San Lorenzo accept bid for Argentina striker Adolfo Gaich from CSKA Moscow


Argentina national team striker Adolfo Gaich is reportedly close to joining CSKA Moscow.

Per a report by TyC Sports, San Lorenzo have accepted a bid of $12 million for the striker. Still only 21 years of age, Gaich was part of the U20 Argentina team which went to the World Cup last year and has also been capped for the senior national team.

Adolfo Gaich will sign a four year deal with the club.


  1. 1 Musso
    2 Andrada
    3 Emiliano Martinez
    4 Pezzela
    5 Otamendi
    6 Tagliafico
    7 Foyth
    8 Acuna/lisandro martinez
    9 Nehuen Perez
    10 Lucas Quarta Martinez
    11 montiel
    12 Paredes
    13 Lo celso
    14 De paul
    15 Guido Rodriguez
    16 baundia
    17 Nico Dominiguez
    18 Messi
    19 Aguero
    20 Dybla
    21 Lautaro
    22 Ocampus
    23 Alario/avila/gaich/bustos/icardi

    • Lamela Lamela Lamela..Ball playing, B2B tireless workhorse that gets in everyones face. He would great to help close the game with constant pressing. Lamela on the pitch against tired legs is a nightmare for the opponent. Mou currently using him that way.

      Icardi > Alario/avila/gaich any day

  2. Ocampos, R de paul this two are workhorse of this Argentina team, if palacios left from the squad, first name come to inclusion is baundia, messi and aguero or lautaro spot fixed,,, so it is the variation of four man mid or 3 man mid with 1 advance left winger ,,, ocampos spot almost fixed,, so it is three more mid
    So variation could be
    Baundia – paredez – locelso
    De paul – paredez /guido/nico – locelso/acuna

    This are spot variated between different player
    If Palacios not performing buendia must be selected

  3. Palacios should be choosen over Nicolas Dominiguez but Mac Allister should always stays.Mac Allister and Locelso should fight for LM spot,De paul and Palacios shoud fight for RM spot.Nicolas Dominiguez can be easily bullied by big players because of his physicality.In near future Mac Allister going to be better player than Palacios.Mac Allister should always play in LM role or Left wing.

    • Kavi
      I agree with you regarding that Alexis will be better than Palacios because he already has excellent capabilities that make Alexis superior to Palacios one day.
      As for Dominguez, his physical structure may not be enough and should be improved, but his fitness is very high and this is important for b2b player.
      Not to mention that Palacios does not play at all, as Dominguez always plays and just a little time will become a key element in his team and he will be ready for the September round.

      • This should be our midfield Palacios, lo celso, parades, Lucas ocampus
        Front should be Messi and aguero or lautaro defensive I have no clue goalkeeper should be Juan Musso because he plays in Europe has more experience than local league keeper

        • Inter Milan might get Juan musso as their goalkeeper because samir is not good this season conceding lots of goals

    • No coach in his right mind would choose Palacios over Dominguez, Nico is actually playing games and is playing well and I don’t know where you’re getting this “he’s physically weak” thing because he isn’t.
      Palacios, as of right now, shouldn’t even be selected because this is the Argentine NT we’re talking about here, if a player isn’t even making the bench in his own club then he shouldn’t make Argentina’s bench either.
      Alexis is getting games, tough games against strong opponents, which is good but he hasn’t exactly settled yet, he’s still finding his footing.

      In conclusion, things are looking good for Dominguez and Alexis but they are yet to prove themselves in their clubs and so neither of them have staked a claim on a NT spot and, right now, are nowhere near the form where they would give DePaul and Celso competition.

