Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain score in Juventus win vs. Lecce


Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain both scored for Juventus in their 4-0 win vs. Lecce.

Dybala scored his second goal since the return of Serie A and once more, it was a gem. A left footed shot from the edge of the penalty area into the top corner of the net gave Juventus the 1-0 lead.

Higuain would make it 3-0 after a back heel assist by Cristiano found Higuain who’s shot beat the goalkeeper.


  1. After watching some videos I found that this kid Emi Buendia is special player he and Messi would make deadly combination just like Messi and Riquelme. He would be world class he has all the talents in the world. I hope Scaloni calls him oh midfield would be lo Celso, Parades or Guido or , palacios and Emi Buendia would be the best midfields for Argentina NT

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    • Yeah he got 7.8 rating in sofascore, however he was playing against brescia, which is a sub average team at best. I hope he keeps this good form against all opponents especially strong ones until the end of the next season. For sure he is of high quality because Juventus already signed him, he just needs to get into Juventus team with confidence so that he can get decent playing time during season, and this can only happen if his last matches with Genoa are marked by a consistent and top tier performance.

  3. Barcelona is finished, sad messi doesn’t win ballon dor this year lewandoshki should win it.

    • Correct. Barca’s trophy strike is over. A big squad overhaul is needed. Hopefully with ax new president and management team because they misspent so much money over the past 3 years.

    • True. Barca won’t win anything this year. Messi obviously will not be winning the Ballon D Or too. Hope Cr7 don’t win it.

    • Did I miss something? The title race is done in La Liga? Or you guys are just assuming Real Madrid will not lose/draw any more games?
      This is football and a lot of times it slaps you in the face with surprises 🙂

      • Hope so. But Barca is a mess right now more than ever. They shouldn’t had brought Griezman while he is a great player he shines his best when occupies Messi’s spot. Players like him Dybala won’t be easily compatible with Messi. They should have returned for Neymar which would have benifited Barca and Neymar himself too.

        Looking at the remaining opponents for Barca it’s highly unlikely they win the league and CL also is a lost cause. Where as RM looking strong. I don’t care about Barca to be fair. Just wanna see Messi winning the Ballon D Or.

  4. Palacios again an unused substitute. Peter bosz is placing trust on a 17 yr old debut wirtz but not palacios who proved himself at river at the top level. I’m thinking palacios joining bayer is a terrible decision for his career. He should have joined a club in serie a or la liga even ajax would have been a great choice. I hope palacios would feature more regularly next season.

  5. Forgettable full debut from Balerdi. He is simply not in the game. Always maintaining distance from incoming man, he is not engaging in defence at all. Both goals came from his side. He will not start again any time soon.

    • Didn’t watch this game but sad to see his debut being bad. I still have high hopes for this kid, but a loan away from Dortmund might be better for him for now.
      In his defense, it was his first game starting, and first time in this position for Dortmund. I also think it’s the first time he ever played as CB in a 3-man backline, which is something different that you have to adapt to with time.
      On top of this, at least according to what they are saying on Reddit, the whole team performed very badly today, especially all defenders – seemingly due to low morale in the team since they just lost out on the Bundesliga title to Bayern.

    • It’s not just Balerdi that was terrible, Dortumund as a collective were off the mark. I’m not gonna judge the kid on one match but at the same time with the likes of Quarta, Licha, C.Romero, N. Perez and Senesi I’m not too worried about the CB position.
      What is worrying though is Palacios’s situation, there is definitely something wrong going on there and it isn’t just about football.

      • Mamoun I’m also worried about Cristian Romero’s career next season at Juventus.
        I’m not sure he will get minutes to play ahead of bonucci,chiellini,demiral and an overrated overpriced de ligt. Quarta also needs to seal a move quickly to a laliga club or seria a to continue his upward trend. Regarding palacios even I’m also having similar doubts and surely its gotta be more than football I mean palacios not only has the quality to start but atleast feature on as a substitute .

        • Ani life is too short to get worried about trivial things like football LOL. However I wouldn’t worry about C.Romero if I were you, the kid is legit quality defender and he ticks all the boxes i.e. talented, young and experienced, which means that Juv next year will not find it hard to loan him, trade him or sell him and IMO that’s a good thing because I don’t want any Argentinean near Juv, I mean look what they almost did to Dybala, who was their star player. Reports indicate that Napoli is very interested in Romero and it would a very good destination for him and if goes to the olympics and impresses the world will be at his feet.

  6. Any idea why Santiago Ascacibar has not been even on bench in any of Hertha BSC’s matches since Bundesliga re-started ?

      • Many say scaloni doesn’t prefer ascaciber because of his style of play.He doesn’t fit in scaloni’s system.Why is that? I think ascaciber is a very intelligent midfielder.

