Lucas Ocampos scores, plays as goalkeeper, makes injury time save for Sevilla in win


Lucas Ocampos scored the only goal of the match for Sevilla, played as goalkeeper following an injury and made an injury time save from the opposing goalkeeper.

You read that correctly. Lucas Ocampos did it all for Sevilla and got them the three points. Ocampos gave Sevilla the 1-0 lead, scoring his 13th goal of the season as they went on to get the 1-0 win vs. Eibar.

However, Ocampos was not done there. Goalkeeper Vaclik had to be taken off due to injury and it was the Argentina man who served as goalkeeper. Deep in injury time, Eibar were awarded a corner kick. The corner was taken and Eibar goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic got on the end of it but Ocampos made the save for the win.


  1. waveride my friend.

    things is as you said too.
    just do you know what i understand? the majority of the people in this forum don t have our age. they haven t live the 1990 era and they can t understand what we are talking about.
    it is normal of course. other thing to live something inside your skin and remember every detail about it because you live it personally and other thing somebody telling you or you learn it from books, internet, youtube or every other way.

    the 1990 -1994 era and maybe 1998 small number of friends here are able to remember from personal experience. that is why it is different for us.

    • If it makes any better for our demographic, I have been an Argentina fan since 82, and in this forum for 10 years. Lot of topics and I don’t post much, but read everyday.

      • i am very happy for exist people like you really.
        not that i have any kind of problem with the younger for God s shake.
        don t take me wrong anybody . just i mean that the people we are older we can understand better each other and we can have one different way of look about the team because we have experience from one era that football was something very different from what it is today.

    • i wish to you to find one girl soon to help your mentality because your situation getting worse day by day.
      i hope this Wanda-Icardi thing is something you trolling us here.
      i find it funny always kid but really if you are serious and you mean all this things you write and it is not for fun then really i worry about your health.

      • Tell me the better striker than Icardi at moment both Lewandowski and Aguero 32 and won’t be there 2-3 year. Icardi will rule in World football and best Argentine footballer after messi. And thanks bro for my concerns, wish I find a sweet girl soon but Wanda always remain my crush 😘

        • from your answer i understand that you are ok and i don t have reason to worry about your mentality about this Wanda subject about you.
          so you can continue. i find it funny personally.
          in your age every week i had different crush 🙂 🙂 🙂
          the problem of course in my case was always when the old crush learn about the new crush 🙂 🙂 🙂

          as about the football part i have different way of view and thinking.
          But anyhow without offence Icardi can t rule not even his own home. his wife rule his home and his career.
          So how much more Icardi can t rule in world football or in national team.

  2. If Leeds get promoted and IF all the transfer rumour are true and materialize then we could see an Argentine team in England.





    • If Foyth is heading towards Leeds then hopefully Bielsa tries Foyth as a RB since NT needs a good RB and Foyth played brilliantly as a RB during Copa 19.

      • Yeah but I believe Bielsa likes more a wingback type of players to play as fullbacks, those who maintain width naturally and go up and down the flank. Foyth is not that kind of player.

    • While that will be amazing, sounds unrealistic. Since Leeds is entering premier after long time , will they want to get players who are new to English league & country which can be risky if quarta Martinez & zaracho takes more time to acclimatize. Also bielsa has not shown much of Argentine love earlier in his managerial stints. Can only think of ocampos in Marseille in bielsa Europe adventures. Even 2 yrs in Leeds – but not a single Argentine player.

      • I hear you but maybe being Argentine himself he thinks he could get the best out of his countrymen even if they are new to EPL. As for 2 years at Leeds, second division clubs are not rolling in cash and are not necessarily in a position to buy players. Bielsa has an eye for a talent though….

    • Quarta should move to Inter MIlan or Sere A mid table team, even leads qualify to EPL this year sureshoot relegate next summer.

  3. always Ocampos is extremely exciting to watch .. full of energy..power .. excellent at Sevilla ..

    transfer news from leeds United is also exciting.. zaracho and quarta…. Foyth too seems to join Leeds marvellous thing under Bielsa..
    I like Foyth.. sadly dont get chances in spurs….
    Adolfo Gaich is liked by Parma & A.C milan
    Gaich is always a interesting player ..typical no.9 with tall height..
    west ham also interested in a Argentine defender

    nowadays Mourinho is praising Locelso… that’s sounds good.. the more our players starts in playing XI it’s good for national team selection..

    posting after a long time due to covid19 ..


    everyone stay safe

  4. Alan franco looks promising player,, i think he could great choice for the right full back position, his physicallity looks solid, but it seems to be his position is center back, anyone have any idea about alan franco as right back along side of montiel, sarabia, foyth, it feel he is solid in dribbling, physicality strength pace,,, my questions is alan franco as right back will it good or bad,,,

    • Also it feels more suitable foyth as defencive midfielder,,, if foyth used as defencive midfielde,, he will be junior version of Casemiro type,, good in defence, but lackings in the offence quality, such as vision like paredes or passing quality ,,, this situations can be improved if foyth more used as defencive midfielder, with good manager, it feels foyth as a right back playing in wrong possition though he is good from defence,,,,,, same type of feelings, alan franco it feels like he could be great as right back,,, if he played as right back,,. It looks like they playing in wrong positions,,, alan franc, foyth both defensive player, but foyth looks suitable in awarenes, franco feels suitable in pace,, which is very important as rights back

