Javier Mascherano comments on Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martinez joining Barcelona


Javier Mascherano spoke about Barcelona’s chances in the Champions League in relation to Messi and Lautaro Martinez possibly joining the team.

Mascherano won two Champions League titles with Barcelona, one of which coming in a historic treble season. Now with Estudiantes in Argentina, the former Barcelona midfielder turned defender spoke with Ara about Lionel Messi and Barcelona:

“Messi is the main reason Barcelona can beat any team. He knows they are just two more matches away from the Champions League final. I saw that desire from him against Napoli and it spread to his teammates.”

Regarding Lautaro Martinez joining Barcelona from Inter and replacing Luis Suarez:

“I don’t know if he’s the perfect replacement for Luis Suarez. What I do know is he’s a very good player and is very compatible with Messi for the national team. But I don’t know if he’s Suarez’s replacement or if Suarez needs replacing.”


  1. Really happy for otamendi and Aguero today.
    That guy pep believes fernandinho and that kid Eric Garcia are better options than otamendi.
    And he always try to find ways to play jesus ahead of aguero, it’s only because of Jesus’ poor finishing pep is forced to rely on Aguero.

    • Pep wanted to rid of Jesus, this is his last match in city shirt. Aguero injury costs Man City.

  2. Where are the guys who predict city beat Bayern, I told tomorrow after barca humiliation Bayern destroy man city defense if passes lyon but Lyon banged City defense, Jesus isn’t even 10% of Aguero , hope lautaro join city

    • I am loving this new single leg format with these upsets. when our boys are not playing I am always rooting for underdog. Five more minutes we would have had lyons, leipzig and atalanta in semis!!

  3. If it was not for Messi, I could care less if Barca lost 80-2.

    To defend Messi, Barcelona fans often disrespected and demeaned Argentina. For me Albiceleste is above everything. We had Maradona, kempes, di stefano before and we will continue after Messi is gone.

    Maradona, Roman, Saviola had to suffer great deal at Barcelona. Masche never got the recognition he deserved.

    Argentina midfield is a lot better than current barca. Lo Celso scored more goals for kike Setien than Riqui Puig’s la liga appearances and De Jong’s career goals and assists combined.

    Thanks Bayern for humbling these entitled spoilt fanbase. A big portion of them are no less toxic than Ronaldo fanbase.

    • this kind of people my friend is the reason that i can t enjoy as much as i want the presence of Messi in Argentina and occationally because of them i speak against him.
      imagine that some days before one ashole here because i make one comment he attacked me personally and the most komic than all was that he accuse me that i am Ronaldo fan !!!!

      you understand how much sick and poisoned people exist ?
      those people don t let me enjoy and don t allow me to feel the proud that Messi is my countryman.

      • Messi is albiceleste’s pride. We love him, we support him. But due to these toxic people’s constant demeaning and internet trolling, Albiceleste lost a lot of prestige worldwide.

        We have been defensively solid since Sabella days till 2016 Copa. But this group of people created a false impression that Argentina don’t have a good defence, this is why Messi can’t win anything.

        They only blame higuain. But Messi too missed a good chance in 14 final.

        Anyway, the damage they caused to Albiceleste’s image worldwide will need long time to heal. For that, I will not forgive them. Hell with Barcelona.

        • absolutely i agree with you
          I genuinely believe arg are better off
          Without Messi in terms of football
          Not financially
          I really can’t wait messi retired from nt
          So those idiotic fans of him
          Can f…. off from albicelestes back.

          • Like ARG instantly were without Maradona, with 2 copa victories, then he came back and fucked up everything again in 94WC, 78WC winner team with Maradona in 82?

          • I think Maradona’s religious worship is the biggest obstacle that this nation grow up (in footballing term). Its so sick. Sorry but i must say Diego has to die for growing.

    • I could care less about Barca too. And I don’t think I will watch any Barca game once Messi is done. As a matter of fact, I never quite supported them. Rather supported RM over Barca. RM used to have more Argentine players. Barca was always a Brazil and Holland plance.

