Leonardo Balerdi agrees to join Olympique Marseille from Borussia Dortmund


Leonardo Balerdi is set to be joining Olympique Marseille on loan from Borussia Dortmund.

The 21 year old Argentina defender hasn’t been able to crack the Dortmund team and looks set to leave Germany. Per a report by TyC Sports, an agreement has been reached between both clubs. Olympique Marseille want the player and it would be on a 1 year loan deal with an option to purchase for around €15 million.

He would join up with former Boca team mate Dario Benedetto at the club.


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  2. He is now a Marseille player, let’s hope he has a great season, with the Olympics that is coming next year. We need those Youngs players to help us establish ourselves as Argentina again….

  3. Any news on players like Matias Soule, Santiago Ramos Mingo and Enzo Barrenechea ? Its been a while since any news about them and neither have represented Arg U-20 or Arg U-17.

    • Mati Soule would play for the Juventus Primer average next season, he was with the under 18s this season.
      Barranechea would also play for the primeravera.
      Mingo Ramos is playing for Barca b and there is talk he could be loaned to a smaller la liga team to gain experience.
      Genoa are planning to sign 19 year old Tallares striker Favio Cabral. He hasn’t yet played for the Tallares senior team.

  4. I think otamendi lost his grit energy he has no more performance of laliga playing time, he is also often not starting line up in city , choosing otamendi in starting line up in 2021 more on gambling, i think defence need to handover
    with or structure with young player,
    Otamendi was good in air, but even when ota was good he was not error free,, Argentina need base up its defence from now with new Player

    • Otamendi was excellent for city till 2017 season and one of the best CB in EPL after that otamendi starts declining and losing his place in first 11 to laporte and stones. Though otamendi come back and replaced out of form Stones still not the lebel once he was and following disaster class performance in 2018 otamendi finished and won’t make it first 11 even laporte injured, Fernandhinho and 17 year old Gareca picking ahead of him. Otamendi is done, Di Maria playing better football than him

  5. I had high hopes of Balerdi playing with Dortmund, as they are known for being great at developing youngsters… But he was only ever used as a substitute and in DMF position instead of his natural LCB position. Except for the last game in their 0-4 loss, where he had his first start and first time as LCB (and also his first time playing with 3-man backline)… But that was right after BVB lost out on the title and the entire team played with 0 confidence and willpower.
    IMO, poor decision making from Dortmund’s part when it comes to Balerdi. Shame.

    Hope he can really prove himself in Marseille!

  6. I like the confidence of Emi Martinez he is very down to earth kind of very calm,composed and strong player.Man with good heart and brain. It is good that he can speak english.Only Emi Martinez can bring clean sheet for Argentina and Arsenal.Emi martinez,Musso and Andrada are best for Argentina now.Scaloni please make Emi Martinez your first choice otherwise it would be crime.

  7. I think Dybla Aguero duo would be great as Lautaro Martinez’s form is dipping.Dybla is a kind of Luis Suarez center forward participates in assist scoring or pre assist plus Dybla has better final touch than Lautaro Martinez.
    Guys please explain weakness and strengts of Dybla and Lautaro Martinez who would be better to pair with Agueo.

        • Yes, in previous tournaments, the national team coaches ignored him, and Higuain was a favorite over all, and Aguero was not given the opportunity to make him an essential and effective element.
          But now, in the last Copa, Aguero has become very heavy, lost a lot of speed and dynamism, and gained weight.
          Now it’s the role of Icardi, and it is in the national team’s interest not to repeat the same thing, and Aguero is given preference, while Icardi is marginalized, as happened with Aguero previously.

          • Aguero still has gas in the tank and he’s aged really well. His game improved in his 30s. For now, it’s not icardi vs Aguero. It’s Alario/Gaich vs Icardi. I would consider a manager nuts for even the thinking of leaving one the worlds most dangerous strikers at home. It would really stupid actually!

