Emiliano Buendia scores stunner for Norwich in loss vs. Watford


Emiliano Buendia scored an absolutely stunning goal for Norwich in their 2-1 loss to Watford.

Norwich City may be playing in the second division next season but they would do well to hang on to the Argentina man. Buendia scored the first goal of the match to give the Canaries the 1-0 lead.

Buendia received the ball inside the penalty area and curled one around a defender and into the net.


    • Yeah but what you can expect from early 20s players,they need time to grow.Only few players are perfect in their early 20s.

    • Icardi is best striker in the world after Lewandowski at moment and Icardi will rule in football after messi, mark my words

  1. This should be our 23 man squad for qualifier
    1 Musso
    2 Andrada
    3 Emiliano Martinez
    4 Pezzela
    5 Otamendi
    6 Tagliafico
    7 Foyth
    8 Acuna
    9 Nehuen Perez
    10 Lucas Quarta Martinez
    11 Sarvia
    13 Lo celso
    14 De paul
    15 Guido Rodriguez
    16 Mac Allister
    17 Nico Dominiguez
    18 Messi
    19 Aguero
    20 Dybla
    21 Lautaro
    22 Ocampus
    23 Alario
    Players not gonna selected
    Nicolas Gonzalez

    • You are wrong, maclister wont selected over palacious and nico gonzalez, also have doubt over montiel exclusion

    • We don’t need McAllister in this squad…..Nico Gonzalez is more sensible option since he can provide much needed pace from the bench and can stretch the play.

      • At least Mac Allister plays for Brighton but Palacios rarely plays for Leverkusen.Nico Gonzalez plays in second division.Mac Allister is more impactful player than Palacios.Nico Gonzalez is good in going forward but he is still raw.Montiel does not have speed defensively average

        • agree if the team is being formed today. But lot of things can change with time – hence if current form & playing time is not the only consideration , Palacios in 23 is a no brainer

        • Though Palacios is not Playing often, but whenever he Plays he Plays good, maclister is not matured yet and it shown from his brighton matches, i also think midfield is overcrowded with quality Player
          But not all-rounder best, nico dom and guido is destroyer both defensive midfielder, Paredes is defencive midfielder but he is not natural destroyer, lo celso also can use as DM, so i don’t think there guido and nico come together in inclusion , nico advantage his agility his youngness over guido, Acuna is great utility Player, he is box to box Player he has ability
          crossing but as a left back he missing main attribute defence he has not that tackle, as back up here comes the chance lisandro martinez as left back if he has same crossing,box to box ability like acuna, so maclister out Palacios in, guido out nico gon in, acuna or lisandro any one of them

          • agree to ur views Brightk except one. I think keeping Guido is key in 23 considering Parades can get suspensions/ injuries etc. i doubt Nico D , Palacios can do Parades role. Guido may be nearest replacement. His spot is like an insurance policy which we may most likely not use.. but will be a blunder if not taken.

          • Lo celso is going to play only as either CM or AM he is not going to play as DM in Argentina so Guido Rodriguez stays in team to play as back up for Paredes.Mac Allister is matured enough,his performan in Olympic qualifier was great,he also participatd in a goal against Arsenal but Brighton plays counter attacking game against top teams that is why Mac Allister struggles,by the way Mac Allister performance is in top 4 in Brighton.Acuna is the utility player who can not controll a single aerial pass,does not have skill to possess the ball,worst in aerial duels,does not understand off side trap,you call him utility player.Nico dominiguez is not destroyer he is going to play as box to box and a substitute for De paul.Palacios rarely plays so can not judge him.

          • With utility i mean who plays both left back, left mid or left wing, but lackings of defenceive ability, you are judging
            Palacio bcs he is not playing recently, and you are saying maclister good from past Olympic Qualifier, but as per as i see maclister recent peeformance also not good, there should not be any excuse

    • my thoughts on this 23 ( ignoring current playing time & immediate form/injuries )
      1) 3rd goalie can be anyone- Benitez, Armani etc. maybe even go for pourtau or ruffo with an eye for future
      2) Defense
      – Montiel over Saravia. He is clearly more attacking & for a defensive RB option. – Foyth is more than sufficient.
      – Romero is more developed than Perez & playing well against stronger opponents
      – would replace Acuna with Lisandro. Lisandro is versatile & can be LB, LCB, DM . So effectively we are saving a spot as Licha is also a midfield option.
      3) Midfield
      – Palacios for MacAllister
      – will add Buendia here.
      4) Forwards
      – I will drop Alario to accomodate Buendia. My logic is if Messi, Aguero, Lautaro, Dybala,Ocampos are all not firing – then we are anyway doomed. Buendia brings a good attacking RM/winger option & this allows Messi to be in the center. Ocampos btw can also play as a left winger .