      I am pretty sure most of the people here are like that. We follow and root for the clubs where our players play. Simple. I have no such loyalty towards any club. I even rooted for West Ham or Portsmouth for Tevez, mascherano and Dalessandro

      • Ddr1123
        I’m same company as you mate.
        I don’t have any loyalty to any club
        I don’t care about fcbarcelon in fact I hated the way they treat both roman riquelme And javier saviola. yes Real Madrid were used better 4 Argentinians but not anymore.

        As csabalala mate I never saw Maradona Play i’m not Maradona or messi fan But I have respect both of them For what they have done for thier country.
        I’m 100% sure arg nt will continue to do well Or even win major trophies without messi.

  4. At least Messi has one good team and that is Argentina.Now Argentina is bigger than Barcelona.Next year Copa And World Cup are new hope for Messi as this Barcelona going to take years to take good shape.Barcelona needs to do
    1 Overhaul the management wisely
    2 Old players Suarez,Busquet,Alba,Vidal,Rakitic needs to leave for the sake of good of Barcelona
    3 Young defenders are needed.Eric Gracia is good signing.
    4. Play players in their main position such as De Jong
    5 Do not sign players who do not fit in Barca philosphy.Vidal was never Barca kind of player.
    6. Creative players are needed.

  5. In a football talkshow they compared the strikers from Bayern and PSG, Lewandowski and Icardi in terms of fitness, speed, creativity, work ethic, defensive duties and more. You can do the math yourself and guess the outcome…

      • He wouldn’t be considered a great striker if he was useless in modern football.

        Over the past years, Icardi has certainly climbed his way to the list of top strikers. He was even ranked high for most efficient strikers in Europe and made top 4 most goals in serie a several times. Icardi clearly doesn’t have the ability of Aguero or Martinez for build up, but he does offer a ton in the box and he doesn’t need too many chances to score.

        I would love to see him in the NT. He would be a fantastic impact sub or if team needed arial threat.

        I think his exclusion is politics, not talent.

        • of course his exclusion is firstly politics.
          nobody wants in dressing rooms Icardi and the very bad influence that bringing his wife.

          you remember Inter ?
          imagine how much worse can be in national team which the people around team are not even close to those one giant club like Inter have.

          AFA should not put bomb inside our locker room.

          • For sure, the AFA should 100% exclude bombs from the dressing room. If he’s toxic, then he shouldn’t be anywhere near the team. To your point, its well known that wanda inserts herself and can be very disruptive like when she publicly talked shit about Inter teammates in talk show. Icardi too, he even said “the dressing room is better now” in regards to not having some “oldies” there. I thought that was uncalled for.

            With this said, I’m just not sure if he’s considered toxic by the current players or if he’s considered toxic by senior staff and/or well respected football legends that have influence.

            Take maradona for example, he freaking hates Icardi. The 1st quote cracks me up lol.

            “Rather than call him, I’d call Eduardo Bazan Vera [a 44-year-old retired player]. I’d prefer Icardi to stay away from the national team, he should be the seventh choice, not the fourth. Maybe there have been calls to Bauza from the agent, but I won’t talk about it anymore.” – Maradona.

            “I don’t speak about traitors'” – Maradona

            Point being, if he’s not toxic with the current players, then maybe he should be called up, as long as wanda stays silent 🙂

        • It’s talent have u seen him play? He is irritating he does nothing all game and the only goals he scored are goals that r served to him on a platter. Mans not worth the roster spot even as a sub he will take forever to get into the flow and not do anything for the benefit of the team. He does not link up he is not good in the air he doesn’t track back, and tracking back is huge for arg since messi does not do it while lautaro and alario do. No icardi it’s done get over it

          • Of course i have watched him. Hes clutch and his stats counter your argument that he’s trash.

            Nonetheless, thats why i would start Dybala, Aguero and Martinez over Icardi but that doesnt mean Icardi isn’t useful. Like i said, doesn’t need too many chance to convert so he could be great impact sub if we’re chasing or if we needed to beef up Arial threat.

