Gustavo Bou, Lucas Zelarayan, Federico Higuain up for MLS Goal of the Week


It’s not only in Europe where Argentine players are lighting it up as MLS in North America currently has three Argentine players in the running for the MLS Goal of the Week.

Gustavo Bou, Lucas Zelarayan and Federico Higuain are among the 5 players in contention who’s goal is up for the best of the week. For Gustavo Bou, it was a his little turn and shot effort for New England against Montreal Impact.

Lucas Zelarayan had a great free kick goal for Columbus vs. Cincinnati while Federico Higuain was a chip goal for DC United against Toronto.


  1. From what I read in the slotxo news, it is a further indication of the possibility before this news comes out. This is a welcome story. And the most exciting He is very worthy of receiving this award. No wonder that they will be able to travel in this great world. In the next week there will be something for me to dance again. Thank you for sharing good news.

    • Perhaps, but he has reportedly expressed that he will only leave Inter for Barcelona. He wants to play with Messi.
      Besides, in all likelihood, Xavi will be managing Barcelona under a new presidency by next year, and I bet he will prove himself to be a top coach.
      Before that, he will have a year to settle at Barcelona, where he can learn a lot from Suarez and Messi etc while building up their chemistry for Copa America

    • Yeah he made the pass for a goal which was declared offside afterwards, still it wasn’t his fault (mbaye was offside by a shoulder) and his pass was just so accurate and good. Clearly he is the best passer in bologna team and by far. He is not only a good passer, he can also withstand pressing on him while he is holding the ball, he barely lose the ball to the opponent.

    • Yup indeed he is! The kid is legit! He’s excellent on the ball, tough with his defensive duties and always has an eye for goal, I really hope he continues to develop because Argentina might have a rough gem in their hands.
      Having the likes of Ascacibar and Buendia and possibly Dominguez (still needs more games to solidify his status) the albicelestes might have a good backup (possibly competition?) to the trio of Celso, DePaul and Paredes.
      Speaking of Celso and Depaul, they were both superb today, saw extended highlights of both their games and Celso was FINALLY playing at his preferred position and low and behold he was fantastic! Honestly how was it that Mourinho was one of the best football managers once upon a time ? The guy is almost clueless!
      As for DePaul, again the guy was a beast on the pitch, passing, dangerous shots, defending etc…He does it all and it is clear that he is a big fish in a very small pond and has to go to a bigger team next season.

  2. Yeah Foyth needs confidence and by selecting him in team Lionel Scaloni can give him the much needed confidence.We can not let a talent like Foyth to be wasted.With regular play he will be more confident.Foyth should try as hard as possible to secure his place in Tottenhm team as Right Back,in Tottenhm that posotion is up for grab as Aurier is not reliable much so Foyth has best chance to grab the right back spot.

    • Well, i agree with you…..a world class talent like him should be getting more chances for NT because of our lack of world class personnel in defence.
      He just needs to find a club where he can play.

  3. Foyth’s suffering The truth is lack of discipline and recklessness in the defense line with Argentina or Tottenham and in such a situation, it is impossible to involve such a player in such a dangerous and sensitive location
    Given the capabilities that Foyth has, he is a versatile player who is able to play as a right defender, right back, defensive and even DM with lots of interventions, breakthroughs, successful bilateral confrontations and strict monitoring of the competitors’ game makers.
    What makes Foyth able to occupy the defensive midfielder position is his excellent ability to control the ball, run it, and dodge (which is often in the defensive line), read the match, distribute the playing direction, build a great back-up of the attacks in addition to his precise passes and the distinct exit from pressure rival
    Foyth has great defensive and offensive capabilities and speed as well
    All he needs now is to give him confidence in this position, which is somewhat less sensitive than the defense line, and then he has to be patient for two years to come out with high-level discipline and concentration.

    • Nice! Wanted by two Argentine managers Bielsa of Leeds and Simone of Atletico. Which league would suit him better, Spanish or English?

      • Language and technical style of La La Liga (CL exposure bonus) would improve/suit him more than PL but manager has a bigger impact. The question is Simeone vs Bielsa..?

    • I hope not, Atletico defensive style doesnt suit him, look at Lemar or Angel Correa how Simeone tactic limits them (Correa is OK, but cmon he needs to play like a defender). Rather Arsenal or Leeds.

      • Leeds by far in my opinion! Bielsa will surely improve him.

        Also, I think in general the EPL is much more demanding physically and playing there adds another dimension to the way our players perform.

        • Both of you bring good points. I haven’t kept up with Bielsa’s Leeds but I’m happy that he has brought them back to Premier League and wish him further success with them. And I hope that he brings more Argentines to EPL.

          Who are the ones linked with Leeds now? Buendia, Foyth, any more?

    • As Chori says, language and style makes La liga a more suitable outcome, if ofcourse the rumors are true, but to be honest though Buendia is such a superb footballer that he could go to Mars and still perform! The kid must be inducted into the NT Asap!

  4. I still don’t understand how one our brightest young player Barco landed in MLS. I mean what was his agent thinking or for the matter of fact what was Barco thinking. SMH…

    It’s like he wasted 1 or 2 years of his career he could have stayed in Argentina itself and gradually moved to Italy or Spain. Hope he reaches to the level we all expected from him.

    • The agent and independente were thinking $15-20m was an offer they couldn’t refuse. Broke the mls transfer fee record. I don’t follow mls too much but fans say hes too good for the league. I’m sure he’ll end up in Europe soon.

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  6. MLS seems to be the stepping stone for Argentina players to land in Europe. A group of young players playing in different club is really a good soil to develop talents. As MLS keep the eye for good coach and tight competition. Light Up and Shine

  7. Does anybody know that matías godoy, the striker for argentina U17 team in last world cup has actually joined Croatian giant dinamo Zagreb on a loan since few months? I have known this news very recently and was shocked that I wasn’t aware of this huge step at such a young age for a promising player like him at the time the transfer happened.

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