South American World Cup Qualifiers could be played in Europe this year


The South American World Cup Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 could be played in Europe this year.

With the global pandemic happening, the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers were supposed to have already been under way with the original set of fixtures starting in March. However, that has since been delayed and the qualifiers are yet to start.

Per a report by El Pais in Uruguay, there are rumors that the South American World Cup Qualifiers could instead be played in Europe. The South American players would have to be isolated for 7 days when arriving to South America and another 7 days when they would return to Europe which would make it difficult for the club season.

Should the qualifiers be moved to Europe, they would be starting this year. Also per the report, except for Bolivia, the remaining players of the remaining South American nations are mostly based in Europe.

The report also takes into account the 2018 Copa Libertadores final which was played in Madrid and was seen as a success.


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  2. What I would do is use copa america as a make shift WCQ. 10 teams divided into 2 groups of 5 based on seeding just like this year’s copa was intended. Let each group play a round robin of 4 games and the top 2 teams from each group reaches the semi finals and thus would be the teams that qualify to the world cup and then winner of the tournament wins copa.
    This ofcourse isn’t ideal because playing a tournament like copa with a total of 6 games over a month is very different to playing 18 games over 2 years but judging by how South America is handling (or mishandling) their COVID issues, it maybe the only way.

    • Sounds like a rationale solution considering the pandemic.

      Conmebol makes a fair amount of their annual revenue from Copa America so I doubt they would use it to pave the way for the WC. Also, theres an element of identity and exposure from hosting tournaments in their own continent. hosting in South America exposes coaches and players and gives local supporters something to rave about. Of course, Covid threw all of that into hell!

  3. if not anything else I think for pitch conditions, Europe is a better option. Sorry to say but many LatAm pitches are not world class.

  4. I think this is much better option. I hope it works. Anyway I don’t think in South America also fans will be permitted to enter stadiums by October. So even the match is played in Bombanera or Camp Nou there is no difference.Because there won’t be any fans either way.

    Just wanna see our NT playing some meaningful matches. It’s been nearly a year since we saw us perform.

    • You seem to have nationalistic ideas and carry hatred towards USA and the whole capitalistic world.

      • ????really i want you explain to me how you arrive to that conclusion about me with 2 sentences i wrote about the world cup qualifier games.

        i expect one serious explain else really i will add you to my ignore list with people that i don t give attention to their opinion here because they are not logical.

  5. Europian qualifiers are in march 2021,nation league is in september, so is Fifa going to adust South American qualifiers with Nation league or extend SA qualification further.I want to see Messi again in Argentinian jersey as soon as posdible

  6. So the players will be sitting around for 14 days just to play in the qualifiers, nm possible isolation when they go back to their clubs without incident.
    It was hard enough before this pandemic happened for players playing for their countries in the middle of the season and now its much much harder.

  7. Europe is the best place for right now i just want pitches should be good not like Copa 2019.If qualifiers happen they should happen in september with respect to Europian qualifiers Fifa should take good care of South American nation as club football is going to happen too so busy schedule for football.

  8. It will be a very good decision indeed. As the epidemic is not resolved yet in Brazil , most of the south American nation would be struggle to play in their home side . It has been many days since we have experienced Messi to play for national team Jersey. It will be splendid to watch him play again.

  9. Said it before on at least 2 occasions, I just don’t see how the qualifiers will take place!
    They just need to go with the same countries that qualified for the last WC and call it a day!

    • actually a possibility with each passing day. Ballon DOr cancelled this year. other events for next year can also get cancelled to trim the schedule. Copa/ Euro / Olympics / Champions League all candidates if situation persists.

    • 2 groups of five teams based on fifa ranking. Highest team in group A, second highest in group B, third highest in A etc. Winners and runners up to WC. This cuts the number of ties in half and gives Conmebol a realistic scenario for completion of the ties.

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