  6. It’s better to see Messi dependency in Barcelona rather than in Argentina national team.lots of anti Argentina used to say Argentina is Messi dependent..even now Barcelona is Messi dependent at present.. Argentina midfield is far far better than current Barcelona team.. scaloni need to strengthen defense.. Make startegy but not building team around Messi.. scaloni should not give Messi more pressure.. Argentina now have lautaro Martinez who can be future batistuta.. dyabala in a great touch.. ageuro currently in a good form.. Messi as always he is sharp..

    • i agree with you. our bad luck is that Corona virus hit us in the worse timing when Scaloni was in middle of transition and the build of the new team from last generation over.
      if he continue working same way after Corona virus i believe it is matter of time we build one strong team with Messi and without Messi after world cup.

  7. Embarrassing humiliation. It is such a shame to see how badly this management has sabotaged the last few years for Messi. He doesn’t deserve that and it would be understandable if he wants out from their shit.. At least we are seeing this Messi-dependency with Barca instead of Argentina.

    The only reasonable way forward for Barcelona after this would be to completely dismantle the club’s leadership, have early elections, get rid of aging players, recruit good fitting coaches and players and revive La Masia. Simply put, a rebuild, which takes time.

  8. Only the former Champions remaining is Bayern.
    Bayern vs ManCity should have been in the final but they will play in SF…!
    I want ManCity win the Champions league. Else anyone except PSG.

  9. Lisandro martinez has started playing as a LB for ajax in their recent friendlies and he has been decent as a lb in those matches and most likely he will be the replacement for Tagliafico once he leaves Ajax fc and hopefully lisandro can be a good backup for tagliafico in NT and maybe even one day replace him as lb in future in NT.

  10. this was some time coming for barcelona there was a time when barca focused on recruiting raw young teenage talents across the world and moulding them into stars like messi this was the la masia way of barca but the moment barca ditched this philosophy and tried the galacticos style of recruitment the downfall started from spending on world class players without knowing they fit into the barca style of football to abidal dreaming of creating a mini french team in barca every decision ended up backfiring for barca . the reason why real madrid’s galacticos style of recuirtment is a success is because madrid also have huge influence not only in the spanish federation but also in european football even if they have a poor season thanks to bad refereeing decisions they always end up winning either the league cup or the champions league.

  11. I hate Bayern but this was some serious football, wow, what are these guys eating. Fast, Furious, Lethal, Arrogant and absolutely no respect for opponents.
    I hope Argentine clubs learn a lesson or two about why it’s important to trust in and give chance to academy players, it will bear it’s fruits.

  12. It’s not about Barca’s lack of pace it’s plain lack of quality that hit them like a hammer on the head. It was a predictable doom that was always on the horizon because of atrocious transfers of the past few years. They have self destructed just like the Great AC Milan holding onto old heroes way past their prime and adding new mediocre players. Happened a bit to Man Utd but they are back on the right track.
    It’s not about running fast but moving the ball fast, which this Barca is not capable of. Pique, Rakatic, Suarez, Alba, Busquets all great servants but 2 years past their prime. When u buy Boateng, Vidal and Braithwaite as emergency back ups, you know a retard is running the club. They didn’t learn from Rome, Liverpool and today was their punishment. Suarez single handedly played a huge part. He wasted sitters against Roma, missed chances against Liverpool and even today, had he been sharp, u just never know.
    2 teams I did’t want to win were Bayern and City but both have a huge chance. Just hoping PSG hold their nerve and Tuchel doesn’t screw up. As for Barca, they deserve it, should have got hit for 10. They are an anti- Argentine set up.

  13. Remember how bad ARG’s defense looked against France in 2018?
    Today’s was much worse.
    I don’t see how Barcelona can afford to overhaul with limited resources or at least that is what they say. The coach and his staff are as good as gone,

    • Setien makes Sampaoli look like a champion. But hey it’s No Country For Old Men, Suarez, Alba, Busquets, Pique, Rakitic, Vidal.
      Only reason, I support Barca is Messi. It’s cruel on Messi, 3 peak years wasted because of this screwed up Mess that is Barca. I cannot stand the memes poking fun at Messi and the European press having a field day. Gutted for Messi.

