Martino Palermo talks about Argentina attack, Sergio Aguero, Lautaro Martinez, more


Legendary striker Martin Palermo spoke about who should start for the Argentina national team between Sergio Aguero and Lautaro Martinez while also commenting on Adolfo Gaich’s move to Europe.

Martino Palermo knows a thing or two about scoring goals. Be it for Boca Juniors or the Argentina national team, Palermo has scored some important goals throughout his career. Speaking in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, here’s what he had to say about Argentina’s current attack:

“I get the feeling that Scaloni is leaning more for Lautaro Martinez but the option is Aguero. They are even.”

Palermo, who was part of the 2010 World Cup team with Sergio Aguero, had this to say about his former team mate:

“Kun is always a reference. He doesn’t stop scoring goals and breaking records. When everything restarts, we’ll have a better idea what the coach is looking for. They can play together without any problems.”

He also spoke about Adolfo Gaich, who is making the switch over to Europe:

“We’ll see if he’s ready for Europe. I believe he is. He has the potential and that is very important.”


  1. I think this should work ¡¿ 4-3-1-2
    lautaro / icardi / aguero.
    . messi.
    ocampos. de paul.
    Any 2 of the front 3 to start and Dybala as a sub. Lo celso should be a good option as well
    scaloni should give some chances to icardi. he desrves some playing time.

  2. My striker choice are :
    1.Lautaro Martinez
    2.Sergio Aguero because of his injuries
    3.Mauro Icardi
    Messi Behind two strikers
    My midfield trio would be:
    1.Lo Celso
    2.Parades or Guido Rodrigofor for SUB
    3.De Paul
    Defense I don’t know
    1.Juan Musso
    2.Emi Martinez
    3.Armani because he is way better than overrated Andrana

  3. Ah Martin Palermo, the Boca legend who missed 3 penalties in a single game for Argentina and left the NT in disgrace only to came back on a fateful, runny day and pretty much save the National team from an even bigger disgrace.
    Lautaro’s drop in form is a tab bit alarming, probably all that Barca talk is getting to him. Hope he finds his form again soon, the kid is way too talented to be lost into the football wilderness.

    Btw did anyone see Paredes play yesterday? He actually started ahead of Veratti and played quite well, even though the french media didn’t agree with my assessment.
    According to Tuchel, Paredes’s form against Broussia was so impressive that he decided to start him ahead of Veratti, who in-turn just recovered from yet another injury. This might be a sign that things are improving for Leandro in PSG.

  4. Another poor display by lautaro against Genoa…this guy is so inconsistent.
    Neither he can hold the ball nor he can score or assist.
    He is not a good finisher yet, however, his holding display is getting weak too.
    Only his energy is promising.

    • Alario is good player but I would still have Icardi ahead of bench warmer like Alario Dybala is overrated he never shine for NT when Messi was not their he was a ghost but he has scored 2 goals I would keep him in the starting line up I want to see one more time how he performs after that if he does not than he does not deserve to play alongside the best player on the planet.

  5. Aey merza icardi don’t have speed and he is a lazy player so my beloved argentina N/T don’t want this kind of laziest and problematic striker we have a enough of telented strikers

  6. Forward can’t win tournament, it is always defence that win tournament , Argentina should make its back five world class rather than its forward, Argentina forward was nt bad anytime, it is Argentina defence that need to shine harder

      • Men you have mental disbalance, or you have problem with character deficit which you thought as funny to reveals to other but actually is not

        • He has mental issue because he is stupid srk fan in Bollywood they are brainless fans knows nothing at least I am not from India I don’t have that like them mental issue this guy romance king is manic

    • > Forward can’t win tournament, it is always defence that win tournament ,

      France 2018 counters your statement. They won solely based on their attack. Their defense was inferior by far. Or look at Iceland and Iran, rock solid defense but they ain’t winning any time soon.

      Nonetheless, it’s not really one or the other as defense and attack are like Yin and Yang. Goals are needed to win games though and it’s more difficult to score than it is to defend. I’ve also read analyses of teams in the Prem and the majority of title holders had better offense. Of course this may not apply to knockout tournament style.

