Former Argentina, Boca Juniors left back Silvio Marzolini passes away


Former Argentina national team and Boca Juniors legend Silvio Marzolini has passed away at 79 years of age.

Regarded by many as the greatest left back Argentina has ever produced, Marzolini took part in two World Cup tournaments. The first being in 1962 and the second in 1966 in England where he was elected as the best left back of that tournament and part of the team of the tournament. From 1960-1969 he was part of the Argentina national team played 28 matches.

He made his league debut with Ferro Carril Oeste in 1959 where he played on year with the club. He went on to join Boca Juniors where he played with them from 1960-1972, winning 6 titles. As a coach, he won one title with Boca, in 1981, the Metropolitano.

Marzolini suffered a stroke last year in addition to being diagnosed with a tumor.

Rest in peace to a great man and an Argentina legend.


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  3. Leno is Germany 3rd/4th choice GK, if Emilano Martinez can’t bench him after coming back from injury then Emilano Martinez should be no1 for Argentina shows how poor Argentina NT in Goalkeeping department. Musso is clearly better and younger then Emilano Martinez and Sere A giants are eying on him, literally Musso saving Udinese from relegation.

    • Leno is second best goalkeeper in Premiere league after Allison does not matter either he bench him or not Emi Martinez should be no.1 for Argentina most importantly he can give clean sheet for Argentina.There is only one year difference between Musso and Emi Martinez.Musso is also goid goalkeeper.Musso and Emi Martinez both deserves chance but Emi martinez is also good in close range shots and always catches the balls so less risky.

      • Look I don’t want bench warmer as starting Goalkeeper for Argentina, Romero was our number 1 by that logic and short spell as starting GK can’t be determined. When sample size is small everyone looks good, Jesus in his first 3 month looks better than Aguero and it was said that Aguero leave man city. Now after 4 year man city owner understand Jesus isn’t even 10% of aguero and desperately wanted to pay Lautaro release clause snatching from barca. Emilano Martinez situation is similar to Jesus and Leno is 3rd choice GK for Germany not Aguero. There was also hyped for Gazza when Loris was injured, a world class GK easily benched club legend GK, Cortious was prime example who benched Peter Chez at chelsea and Navas at real madrid. No bench warmer start as number 1 for Argentina and I will stay in my words when Romero was undisputed no1. Regular playing for club is far more important for NT to win a tournament, unless Emi martinez bench Leno, he will be behind Musso, Andreda, Armani.

          • Better say to scaloni, Andrada and Armani spot are fixed and between two one will be no 1 for Argentina. Only Musso seems snatching no1 spot, scaloni won’t call up bench warmer.

        • Aguero performed well after he saw the threat from Gabriel Jesus otherwise he was very lazy player back then.Guardiola improved Aguero by giving threat to his position.Courtious benched Navas really,Navas was a player with whom Real Madrid won 3 Champion leagues in a row.Navas never performed badly but Madrid had soft heart for Courtious. What happened when we played regular player Armani in world cup,4 shots on goal and all four were converted into goal.Player selection should be depend on player not on his regular time in club especially for a goalkeeper.According to you if a player has best competitor then he should not be allowed to play if he has worst competitor then he should always play.Leno is one of the best in Premiere League,Musso Amdrada,Armani etc all would habe been 3rd or 4th choice to Leno.

          • A world class player capable to bench former players, Icardi came PSG and benched Cavani, even messi benched ronaldinho and forced to move barca. Romero was bench warmer, Gazza is also same and if Emi Martinez can’t bench Germany 3rd choice GK scaloni won’t call up him let leave no1. What I have understood on scaloni selection playing time for club is outmost important otherwise Romero was selected 2019 copa, he was clearly best no2 in Premier League in last 4 year. I am against bench warmer while Romero in the team and I will remain the same. Armani or Andrada is scaloni no 1 and musso can snatch the spot, Emi Martinez or Gazza or Rulli or Mascherin fighting for 4th spot GK. FLY cortious benched Navas arriving at Real Madrid and benched Chez at Chelsea, though Cortious was poor in his first season but he single handily won la liga for Real Madrid this season.

