Marcelo Bielsa wins Premier League promotion with Leeds United


Marcelo Bielsa has coached Leeds to a Premier League promotion, in addition to winning the Sky Bet Championship!

Congratulations to former Argentina national team coach Marcelo Bielsa on his incredible achievement with the club. This would be the first time Leeds United would be back in the Premier League in 16 years, having been relegated all those years ago and unable to return.

Huddersfield’s win against West Brom on Friday confirmed Leeds United’s return to the Premier League with two games remaining.

As manager, Bielsa has won Olympic gold with Argentina back in 2004, as well as three league titles in Argentina.


  1. Bielsa deserved it with Leeds, his hard work and PLAN A approach seems fit with the club. Hopefully he would have a ‘plan B’ and flexibility approach in EPL tight competition. All the players under him should have extra stamina as his training system required fitness and high spirit. It will be more excited to watch Leeds at EPL. How his tactics and formation against Reds, Blues and Lily white; long and hard journey to climb, however he already put his feet.

    Wish El Loco a great success in bringing Leeds as an EPL dark horse next season.

    • It was a beautiful goal but the opponents were shite.

      For those that didn’t see it. Neymar assist from penalty. Messi and Suarez did the same goal in 2016.

      Love how how clinical he is, smashes into the net.

  2. Well congrats to Bielsa. he promote one b class team of England to first division.
    he is succesful about his task and he deserves the recognition about what he succed.

    as about the national team and that some people brings back the gosts of our past ….No thanks i will not take again the same.
    maybe some people have short memory but not me.

    the past let stay in past. now we have 2020.

  3. Happy to see Bielsa in action again. Congrats to him. But on a second thought he is obviously helping English football. By developing young players at leeds. In future England NT will surely benefit with this.

    As an Argentine NT fan I don’t appreciate that. No disrespect though Bielsa is an institution himself of Coaching. But as always his teams tend to screw up in key moments. But Bielsa is like that he didn’t care much about titles.

    • Agree with Mik. Bielsa doesn’t have too much of history of promoting argentine players in Europe. Can think only of ocampos at Marseille. Lille, Bilbao, Leeds didn t have much of Argentine representation. Also he is finally a single plan only coach who is rigid & falls apart over time. More of an entertainer with beautiful football & not v result oriented. Rumours have quarta Martinez , bunedia, gaich, foyth in bielsa radar. Will be happy if atleast quarta Martinez makes the PL move with him.

      • > More of an entertainer with beautiful football & not result oriented.

        Yo, i agree when you say he’s rigid but saying he’s not results oriented and just an “entertainer” is a massive mischaracterization and outright insult to his legacy.

        Newelss – 2 titles
        Velez – 1 title
        Chilean National Team – They underwent massive positive changes…from “a no body” to a dark horse world cup contenders
        Athletic Bilbao – Reached Champions League Final against Real Madrid
        Leeds United – after 19 years in championship, he helped promote to Prem.

        Then you have his influence amongst god tier managers like simeone, guardiola, poch, and the likes of martino, gallardo, and heinze. Hell, even Pep is on record saying Bielsa is the best manager in the world. The guy is considered one of the most brilliant minds of modern football and credited with reshaping its course. You don’t get to where he is and garner such respect and admiration by simply being an “entertainer”

        • i didnt mean to disrespect his legacy. I said “Entertainer” in a positive sense with the entertaining football his teams always provides. While he motivated many coaches , his disciples also learnt to create success. finally his European record is just average. Btw he didnt reach CL final. It was a Europa final which they lost to Atletico . Its a case where students moved ahead while the professor was stuck to his purist theory. Facts remain facts – A decade in Europe & only Leeds qualification to show. National Coach – only Olympics win to showcase & WC 1st round & 2 Copa exits . So results wise not much to showcase except his early Argentine league success. A mentor , though leader – no doubt on that .. but to me a successful coach should have won multiple big tournament/ league wins & its that success that we argentine fans badly miss.

          • His teams always play very exciting football. A treat to watch. But fade with time .. i think the high press intensity cant sustain beyond a point & Bielsa never switches gear. Best case for us is to now see some exciting football in PL with Leeds & hopefully have a couple of Argentines in Leeds team ( Quarta Martinez & Buendia ) .

  4. I like L. Martinez but he is too short for central, I would like to see him as left back or left midfield if we play with three. I think that he can offer more than Acuna. He is a versatile player, good with long ball, he can hold the ball and penetrate. We have to be patient, if he goes tho the Olympics next year it will give us a clear view of what he can do.

    • I think he was referring to Lucas Martinez Quarta, not Lisandro Martinez 🙂
      Then we have Lautaro Martinez and Emiliano Martinez. We will win by deceiving our opponents with Martinez. They can’t keep track on all of them

    • Licha height is a perception issue. If he is coupled with a tall physical CB it will be a good combination. Enough examples of AVG height world class CBs – Ayala, pasarella, puyol, cannavaro. Licha talent is awesome on ballplay . Olympics will be a good check point. I also think scaloni shld try him instead of acuna. Atleast sub roles to start .

    • There is no such thing as too short (unless you’re a goal keeper) in football. Passarella and Ayala were 5,8 and 5,9 respectively and they were Argentina’s finest.
      Having Quarta and Licha as CB means that Argentina would have 2 ball playing defenders who can initiate attacks from deep. In addition to those 2, C.Romero is also an option that must be considered and the fact that he’s playing at the right side of a back 3 means he can be converted into a make shift RB incase Montiel or whoever is starting at that position doesn’t work out.
      In saying all this, we shouldn’t forget about Pezzella, who is a very solid CB. N.Perez and Senesi are also other options.

      • Yes . But maybe what is playing in coaches’s mind is the height. Tagliafico is also low height. So Licha & Tagliafico on left side makes Scaloni think that the team will be aerially under threat from that side.
        With Otamendi & Pezzella established , we definitely have some good options on the horizon & Scaloni’s biggest test . IMO
        1) Foyth & Lucas Quarta already broken into NT & must now consolidate. Some good club moves needed to nourish their world class talent.
        2) Licha & C Romero are ready for first team action & should be actively in 23 & given solid minutes. Should be our Olympics starters for sure
        3) Senesi , N perez are maybe a season away .if both can reach La Liga in this season that will be good test.
        4) Balerdi , Medina a couple of seasons away. Ligue 1 action will help them scale up.
        5) A bit of optimism – but hope Mammanna & Funes Mori can revive their careers & stay away from injuries. Still can give a shot

    • I think Lucas quarta is ready. Already had 2 good games. I think he will replace pezella at RCB & otamendi will continue at lcb.

      • Is otamendi left-footed?? I thought he was right-footed, I mean I see him playing in right CB position for argentina.

        • that was his natural position ( right ) . But over a period of time , he has been able to play at Left CB . Has played lot of games for Argentina as Left CB.
          Pezella , Garay preferred Right & thats when Otamendi easily slotted into left. When Funes Muri played , Otamendi was in his natural right bcos Funes was left based. So Otamendi has been very flexible that way
          If you look at it now , Right based CB options include Pezella , CRomero, Quarta Martinez , N perez. So its left where there is more imbalance in terms of options & hence Otamendi will be played more there imo.

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