      • Lloris
        Hernandez,varane,umititi, pavard
        In which terms you found out that france defence inferior to its attack, when both varane and umititi was the base for real, barca during that time
        France turning point of that tournament goal of pavard Against in quarterfinal , goal of umititi in the semifinal, i don’t know where did you found france won tournament solely based on attack
        And i also dont know where did you found iran and Iceland has world class defender which france dont have,
        Goals are needed win a match yes more goals are needed win a match but not a tournament like knockout or world Cup
        Bcs one single goals can make the difference which umititi done in semifinal
        Why Umtiti why not ur world class attacker,

  7. Hi guys . Icardi is one of worst striker argentina have ever produced. He has no speed .no dribbling nothing so he can not select in the N/T argentina have enough of telented striker like Chimy avilla . Lautaro martine . Gaich . Lucky guy alario . And aguro

    • The problem with Icardi is not his abilities; he is a good striker – but rather the controversy and drama he and his wife bring.
      Right now the national team is in harmony, in a rebuilding phase with big hopes and everyone in the team are expressing their happiness with the squad. We CAN NOT let Icardi and Wanda come and ruin that!

      If Icardi never stole his team mate’s bimbo wife, his career for both club and country would be different. But he did. So stay away from the national team and keep your toxicity farming in France

    • Hay king Messi,, Do you know anything about football? disaster Lautaro plays in a League where Icardi is the 6th fastest player to score 100 goals. Even he’s the youngest one. Gaich is too raw,,And then comes bench Legend Alario!!

  8. I hear that name and I am automatically gone back in time to that afternoon……..
    watching that WC qualifier on some shady virus-infested website and I didn’t give a damn.
    The game starts out in English and then Spanish, then some other language that I didn’t recognize and then finally Italian ………………the rest was history.

    I didn’t know that i could almost hit the ceiling while sitting at my desk until that day.

    • Really you call Lautaro disaster what a job how many hat tricks overrated Icardi has for Argentina zero he has only one goal in friendly rest he was a ghost like Dybala I think Icardi and Dybala has problem with Messi they can’t play alongside

  9. I would like some clarity on the word “farmer” in football. Why is Alario and Palacio being called farmers?
    I thought “farmer” in football is a reference to “farmer’s league” (Ligue 1 in France) but neither Alario or Palacio ever played in farmer’s league unlike Farmer Icardi

    • Yes French league is farmer league therefore Goals in league 1 must not be considered. PSG is a big club and best players like Mbappe and and Neymar playing there so Icardi does, if Icardi isn’t World Class he can’t wear PSG shirt and 1st choice striker. Icardi has 4 UCL goals and will play key role for PSG futher progess in UCL

      • All those goals were in group stage against some unknown teams.But Icardi is good player but Argentina do not need him right now.Argentina do not need forwardswe already have world class forward players.Emi Martinez will surely be there after his performance and good Right Back is also needed.

        • @Kavi 3 striker must be required for NT currently Aguero, Lautaro, Alario are part of NT where Alario is farmer and Aguero is aging. Therefore Icardi is must when lautaro is out of form, Alario who is bench warmer in B grade club in Germany doesn’t deserve to lead Argentina attack ahead of world class striker Icardi and Argentina can’t relay on Aguero considering his injury problem and age is catching him too. Icardi must be selected for Argentina in WCQ.

          • You forgot one name Dybla he is also gonna be used as Center forward by Scaloni and do not call B grade team to Leverkusen, Leverkusen were in Champion league this season.Icardi does participates in anything,we can not supply him throughout 90 minutes.We have Aguero,Lautaro,Dybla and Alario for Center forward and Ocampus for winger,that is enough for our attacking display there is no place for Icardi here.

        • @Kavi Icardi is the best striker in the world after lewandoshki. Argentina doesn’t deserve to win any title if world’s one of the best striker can’t find place in the squad where bench warmer in mid table German Club farmer picked ahead of him.