      • I agree but my things is player like lo Celso playing in Europe and starter he should be always a starter for NT team no matter what you need quality players does not matter if they are playing in teams

        • I agree to a degree, if a player proves himself with the NT then that player should get abit of leeway, for example Paredes doesn’t start for PSG and for the most part hasn’t performed up to his potential (or anywhere near it) but he has proven himself with the NT especially at copa last year (was in the team of the tournament) and so I am ok with him starting for Argentina even if he doesn’t start for PSG (still prefer Ascacibar though).
          The same goes for Celso, who has already proven himself to be a world class player, but Alexis and Nico still have a way to go, but their talent is unquestioned and I am willing to bet that both will be fixtures with the NT in the future.

      • True elpipita it’s good that alexis is given a run in tough games even though it is basically to rest the main xi of Brighton and prepare them against the smaller teams but this experience will give alexis the chance to prove his coach he is one for the future and hopefully improve his abilities by each game. I think nico Dominguez deserves to start every game for Bologna after seeing that MOM performance against inter I was disappointed to see him benched against sassuolo and yes no player who is not even making the bench should be called up by the NT scaloni must not do that mistake . To stake claim in the national team every player must atleast be a squad rotational player if not a starter only then should he be called up .

        • Yeah poor Alexis was really plunged neck deep into it. His first cameo was against Arsenal, then his first full match was against Leichster, then a massively improved Man U and then Liverpool and next up is Manchester city! Whew! I mean talk about trial by fire.

          Regarding Nico well from what I read Milihavic (?spelling) seems to be very impressed with him, hence why he started him in the tough game against Inter and was rewarded for it. It’s also important to remember that there are still 7 games to go and they’re coming at breakneck speed so a player like Nico who is new to Italian football has to be used carefully.

  4. Disappointed in seeing Gaich leave for Russian premier league but hopefully he leaves that league after max 2 sessions and ends up at a top European club after becoming hopefully top scorer in russian league in a session. and look at the bright side CSKA Moscow play regularly in UCL and Europa League which is a brilliant opportunity for Gaich to showcase himself to top european clubs and last but not the least even Haaland also used to play for Red bull Slazburg fc in Austrian Bundesliga which is more weaker than Russian Premier league before ending up at Dortmund.

    • Halaand moved at 19, after 2 season Gaich will be 23 that’s the problem. Icardi was captaining Inter Milan at 23 and won Golden Boot in Sere A where lautaro at 22 is one of the hottest in transfer market.

  5. watched alexis macallister’s game against liverpool and here is my analysis on his performance
    he has definitely improved this game compared to the last two matches against leicester and manchester .

    against leicester he was playing as a right winger .
    his passing was wayward and he was easily dispossesed by pressing

    against manchester united he played in the CAM role.
    his passing seemed to improve

    against liverpool he played in the left wide midfield position.
    he has improved his ability to hold off the press from liverpool players and also was always pressing a lot and trying to tackle liverpool players he still needs to improve his passing more.

    its good to see the manager is playing him in a variety of positions and testing him against the best teams in the premier league.

    the match against liverpool was a great lesson for him on how to deal with high pressing teams and liverpool are the best team in playing high pressing football and he dealt with it pretty well.

    im sure alexis will adapt to the fast pace and rough nature of the premier league soon and the remaining games of the season will surely help him improve his game and be ready the next season.

    • He has been disappointing uptil now TBH.
      Well, I never expected much from him in the first place.
      Atleast he is playing unlike palacios.
      That Peter bosz has a group of very talented players, still he is not even making them to play champions league.

      • I am pretty sure once palacios starts to feature in starting XI of Leverkusen next season, he will show at least glimpses of his incredible energy and prowess in midfield.

        • same here. i am still bullish on palacios. His games against Colombia , Mexico & offcourse Riverplate clearly shows he can be our midfield champ. For now its a screwed coach at Leverkusen which is a temporary issue. But i am worried about his fitness. In the last 1+yr , he has had 2 strong injuries. Hope we dont see him in a Gago, Lanzini fitness list in long term

          • True he must take care of his fitness and not join the list of gago,lanzini and lamela.foyth also seems to be joining the list since Mourinho took over at spurs .these two are important for the argentina team future hope they don’t become injury prone player’s

  6. And we thought EPL, Bundesliga and French league was bad for Argentine players, Then… Russian league joins the conversation.SMH

    That too Gaich, who is suppose to spearhead our attack along with Lautaro for coming years. Sometimes it’s strange that what these guys are thinking. In these internet age.