      • Sorry im wrong with alan franco. Though he looks physically solid but he is not pacy, neither he play as right back, from defensive angle foyth is right, but his physicality feels like lack of crossing ability, also right back position feels liitle weired from his defensive ability

  5. Lionel Scaloni should consider Juan Foyth he has always delivered for Argentina.Not a single goal is conceded through his side till now.Even Germany won trophy with its youth brigade.Recently Foyth is looking more mature person,Scaloni should select him for qualifiers in September he is going to be world class till 2022 world cup if injuries or other things does not hamper him.Foyth can secure our backline for most of time when Argentina goes for full fledge attack in second half of the game.

  6. I think we need more Argentinians in the nt playing at the same club. I don’t think we even have any of them from the nt playing at the same club. I was hoping Inter could of done that by bringing in, Tagliafico, De Paul, or Paredes that can play with Laurtaro. I think that’ll help Argentina to win something. Look at Wolves full of Portugal players or Bayern filled with German players surely benefiting their national team

      • Musso is most likely. Pretty sure Inter current gk Handanovic came from Udinese, would be great replacement

    • That’s because we need more influential Argentines in the management of big clubs wolves have lot of Portugese players because of their coach who is from Portugal,bayern obviously will have German players .
      The reason inter are linked to many Argentine player’s is thanks to Zanetti who is the vice president . That’s why I have been saying in mundo often tat we need more Argentine managers in Europe look at spurs under pochettino if he had stayed at spurs we would see sometimes 4 Argentines playing in the starting xi he was slowly converting spurs into an Argentine side but unfortunately he got sacked.

      • I’m sure Danny Levy is regretting
        for sacking Poch…
        It’s horrendous to watch spurs now
        I swear if poch was still there lo celso
        Would have been better ten times than
        What he is now. Mourinho style killing him.His full potential… don’t get me wrong still he is best spurs player in my opinion.

        • yes your right it is wrong to sack poch after all the amazing things he achieved at spurs with a limited budget . the season started poorly for spurs largely because of injuries and some disgruntled players like eriksen, toby ,vertonghen , danny rose in the squad poch was in the process of removing the weed and slowly integrating lo celso, foyth and ndombele into the squad but stupid daniel levy was too impatient

          • That is exactly what he was going to doBut levy refused to back him.
            The funny side was he thought
            Mourinho will get him top 4 this season
            But he doesn’t know his style is outdated.Harry kane looks so average now Even son cose of poch attacking stlye they were shining.

    • Yup, gotta love the type of player profile he brings!

      As for 4-3-1-2, my setup would be:

      —Lo Celso—
      —De Paul–Paredes–Ocampos—

      Still torn about the CB pair, so I just put Quarta and Pezzella for now.

      Lautaro-Dybala upfront with Messi behind them in the hole would also be a deadly setup, but then you would have to drop one of Lo Celso/De Paul/Paredes/Ocampos who I think should all start in our 4-3-1-2

    • If we go by the 2 recent friendlies against Brazil and Uruguay, Scaloni seems to have 2 formations rather than a single favored one:

      That would have Messi with one of Lautaro/Kun/Dybala. A midfield of Paul, Paredes, Celso and Ocampos and a back 4 of (most likely) Nico, Otamendi, Quarta and Montiel.
      Expect this midfield in the tougher WCQ games or against top teams.

      That’s the one we’ve seen the most with Messi in the hole behind 2 strikers (2 of Kun/Dybala/Lautaro) and a midfield of Paul, Paredes and maybe Celso.
      Expect this in the home games of the WCQ and against teams that park the bus, which is most!

      The GKs will most likely be Andrade (starter), Armani (for his experience) and Musso. Emi Martinez can come into contention if he keeps up his recent form and Manchersin also has an outside chance. Walter Benitez, sadly, seems destined to be ignored.

  7. LOL yeah, between Musso, Andrade, Benitez and now Emi Martinez AND Ocampos, Argentina is sorted for the GK position!
    Seriously though Lucas has been kicking ass and taking names, so happy for him. Remember that this was the the runner up in the golden boy award 7 yrs ago and then he went into obscurity until he started lighting it up for Marsaille, truly a MUST for the NT.
    The same goes for De Paul, he came into valencia with alot of fan fare and then got lost in the shuffle, then went to Italy and now he’s class! I guess this should teach us all that class is permanent even though form can be temporary.

    As for Gio Lo Celso, well honestly, a world class CM/AM every day all day! With him and De Paul in the midfield Argentina can go places. Hopefully Paredes will continue his form for the NT and pick up his form with PSG because the french press were very impressed with him after the Dortumond game.

  8. LMAO!
    I guess we found the solution to our #1 goalkeeper spot? 😉 well played Ocampos!

    Lo Celso also scored for Tottenham against Everton in their 1-0 win but it was ruled as own goal. He was also overwhelmingly rated as the best player on the field on Sofascore with a score of 7.7

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