          • Not making sense.
            Farmer = player of farmers league (Ligue 1)
            Alario is playing in German league
            Palacio in Italian league
            The farmer here is Icardi, since he is playing in farmers league.
            Yes Icardi is better than them, and it doesn’t matter how good he might be, he is a farmer and they are not.

        • Mbappe currently 2nd best player in the world after messi playing for PSG, Neymar top5 world best player also plays for PSG, only league 1 isn’t competitive but PSG is top club and Icardi is no9 for PSG because He is world class.

  10. Lucas Alario does not plays in Leverkusen because Bundesliga always prefers German players than other.
    Lucas Alario 2019/20 season
    Total match minutes :1549 minutes
    Goals: 14
    Assists: 1
    Participated in 15 goals
    K.Volland 2019/20 season
    Total minutes played: 2599
    Goals: 12
    Assists 7
    Participated in 19 goals
    K.Havartez 2019/20 season
    Total minutes played:3166 minutes
    Goals: 18
    Assists: 8
    Participated in 26 goals
    So we can see that other two player had almost 1000 and 1500 minutes more in the field but relatively scored lesser numbers of goals than Alario.By this stats we can say Lucas Alario is better than K.Havertez and K.Volland but Bundesliga always prefers German players.

    • Alario stats even better than Dybala Icardi, does it make alario batter player? Kai Havartz is next big thing in football. Alario rated poorly in Leverkusen reason he is warming bench neither any mid table club in la liga or Sere A looking for Farmer Alario, just he scored useless goals in friendly doesn’t make him better. Same thing happened with Argentina while Farmar Palacio picked ahead of Tevez in 2014 who was world class that time and wroth as 3rd choice striker behind Higuain and Aguero, but what happened is history Palacio missed goal scoring opportunity which Tevez couldn’t , class is permanent stats lies many just like Cristiano scored 30 goals in Sere A best in Juventus last 10 year but Dybala has better season in 2018 despite he is statistically behind Cristiano. Alario is not worth to play starting 11 for Leverkusen reason he benched, every club want to finish top in the table as much as they can I don’t think Bundesliga team prefer German player even more deserving player in the squad

      • In 2014 tevez is almost finished,juve sale him 2015 why should a coach choose when he has better caliber of player than tevez like aguero, the reason of palacios choosing he has that contribution in defence and good in header, in that final Palacios not only miss the chance, messi Himself did that,, tevez time or chance was in 2010

        • And how can you sure tevez Won’t miss that chance, tevez wasn’t long in height, neither he was fast, neither he contribute better in defence, he is something similar to aguero

        • Tevez won Sere A for juvents and reached UCL final in 2015. Tevez was no where near 2010-12 label I agreed but good enough for 3rd choice striker picked behind Higuain and Aguero. A world class striker individual brilliance can won a moment which Palacio lacked, Aguero played thd tournament with injury if not then also could have been different. Choosing Palacio ahead of Tevez costs 2014 world cup.

          • Football is game of team work, football is not a game of individual brilliance, with average team with good plan of team work can stumble any team of world,
            In selection of 2014
            Fotward was
            In 2013/14 session yes tevez was good
            Scored 19 goal 3 of them penalty 7 assist
            While Palacio scored 17 none of them penalty also 7 assist
            In forward line there already aguero, lavezzi, none of them good in header,,,
            Why should a coach think about similar type of Player in selection without bring variety, palacio offer defenceive contribution, good in header and scored 17 goals in tournament,, is that logical tevez was greater than aguero, lavezzi than coach made mistake,
            Tevez only play two Session for juve, jeve was continues Champions from 2011 session,
            Sabella was right man for Argentina, he done right things, he has only lackings, that he choose enzo over banega, both of them was raw it was hard to know who could be better, If any reason to blame that world Cup is the injury problem of that team ,

          • Gonzalo Higuaín Cost us the World Cup why was he choose 2018 World Cup 2014 he was okay I would have choose Icardi over Higuain

      • Dybla was better than Ronaldo in Serie A but Ronaldo’s most goals are penalties 9 0r 10 goal penalties.Alario played friendly matches against Brazil,Germany and Ecuador and there is no freindlies in South American football.For a center forward player stat always mattters.That is why i think Cavani is more important than Suarez in Uruguay team.If Cavani was there in France vs Uruguay in WC 2018 anything could have happened.