    By the way what happened to Mamanna he was suppose to be in contention for one of our Centre back spot. That injury ruined everything for him.

  7. Hey , guys what do you think about paredes
    And guido i saw guidos matches he is performing superb his header and defense are just great his passing is also very accurate today he was the man of the match i think guido
    Should start for argentina as a expierment and backup / substitute paredes i he not performs well then we will go for paredes again ,but guido is starting every match for betis and paredes is now warming the bench what do you think guys ?

    • Yes, Guido has been playing good for real Betis since the restart.
      I think he has been their best player since the restart.
      The only problem with Guido is his lack of mobility, but nonetheless he looks some player.

    • Since Paredes is not a natural DM it would be interesting that paredes along with guido rodriguez form a double pivot in a 4 man midfield which hopefully also includes De paul and Ocampos how does this 4 man midfield sound for NT.

      • Messi 10
        Scaloni did this before in the Colombia match and the midfield appeared very slow. No, this is a bad choice. I prefer starting Guido because his moves are relatively better than Paredes.

        • if the double pivot didnt work the first time it dosent mean it wont work everytime and colombia were able to score only after Guido was subbed off and in RB saravia was there who was not in form that time and in that match Ocampos was not there. and this double pivot could be useful against teams like France,Brazil,Germany,Spain etc. while against teams like Colombia,Uruguay,Venezuela who mostly play defensive football double pivot wont be needed instead a three man midfield could be utilised and both Paredes and Guido need not play together in 3 man midfield.

          • guido- parades double pivot will be static. 1-3-2-4 is a good formation . Maybe LoCelso- Parades & something like
            Ocampos – Messi – Dybala(Buendia )
            LoCelso- Parades

            We still have DePaul, Aguero in bench

          • MESSI 10
            When Scaloni pulled Guido off the field, Colombia managed to score goals
            But the Paredes Guido duo was almost good if Paredes was active and fast, but he is idle and lazy, and this makes this duo inevitably unsuccessful before trying it.
            If you had told me a duo made up of Palacios Guido, I would have told you it was excellent

  8. I also think Arg players get the shit end of the stick in Europe while similarly skilled Brazillians get overblown and somehow get playtime in top leagues – Jesus, Felipe Luis, Fernandina, Richarlison etc. They’re no better than the top of our players but look where they are and where Arg players are!

  9. Thankfully, it’s a striker who is going to Russia, we have ample of them ATM.
    Gaich can take 3-4 years to move to other league, we don’t need him for 2-3 years.

      • when i think of russian league – names that come up are druissi ( was equal to Alario in River Plate) , kranvitter ( future masche) , mamanna ( future NT CB ) . All of them just vanished from NT radar.
        Only Parades managed to escape this trend . But he went to Zenit after establishing himself as a rising star in Roma. Hence atleast managed to get back to Europe.
        While we have attacking surplus now , Gaich 2 years from now can be our No2/3 behind Lautaro & Icardi. He clearly is our best young upcoming striker & real crappy move at this stage.

  10. Its not a good news. Without proper bid San Lorenzo had no choice better than this. Going to Portugal or Belgia will be much better than playing with CSKA.

    • Marketing at its worst!!! hope he doesn’t get lost like druissi, mammana . Its a clear waste of 1-2 crucial years for gaich. Better was staying back at San Lorenzo . Unbelievable that even a low rung Serie A , La Liga team cant buy this talent.

  11. I wonder why the Brazilians get better contracts and way more money than the Argentinians. When I look the like Rodrygo, Venicius, Militao are they better or the value them more than MacAalister, N. Perez, Alvarez, Almada. What’s the problem? Why are we wasted our talents in dog shit leagues?

