Paulo Dybala scores another stunner for Juventus in win vs. Torino


Paulo Dybala cannot stop scoring as he has netted once more for Juventus, this time in their 4-1 win vs. Torino.

With rumors of the league leaders looking to extend the Argentine’s contract, it’s easy to see why. Dybala has scored again and it’s another brilliant one to add to his growing collection.

Dybala received the ball inside the area, beat his man, cut inside, beat another and curled one passed the goalkeeper for the opening goal of the match. That brings his tally to 11 goals.


  1. In yesterday’s game, Sittin played 4312, with Griezmann and Suarez at the front and Messi at the back, while in the midfield, Busquets was as DM (Regista), and on both sides he played Vidal and Roberto as CM (Box to Box).
    This is the same plan that Scaloni plays, and I think Barcelona made a good performance, and Messi appeared very comfortable in his new role, which previously announced that he would retreat a little back to take the role of Riquelme as a playmaker and give many decisive passes to the attackers and with the presence of many names that can play as a striker and enjoy high techniques and amazing abilities to tame the ball and shoot from a distance with ultimate accuracy such as Dybala Ocampos Alaryo Icardi Lotaro Correa and Avila (later) there is no longer any fear for the Argentine attack
    As for the midfield, in my opinion, Scalloni is restricting the CM with a lot of defensive tasks like DePaul should be given enough freedom to move forward, the player is very creative, I do not know why all this restriction, while Argentina has excellent Box to Box players and their fitness is high, such as Lucelso Dominguez DePaul Alistair Boindia, in my opinion, scaloni have to revisit this issue

  2. Messi is his own curse. Everyone expects him to score in every game. Wheather he plays as a midfielder or playmaker doesn’t matter. He has been doing goal scoring and assisting both for long time.

    He may have lost a yard of pace and may be he won’t be dribbling past so many players too, but can’t take out the impeccable vision and genius out of Messi. That’s what makes him a magitian. He is a faster version of Riquelme now. Put 2 strikers in front of him then he will provide assists after assists. Additionally he will score too by his own ways.

  3. Guys, any idea about players like, Pedro De La Vega, Thiago Almada, Agustin Almendra, Lautaro Valenti, Matias Palacios, Bruno Amione, Ezequiel Zeballos ? Not much have been heard or spoken about them in the recent past. They are retained by their native clubs or if they are are moving over to European leagues? Any thoughts please.

  4. Messi has had 7 assists and 3 goals in the last 5 games and some pundits/people claim that he supposedly “isn’t at his best” LOL. Also playing Messi in the hole behind Griezman and Suarez was a no brainer, for god’s sake Sabella figured it out 7 years ago!!

    Depaul is performing well as usual, although he wasn’t at his best today despite the assist, I watched some of the first half and he was losing the ball alot and misplacing a few passes but it’s saying something that even when not at his best he still performs! Truly a fantastic all rounded midfielder and a classy overall player, Argentina is very lucky to have him and Celso in the midfield.
    In that same game, C. Romero looked solid if unspectacular, like Nico Dominguez (who I will get to next), C.Romero is legit young talent for Argentina at the back along side Licha Martinez and maybe Nuheun Perez and Senesi.

    Watched about 40 mins of Nico Dominguez and boy was I glad to see him perform, I said it before and will say it again, the kid is legit, tackles, interceptions (lots of them), incisive passing and an assist to top it all off! He has the making of a total footballer, because in addition to his defensive work and passing, he actually loves to go forward and have a shot at goal and score! I truly hope that he continues to develop because having the likes of him, Ascacibar, Alexis and maybe even Buendia (would do wonderfully in the b-2-b role that Dimaria inhabited during the Sabella days) Argentina will have a good alternative to the DePaul—–Paredes——-Celso midfield that we will likely see from now on.

    Oh and before I go, a shout out to Juan Musso who, again, had a fantastic game and if Emi Martinez continues to perform for Arsenal Argentina’s GK problem can go from ‘not having enough suitable candidates’ to ‘having too many’ and that’s a good problem to have.

    • Great analysis there elpipita
      About messi yes we all know the press demand too much from him . They expect him to score hattricks every game such is the expectation .

      About depaul consistency is the issue with this lad similar to ocampos both of them need to work on it a lot when representing the NT you can’t have offday’s . I hope Paredes will feature regularly for psg because he played so wonderfully against Dortmund.

      Regarding Romero the guy is definitely one the biggest defensive talents in the world this season despite genoa’s poor form Romero’s stats are amazing he has the second highest interceptions made in seria A and has the most successful tackle rate in the league. But unfortunately he has joined a wrong club in Juventus because they are already using him for trading . As long as Ronaldo is at Juventus Argentine player’s will get mistreated . I hope Romero seals a move to another club in serie a or la liga his talent can’t be wasted in the Juve bench .

