Former Argentina assistant: “Not sure if Lionel Messi was born in the right country”


Former Argentina assistant Claudio Gugnali, was part of Alejandro Sabella’s coaching staff and gave an interview talking about Lionel Messi, Alejandro Sabella and the team.

Claudio Gugnali was part of the coaching team which helped lead Argentina to the 2014 World Cup final. Speaking in an interview with Segundo Tiempo (FM Club, 94.7), the former assistant had this to say:

“I don’t know if Messi was born in the right country because I don’t see people who like football respect him nor enjoy him the way we should.”

Regarding coach Sabella:

“And with Sabella, I don’t know if he, as a coach, was in the right country. Maybe as coach of Spain, today, he would still be coach. Sometimes we don’t know how to be careful with people that serve us and we realize their value when we don’t have them anymore. In Sabella, we lost someone very valuable in football.”

Gugnali also spoke about the Argentina team who reached the World Cup final:

“I don’t know how many times we will have players of that quality, that grew and were formed together. Everything was beautiful. The memories are great, there’s not much to reproach to them since we reached a final after 24 years.

“It was achieved with an identity, with the total support of the people and the truth is that we were going to be world champions. The misfortune of it was in what appeared to be the easiest: Scoring goals.

“That allowed Germany, who had one or two (chances) and they ended up being world champions. Afterwards, if you would ask me, I’d do the exact same thing. I have nothing to reproach myself with.”

In regards to the team losing the two Copa America’s:

“If I put aside the love I have for them, I would reproach them for not having won the Copa America’s. That, yes because they were already on a level that in America, they were by far the best and they couldn’t win the two cups they played together.

“It’s impossible to compare a Copa America with a World Cup. What happens in America will surely stay within Argentina, Brazil and maybe Chile like they did. But the world is huge, there’s France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and some in Africa who continue to grow.

“We are always rebuilding, never building off of something but it’s what happens to use in Argentine society.”


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  2. He is Argentine where else he would play. It’s being patriotic. He is the Jewel in our crown.And we as Argentine fans should be proud of that.

    Whether he needs to win a trophy with our NT or not. That doesn’t take away the fact that he is the best player ever to play football.

    There is something interesting in chasing a trophy. It makes us frustrated and dejected at times. But imagine when we are winning an International Trophy. That will be one of the greatest moments in our life.

    “Path towards Victory is greater than Victory”Is there a quote like that? 🤔Never mind its my own words.


    I really cant stand the 1st half of that statement if it stands alone. I’ve heard similar thoughts like “Messi should have picked Spain cause he would win”.

    Statements like that are really fucking stupid. If Higuain or Palacios scored their goals and won, then all of sudden “Messi was born in the right country”. It makes no effin sense.


    However, the context of the statement is not deterministic. Its about empathizing with Messi and rejecting all the Argentine haters. With that context, i do agree. These fucks have no clue how lucky we are to have Messi play for us and we often take things for granted.

    Anyway, thats my take, i could be wrong.

  4. For the first time in 12 years Barcelona does not win a domestic trophy. A clear sign this team is over the hill.

  5. Mac Allister Is overrated guys we will see how he handles pressure when he wears Argentine jersey time will tell if he performance I would be happy that we got s good player I have hopes for all the players

    • Agree, almost everyone who watches him thinks that he is massively underrated and needs to be in a better club.

    • This is really bad to see a tremendous good player like Rodrigo DePaul playing for Udinese … but overrated players of other countries gets footage in various clubs.. such as Arthur in Barca –> Juventus… Pjanic–> Barca ,
      Vidal (due to age) in barca etc

      De Paul can play in midfield for any big club.. in Europe….

      hope some team buy him

      and must be as a starting XI player

  6. It seems Gaich’s temporarily stalled CSKA deal is concluded . He is finally moving to Russian league. League has only 2more matches pending & CSKA who is in 4th spot will not qualify for Champions league. Only optimistic view is he shows up well in Europa League & Olympics & forces his way out by next year . I think club & agents are screwing it up for quick money

  7. Nico Dominiguez is far better than Palacios.Nico Dominiguez’s passes are so smooth and precise.A calm headed player on the pitch.There is so much competition in midfield.We have the best players in midfield even if one is not in form other is always ready and above that all are young and energetic.
    Best youth players of Argentina are
    1 Nehuen Perez
    2 Nico Dominiguez
    3 Mac Allister
    4 Quarta Martinez
    5 Palacios

      • But that different level is not being liked by Leverkusen coach even if others are playing in much tougher league

    • Well as csabalala and subham pointed out, palacios is far more talented than any other young midfielder in argentina rn tbh. Considering how good Dominguez is, and I agree that he is already a very good and much needed player still palacios has really an unreal potential and is much better than Mac Allister and Dominguez. He just needs to play more and get more experience, and his true abilities will be then unleashed. Palacios is far more complete and plays faster as well. Like subham said, theoretically he is just on another level, still this need to be proved practically. I think he and nehuen Perez are the only ones who can deserve the first place of the list you made.