          • Ascacibar does have potential but lackks consistency but I’m confident he will become a good player .his breakout season for Stuttgart was amazing and many rated him as the new mascherano.this season also he helped Stuttgart to the top before joining Hertha midseason . So I think scaloni should give him chances to prove his worth

    • Ascacibar is class! The kid is a physical beast despite being just 5’6, he’s super athletic with almost unlimited stamina and most importantly he’s an intelligent footballer. He is constantly aware of his surroundings, constantly watching the ball, following it’s path and then using his speed to intercept it. Finally contrary to popular belief, he’s a very good passer of the ball, his passes a short, sharp, accurate and actually go forward (definitely not the biglia sideways and backwards types).
      Above all that, Ascacibar proved himself in Germany (from day 1) where all other argentineans haven’t.
      I think Santi’s omission from the senior team (he will be called up to the olympics for sure) is one of the biggest omissions by Scaloni.
      Walter Benitez, Licha Martinez, Ascacibar and Buendia are musts for the NT.

  7. Quarta feels like pep Guardiola type of defender, (dynamic)
    Nehuan perez feels like simoene type of defender, (defensive)
    Balerdi feels like sublime quality but inface he don’t look tough, like ramos, all other defender
    Mat hammels even looks tough
    All this three defender are great but they don’t yet reach their potential, but yet they are huge talent, pezella is good right man in defence at this moment ,, but otamendi is no longer man of Valencia, otamendi need to replaced

    • Guys talk about right back. Do we have a reliable right back right now. I think here Argentina has a problem. Saravia is a kind of player who is defensively very good and can nullify world class left wing dribblers. His interpretation is also excellent but i think he cannot help offensively enough.He cannot put good crosses. Unlike,Montiel can put excellent crosses in final third, he can attack and help to create chances but i think he lacks defensively, cannot make good tackles like saravia.What is scaloni’s plan at this position?

      • Man some says montiel is not fast some says montiel is not good defensively, did they saw montiel to play,, montiel is not great of all but he is not bad eithe,

        • I saw his play on youtube, only then came up with this conclusion. I think Argentina needs a right back who can provide both defensively and offensively. Montiel and saravia both are good. But each of them can serve either defensively or offensively. But we need a good balance. Do you see foyth as a potential right back who can deliver both ways.

    • It depends against offensive team like Bzazil Aguero Lautaro Messi trio is best but against defensive team like Uruguay Messi Dynla Aguero trio is best.

    • Shoot was great but shot taken from good space, Argentina always get little space in attack so Argentina always need workhorse in attack whose movement is continues, like lautaro, moreover aregentina most of the time try to attack from middle, Argentina need to create more space in attack.. Along side messi there is need another creative player in attack, who is tall good in air, dribbling, assist or create chances,,, and energy like lautaro, is there any player like that along side messi, lautaro

      • Aguero is dangerous in shoot, inside the box, little outside the box, messi lautaro aguero, is first half choice or when team need to aggressive, in second half when team need to creative in goal, with goal from tight defence then need a creative player good in header also good in assisting,, higuen good in dribbling but his header is not sublime, papu gomez is great creative player, but he is short, his shortness give little lack on physicality and pace, so in attack there is another player need like papu gomez but tall, messi,lautaro,aguero,? As striker, i don’t see dybala as first choice striker, i see dybala as sub of aguero,or lautaro or winger or a midfielder

  8. Suddenly CR7 gave some silly assists some of his fans are saying he is s great playmaker. LOL.CR7 fans are even more worse and foolish than CR7 himself. Dumbos…

    Look at his run from Leftwing before giving a backheel pass to Higuain. If we look at Messi’s run its so different. Whatever Messi does looks magical and he would always be surrounded by 4 or 5 compared to only 1 player around CR7 nowadays the man can’t even dribble past 1 player.

    It’s all because of Real Madrids PR who always kept him relevant and made some fools to beleave that he is on par with Messi. Frankly speaking they have been successful in that. To steel 6 Ballon D ors from Messi during his prime years is a remarkable feet.All of them when CR7 and Modric playing in RM. They control UEFA.

    • Yeah bro, it seems that they were desperate to prove that he assists his team mates, not jut scores penalties. suddenly he is a great assist provider for one assist. He tried to shoot himself but realized that he could not so he just passed it to Gonzalo

    • True he should leave Juventus and join maybe a premier league club he shouldnt stay at a club who don’t value him. As long as Ronaldo is at Juventus dybala will only be a sidekick.if he wants to realise his dream to be the best in the world he must leave Juventus . He is entering the prime of his career if he dosnt join a club who value him now he would not enter the history books of the greatest players . I hope he realises it and does what is best for his career

  9. Superb goal , wonderful position, excellent passed, world class and great display ! all are great at their club; week by week. Even Higuain make a goal easily but when at N/T all forget to kick the ball and score a goal, just for one goal..

    That’s the fact and our irony year by year LOL

    • I think the main issue with ocampos is his consistency one match he scores bangers and does amazing skills but next match he literally dribbles like Ronaldo tries to do a 1v1 n ends up clattering the other player and loses possession . It’s an issue which has prevented his rise to the big clubs despite the immense talent

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