Argentina U23 Carlos Valenzuela being linked with Portuguese club Famalicao


Previously from Racing Club, Valenzuela is currently at Barracas Central and per reports, he could be joining Portuguese club Famalicao.

Part of the Argentina U23 team which won gold at the Pan American games last year, Valenzuela could join fellow Argentina team mate Nehuen Perez at the club. Per a report by TNT Sports, there’s only missing the small details and the forward would be off to Portugal.


  1. Buendia was on 🔥 for Norwich most of the game. It is a pity they might get relegated but also a blessing in disguise for Buendia might encourage him to take up offers in 1st division clubs across Europe. His talent is wasted in a team that has the most porous defense in all of EPL.

  2. The 87-88 argentine generation was the strongest in the least 20 years of any nation…at least 7 world class players Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Higuain, Papu Gomez, Otamendi and Banega plus Diego Perotti, Gaitan, Fazio, Mercado, Sergio Romero etc etc etc. unbelievable.

  3. Gomez 1 assist
    De paul 1 assist

    Musso another great game. One of the best goalkeepers in Serie A. He is way ahead of Armani and Andrada.

  4. Messi may do the unthinkable finally. Meanwhile I still think it’s tough to see him moving out due to his family.

    Logically thinking which Club will he move to.If he finally decides of doing that?

    Well the most obvious is Man City due to Pep and Aguero. But I don’t think England would suit Messi that too at 35. If not Spain then he probably will be better in Italy. Inter Milan looks better for him.

    We are not talking about next season by way. It’s after next season. So much can change with in 1 season.

    • i think he will just retire at Barca. He wont take the chance & move out. his DNA is loyalty & he has demonstrated that many times ( even coming back from NT retirement ) Maybe Barca board will relent & fire Seitan in next couple of months

  5. Where do u guys think De Paul should go next season? Maybe Inter but I doubt they have the money for him and their main target is Sandro Tonali. Or maybe Sevilla where he can replace Banega honestly this will be the best choice as he gets to play with Ocampos

    • one of the mysteries is why De Paul is not hot property in transfer world. Best heard talk is Inter or Lazio . The guy is fantastic & so versatile . He has proven it with Udinese & NT. While it will be great if he joins Sevilla, i dont think there is any talks with them . The more our players can connect at club level , it will only help the NT cause.

  6. Arg youths is not being so attractive and top elite Europe clubs didn’t take a serious look to develop much nowadays. Sorry, maybe attitude and mental problem consideration is more dominant than technical. However, the manajer / coach role are getting more offered than the players itself, And Ironically the hired coach did not bring the Arg players with them. AFA have to push their domestic leaque and try to win the Copa Sudamericana. Branding is much needed otherwise market option is just limited to MLS and Portugal. So far, Bundesliga and Lique 1 is quite a good place to develop and shine. Most important is getting the playing time

    • i think La Liga & Serie A is the best place for Argentine young players. They can settle much easier unlike EPL & Bundesliga. Once settled they can start looking across Europe.

  7. Bruno Fernandez plays in attacking forward line that is why he scores and assists while Lo celso plays as deep playing playmaker who carries the team forward so Lo celso has more to give to the team.Against Sheff United Lo celso was good in first half but in second half he struggled.But Lo celso is very good player he has given 8 to 10 matches great performance consistently.Midfield trio of Lo celso Paredes De paul going to be great for Argentina.Argentina has best attack,best midfield,above average defence or underrated defence.

  8. Messi’s send a clear message by not discussing his terms after 2021; ‘If Bartomeu is the president, he will not stay’. Mentally he looks tired and bored with the current situation. Too much negativity and disharmony in the team now.

    Hope it didn’t give any impact to N/T.

  9. @abdelrahman I would like to see bruno Fernandes playing under Mourinho’s spurs as a holding midfielder and then seeing how many goals would he score?
    And as for our young midfielders, we need to give them some time.
    And I am damn sure palacios is going to be world class since he has strong mentality.

