Leonardo Balerdi joins Olympique de Marseille from Borussia Dortmund


Argentina defender Leonardo Balerdi has officially joined Olympique de Marseille on a one year deal.

As we reported yesterday, an agreement has been reached between Marseille and Borussia Dortmund over the former Boca Juniors man. Olympique de Marseille made it official earlier when they announced that he has joined the club on loan for one year with an option to buy.

Balerdi, who is 21 years old, has already been capped by the Argentina national team.


  1. Emi Martinez is best goalkeeper for Argentina now.He is good with both feet,his passing is good in both long and short pass,good in air,good in free kick and in corners,close range or long range good shotstopper.He and Amdrada are like equals in feet movement and passing.Emi Martinez is a complete package.Even Arsene Wenger said to Emi Martinez thay he is the future of Arsenal i think that sums it up for how good is Emi Martinez.If Arsenal wins FA cup trophy against Chelsea it would be good for Emi Martinez to retain his place in Arsenal as starter goalie.

    • Emi Martinez should move from Arsenal if not getting enough playing time, after romero I don’t want any back up GK as no1 for Argentina.

  2. Guys, do you know that Tiago Geralnik, 17 year old attacking midfielder has joined Villarreal of Spain from river plate previously this year, may be in January. He is now in youth divisions of the team, like barrenechea and Soulé in Juventus, Ramos Mingo in Barcelona, and matías godoy in dinamo zagreb (on loan).

  3. Out off topic, Dybala is sensational and in good form at this moment, CR7 is enjoying his assist very much like what Di Maria had done during his time with Madrid. Anyhow the good news , is Scaloni have to optimize and bring Dybala performance into N/T

  4. It’s a good move and good to have the youths playing in good team in Europe; they will develop and mature fast. With the experience and more systematic training it will bring good impact to N/T. High competition, pressure and playing time are much needed.

    Beside nowadays not much elite club wants to hire ARG players like the 80-90s era

  5. Good move, Marseille is a highly respected club that has regained form this season and will be playing in the CL next year. However Balerdi has his work cut out for him because it’s not a given that he’ll start and he’ll have to prove himself to earn a starting place but this is good test for him, hope it all works out for him.

  6. abdelrahman
    you write to me “You seem to have nationalistic ideas and carry hatred towards USA and the whole capitalistic world”.

    ???? really i want you explain to me how you arrive to that conclusion about me with 2 sentences i wrote about the world cup qualifier games.

    i expect one serious explain else really i will add you to my ignore list with people that i don t give attention to their opinion here because they are not logical.

    i will wait you.

    • It was just a quick notice, I wasn’t intending to offense or shame you. I wrote this because if you remember the Copa libertadores final between Boca and river and the decision of playing its 2nd leg in madrid instead of argentina, I can tell you that wide section of argentinians disagreed with such decision a lot, and said how for an argentine-argentine libertadores final to be played in Europe, as if they didn’t know how bad and violent would be the attitude of many fanatics of both river and boca in BsAs, I mean couldn’t they recall what happened in first leg? it was a shame unfortunately. My conclusion was that they just hate how Europe want to bring itself into such an interior argentine issue by offering a venue for the final. Your disagreement with the possible proposition of playing the WCQ in Europe seemed for me to be somehow resembling the argentine fans disagreement with the aforementioned Copa libertadores decision. I mean, you mocked about it by saying that we should play the matches in Antarctica then. I mean I understand your disappointment, but come on, South America can do a shit with the pandemic, untill now argentina is suffering from it, also Brazil, chile etc… Although I don’t know why they might not be able to apply the distancing rules inside pitches like European leagues did and thus play the matches easily with no worries, but anyway, playing it in Europe would give benefits tbh, more European media coverage, better quality of pitches and above all, a possibility of fans attending the matches would be much more likely to happen, not to mention that players of argentina, Brazil and Uruguay would not be obliged to travel across the Atlantic ocean to play the matches. All in all, this explanation to why I wrote what I wrote might still not seem logical to you, but I can tell you that I am really sorry if you have felt offended in someway, and I can’t afford losing your attention or anybody’s else attention on this blog. Excuse me, I too much focused on political issues in argentina tbh, and I immediately think of kirchnerism and peronism whenever someone talks mocks/refuses anything related to europe or USA while being at same time living in a 3rd world country like argentina or Egypt ( I am egyptian) or any other 3rd world country. I am still 18 yo, so bear in mind that sometimes I act recklessly with no thorough analysis of consequences that may occur as a result of my action. I am sorry again, I am just really pissed off of what leftists are doing with argentina, and I hate it when I see Europeans and Americans talk shit about argentina just because it is passing through bad economic situation, although I know that argentina alone is potential-wise bigger than any other country in Europe, and can be a very good contender to USA’s supremacy.

      • *south America can’t do a shit with the pandemic.
        *I am too much focused on political issues

      • first of all thank you for your explain. i really wanted to understand your point. i do now. no reason to say sorry. i was not offended about something you said. just i was very very curious to learn your point because in my eyes in begin you looked completely crazy after your post.

        anyway we are ok. no problem. everything is ok.

        As about the irony i use about Antarctica it was about the Conmebol people that are completely idiots. there is not logic for something like that.
        we can clearly do the same like Europe.
        we will move the games to play in Europe in empty stadiums insted of play in South america in empty stadiums? you see any logic in that?
        i don t.

        As about Copa Libertadores final i am one of the Argentinians as you said.
        i was against too. if one goverment have issues with violence then this goverment transfer his problem to one other country?
        so this goverment saying with simple words “Spain please i am useless and uncapable to control my people. can you control them for me? ”

        for not mention my River plate point of view about this issue.

        last i will say 2-3 things to know about me for the future.

        i love Argentina as i can t explain. so if you call me nationalist then ok i should not argue.
        i am huge River plate supporter from my childhood.

        i am Peronist but i am not fanatic about politics.
        i don t like England and i don t like the USA goverments that make damage in past to my country. (and to other countrys unfortunately.Argentina is not the only country in world that USA politics make damage unfortunately).

        BUT I DON T HATE NOBODY. i don t hate any people. i don t hate any country. I DON T HATE ANYBODY.

        ha ha ha i was hate Boca fans when i was child but i have get over it anymore in my age 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • I totally agree with you that the heads currently in charge of conmebol are completely brainless, and I can add another word: love corruption.

          I understood what you said completely, but I think that if WCQ are to be played in Europe (unnecessary and coward decision) in next October, then for sure fans would be allowed to attend, as then Europe would has been most likely defeated the covid-19 while I doubt that Brasil or argentina would be able to make such a risk in time as early as October. Anyway, the best scenario is that the matches are played in their supposed venues with limited number of fans at least and of course proper social distancing rules are fully applied.

          Regarding Copa libertadores incident, surely the government was guilty and was too weak and coward to face the situation so it gave the whole issue to Spain to deal with it, but also fans were at fault, I mean they should be more civilised and mature, because what happened before the ill-fated second leg match by river plate fans was unacceptable, and I am pretty sure that proper thoughtful RP fans would never condone what happened, and you are one of them of course. Cheers!!

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