  8. Juventus are targeting Mauricio pochettino which would be great for not only dybala but also Cristian Romero and the youngsters like Matias Soule n few other Argentines but dealing with Ronaldo’s ego would be a problem.

  9. Juventus is always getting bucket load of Penalties and that MFker is scoring all of it and some fools who admire him calls his the Best. 12 Penalties???? I think he will break the record of Higuain of 36 goals a season in Italy. Shittttt I hate that Fk face.

    Glad the Ballon D Or didn’t happen. Can’t imagine that Cr7 shit winning it with scoring only penalties. Ballon D Or is canceled this year. Well Messi wasn’t going to win it anyway. So it’s a gud decision for us.

    Feel bad for Lewandowski though. I would have pleased to see him winning the Ballon D Or if not Messi. We saw Modric was a fluke winner.Considering that Lewandowski is legit great this year.

    2021 will be filled with all events, Euro, Copa, Qualifiers, Olympics.. It’s crazy. Probably a Euro winner may win the Ballon D Or though.

    • Penaldo was running like a dog follows bone piece with Dybala for the second goal..

      Dybala suppose to be score himself instead to pass to penaldo

      • Like shams100 said, they don’t call him Penaldo for nothing.

        Besides, when was the last time a club other than Juve won the Serie A??
        It seems they been winning that league forEVER, they won with idiot Vidal, Tevez, Higuian, Dybala, and now with this C.SUCKER.
        who cares, some people are Blind, some are stupid, some know the truth and look the other way and Many are a combo of all….its a loss cause.

  10. Olympics is July last week to August 1st week 2021. Below is the 18 i thought will be good. Comments & changes welcome as always😊😊😊

    GK – Emilano , Cambeses
    Defense – CRomero, Neuhen Perez , Facundo Medina , Claudio Bravo, Lisandro Martinez, Renzo Saravia
    Holding MF – Fausto Vera , Agustin Almendra
    AttackMF / Wingers – Macallister , Zaracho , Barcos , Urzi , Nico Gonzalez
    Fwd – Gaich, Angel Correa, Nahuel Bustos

    3 overage players – ACorrea , Saravia , Emilano

    Other players to consider –
    Overage – Chimy Avilla , Gazzaniga/WBenitez, Pity Martinez ,Alario ( assuming Icardi takes over NT spot)
    Post Jan1 1997 DoB – Vargas , Almada, Asacibar , Colambatto, Balerdi, Marcos Sensei,

    Assumptions :
    1) Montiel will seal NT RB spot . So Saravia for Olympics. Else reverse positions
    2) GK – Musso , Andrada will seal NT GK spot in Copa . So Emilano for Olympics. Else reverse positions
    3) Young defenders – Quarta Martinez & Foyth will establish in NT 23 while Otamendi & Pezella continue. So kept CRomero, Perez here.
    4) Batista has had good success with Gaich, Perez,Medina, Vera, Cambeses, Urzi. So retaining the soul of U23 team while lot of things can change in next 1 year.

  11. Paulo Dybala what a player!!!this guy is word class and a phenomenon.
    Honestly,he is showing some glimpse of young Messi and to be fair he is the second most talented player in the NT, and any team in the world would dream to possess a player of this Calibre.
    But sadly, He is in the shadow of Penaldork (who absolutely does nothing,just score penalties,headers and tapins but summoned to be as GOAT by some retards)and doesn’t get that level of recognition he deserves.
    But it’s a blessing that the great albiceleste side is on the verge of winning some major silverware and be a superpower once again in the next 2-3years.

    • Dybala is Flop for NT I hope he proves me wrong I love him but he is overrated good for club only for Penaldo zero contribution to Messi like Icardi Flop for NT the only player aside from Messi is Aguero and Lautaro whom performs for the NT rest are ghost for NT Jersey.

      • Dybala’s contribution to Messi is low also bcos coaches have not played them together for long time. Remember the Copa 3rd place match. before Messi red card , messi- dybala were killing the chileans. Unless he gets a good run in NT, its unfair to blame Dybala. Even Messi took time to settle into NT. Just think of it – he got like 20minutes in WC2018. In Copa 19 – again was a 85min sub in most matches till the Chile match.