    • I liked your player selection but i have to disagree with you on some players like Otamendi and Aguero(my favourite striker) these two guys may not be able to last till 2022 WC so hopefully these two guys are not utilised in WC qualifers but these two(otamendi and aguero) players should definitely be called for Copa 21. Otamendis replacement can be Cristian Romero or maybe Marcos Senesi in WC qualifiers and Lautaro is similar to Aguero in playing style so maybe Icardi( Easily one of the best strikers in Europe and a good poacher) should be preferred for WC qualifiers over Aguero. Hopefully if Musso or Emiliano Martinez are Starting GK for NT then instead of Andrada some young GK like Pourtau or Facundo Cambesse could be given chance as 3rd GK(in both Copa and WC qualifiers) such that the young GK could gain experience in NT.

      • Buendia comes in spot when any center or right attacking mid player injured, like lo celso, Dybala,,, baundia great creative player but he lacks more pace

      • I still feel Aguero & Otamendi need to prolong the NT stint. Youngsters will eventually take over their starting 11 positions. Lautaro already is being preferred by Scaloni. But Aguero , Otamendi in 23 man squad is definitely an advantage .
        Emilano Martinez is just a flavour of month. Assuming Musso is GK No1 , for No2 – enough contenders – Andrada, Benitez, Armani, Marchesin. even ruilli , gazzaniga are all better skilled .

    • Scaloni’s preferred RB is Montiel, who has pace and attacking thrust. Foyth has not played in ages and as much as I like him I would not have selected a player that barely plays. Also, Scaloni seems to have a soft spot for Nico Gonzalez who responded well when called up even though he played for a second division Stuttgart which is now promoted to Bundesliga again.

  2. Norwich is on the brink to drop into second division and Leeds is going to play on first leaque . Buendia will not be on watch list if he play in second division.

  3. I think Scaloni should call him up and see how he is doing in training. Not sure if he’s better than Nico Gonzalez but maybe Buendia can force his way into the NT.

    • Nico and emi are poles apart.
      Nico has pace, is more direct and is a more of a goal scorer whereas emi is more about creative stuff and passing.
      Work rate is common in both though, they both really work hard for the team.

    • Buendia is several years older and far more developed than Nico , who he himself happens to be very good, not to mention that Gonzalez prefers the left side while Buendia plays on the right (but actually prefers the center). Emi is also far more creative and defensively disciplined than Nico who tends to stay closer to the goal area.
      Both are young, fantastic attacking talent and I hope he [Buendia] will get a chance with the NT.
      Looking at the 23 yr and under talent Argentina has, it’s not too bad at all:


      ———–Nico Gonzalez————-Allister———————–Buendia——————

      ———————Nico Dominguez————-Ascacibar———————————–

      —Licha Martinez————-N.Perez——————–C.Romero——Montiel—

      Not a half bad crop of talent, although time will tell if any of them will become world class and/or become a fixture with the national team.

      • i have been following facunda medina lately & my bet is that this guy will rapidly climb the ranks in near future. For a defender he has the right ingredients including pace, aerial ability & ball playing skills. Can function as a LB or Left CB. Most of our young defenders dont have the right mix of these qualities. Also he has cracked a move to Ligue 1 & shld only grow from here. Hoping to see him in Olympics squad next year.

        • Yeah Medina ain’t half bad, he held his own in the U20 and the pre-olympics, although I didn’t know that he played LB also, or atleast I don’t remember him doing so, was he any good?

          • LB is Medina’s second position only. Left CB is the main one . his pace is good for a defender & thats where the LB angle comes ( something like what pre2015 rojo used to do ). Another interesting observation is that most of the better developed young talents prefer Right CB ( Romero, Perez, Quarta Martinez ) . So Licha, Medina, Balerdi is where long term Left CB role will get locked.

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