La Liga player in history


Luka Romero made La Liga history as he became the youngest player to play when he was substituted on for Mallorca.

Romero, born on 18 November 2004, was substitute on for Mallorca in their 2-0 defeat against Real Madrid. He became the youngest player ever at 15 years, 219 days to play in La Liga. To put that in perspective, Romero was born after Lionel Messi had already made his Barcelona debut.

While born in Mexico to Argentine parents and moving to Spain at a young age, Romero has already represented Argentina at youth level. He was part of the U15 team which finished in second place at the 2019 South American U15 championship. The team finished in second losing to Brazil with Romero scoring twice in six matches.

In addition, Romero was initially called up by Argentina in March 2020 for the U17 tournament but that was later cancelled.


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    • Wow! I am soo out of the loop with football and more importantly the youth team its embarrassing. So watching the Madrid game last night, this kid comes in as the youngest ever to play in la liga, which didnt faze me until they say….Argentina youth international😳😃
      You can imagine a 40 year old fall off his chair ever so slowly. So then you go searching through the net for more info and stumble on his YouTube clips and immediately you get excited.
      They’re comparing him to messi, I dont see it…he reminds me more of Ariel Ortega. The pace isn’t all that. But the flair is…and some of the passing and vision he shows at that age is reminiscent of riquelme. We need to bag him at senior level before the Mexicans or Spain come sniffing.

  2. A nice goal from Higuain. I know that many of us don’t take kindly to him but I’ve always admired his exquisite touch.
    By the way, I’m not saying he should be called up.

    • That exquisite touch is only when playing with his clubs and a horrendous one when playing for the Albiceleste…….at least since the 2014 WC qualifiers ended.

      • I know he missed a number of sitters for us but I still maintain that he has an exquisite touch (whether playing for country or club). If you watch him closely you’ll observe that he has an almost impeccable ball control.
        Maybe he could have fared better as a midfielder.

  3. The FIFA Council has approved the plans by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) to begin its 2022 World Cup qualifiers in September.

    this is very good news. i can t wait.

    • Wow. Atlast a great news
      We can see our NT playing this year.

      It’s correct decision too. This Pandemic won’t be over for some time may be till next year end. There is no point in waiting for it to end. We all have to get used to live with the virus.

      Also they can use the same method which is using now by all major leagues. Like playing in front of a closed door with hardly 300 people. That can be done.

  4. If everything goes according to plan
    Javier mascherano will be one of the
    Next revolutionary managers in world
    Footbal in this decade.

    • But did Mascherano obtain his coaching licence and which club will he coach first in Argentina or in Europe.

    • True remember he was literally involved with sampaoli during the world cup Nigeria and France match tactics . Also the 2014 final where he was the one giving the extra time talk.he definitely has the intelligence for it . I hope he takes over river plate after Gallardo

      • There is a rumor going around that in case Gallardo leaves river plate then river would go after German burgos(Asst coach of atletico madrid) who will leave atletico madrid after UCL most likely

    • whats the plan? Hes currently a player and i know hes getting coaching credentials. Have you read he’s actively going after a coaching position?

  5. Need to grow in the right place, 15 yrs old and playing against Real Madrid is just amazing start and golden opportunity. Look the coach, teammates protect and take care of him. Truly looks like Young Messi with a combination of Maradona. First target must be U-20 Championsip

    Excellent ! and congrats all Arg fans for the new gems.

    • true the coach seems to be treating him like his kid . he is in the best place to grow as a player .hope mallorca get out of relegation zone so tat we cud follow the kid closely

  6. He plays much deeper role and in center. He is a midfielder by trait so can’t expect to score more goals. Unless he is tried in much advance position. Which will make him play out of position.

    Hopefully he is indroduced in small cameos. 15 is such a young age. But he looks good. Typical young Argentine looks. Long hair. Looks like young Messi.

    • He is amazing in dribbling almost like messi in his young age but needs to work on his shot power and accuracy a lot. Similar to messi he relies on finesse shot more than shot power this is a reason why messi is not reliable in penalties Romero missed the penalty in last year Copa sudamericana u15 final against Brazil .hope the kid works on it a lot. It would be amazing if he joins barca after shining for Mallorca . Messi could mould him into the player messi is also it wud benefit for argentina

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