          • It is not right to say Icardi benched Cavani,in Champion League you can see Cavani always starts over Icardi,Messi did not bench or force move for Ronaldinho as Ronaldinho was party guy so Barca did not want his bad influence on Messi as Messi was future of Barca that is why Barca got rid of Ronaldinho.Even Paredes is bench warmer in PSG but Paredes is no1 choice of Scaloni,Romero was not selected because he became a little slow.Courtious single handedly won La liga what weed are you smoking,officials were favoring Real Madrid with penalties and hand ball goals.Armani is worst goalkeeper world cup is proof.
            Goalkeeper should be
            1 Emi Martinez
            2 Musso
            3 Andrada
            Emi Martinez is also good in penalty shootout,penalty shootout is one of his strength

    • Emiliano Martinez Is getting lots of praise from analyst espn fc he should be the number 1 for arsenal and Argentina national team he is damn good in his prime 27 years old not bad Juan Musso I love him his my favorite but after I saw Emiliano Martinez I became his fan what a keeper he should be the keeper for Copa and WCQ.

      • Icardi is 2nd highest scorer for PSG in champion league after Mbappe and even in friendly matches post lockdown cavani benched, Cavani played one UCL match ahead of icardi due to injury/out of form doesn’t change the fact that Icardi benched cavani. Refaree always with real madrid else didn’t win UCL match against Bayern/Juve but you can’t ignore the fact that Cortious single handily won la liga these season. Like it or not between Armani or Andrea one is scaloni no1 and Musso is fighting for no1 unless Emi Martinez play regular football don’t think scaloni call him ahead of scaloni favorites Armani and Andreda

        • Icardi played against group stage team and PSG’s group were very easy.Those teams are not known in football.Icardi was never injured,Cavani plays in knock outs stage.All know Real madrid plays with 12 or 13 players.Armani should not be no1 if it happens there is pressure from clubs like Bayern put on German national team.
          Only Emi martinez should be no1 for right now

  4. barca management is bullshit, they waste of money, Nehual bustos = lautaro martinez (lautaro is ahead bcs his Europe experienc) barca should go for nehual, nehual can play both wing and his main position forward

  5. It looks like Emiliano Martinez should be Argentina’s no.1 goalkeeper,he is confident,have patience,clean sheets.In these 8 or 9 match he has been excellent.I have seen Musso making some basic mistakes but Emiliano Martinez looks good.Emiliano Martinez is good both in close range and long range,good with feet, catching the ball,good in corners, also comes off his line ,good distribution.He is been with Arsenal for 10 years he must have patience in him so Emiliano Martinez deserves to be starter in Argentina and he is a giant with 195 cm height and 88 kg weight.Emiliano Martinez’s save vs Liverpool(Mahrez) was awesome it was deflected and stiil he saved it.He catches the balls that he should not even be able to.Get this man his starting spot in national team.

    • Agree with that. I have read an article about Emiliano recently which says the same. He looks like a well rounded Goal Keeper. Decent in all areas. He is an imposing figure too.

  6. RIP to him…never seen him play but heard he was very good during his era

    My favourite left back has always been J.P. Sorin. The combination of Sorin and Kily Gonzalez was a joy to watch during Bielsa’s era with Veron feeding them from the centre. Their link up play was a incomparable. That combination brought so much fear to every giant team that faced them. They were voted the best international team for a few years in the early 2000s. We’re still struggling to replace them ever since.

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  8. 4.8 rating for nico Dominguez in their 5-1 ( so far ) loss against ac Milan . Scaloni should have his eyes on emi Martinez , 195 cm , just got his chance with arsenal after Leno injury and is proving himself along with his clean sheets .

    • Really? 4.8? That’s really harsh, I thought he was ok, he had decent passes, a few good tackles and started a chance or 2. In the end Bologna were just awful and Milan were excellent, not to mention that Mihajlovic for an inexplicable reason decided to move away from the 4-3-3 that helped him so much against Inter and decided to go with a variety of formations like 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1 thus forgoing any continuity.

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