    • Just alittle over a week ago you said the exact OPPOSITE, with Dominguez being “physically weak” and Palacios being a prodigy, so what changed?
      Still from what I saw at the primera Dominguez was a considerably better player than Palacios IMO but we shouldn’t praise Nico and give up on Exequiel because both are young and both still have a lot to prove (Palacios more than Dominguez).

  8. I think this is the perfect squad with which Scaloni can go for Copa or Qualifiers
    Emiliano Martinez
    Nehuen Perez
    Quarta Martinez
    Any good left back but not Acuna
    Lo celso
    De paul
    Nico Dominiguez/Palacios
    Guido Rodriguez
    Mac Allister
    Lautaro Martinez

    • You keep insisting an macalister, do you have crush within him like icardi fan😃😄,, maclister is not outshine yet fir his current club, he needs atleast one full season to prove his worth,, if anyone deserve the chance in the squad it obviously baundia,, and nico gonzalez,,, you said before nico Dominguez is box to box player,, yes nico Dominguez is box to box player but actually nico is all in one he is also good in defence too, he just need to develop his ability in solidity

      • Yeah Nico Dominiguez needs solidity but to demand solidity from a 20 year old kid is something harsh with time he will be solid enough.Buendia is a good player but he gave nothing to Norwich,Norwich is in 20 position so they are going back to division 2 and Mac Allister gave Brighton more than Buendia while he has played just 4 or 5 matches.Nico Gonzalez is also a good player but he is a winger not midfielder,we are already packed in our forward line,we can not drop anyone of our forward line for Nico Gonzalez.

        • Yeah nico will be solid enough, and he is talent must for national team, but your comparison between baundia and maclister is funny,,, baundia we all know how good he is creative level with deciPlne
          Lo celso
          De paul
          Nico Dominiguez
          Guido Rodriguez
          Also we can use dybala in atacking mid
          Midfield is already equipped with enough, there is atleast need one winger back up fir Ocampos, and that is nico gonzalez,, it is either emi or nico not maclister,,,, in left side lo celso is enough,, if necessity in left,, other than lo celso it can be back up with acuna or lisandro or any other midfield Player,,,.
          Baundia – paredez – locelso
          Creative level with this Player will be something different
          You can sub nico,guido,de aul between this to bring the different Level of strenth,
          Macalister is not proven excellence yet,, we can’t lose baundia or nico gonz for him,,, bcs his alternative could be found from acuna or lisandro as sub fir lo celso

          • Lisandro or Acuna back up for Lo celso,please do not say that we know their level.Mac Allister is best back up for Lo celso.Brighton’s coach has believe in Mac Allister,English media is praising Mac Allister for his visions and you are saying he has not shown his excellence.Ocampus is back up for Messi,if in second half Messi goes deep in attack then Ocampus going to fill his place.Buendia is not a good passer of the ball,he works hard but he needs time to develop his passing .Why Norwich is in 20 position at least he shoud have carried Norwich for some distance.
            Played 36
            Won 5
            Drawed 6
            Lost 25
            For this sad stat players should take blame too.They have relegated themselves mercilessly.

      • Tell me a better out and out striker than Icardi on his age, Aguero/Lewandowski are 32+ and Icardi is the 2nd best Argentina player after messi. Wanda is very beautiful that’s why she is crush, I love Wanda very much

        • @kavi,, yeah we know the shits of english media, yeah we also saw the performance of Brighton coach, acuna used several time in that left and he provide some excellent pass for goal watch game against Germany , and you say lisandro is no good he need more to show and baundia is not good passer you may be drunk,, whatever they both acuna or lisandro Will come as left back they just can occupy as gap in left mid, otherwise in place of lo celso you can occupy other player like de paul, both nico,
          paredez, even Ocampos based on the rotation , Argentina need creativity along side of speed, which baundia and nico has,,. Maclister still a hype

          • Gap of left mid substitute can easily cover Argentina need to give importance an speed and creativity, it is either emi or nico

          • Acuna has played many games since his arrival and in all that time he had only one good match against Germany and that’s all,we can not bear such inconsistency.If you want to see Acuna watch Copa Semifinal vs Brazil.Buendis is not a smooth passer of the ball in midfield we like passer like Lo celso.Buendia is only good in interception,running and physicality.Buendia is not a creative player first of all.Mac Allister is a creative player.Lisandro would be good substitute for Tagliafico

          • Baundia is good at running,interception, physicallity he is not good at passing or his pass is not smooth he is not creative
            player, so lets define me what other quality you saw otherside of creativity within maclister, maclister got talent i have no doubt about that but at this moment he is hyped, you got crush over mac😂😂,, lisandro>acuna>mac

          • Mac Allister is better at his creativity,his vision,his impactfullness,witty forward passes,comfortable in possession,defensive contribution,off the ball movement.How he pressed Trent Alexander- Arnold against Liverpool was quite good it gave other teammates chances to go firward.In some year Mac Allister going to outshine Palacios.Palacios is talented i know but Mac Allister would be good for Argentina.