      • Sampaoli is a pretty misunderstood coach. He is guilty of panicking at World Cup & did not command his team’s respect. Having said he took a huge leap of faith when National team was in shambles. He could have just continued in Sevilla waited for the World Cup disaster & then joined post World Cup to rebuild. Sampaoli is again an advocate of high press football which Bavarians showcased yesterday. It takes time for a team to adapt to this high energy & you also need energetic players . Sampaoli was in a bad wicket bcos he didnt have time to integrate new players ( with the sword of WCQ elimination always hanging on his neck ) & that team just was not ready for such football. Say Sampaoli being appointed at end of Copa 2015 could have given him 3 years to build the team . He was also unlucky with Romero & Lanzini injuries on eve of cup & Aguero came back after surgery . Unfortunately these aspects are never remembered & Sampaoli goes down the argentine coach memory lane for not being able to create a alternate playing strategy with an old team & panicking in WC leading to no consistency in formation/tactics & losing total control of team . AFA is guilty of wasting 2 years by prolonging Martino & then bringing in Bauza.

        • > He is guilty of panicking at World Cup & did not command his team’s respect.

          i agree my friend but he is guilty of so much more.

          One of his biggest failures is how he did his best to unsettle the team. Sampaoli hired July 2017 so he had 1 year and 8-10 games to build and implement his tactics prior to world cup. Knowing he had limited time, he chose to use to different players and formations even up until the last game pre Iceland. I recall wanting to yank my hair out in frustration seeing his constant fidgeting.
          No player knew their role, no player knew his formations, no player understand how to be effective in whatever crazy game plan he had. The fault lies on Sampa, no one else.

          In additions, his legacy is riddled with horrific decisions on tactics. Most notably, using Messi false 9 with no strikers against freaking France. Aguero was freaking awesome, i think we would have done better even won if Aguero started.
          He went super defensive against a super defensive Iceland that had little attacking power. He used 3ATB against croatia when no player was used to it or played in in club. Masche and Enzo got run over by Croatia power mids.

          There are many more disastrous decisions as well.

          > He could have just continued in Sevilla waited for the World Cup disaster & then joined post World Cup to rebuild.
          > Say Sampaoli being appointed at end of Copa 2015 could have given him 3 years to build the team
          > He was also unlucky with Romero & Lanzini

          Agree with all these points.

  14. Hans Flick brilliance versus Setien ! Barca needs the overhaul and restart button.

    Messi is on the crossroad, leave or stay ; but i wish he will move and play with new club. New atmosphere, challenge, friend, life and spirit to look ahead. Only P$G and City could board him

  15. Such a massive loss for Barca with 8 goals.Only Messi was looking good in Barca team at leastvAtletico Madrid fought but Barca complete disaster.Now i know how pressure can take a toll on players very disappointed with Ter Stergen,always knew he was thin skinned player now i know too why he is not No1 for Germany,he can not handle pressure so he concede goals and makes silly decisions same thing was happening with him when he played against Argentina in friendly.
    Suarez what a waste in early minutes he could have scored a goal but he lacks pace,old player could not get past behind high defence line of Bayern.Busquet also missed a goal,he is waste too.One positive thing now Barca management should wake up,Bartomou has done great disservice to this Barcelona football club,very incompetent manager.

    • In the end if Pochettino is selected as coach – this is the best thing to happen from an Argentine point of view. I am least bothered on what happens to Barcelona. But if Pochettino comes – we will see Argentine football benefitting. He had LoCelso, Foyth, Gazzaniga , Lamela ,Fazio in Spurs when coaching. We can expect atleast 1-2 players other than Messi. Among foreign based Argentine coaches he has always shown his native country love in player selection

  16. Ascacibar is thousand time better then parades . I don’t know why he is sideline ? Scolani should go for ascacibar rather then parades.