    • I totally agree about palacios’, and I pointed out similar opinion in my other reply. Regarding lo celso, I watched him in last 2 matches in which he played full 180 minutes, I would say he has an impressive teamwork mentality, he always search for one of his teammates to pass ball to, but he does this excessively, he rarely tries to take a shot from outside the penalty area, I don’t know why especially knowing the fact that he is a very good shots taker. One more thing is that he in most of times keep the ball on ground, doesn’t look for a teammate far in front of him to give him a long pass, which he is also quite good at, these are my 2 issues with him. To sum up, I think he lacks creativity a bit.

    • Every argentine defender would watch in that team, the problem our young midfielders even watching in shitty, mediocre clubs until others playin. (Palacios, Macallister, Dominguez). Where are class young midfielders? Ok at least Lo Celso plays in a mid table Spurs, but he is so impotent too.

      • Totally agree with you regarding everything you said about lo celso, he still has no goals or assists in PL, and some spurs fans compare him with bruno Fernandes lol. However, I think you are judging way too early our young midfielders, especially palacios, he barely got minutes man, and when he played he wasn’t bad, actually he was quite decent and showed potential, I am pretty sure that exequiel would be able to show his class very very soon. Nico Dominguez as well, he only plays as a substitute, yes he ain’t outstanding but slowly by time he would certainly gain more playing time and confidence especially considering the fact that he is like the 4th midfielder in pecking order, which means he is the immediate substitute when form of any of the 3 starters in midfield of bologna starts to drop. Mac Allister started twice and barely made noticeable touches, so I will be more harsh on him than Nico or exequiel, however, I am still trusting him and I believe he would get polished soon and become a better player. To add more, Leverkusen isn’t a shitty/mediocre club by any mean, it is one of the best and most consistent in germany’s first division, meanwhile Brighton is a mediocre club indeed, bologna isn’t mediocre or shitty tho, they actually perform good rn.

        • > Lo celso, he still has no goals or assists in PL, and some spurs fans compare him with bruno Fernandes lol.

          “I wouldn’t swap Lo Celso for ANY player”, Jose Mourinho when asked about swapping Lo Celso for Bruno Fernandes

          • i am really starting to love LoCelso. Great attitude . He is being able to break his way into top squads & make himself indispensable -whether it was Arg NT, PSG & now Tottenham.

          • @choripan I saw the video and I believe lo celso is class and also still young so he has much of time still to show his talent, however, Mourinho is obviously biased (not in a wrong way), Giovani is a player in his team, what do you expect? I think lo celso is better than Bruno in some aspects we all know but Bruno is better than Giovanni in 2 things: pass accuracy and decision making on pitch. That’s it. My greetings to you.

    • It’s called rotation Insider, Otamendi is playing alternate matches, remember the guy is over 30, past his prime and just came back from a long layoff. I personally would’ve done the exact same thing that Pep did, because while this match isn’t very important practically it is very important emotionally and it is the perfect time to try out a young defender who needs confidence because Mancity may not even have the funds to buy new defenders next yr if their financial fair play issues come to pass.

      Come on man, you do this all the time, it’s doom and gloom on a match to match basis with you! Look Allister is starting matches and is doing alright, Nico is getting minutes and will start matches I guarantee it. Palacios’s case is concerning I’ll admit, but the advantage with all these kids is that they’re all 21-22yrs and have some time to prove themselves, if not in their respective leagues then hopefully in the olympics next year.
      In the mean time, a midfield of DePaul——Paredes——–Celso is looking good as you yourself stated and I would add Ascacibar and Buendia as alternatives to Paredes and Celso.

      Stop with the knee jerk reaction doom and gloom and just wait and see.

    • best for NT if Scaloni starts identifying the successors now. Otamendi wont last a starter in WC22. It will be too late to introduce his replacement if we persist in him as a starter in friendlies & WCQ matches. He will definitely add value in squad – but we should give a couple of youngsters good chance to establish in next 12-18 months.

      • marcos sensei is getting interests from sevilla, atalanta , getafe. Bids of 15Mill is rejected by Feyenoord . It will be good for him to keep progressing & come out of Dutch league into la liga or serie a .

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