Bernardo Romeo: “It’s stupid to compare Luka Romero to Lionel Messi”


Bernardo Romeo has come out and spoken about the comparisons being made between 15 year old Luka Romero and Lionel Messi.

Currently a coordinator of the Argentina youth teams, Bernardo Romeo has also played with the Argentina national team and for Mallorca. With the 15 year old grabbing headlines earlier this week by becoming the youngest player to ever play in La Liga, comparisons were made between the youngster and Messi. Speaking in an interview with Cultura del Gol, here’s what Romeo had to say about it all:

“At times, the comparisons are stupid. Saying he’s the new Messi puts a lot of pressure on a 15 year old kid that is growing and still being formed. You have to take it slowly.

“It surprised me that at 15 years of age, he’s at Mallorca. On one side it’s good and on the other you have to be patient. I spoke to his family and they are very focused. Hopefully he has a good future in addition to his great present.”


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  2. Spanish media outlet Don Balon has claimed that Barcelona have decided to postpone their pursuit of Lautaro Martinez until next summer, since they currently can not afford to pay his €111M release clause unless they manage to sell off some big names.

    If he should join them next year, it would be under a new club presidency and management, with the coach likely to be either Guardiola or Xavi.

  3. the fact that Uefalona is in downfall that does not have to do with Argentina national team.
    if that was the case then when they was in their prime we suppose have win 2 or 3 world cups in the row.

    Messi was God with Uefalona shirt but with national team was….
    So if his team play like shit in present that does not mean that Messi will be bad with national team.

    just oposite maybe come the time to give to us what he didn t give in past.
    Messi anyway will be in the team.
    is there anybody idiot that think that if Messi don t play well in his club he will be out of national team?
    i don t think so.

    as about the rest of Argentines players of Uefalona they…….
    ah sorry wait a second……
    how many Argentines they have in their club?
    nobody? really?

    so why the hell we should care about how they play?
    Personally i don t give a shit.

    and for not somebody that don t know me think that i am fan of the other arrogance white shitty team from Madrid i am saying clearly that i am not.

  4. Icardi & Musso bring World Cup for Argentina mark my words, I will die to see Wanda cute smile with tears.

  5. Farmer Andrada never is going to the number 1, Armani currently no1 reason He is the most experienced GK in current squad, A big club move surly make Musso as no1 for Argentina.

  6. Scaloni should seriously consider Musso as No 3 instead of Marchesin its a known fact that Scaloni prefers Armani and Andrada as No 1.

    But if Musso keeps performing like now it’s hard to see him not being our No 1. He is young and can be our No 1 for long long time.

    Off the topic is Messi really some sort of decision maker in Barca. He is not just a player, He has his say in player selection and coaches too. Or is it wrong.

    Most of the media’s are showing him as a dictator. There must be some truth in it. Well ofcourse he can give suggestions. But still?

    • Some of the media like to portray Messi and the all powerful omnipotent “dictator” because its feeds this silly narrative and it gives “clicks” to their sites. It’s all so stupid though. Players like Aguero and Di Maria would have made it to Barca if Messi controlled their purchases. I’m sure they ask for his opinion just like they do with Pique, Xavi, etc but the club runs it with an iron fist.

      Btw, what prompted this question? Are you asking if Messi is influencing Barca getting rid of Setien or not buying Lautaro?

      • Nothing If he is a dictator like the media portrays,then it’s wrong. Infact it’s wrong of any player. No player is bigger than any team. No player can win it alone. Even if he is the best player ever in history. While most of the news are fabricated. I think a 10 percent may be real.

        Well Barca is not our pblm first of all. Messis form is, he should be fine physically and mentally by the time the grueling qualifiers starts. I generally don’t follow any club football unless there is Argentine players.

  7. Messi wants Barca board to immediately sack Sentien. I think he deserves this because Barca is in shamble right now.This is good news for Pochintinho (former tottenhm coach).I think only Pochentinho deserves to coach Barca now.La liga need a Premiere League coaches right now.

    • The problem is not the coach. Buying players that do not fit the team is problem 1. Not replacing aging players is problem 2. The club ran out of money and are now trading young players for older ones Messi will have to accept that his days of winning prizes with Barca will end if management repeats their mistakes.

    • This will never happen. Pochettino is a huge Espanyol supporter, ex-player and ex-manager. He has already said it will never happen and that he would rather work on a farm in Argentina than coaching Barcelona

  8. Bundesliga season comes to a wrap

    Good news is bayer Leverkusen have missed out on UCL qualification which serves them right for their bad treatment of Palacios.
    I hope Peter bosz stops his stubbornness and play palacios more he is one of the future world beaters.

    Ascacibar had a mixed season. With Stuttgart he was in superb form but after joining Hertha he cudnt sync with the team play immediately and after the restart he was injured and cudnt play in the last round of matches for Hertha but fortunately he will be back to playing for Hertha regularly next season and I hope he can return to good form next season because he is vital for argentina since argentina havn’t had a destroyer or warrior like defensive midfield player since masherano.

    With Stuttgart getting promotion we will get to see whether Nicolas Gonzalez will rise to the occasion in the big league next season hope he continues his form.

    Balerdi’s match time will come into question next season I hope he works hard and proves his coach his worth like lo celso and grab the few opportunities he gets to play.

    • Ascaibar is decent but he is not the only destroyer available in the NT. There are guys like Guido Rodriguez, Leonardo balerdi( he can also play as DM) and even Licha Martinez(also played few matches as DM)

    • Lets face the truth. With the exception of Nico Gonzalez, Argentine players mean nothing in the Bundesliga. Alario scored a few goals, but that’s about it.

      There is only one advice for young Argentine players: avoid the Bundesliga.

      • I agree Bundesliga is not the place Argentine player’s should choose . These are the places argentine player’s should prioritise more when choosing to play in Europe

        1.serie A is the best league for Argentines to play due to many similarities between Argentines and Italians serie a always treats Argentines well. liga is also a great place for Argentines due to similar language and culture of Spanish and Argentine.

        3.eredivisie the Dutch league have recently been treating Argentines greatly players like licha Martinez and sensi have hit the ground running and are treated as stars in only their first season so I believe Argentines should choose Eredivisie for developing.

        4.premier league
        5.ligue 1
        6. Portuguese league

    • There is also Mateo klimowicz in Stuttgart, a young CAM, he has been given decent play time recently too. Stuttgart is really a good team for argentinians to play and show off.

    • Mark my words all of you Ascacibar is a BEAST! He was doing well with Hertha despite the team’s struggles and it was unfortunate that he got injured just when a new coach came in and turned the club’s fortunes around.
      The kid has it all to be a world class no.5 and is definitely worthy of a spot with the senior team.
      The only thing he needs to work on is his temperament, no more spitting on other players and getting banned for 6 games, that simply cannot happen again.

  9. When Arthur arrived at Barcelona, here at mundo I said that Arthur is average, good ball holding ability but everything else is average. A barca fan here attacked me. Now what happened to next Xavi? From next Xavi to next Who!

    • Yeah Arthur is very average player,nothing special in him apart from ball possession.He never creates chances and after he fouled Otamendi in Copa semi final and got away with it without any punishment i was very furious with him.Barca should already have dumped him to any club

    • Agree his only talent is holding the ball well and not getting dispossessed easily other than that he is average in everything be it passing or defending our midfielders are better than him anyday. Like Shubham said in midfield Brazil only have a better or should I say world class defensive midfield player in casemeiro .

      • Scaloni prefers guido in that position.But ascaciber is a brilliant player.Do you think ascaciber can be our reliable DM by next 2 years or he lacks consistency?

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