        • I agree with but did you see Uruguay match he started alongside Messi what happened zero contribution to Messi

      • Our 2 best attacking games by far were against Brazil and Uruguay and dybala started in both. maybe you’re just not paying attention. As long as coach doesn’t use Dybala in the same space as Messi (closer to Goal in front of Messi is best), Dybala will shine.

        • Okay brother let me tell you something when Messi was not playing for Argentina for friendly he was a ghost he only scored 1 goal but I hope he shines for NT finally proves hater like me wrong honestly I get jealous when he helps Penaldo not Messi that’s why. No one can deny his talent but he needs to produce some how some way to people like me…….

  12. I like Leonardo, he is a real professional and this is great news for the team. Now they will have even more victories on their account, it is nice when the team is a team and harmony will always reign in a worthy team, when everyone knows what he is responsible for.

  13. for Argentine young players who play in the European league, fighting and trying to become a core player in their respective clubs, not a few young Argentines who moved to Europe, only filling the bench, then if not careful finally his career could not develop, there many examples, such as 2 Brothers Franco & Bruno Zucculini, Ezequel Crigcliano, Santiago Colombatto, Guido Vadalla, axel warner (Ex Atletico Madrid), matias vargas (Espanyol), Emanuel Mamana (Zenit ST) and others, all must be a lesson for players Argentine youth who will play in the European league, always always Argentine football.

  14. I rate Nahuel Bustos highly, in fact higher than Lautaro Martinez, but sadly, the only offers he has had so far are from Atletico Miniero (sampaoli) and krasnador in Europe.
    Moroni has had a failed stint at Sampdoria, they won’t make the deal permanent, so he’ll return to boca. The reason for the failure or struggle of lot of our kids when they go to Europe is because they go with hardly any playing experience in Argentina as these clubs don’t give any chance to these guys as they want play safe and play with mediocre veterans. Boca and ghallardo’s river are notoriously bad at this.
    I see Dario Sarmiento at estudiantes, his level is so high compared to most of his below average team mates, sadly he won’t develop if he spends at least another season in this squad and will end up as just another wasted talent. Speaking of Estudiantes, keep an eye on defensive midfielder Ayala.

    • You can rated him does not matter no one can fulfill Lautaro Martinez Shoe he is the future and present of Argentine team for many years…

      • What shoes to fulfil? What lautaro has won a world cup or what? He has played a few matches and scored some, good but that guarantees nothing.

        • Okay how many world cups Higuain Won and Aguero even though Aguero is me favorite player after Messi I got too critics both striker 2014 World Cup also many people say Maradona carried his team how many goals did he score in the final zero and Messi did not score he gets all the blame if I were Messi I would never played this team I would have player for Spain he would have been world champion by now the only reason I’m a supporter of Argentina is because of Messi I saw him player 2010 World Cup I became his fan.

  15. hopefully he will settle here & get good playing time. Marseille also qualifies for CL this year. portugese coach & an argentine colleague in Benedetto can help him settle faster. great he got one more chance & should make it count . Not all young talents are lucky like this .
    Hope Foyth can make such a move & he is the biggest concern in youngsters in terms of club situation. I still feel Palacios can make his way into Leverkusen starting 11 & its only a matter of time.

    • Great move for him. He will excel here. Andres vilas, though might leave this summer, that’s where the heinze rumors came from.
      On the other hand, we’ve seen heaps of youngster come to Dortmund as teens and leave as world class players, so hugely disappointed it didn’t work out for him.

    • Yeah as you said foyth is a player of concern and he need to find a loan move , palacios as you said hopefully he will make a comeback and prove his coach wrong.

  16. Gonzalo maroni had an assist in sampdoria’s 3-2 win vs Parma after entering as a sub at the start of second half. He is a good player we should not forget about him. He is in sampdoria on loan from Boca juniors and is just 21 yo.

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