  17. Now football has totaly changed there is no room for shity and slow players . U have to work hard for the team .

  18. What a shame . Yeh pehli martapa nahi hai barcelona iss sey phale bhi roma . Liverpool sey aisi e hara hai . Now the time for change .barcelona football club should take some big decisions .firstly romoved some jokers .joker no 1 pique. Vidal .langelet . Jordi alba .suarez .and the biggest joker busquet .

  19. “Mauricio Pochettino is the main candidate to take over from Quique Setién. The club have been working on the Argentine’s arrival for weeks.”
    Cause Poch conceeded only 7 goals against Bayern LOL, sarcasm ofc…huge upgrade

  20. Barca’s situation right now is a pure reflection of 2018’s Argentina. Nothing out of either side, both team put their lives on Messi, hoping that he could pull it out. But that wouldn’t have happen unless he had magically transformed himself into a 25 year old Messi. Even if it had happened I doubt he could have survived tonight’s thrashing.
    It only goes on to prove how low Barca have hit, this season. Like dying a slow death.

    • Not better, De Jong is world class talent, Riqui Puig also, play with Argentina against these Bayern with such suicide strategy and you will conceede very lot too…Maradona did it in 2010, Scolari did it in 14 and Sampaoli did it in 18 against France, no space-narrowing defending strategy, rather idiot attacking plans against a well-oiled machine with pacy players.

      • I agree with everything you said… aside from the terrible tactic by the clueless coach and shit defending. Barca today needed a midfielder who can go back to help bring the ball up the field as you can see Ter Stegen was trying to retain possession.. but can’t due to the high and fast pace pressing. Where as Lo Celso can do better than De Jong. Also, he is better at tackling and going back to defend (more versatile than De Jong). Overall, in my opinion, I think Lo Celso is better… but the most important is Messi-Lo Celo combination plays better together than Messi-De Jong which is good for Argentina.

      • Do you think Puig bench lo celso? Busquets is finished. Certainly Argentina midfield is better than Barca at moment, yes arrival of Pjanic next season will change the equation. De Jong is the best young midfielder in the world no doubt.

        • De Jong—Pjanic—Riqui Puig—Fati or Dembele—Griezmann—Messi upfront next year not that bad, but definitely with a new coach, nobody faith in Setien anymore after this, btw im not sure Bayern will kick City ass out too, 50-50%.

          • City defense Vernanale, Bayern Munich will destroy it if city passes Lyon. Next season Barca midfield will certainly better but this season barca midfield is dead just like Argentina in 2018 world cup.

        • Haha de Jong is not the best young midfielder in the world at all I don’t remember him ever having a good game for Barcelona mans been wayyy too overhyped just cause they bought him for 80 mil he is trash just like arthur. De Jong can’t pass he cant defend he cant shoot he is known for his dribbling but I always see him dispossessed I swear palacios is 10 times the player he is already. Barca needs young players that can actually play and play with balls not like these bums and whoever keeps talking about ascacibar please stop he is shit paredes is Argentina’s number 5 deal with it. Even paredes would have done something in that barca mid even if it meant braking someones leg lol

          • De jong is not a Attacking midfielder,he is a Defensive midfielder but he is being played at wrong position by Barcelona.Busquet was finished years ago,look at Busquet,at his physicality,he looks like a sick patient in hospital.There is no energy in him.

    • I remember Barca supporters always mocking Argentina for being “messi dependent” while they had a “team”. Now the tables have turned….Arg operates as a team while Messi has been dragging Barca along for years.

      • Its not Barca’s Misfield. Its Setien not playing Puig with DeJong.
        With Puig, DeJong behind Ansu Fati the game would have been closer. Setien played an old and slow nidfield. Even Araujo would have been a better choice in defence. Choripan is right though. The fortune reversed. Not only Messi Dependancy but also Shitty Coach.

    • I did and so would anyone who actually watches football. Celso and De Paul are classy, versatile midfielders and Paredes, who was in copa’s team of the tournament, did more in 20 min against Atalanta than most of PSG’s midfield did in the previous 70!
      I personally would still prefer Ascacibar to Paredes because he offers more defensive balance but make no mistake Argentina’s midfield is in good shape.

