Lucas Ocampos scores in Sevilla draw vs. Real Valladolid


Lucas Ocampos scored for Sevilla in their 1-1 draw vs. Real Valladolid.

Ocampos scored a late penalty to earn a draw for Sevilla and bring his season tally to 12 goals. Sevilla have only lost once when he has scored, winning five and drawing the other five. The Argentina man has also scored 6 goals against the top 10 teams in La Liga this season.


  1. Otamendi and Pezella are best in recent friendlies i did not see any goal conceded because of their mistakes. ZWhereas we played against mighties like Brazil,Uruguay,Chile ,Mexico etc.Both are good in air,provides build up for midfielders,very experienced,good in off side trap,good passers of the ball,good in defending corners and free kicks,quite good in speed,not injury prone.They have almost everything to secure our backline.

  2. Let’s not forget that Ayala and Samuel are Scaloni’s assistants. Those two know something about defending and I would trust their judgment in selection of our defenders. If they are ok with Otamendi and Pezzella pairing for now, then so be it.

    • Total agree with deferring to their choices.

      I could be wrong but i think Ota and Pezz’s selections have more do with the lack of trust in alternatives.

      Samuel and Scaloni have a ton of work to do on the backline…by far our weakest point. This includes tactics as well, not just players.

      • I concur with choripan…..there is no doubt about that we always look vulnerable at the back despite playing non-possession football.
        Though I still think pezella and otamendi are our best CB ATM.

  3. We should not talk about Balerdi, we already have Nehuen Perez and Quarta Martinez who are best.Pezella and Otamendi are always starter and both of them never gets injured.Pezella ,Otamendi and Tagliafico of our backline are not a bit injury prone player.They are always available to the coach.Some of Mundo members do not like Otamendi,i do not know why he is always reliable in recent matches.He is good in air and his electric header are useful.First let him unferperform then we should judge.

    • Ota is still our best defender but his emotions can’t be trusted. The last few blow ups in crucial moments hurt his reputation and the team. If he was rock solid emotionally and behaved like a leader, i think most would still be warm to him.

      Pezz, i don’t know man, he just doesn’t stand out to me. He’s slow (like Ota) and unlike Ota, he’s nowhere near as dominant in the air and does not distribute well either (Arial, and distribution is where Ota shines).

      Its going to be Ota and Pezz for now but id like to see how Ota would pair with another.

  4. How can 20-21 year old players develop without playing??
    Our young players must be playing to get to the next level.
    I’m not worried about palacios or McAllister….I know both of them will find a way to play regularly specially palacios.
    I’m more worried about our young defenders, they all must find a way to play.
    It’s a shame we are still relying on out of form otamendi and pezella for our defensive duties.
    Licha Martinez hardly plays as a defender, Romero this season was inconsistent, senesi was okay so as Perez. Foyth and balerdi not even playing.
    Only Lucas Martinez quarta gives me a little bit hope if I hv to be optimistic.
    But again for a team like argentina we should be having better than this.
    P.S.:- balerdi and Perez is so young so it would be harsh to judge them.

    • It is not possible to make a team of which every player starts in their club as starter.No single team in world can be categorized in that category.

    • @Shubham_V

      With all due respect man you seem to be creating your own scenario to fit the point of view that you’re trying to make regarding Argentina’s defensive problems.

      Licha Martinez played almost half his season as a CB and the other half as a midfielder and he was excellent in both, but if you go back and watch his games, you’ll see clearly that he’s a stronger CB.
      C.Romero is playing with a relegation threatened team in one of the top leagues an he’s been more consistent than the likes of De ligt IMO. Genoa is a troubled team that lacks organization, yet Romero is one of few bright spots in that team. Remember there is a reason Juv spent almost 30 million on him. Barring any injuries, Romero is going to the olympics next year but I think he is more than ready to be included in the senior team, atleast on the bench initially.
      Nuhuen Perez has not been inconsistent, he’s been excellent for both Familiacao and in the pre-olympics. As you said it’s still too early for him, especially to be included in the senior team, but if he keeps going at this trajectory he’s gonna be world class.
      You left out Senesi who has been excellent in Holland, but then again the dutch league isn’t much to go by and we’ll have to see whether he can continue his rise next season, but I think he’s looking good out there and is worth following.
      Regarding Balerdi, it’s still too early for him, he didn’t have a good debut but luckily for him, his team crapped the bed in that game so the match won’t reflect badly on him personally (atleast I hope not).

      To be honest, for the first time in the last decade or so I am actually optimistic about Argentina’s backline, add to that the fact that Juan Musso is doing well and now Damien Martinez is also playing and doing well with Arsenal and come 2022 Argentina may look damn strong at the back.