    • Brazils economy is much bigger and more sophisticated. With this said, “economic size” (macro econ) is not the reason but it does provide insight into micro differences

      I’d assume Brazils business around futbol is way more advanced in terms of networking such as agents relationships to Euro clubs. Im sure they spend a lot more marketing and building players international rep. They’re richer so young players have access to better training facilities, etc. Thats why we see Brazil players going for more than equally talented Arg players. It’s all down to business prowess and youth development…Brazilians are doing it better right now.

      • True well said that is exactly the reason due to Brazil’s economy the football system is also well established the players at their young ages get signed by super agents and due to marketing and relationship with foreign clubs brazilian talents are valued more.

      • Quote by Choripan
        [way more advanced in terms of networking such as agents relationships to Euro clubs]

        Very well said Chori, THAT is exactly the reason why you see more brazilians in bigger clubs than Argentines.
        To give you all an important example, super-agent Jorge Mendez (CR7’s agent) represents quite a few Brazilian players and he also happens to have direct connections with Real and Barca, which is one of the big reasons why you’re seeing so many Brazilians in those clubs.
        Another important reason is Argentina’s abysmal performances at the youth levels since they won the u20 and the olympic gold in 2007 and 08.
        I mean look at the youth record since then:
        2009-didn’t even qualify to defend their title!
        2011-made the QF and lost on penalties, was a good team actually.
        2012- failed to make the olympics and defend their title, again!
        2013- failed to make the tournament.
        2015- first round exit
        2016- first round exit at the olympics
        2017- first round exit despite of it’s talent (Lautaro, Palacios, Ascacibar, Licha Martinez and others)
        2019- 2nd round exit, the team was decent though and gave away a 2 goal lead.
        Compare that to Brazil’s record:
        2009-runner up
        2012- runner up in the olympics (bronze medal)
        2015-runner up
        2016- won the olympics

        You all have to remember it’s at the youth level that big clubs start hunting and Argentina hasn’t done well at those levels while Brazil has. All is not lost though, because I’m seeing a shift since last year and I think Argentina will do well in next year’s olympics IF they manage to get the clubs to release the likes of Alexis, Nico Gonzalez, Ascacibar, Zaracho, C.Romero, Balerdi, Madina, Licha Martinez etc……

        Finally it’s really up to the young players themselves to prove themselves and the likes of Celso, Lautaro, C.Romero, Licha Martinez and Emi Buendia are all proving themselves in europe. Senesi has done well as have Nico Gonzalez and Ascacibar especially considering what a curse the bundeslinga is for Argentines. Alexis, Nico Dominguez, Neuhen Perez are getting games and have shown flashes of potential while Foyth, Balerdi and Palacios really need to fight to get their career going.
        I can’t forget Quarta and Montiel who are still 24 and 23 respectively and those 2 could be key for Argentina’s title (copa and WC22) hopes.

        • very well explained. This really makes Tokyo Olympics crucial for Argentina. Just hoping AFA does enough networking & pressure to ensure our best team is landing & get enough time to sync up. If our A team plays , we can definitely go a long way at Olympics.

        • Yes elpipita as you said the argentina youth team also havnt shined in the international stages but the recent good run in the continental tournaments seem to suggest things are improving the luka Romero group is the latest who have impressed with some individual talents they nearly could have won the u-15 sudamericana tournament final against Brazil but bottled easy chances and lost in penalties .

        • Excellent post, Mamoun. The facts are the facts. From the mid nineties until 2008 we had great youth teams. The past decade was a pale shadow of that period. If you look at the French football academy Clairefontaine and the facilities, we are so far behind. Argentina lack the funds to organize it properly. The gap with France and Germany is growing. Our hopes are winning the next Copa.

        • ugh..hurts to read about the drought from 2009-2019 buts its the truth. There really wasn’t a ton of talent to replace/dethrone a lot of the <2008 veterans but now we're finally seeing a resurgence in younger quality and talent.

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