        • Which fans? and how many of the fans? And since when do the fans know jack about football?
          Some Barca ‘fans’ are calling out Messi right now, do you think they’re right or are they just being fickle as usual.
          I remember how Spurs fans were praising Celso on a daily basis and then when Gio had one off game they turned on him in a heartbeat.
          It is said that a coach who listens to the fans is bound to end up sitting next to them on the stands the next season.

          Ascacibar to me is a must with the NT, even if not playing as a starter, somebody with that much energy and physicality not to mention an excellent reading of the game is bound to come in real handy in tough WCQ games.

      • In copa, Ota’s distribution skills were crucial for Scalonis tactics and TOTT Paredes also served really well, although i don’t think he did much to drive forward. If Otamendi is out and Ascacibar in for Paredes, how would Scaloni adapt? Of all CB choices, who do you think could replace Ota (heading, distribution, etc)?

        • Quarta and Licha are better passers (IMO) than otamendi whose time with the NT has ended. C.Romero also happens to be good with the ball, so Scaloni has plenty of options.

  21. Half of Bayern’s dispossession of Barca came through semedo’s dickhead decisions and ter- Stegen’ s lousy flick balls. Both of them were awfully shit tonight. And
    at one point I thought like ter- Stegen’ was just handing the keys to murder Barca like Macbeth. His passes were so miscalculated and inaccurate. And it couldn’t have happened worse than today.
    I feel terrible if l.martinez decides to go there. He will get choked too. It’s better he stays at inter and reach heights. The Barca system of now, both the management staffs and la masia are too decomposed to dream of revival. I don’t know how they’re going to figure out themselves.

  22. Barca got cremated by Bayern. And that’s the truth, today. The way Bayern started the match already gave me a feeling that it was going to end in the history books. And it did.
    Sadly Messi has now too became a part of this mafia-esque mediocrity.
    They were butchered from all sides, none left to rot. What’s even more scary is coutinho’s additions to the scoreline. Nothing could have been more insulting than that.
    A total massacre and an expected end to this era.

  23. A proper coach makes a huge difference, how many coaches did BM go through since they won the UEFA some years back?
    Barcelona was broken in half right before the whole world to see and its not like it was a secret how far removed they are from their champion years.
    All we care about here is Messi, sure we all cheered for Barcelona these past many years for him and him only and he is free now to make his decision whether to stay or leave and go somewhere where he can win if that is what he wants.
    BM was far superior to anything Barcelona had to throw at them, I just hatred to see Muller and that other smug-cocksucker Neuer happy because i know exactly what they are thinking.

    • No Matter how good Bayern is I dont care. I hate Neuer and Muller cos i am an Argentina Fan.
      Its sad to see Messi still carrying Barca. Really dont care who wins Chanpions League anymore unless its Icardi, Dimaria, Paredes or Kun. O wait Kun is not playing.

      • Aguero will be back in semis but Bayern Munich is too strong for City defense and PSG is farmer, RBL will destroy psg

  24. Bayern Munich > Barcelona this Season even a 5 year old child can see that coming. But football is never fun straightforward. If Messi pulled something off that would have been insane. I live for those moments. Barcelona’s defence is gone. Even If Messi scored a Hattric wouldnt help. Barca needs a full change in the back and midfield or Messi should go to City. I am better than Setien. I mean it.

  25. Barca defense is shambles, a team who bottled 3-0 lead twice in a row expected to beat Bayern Munich. Few questioned about my football sense due to my blind love towards Wanda and ordered me to focus on Bollywood movies, I just want to see their faces. Messi alone can’t do anything against a team have world class players on every position.

  26. It is more like tactically outplayed. All of the midfield doesnt know how to play the whole game. And Semado, he should forgot tonight as fast as possible. I thought Valvade’s Barca was the worst but Satien make it even worse. Unbelievable , again why Barca get no name manager again and again

  27. Again a familiar scene, Messi is hiding in the shadows and strolling on the pitch.
    It always happens when things don’t go his way.
    He is not a leader whatsoever.