  5. Sevilla seems to be a great fit for Ocampos and I hope he continues to play well there because we really need a player like him in the national team. He’s tall, strong, athletic, fast and can play on either wing or even as a centre forward. I can’t think of any other player who is like him so he is a huge asset for us. Most Argentine attacking players are different from what Ocampos brings to the table.

  6. Palacios better start to play MORE regularly next season for Leverkusen or otherwise, exequiel’s career would be really starting to be very unfortunate.

  7. Guys please don’t be so harsh on BALERDI. He has got his 1st game as a starter. They were playing with 3 central DEFENDERS. It’s very difficult to play with 3 central DEFENDERS for a young player like him. Even in 2014 world cup players like Garay, Federico Fernandez, campagnaro could not cope with the 3men defence. And they were experienced enough. BUT BALERDI is very young, only 1game is not enough to judge someone’s potential. Take the example of meza and pavon. We made them saviours of our beloved albiceleste. But meza turned out to be the biggest joke. I hope BALERDI will be able to prove his worth and will have a great international career for albiceleste. I on behalf of every mundo supporter wish him all the luck.

    • it never been fair to judge
      Any player for one match
      I believe its his first bundesliga start
      Of this season if I’m not wrong
      It way to harsh to right him off just like that.I find so fascinating us human beings are So quick to judge weather it’s good or bad. I remember earlier of this season People were harshly judging gio lo celso.
      Personally I believe next season 20/21
      Are big season for following players
      In terms of playing more regular.
      Leo balerdi
      Leo parades
      Juan foyth.

      • Some mundo users are too harsh in judging youngsters like balerdi and alexis macallister as flops even though they only played their first match in high intensity leagues in a new team They need to be patient . Some players gradually develop with time they are after all only 21 yrs old even a mature player like lo celso needed time to adapt to the premier league so it’s not easy for youngsters like balerdi n alexis to hit the ground running immediately we should be patient

        • Well I actually believe that difficult starts somehow foreshadow a great career and a great player with tough and strong mentality. I think this slow starts for balerdi and Mac Allister will just add a lot to their mentality allowing them to learn early and improve their overall skills so that they can be more versatile players which will definitely help our beloved albiceleste. I believe in them very much and I will watch them whenever they play again.

        • Lo celso needed a time to adapt to to the premier league?
          It’s the most absurd comment i’ve read , don’t talk like those idiot English pundits.
          Lo celso got injured and after that poch got sacked and Mourinho didn’t believe in him from the get go.
          But you all are right about balerdi and McAllister…. it’s too early to judge them.
          But i think balerdi would be better off having been loaned, I don’t want another foyth scenario. He needs game time.

          • Shubham bro wat I meant was like not many players can hit the ground running immediately when starting for the first time in a high intensity game. lo celso did not play well in his first match after injury against Bayern Munich . this is why I was giving lo celso as an example because then it was his first start under Mourinho against a team like bayern so if a player like lo celso finds it hard to adapt to a new style of play it will be hard for balerdi and alexis. I agree the English pundits still don’t recognise his contribution for spurs but fortunately the spurs fans love him a lot in fact after son I think lo celso has the most fan following in the present scenario and I’m sure it will only grow .

  8. Ocampos is still young it’s been ages since his name is been hearing to be selected for NT for last 3 or 4 years. Happy to see him being a part of a good Club and the NT. He has so many quality years left in him. He’s a fantastic find for our NT tall, physical player with some skills.

    Off the Topic Messi is now more of a deep midfielder so it will be better for us to expect him to score lesser goals where as he is always giving assists. The free kick assist to Suarez was genius, the man can improvise at his will. Can’t stop the genius of Messi. I just hope he scores some goals against Top opponents. That’s where he is struggling. Because most of his assists are not been converted to goal which is hurting his reputation.

    At this rate he won’t be able to score against top teams because how deep he is playing.

  9. So awful to watch Barca at this moment, the clueless coach and aging players make mistake; Grizmann is not even his shadow during Atl Madrid. Barca is trophyless this season.

    Just hope that Messi will arise and sparkle at N/T

    • Barcelona with bigger Messi-dependency than Argentina, who would have thought?
      Messi is the only one creating in the whole team of Barca. The management/board are clueless and corrupt but will get replaced next year. Baffling to imagine that they spent over 1/3 of a Billion Euros on 3 flop players who have either been used in wrong position or spent most of the time in the hospital or loaned out than

      • You are right. Now barca lacks creativity in the midfield. But in Argentina there are creative midfielders. Say, emi buendia. What an excellent player he is! The way he plays is beautiful to watch. He is a complete barca material. I think he and messi can make an excellent combo if he is given chance at NT

  10. Balerdi isn’t going to be ready for Copa nor World Cup, so who’s gonna replace Otamendi? Hows Quarta doing? Is he linked into any big clubs? Any other defenders?

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