  11. No doubt about the quality of Icardi. But a coach knows who will fit into the team.
    Alario and Icard are not similar. They fit in different role. I would take Alario for different reasons.
    Icardi vs Lautaro should be the comparison. And Lautaro will be the first choice for everyone as hes more suited to modern day football.

    • Icardi has problem with environmental pollution, like the other guy polluting mentality of this forum, he is big no for nt,, there is no need to individual brilliance, better team are those which integrated better as whole or team.

  12. For those who always say Icardi is way better than any other Striker in Argentina

    Icardi 8 games for the NT.scored 1 goal
    Alario 7 games scored 3 goals
    Lautaro 17 games 9 goals
    Ocapmto 3 games 2 goals

    Icardi doesn’t fit to the Argentina Nt

    • In my opinion, in modern football a striker have to be an all in one, he have to be a team Player, a good dribbler, a good passer, good in air, great assist and lethal infront of goal,
      Very few player come with such all in one ability, may be none.
      He is good dribbler, strong in air but short in height, not a good passer, may be a team player, some time assist, positional sense good, but his quality of shooting inside outside of box Something exceptional

      He is predator infront of goal, his positional sense exceptional infront goal , he may be good in air, he is not a good dribbler, he is not a great passer,he is not a team player, rarely assist

      He is good dribbler, a team player, very good in air, provide assist, may be good passer, positional sense not bad, but his striking ability finishing ability not as good as icardi and shooting ability not as good as aguero

      He is all in one except his age and short in height,

  13. Icardi vs Alario
    Icardi is more impactful player than Alario but he rarely gives assist and he is not good dribbler,average in air,good possessor of the ball.His positioning is phenomenal and is much regular player than Alario but he plays in less competitive league.Icardi also plays in Champion league.
    Alario is better dribbler and also provides assists.Not as phenomenal in front of goal as Icardi but very good in air.Very creative player.More hard worker than Icardi.

    • That’s the reason Leverkusen don’t rate farmer Alario where Icardi is one of the best striker in the world. The reason Argentina failed in big tournament is player selection, Higuain was just scapegoat of 2014 world cup without him Argentina couldn’t reach the final. Moreover higuain chance came from mistake by Kross, he scored an goal too which ruled out by offside. But the main reason cost Argentina 2014 world cup was farmer Palacios picked ahead of Tevez as 3rd stiker, Tevez could have scored the goal created by Argentina midfield in 2014 world cup and We could have won the final. That’s the reason mediocre striker never picked ahead of world class striker, Alario is Venezuela NT level striker not Argentina when striker like Aguero Higuain played before him, Alario isn’t even 10%. Icardi is world class without any doubt and must be picked, Alario is bench warmer in B grade club in Germany how a farmer picked ahead of world class player.

      • Icardi is good but we can not compare him with creative poacher Alario.Both are differentbkind of player.Icardi is conventional CF but Alario is modern CF

          • Give respect to player, farmer,farmer are made for farming, you are farming in this forum do you understand that

          • *Rodrigo palacio not palacios romance king. Alario is being wasted in Bayer Leverkusen and he is not a farmer, he is better than volland as he scored more in less minutes yet the latter is given more playing time than Lucas. In DFB pokal final, volland missed sitters vs neuer when he came in as a sub, I am sure alario wouldn’t have missed such easy chances one after the other. Alario need to move asap from Bayer, however it depends on whether there are offers for his services available or not, if not then he he would never reach his full potential in Leverkusen as long as he is not there no.1 striker.