    • What do you expect from Messi with this shtty team. And against this energetic Bayern team. He was sorrounded always. Forced him to play deep. What you want..? Messi flying as magician and scoring from somewhere and win..?

      • I am not talking about winning or anything , i’m talking about excitement and fight which he lacked when his team needed him the most.
        Furthermore he couldn’t handle the pressure of losing and being dominated, and that reflected in his second half performance.
        He is a 33 year old man now so he should act like one after all he is the best player in the world of this era. So bar is very high.

        • I’m sure you have all the intelligence sitting on your coach looking at 5 second clips of Messi. Come on..you really have no clue.

          Furthermore, if they did win you wouldn’t have made this comment so its about winning. So, should Messi have scored 9 goals to make you happy, Shubham?

          The issues were due to blatant defensive errors but hey, point the finger at Messi now for ‘leadership”. People like you need to talk shit about Messi, par for the course.

        • Messi can play when he is needed most, like WC group stage in 2014. Our attacking has a lot of weakness and Messi does his magic to save the team like goal vs Iran. But again our defense is solid and our midfield can control the game.

          Now this game, just check Semado and S.Roberto, they just complicated by theirselves and there is no midfield so you can’t expect anything from all attackers. You can clearly see all of the player is lost. They didnt know how to move around the field. That clearly indicate tactical weakness and it is huge difference. So even god can’t come and save this Barca. No offense

    • Laughable, only he and Suarez did something, Barca was unable to defend one single Bayern attack…yes and Messi is the scapegoat, nobody score more than 2 against Bayern, nobody, yes Barca had to win for 9:8 with the lead of Messi, idiot…every important macth in UCL and Barcelona defense collapse

      • Ter Stegen and Semedo will be the scapegoats. Very bad performances from those two, but the whole Barca team was overrun. It will take years to rebuild.

        • No this is tactical mistake, Semedo is Barcelona fastest guy, but they cant defend not even try to play defending system, no plan B, Real madrid always have, a much more complex team, and never ever was, not even in Pep era (but that team was on their peak, and with God-level players), this is the curse of Cruyff/Pep philosophy, always attack, always possess the ball, and never ever conform to opponent’s game, not even when the enemy is a much stronger team. Bigg losses is encoded in this philosophy. (0:4 against Ac Milan, 0:4 and 0:3 against Kiew, 0:7 against Bayern, 0:3 against Roma, 0:4 against Pool and now this, Barca always break, not bend…now why didnt Barca park the bus, and counter, every other team would have did this, every…ohh yes the fckin Cruyff philosophy

          • Messi got nothing to do with this defeat. Barca’s defence was open Buffet and midfield was missing.
            Starting eleven should have Riqui Puig and Ansu Fati.

          • And we see in City Pep changed little his system since Barca days, more direct, more crosses, more speed, more counter etc etc etc, but not Barca, Cruyff was a gift for Barca so long, no he is the curse.

    • Idiot what did Maradona did 1990 final against German team nothing so called leader nothing a ghost one who could not overcome one goal lead a penalty goal he would have scored but he did nothing because he is not a Superman like Messi what did this idiot shubham expect Messi and Maradona to get the balls from keeper and score like one do the friends wrote that sorry for stealing you sentence but you were right my friend this idiot has no football knowledge shubham

      • Maradona was such a big leader he cant even handle CSKA? Moscauw in UCL…and Real Madrid destroyed his Napoli too, btw i dont blame him, team successfulness are 90% tactics with good players, 10% difference making from superstars (and mostly this comes from system too), but in a shit team with bad tactics against a much stronger team this ability will reduce close to 0%.

  28. We just watched the end of the Barca era (Pique, Alba, Busquets, Suarez). With no money for new players (wasted on Griezmann, Dembele etc) Messi will realise he will not win international prizes anymore with Barca. The glory days are gone. Copa America 2021 is the only prize within reach.

    • I think Barcelona dead already. To recover, it will take time.
      Need to change board.
      Need to change coach.
      Need to change players.
      To win champions league again…it may take some years. Messi better leave. If he wish to win Champions league again, go to Man City.