          • Maclister
            + Strengths
            Key passes-Strong
            Direct free-kicks-Strong
            Taking set-pieces-Strong
            Through balls-Strong
            – Weaknesses
            Tackling-Very Weak
            Aerial Duels-Weak
            Alexis Mac Allister’s Style of Play
            Likes to cut inside
            Gets fouled often
            Likes to cross
            Does not dive into tackles
            Sub (Substitute) 7 0 0 6.27
            AMC (Attacking Midfielder Centre) 4 1 0 7.14
            ML (Midfielder Left) 4 0 0 6.64
            MC (Midfielder Centre) 3 0 1 6.44
            FW (Forward Centre) 1 0 0 6.46

            Emi baundia
            + Strengths
            Passing-Very Strong
            Through balls-Very Strong
            Key passes-Very Strong
            Defensive contribution-Very Strong
            Taking set-pieces-Strong
            Holding on to the ball-Strong
            – Weaknesses
            Discipline-Weak which he improved
            Emiliano Buendía’s Style of Play
            Likes to play long balls
            Gets fouled often
            Likes to do layoffs
            Likes to cut inside
            Likes to tackle
            Commits fouls often

            His rating from position he play from match
            AMR (Attacking Midfielder Right) 22 1 7 7.44
            Sub (Substitute) 8 0 0 6.44
            MR (Midfielder Right) 4 0 0 6.8
            AML (Attacking Midfielder Left) 1 0 0 7.05
            Now what did you think about it?

          • Do some research.Do ypu know how many goals Buendai scored this season i have to say only one. Now Premiere league is about to end still he has just scored one goal in Premiere league this season despite playing as Right winger a forward player.I do not know from where you get those rating like 8 or 7 but he gave 7 assist.Buendai has been with Norwich for years.

          • Yeah i research
            Mac play overall 19 match this term
            Where he mainly play as attacking mid his contribution to goal 1 goal 1 assist overall rating 6.59

            Emi play 35 match 1 goal 7 assist overall rating 6.95

          • Just talk about Premiere League Mac Allister has around 220 minutes under his belt till now.Let him settle first then we will see.English media and fams are calling him Magician.

  9. I don’t believe that any national team jersey has ever weighed heavier than the one of Argentina on Messi’s back.

    In a parallel universe, Messi decided to play for Spain and 45 million Argentines would be furious for 15 fucking years for letting “the new Maradona” slip through their fingers…

    To quote WC winner, Roma & Italy legend Daniele De Rossi:

    “He lost two Copa America finals on penalties and I’m a World Champion because of penalties”

    “He is cold-chested in Argentina and yet I’m a hero in Italy along with my teammates for winning the 2006 World Cup.

    “What’s the difference? Maybe five centimetres.

    “I just don’t agree with that.

    “I would like to remind people just how many times it was Messi that carried the entire team on his back.”

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  11. Do not worry Claudio Gugnali this time we have two Lio we surely goona win both Copa America and World Cup.High hopes on Lionel Messi and Lionel Scaloni.

  12. I wish Messi should have chosen Spain instead of Argentina because he would have been world champions by now if I were in his place I would never pick Argentina because they do not produce world class players defender and midfielder this is the reason

    • Yes . He had a good game. Couple of great saves & exhibits confidence with ball. Musso also had a tidy game & 1 amazing save. I guess Scaloni is going to try these 2 & maybe add Andrada. But what needs to be seen is how Artreta handles situtaion when Leno is back. Gazzaniga also had a great & longer run in first half with Lloris injury. But he was replaced by Lloris post Jan . Both Gazzaniga & Martinez should move to a different club & become starters & then their technique will seal their spots for NT GKs. They are clearly superior to Andrada/Marchesin/Armani but losing out due to playing minutes.

      • Both Martinez & Gazzaniga bought me memories of Goycochea. Came out of bench as an unknown & actually playing much above coach & fan’s expectations. Original GK Pumpido never came back to Argentina NT .
        Good test for Martinez on Saturday. FA Cup Semifinal with Man City.

  13. Beautifully said; Sadly, in football life there is no “if”

    This answer the question why Stefano Di Alfredo choose Spain instead of Argentina and gain the fame; although it’s another story and reason. Argentina N/T coach and staff just did not know how to manage and optimize their great talents. Only a few have succeed, Menotti, Basile, Pekerman with his youth programs and as Bilardo is subject to Maradona greatness. Sabella almost make it just an inch missed… Forget the Batista, Sampaoli, Bauza, Passarela, Bielsa and all the coming going coach

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