  14. Why do you bring Messi pressuring or not because he will never do that because he is special individual player who does not need too also no coach ask him to do that I don’t get it with other people needs to because they are not special like Messi Icardi I love him as a player he has not proved I would choose Icardi ahead of Alario because Icardi is more experience who plays in tournament named CL

  15. Scaloni need to reconsider Kun future at N/T; Lautoro, Alario and Gaich are the future. Icardi, well we have to take a look and be fair on Icardi case. How he and Correa perform in UCL will determine his place in N/T; Objectively he still deserved a call.. Gaich will be evaluate at Olympic Games.

    Kun in WCQ and Lautaro with Alario at Copa…Lets be fair and objective with their performance. Lets not forget Ocampos and Correa. Beside their goal scoring ability; attitude, team work approach might be a plus point

    • Farmer Alario can’t get starting spot in B grade club in Germany while Icardi benched world class Cavani in his first season. It’s really shame that mediocre striker picking ahead of world class striker.

    • Really.!! Alario over Icardi.!!
      Icardi is the 6th fastest player to reach 100 goals in Serie A. Even great Batistuta and Crespo can’t did that. Alario is a bench warmer, even he can’t berch player like Volland. Scaloni should consider Martinez,Icardi and Avila as CF option as Gaich is too Raw

  16. Fc Porto to sign 21 year mateo Retegui from Boca for 6 mil. He was on loan at Estudiantes. He has scored only a couple of goals in his career so far. Talk about having a good agent. Well, the agent happens to be Totti. Fc Porto if they buy him will do so purely on Totti’s face value.

    • Worst case for Argentina – these players need a club change – Foyth, Buendia, Emilano ( any PL club as a starter ) , Musso ( a bigger club as starter & get chances in CL/Europa) Martinez Quarta & Montiel ( both need to prove themselves in Europe 1st tier) . I still believe Palacios will make it count for Leverkusen. If situation remains same till Dec, he shld also get shipped out.

  17. Lautaro is a poor man’s Suarez at best. 3 years in Europe and still no development. Not for a team aspiring to be world champions.
    Aguero has 3 world cups and numerous copas, close to hundred matches. He should come nowhere near the NT if he has any dignity. He will be remembered as a club football superstar.
    Icardi is our only real talented Striker, and should be given a good run of matches for him to settle in and the NT will reap the benefits. Sadly, all Argentine coaches have shit for brain and u know how such a brain works.

      • Alario is not bad at all, stop undermining him, he is really a NT material, but I agree not ahead of icardi.

    • Too early to pass verdict on Lautaro. He clearly has potential . Drop in form post covid break & this is mostly a temporary run. He is destined for a great future . Aguero not being well utilized also has the coaches to be blamed. I agree his club career is so iconic while his NT career is just ok. But most coaches preferred Higuain to him & he missed out. Even in 2018WC – his playing time was less & still scored 2 goals. Copa 2015 – he was our best striker. Coaches should have given him more importance . He still has a couple of years & can be a good mentor for Lautaro. In terms of talent – i dont think we have a better striker since Batistuta. On Icardi – he gets a glorious chance now in CL ( Mbappe seems hit by a bad injury ystday , Cavani is gone ) . Lets see how he performs in CL knockout next month. At some stage he will come back to NT. But tactically with Messi around – 2 players who dont press enough puts lot of pressure on others

    • Oh I wouldn’t say that, if I am not mistaken Lautaro has been in europe for 2 years not 3 and if you compare his last season’s numbers with this season’s (9 goals vs 18) it becomes very apparent that he’s made a heck of alot of progress, not to mention his fantastic performance in the CL (5 goals in 6 games).
      With all that being said, he’s still has a way to go to become an Aguero or a Suarez or an Icardi but with the right development and circumstances he could be.

    • Poor man’s Saurez? You dont know anything about football….elase you biased.
      Lautaro is the future…you wait and see.
      You improvement? Just compare him in the last 2 years and compare him with 2 years before. He has everything needed for a modern striker.
      Aguero and Saurez are at 30’s and Lautaro is the replacement.

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