  29. More like Brazil-Germany match.
    How do Bayern have this much energy..?
    I am surprised to see that than slow Barcelona.
    Biggest ever defeat for Barcelona.
    Better Messi leaves….Inter and ManCity waiting..!

    • One of the best exhibition of high press attacking football. Something that bielsa , sampoali advocates. Barca inefficiency amplified the scoreline

    • Not surprising. Poor game plan and setup. So many problems in barcelona.

      Bayern backline very tight in first half. only marking messi. leaving complete width and daring for anyone to attack wing but none of barca forwards with speed to do it. and every time full back advance to hit that space countered hard. busquets and de jong completely outnumbered in midfield because vidal sent forward to make up numbers in attack because suarez toothless.
      play out of the back nullified by bayern press but no plan B to get the ball out.
      disaster class.
      hopefully though this makes messi care more about his personal future than some club future.

  30. Barcelona’s passing game frustrates me so much. Don’t get me wrong I like teams who can pass the ball but the passing has to be purposeful and not for showboating.

  31. Tactially Barcelona lost already. Going defensive in the first half was a joke.
    I hope Barcelona use three strikers in the second half and put a fight.
    Anyway you are losing. Try to outscore.

  32. Wonderful match for neutral viewers. Intense pressure, high speed and many goals. Bayern physical strength is so much bigger. If they can keep it up, Barca is facing a humiliation.

  33. Very slow players in Barca could not capitslise Bayern high defensive line.Suarez is worst old can not run.Griezaman ,Demble,Puig amd Fati needed in second half.

  34. If I was Lautaro I would concentrate on my Inter career. Barca is too unsettled and would seem a good way to waste a couple of years of his career if they have a serious rebuild. Frankly messi needs to sit down and think hard about his barca future too.

  35. I’m messi fan but I predicted coward setian benched Puig, Ansu Fati who played best after messi, Neuer loves 7-1

  36. Saurez had two chances almost all real strikers would have finished. Saurez lost its rhythm. A real striker is must for Barcelona.
    Currently, Dybala, Lautaro > Saurez.

    • no my friend. one Spanish team playing against one German.
      Argentina don t have anything to do here.

      unless you mean personally feelings. then ok i respect it.

      personally i enjoy the game. it is good game to watch as neutral.

      • Cox4, I felt like that because of Messi man. I am only an Albiceleste Fan. So whenever my Argentina players play in any club i Support. I would never support Bayern because they dont have my players. Its always easy to support and predict a team who are winning games. I am not from that group i always support my Arg Players and i love gambling. But you are right it does not hurt Argentina but i feel bad for Messi.

  37. Neuer >>> Tar Stegen when big matches matter, overall top5 GK 1. Oblak 2. Alison 3. Courtois 4. Tar Stegen 5. Neuer
    Peak Neuer (2012-2017) was undisputed King and no GK even come close to him

    • Just a false thinking.
      Barca defense became a joke. Bayern defense has pace and aggression.
      Neuer is lucky as Barcelona has a bad day infront of goal.
      Now I think our Argentine GKs are not that bad…!!!

  38. Bayern as it looks crash easy Barcelona as romance king predict ha ha
    after so many nonseces this kid finally he predict something correct ha ha 🙂

  39. Barca became a joke. Ter Stegen sleeping..!
    Whenever Messi gets ball…there is a chance of goal. Rest of Barca…Zero.
    Barca should have scored 3 or 4 already. But just an own goal..!

  40. I am rooting for Barcelona.No one is favoring Barcelona against Bayern Munich.Barcelona can win,i think Barca’s good performance will come in patches and in these patches they should include Messi,Griezaman,Suarez,De jong and Alba.Bayern’s left back Davies is very fast player he will be headache for Barca.Davies,Lewandoski,L.Gortezka and may be Gnarby could be problem for Barca.
    In last some matches i saw a confidence in this Barca team so i am very hopeful for good result.In midfield Busquet going to be very busy against physical players

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