Paulo Dybala to extend Juventus contract


After rumors of Juventus wanting to sell him last season, Paulo Dybala is reportedly close to signing a contract extension.

Per a report by Corriere dello Sport, Dybala is looking to becoming the second best paid player at the club behind Cristiano Ronaldo and ahead of Dutch defender Matthjis De Ligt. The new contract would keep Dybala until the 2014-2025 season.

Still only 26 years old, the Argentina man is entering the prime of his career and is currently under contract under June of next year. He has scored 10 goals and provided 10 assists in 27 Serie A games this season.


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  2. Juventus resumes contact with Leo Paredes. He must leave PSG. Their manager did not want him, neither he is given the role that suits him. It can’t be worse in Juventus.

    • Does Paredes want to move to Juve and leave Paris, or does he want to stay and believe tuchel and his false promises
      What is Paredes’s view on moving to Juventus

  3. Leeds are on course to finally land promotion to the Premier League after 15 years away from the top tier but Marcelo Bielsa will need reinforcements in the transfer window to consolidate that position
    And the first of these reinforcements will be Emy Buendia to replace the 35-year-old Pablo Hernandez as the first reinforcement the English club is looking for.
    I think it is the right place for Buendia with a coach who is good at handling talent and who values her well
    In addition to that there are several names that were recently linked with the English club, including Quarta and Zaracho, as I believe it will be Leeds Black Horse in the coming season.

    • its too early to say Leeds are in a safe position to attain promotion just because they have a 6 point lead over the team in third place . last season they were sitting comfortably in second place and were well enroute to promotion but bottled it in the end by losing to relegation clubs. this season they just lost the recent match to a side which are sitting bottom in the league table so i hope leeds dont bottle again and get promoted . yes buendia shud join leeds united i also hope bielsa signs more argentine players like quarta and montiel.

      • “its too early to say Leeds are in a safe position to attain promotion”

        That’s right, 6 games are remaining to them and when I look back to what happened to them last season I realize they are not safe yet. Although last year and this one have big differences, I hope they work hard till the last game and fortune favours them.

        Marty, Rio Ferdinand, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Jonathan Woodgate, Olivier Dacourt…That team was a great team once.

    • Buendia was on 🔥 for Norwich most of the game. It is a pity they might get relegated but also a blessing in disguise for Buendia might encourage him to take up offers in 1st division clubs across Europe. His talent is wasted in a team that has the most porous defense in all of EPL.

  4. Sevilla want to sign defender Marcos Senesi from Feyenoord, according to Estadio Deportivo.

    The 23-year-old Argentine has apparently been identified by Sevilla transfer chief, Pablo Monchi.

    Sevilla have been linked with Senesi in the past, and he has continued to impress them during his time in the Netherlands.

  5. Well it’s an okay decision, we’re else he can go. It’s better to stay in Italy or in Spain for an Argentine player. Only becoz of Cristina this guy is not getting proper recognition. He is scoring screamers in every match nowadays. I hope he improves his CL and Argentina records.

    If the September Qualifiers starts as per Scalonis logic Musso should be starting, because he is playing in all matches were as Armani and Andrada are rusty they won’t play till September as Argentine league is done. If there is a time to start Musso it is the September qualifiers.

    Were as players like Paredes also is risking of not getting playing time (If he don’t get playing time in CL then it’s done as French league is closed) Paredes should move to either Italy or Spain ASAP. He is too gud to be on bench.

    • Good news…hope senesi doesn’t turn out to be a new Fazio.
      And I hope gallardo stay at river…he is nurturing a lot of young argentines there.

      • Shubham it is important for Argentine managers to join Europe . The more Argentine managers manage top clubs in Europe the more Argentine player’s will be bought by the clubs. The reason why Argentine talents are not playing in top clubs or playing but not starting is because of the lack of Argentine managers or Argentine representatives in the board of big clubs. If you see clubs where Argentine player’s are regular starters most likely would have an Argentine manager or an Argentine as the sporting director or vice president. Examples of such clubs are inter with Zanetti , spurs under pochettino, .,etc

        The reason why talents like palacios is mistreated at bayer and a world class talent like dybala was occasionally benched early this season is because of the lack of Argentine members in the board of bayer and Juventus .

        I agree with your concern tat Gallardo has a good track record of developing young talents at river but it is also important for argentine representation in big clubs of europe.river plate will keep on producing gems regardless Gallardo is there or not so when there is talent in a player surely he won’t get benched at river under any manager.

  6. According to Tuttosport, Sarri wants to sign a deep playmaker and add him to the team, and he puts Jorginho as the first option, but Chelsea will not usually sell it, which will make Sarri turn his attention to the league 1 , specifically to Leandro Paredes and Houssem Aouar.
    It is known that Sarri, when he was Chelsea coach, wanted to sign Paredes, which now suggests that Leandro could move to Juve and obtain enough game minutes to develop his defense capabilities.

    • Hope Paredes ends up playing in Serie A or La La Liga this time around. Aouar is younger than Paredes and has very good skills in my opinion, but Paredes has Serie A experience and has the qualities Sarri is looking for. The question that comes to everyone’s mind is that if Paredes ends up joining Juve will he fight for a spot in Juve’s starting XI or he will fail?

      • Paredes is arguably better than all the Juventus midfielders so he should definitely become the starter if he joins Juve also the serie a slow paced game suits him

  7. Not the right decision .he will always be treated as a sidekick to Ronaldo .
    I hope he leaves and joins maybe arsenal,spurs, machester city since they don’t have top quality right winger Manchester City might be the best option since they have a great squad and pep. Inter also is a great option but difficult since they are a rival club.

    • Arsenal and Spurs are a finished club, he’ll destroy his career if he joins their club. Man City don’t need him

    • > Not the right decision .he will always be treated as a sidekick to Ronaldo

      Im torn about this.

      Ronaldo may capture the media’s eye more but Dybala is hailed as Juves most important player amongst many supporters. I love that he’s demonstrating he can carry Juve even when Ronaldo is by his side. If anything, he may be looking even better now. Similar if Dybala went to Barca and performed super well next to messi. His stature would increase right away.

      I just hate that Dybala isn’t allowed to take free kicks and penalties. He’s way better with free kicks but that’s the deal awarded to CR7 for joining.

      • It’s true the fans might consider dybala their most valuable asset but the major problem is the board and coaches are prioritising Ronaldo’s satisfaction more which is why dybala gets benched when it is Ronaldo who is in terrible form and obviously set piece opportunities are wasted by Ronaldo. It is necessary to have the board trusting you as their most important player as much as the fans do.

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