      About Nico Dominguez yes man even I knew he had the abilities of a total footballer similar to the like of vidal a complete box to box midfielder Argentina didn’t have a midfielder of those abilities for some time and nico Dominguez will fill tat role hopefully. Next season hopefully will be nico Dominguez’s breakthrough season and maybe earn him a place in scaloni’s squad. And as u said having nico, ascacibar and buendia shine for their clubs is important for Argentina’s options.

      And about musso yes even I noticed him grabbing a lot of attention for his good performances hope it continues and with musso argentina will have a amazing goalkeeper .

  5. I think Lautaro is better to stay in Inter than Move to Barca. Barca will skin him alive if he is performing like now. Look at Greizman. Lautaro is too young he has time in his side. First let him learn. Inter is better for that. As the pressure is lesser compared to Barca.

    • Suarez is finished so going to barca won’t affect either but the main problem barca itself shambles and finished, transfer to Man City under Pep only help lautaro to be honest, staying Inter won’t either so barca move will be good for him.

  6. Icardi will win nothing for this team like greizmann can’t for Barca Icardi is a flop for Argentina NT 1 goal really overrated player I have ever seen

    • Icardi already have won League 1 title in France and will win Copa de France too, in case win UCL this season then Icardi win terrible. Icardi single handily won matches for Inter even playing badly, Icardi might be invincible in whole match but not frustrated to watch like Lautaro. Icardi only played 8 matches for Argentina and 3-4 matches came from bench, Icardi played much lesser minute for Argentina so his stats is not bad either. Dybala is super flop for Argentina so far, Icardi clearly better than lautaro where Icardi in his peak year, lautaro is still young, ignoring Icardi for NT will be disaster for Argentina, messi won’t carry Argentina like earlier does.

      • Icardi and Dybala are super flop for Argentina Lautaro and Aguero are best for Argentina trio alongside Messi

  7. Icardi only can win crucial matches for Argentina neither messi nor lautaro, if they played bad they did worst. Just like Lautaro missed penalty and Inter lost the match from wining position. Icardi despite playing worst or invisible on the pitch whole 90 min able to score winner in 93rd minute where lautaro can’t that’s why Argentina must need Icardi in order to win as messi past his prime this season and He can’t do alone like earlier.

  8. Amazing performance from Nico Dominguez against inter that assist for the second goal was simply perfect .meanwhile lautaro was bad missed so many opportunities including a penalty .

    • Not to mention some accurately-timed defensive interceptions as well by Dominguez. So positive game for him in all aspects today, defensively and offensively, he was also behind the 1st goal; he was the one who took the throw-in leading to the goal, it wasn’t a clear assist as it touched an inter defender before being kicked by juwara.

    • Yeah, in addition to very significant defensive contributions as well, he made some very good interceptions in penalty area. The goal he assisted was actually due to an interception in the midfield that he made, he started that play and assisted the goal resulting from it, very positive performance I would say.

  9. Lautaro unlucky, his headed ball hit the far pos, lukaku stole the rebound. Lukaku is the main striker, lautaro helps in build up, so he always gets less chances infront of goal.

    • 50-50%, neither is the main striker, Lukaku works a lot in build ups too, Lukaku finishing is simply better this year, but no different in chances, Lukaku xG/90 0,6 Lautaro 0,62…Lukaku scored 19 goals from 16,37 xG, Lautaro only 12 from 13,57 before the match, and Lukaku has more minutes too, but the main different is finishing.

    • As csa said it’s 50-50 workrate between them.Lukaku also helps a lot in buildup it’s wrong to say Lukaku stole the goal . lautaro is playing very poor he missed so many chances including a weak penalty .it’s not just this match since the winter break his form has been poor .

  10. Messi going to leave Barca but that thing he should have done five year earlier when Barcelona was becoming a sinking ship.But he choosed to stay because of his family, he is a real gentleman.Messi will be going to Man City but as there is two year champion league ban on Man City i think that ban going to be reduced to one year and till then Messi will be free to compete in Champion League and Premiere League.Barcelona was distroyed by it’s board members.Bartemou should have stepped down much earlier on behalf of betterment of the Barcelona club.Barcelona will be remembered for Messi only and Bartemou for his incompetitiveness in this great club.

  11. According to reports from Corriere dello Sport, Giovanni Simeone is Mihajlović’s first choice, but the administration of viola set a price for cholito at least 20 million, and if the administration continued its decision, Bologna could veer on Andrea Favilli.

  12. And there goes Lazios title hopes, I don’t know why all the Serie A teams are trying their best to hand over the title to Juventus? It’s 9th in a row isn’t it? Wow

    I just hate Juventus since last year, the reason is only becoz of 1 player. Dybala is fantastic by the way.

  13. Dybala is fantastics , just need to replicated it in N/T. That’s Scaloni task how to manage and put into best formation along with Messi, Lautoro and Lo Celso / Paul. Still hoping he will try to combine it with Papu Gomez. Attackers is done if it is optimize and can work in harmony. There you go !

    Only remaining problem will be on GK and CB

  14. I was so excited for Palacios and wanted to see him play ever since winter break and I cant believe I probably have to see him next season to get a spot in the lineup

  15. I would like to prefer dybala as a false 9 with Lautaro in upfront with him. Messi should play playmaking role while paredes Paul and ocampos is my midfield trio . Back line should be filled up with tagliafico quarta pezzela / Romero foyth/Montiel/Saravia. And I think ansaldi didn’t get enough scope . He was more versatile. Can he be able to give some services folks.

      • He can play in left midfield. As far as I can remember he had already played the match against Germany tough the time he played was not much but we can try . Similarly we can try emi Buendía in right as well . He has done magic in this season for Norwich. The only concern is that can he get good clubs or not . I have heared Leeds gonna bid him and scaloni also give some chances to this boy instead of oldy Pereyra.

        • I totally agree with you on Buendia and I think Scaloni should try the player as LCM in the 4312 plan
          But as far as Ocampos he can play as RW, LW, ST but as CM I don’t think he can
          What the Argentine team lacks now is the renewal of the defense line and the goalkeeper, and if I were in the place of Scaloni, I would call these names for the first round of the World Cup Qualifiers: Musso, Benitez, Andrada, Pezzella, Senesi, Quarta, Lisandro, Saravia, Montiel, Tagliafico, Romero

          • Yes Ocampos has to be played in 3-3-4 preferably on right wing or even left wing. We have better options for midfield. Buendia will be more ideal as a attacking RM in a 1-3-2-4 set up. So it depends on Scaloni’s formation . A 3-3-4 may not need Buendia. Anyway any of them playing means Messi has to start playing central

          • It has to be right mix when WCQ starts . Scaloni cant do total overhaul as initial points are critical & you dont want to be in disqualification threat from start. Some cushion on points & you can start experimenting on GK/Defense. A few thoughts i have :
            – Musso should definitely start . I dont think Andrada or Armani are world beaters & avg at best.
            – Martinez Quarta should also start. He is ready for NT action . Stable at back, good ball playing skills & aerial threat. He shld start replacing Otamendi. Otamendi surely needs to be in 23 ..but like Lautaro slowly phasing Aguero, Martinez Quarta shld phase out Otamendi.
            – Pezzella & Romero will compete. Both are physically strong & positionally good. both not strong on ball play/build up. So its Pezzella or Romero along with Quarta or Otamendi. If romero doesnt prove to be a major upgrade over Pezzella, we shld retain Pezzella
            – RB in my view is Montiel. He can attack best among current options & all of them avg at best. He will move to Europe now & that will be good exposure. Once Foyth recovers from injury & maybe a better club , he can be our RB/Right CB backup ( so saves a spot)
            – Senesi still long way to go to come in 23squad. Maybe a LaLiga move will be helpful . Neuhen will also take time.
            – Lisandro deserves a spot in 23. Playing 11 not yet. He can be our backup for LCB/Left CB/DM… so again saves a spot & can start as a substitute. Since tagliafico is also low height, Scaloni will not play him as the Left CB.
            – Hoping to see Medina develop fast. He looks a great option for Left CB/ LB for future ( like Balerdi). Next year at Ligue 1 will be Medina’s progress report card.

    • When we have world class talents like Giovanni lo celso and ezequil palacios then we don’t need to play ocampos or even Acuna there.
      However, if we are looking for width, I won’t mind playing them.

      • Ocampus is more talented than Palacios.Do not underestimate Ocampus.In Europe only La liga and Premiere League have competitive teams and Ocampus is shining in La liga.Ocampus is one of the hardest player in La liga

        • Too early to decide who is more talented. Ocampos took such a long time to get noticed & has now truly arrived at Sevilla after his marseille, monaco, milan stints. He has been in Europe circuit since 2012. Palacios has just arrived in Europe & obviously a very promising player tipped to be world class . Time will tell whether his talent really takes him there . His fitness looks suspect at this point. Anyway both of them play in different positions & are in different stages of their career ..hence cant be in direct comparison.

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