Angel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi, Leandro Paredes left in Champions League


Only three Argentine players remain in the 2019-2020 Champions League.

With the elimination of Barcelona and Manchester City, the PSG players are the only one’s holding the Argentina flag left this season. Angel Di Maria will be looking to become a two time champion having previously won it in 2014 with Real Madrid while Mauro Icardi and Leandro Paredes will want to lift it for the first time in their careers.

PSG will play RB Leipzig on Tuesday in the first semi final while Bayern will play Lyon in Wednesday’s second semi final.


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  2. This whole Farmer crap is just utter bullshit. I laugh at it.
    At the end of the day its Management, tactics, player’s forms and skills on the field. Lyon beat Manchester City. Barcelona is destroyed, Alario scores more than Icardi in International Football. There are no ifs or buts. Its about the characters and kind of players that fits in different roles and tactics and their forms.

    • as i am able to remember this farmer crap is bring inside Mundo long time ago by small number of fans here that interested only about the so called big leagues (England, Spain, Italy)

      All the other leagues that are not rich and glamorous are called “farmer” leagues.
      this is what i have understand all this time. i don t like this arrogance from the rich leagues fans but anyway it is not my business to judge anybody.

      Personally i haven t put myself in this kind of conversations because i am not interested.
      i am River plate fan and i love and i care about my team and i follow the league in Argentina. as neutral person i like to watch when i have time some good matches from Europe but nothing more than that.

      if River plate is “farmer team” and Argentina league “farmer league” for some people i don t care at all.

  3. Banega alone ran the ring around Pogba and Bruno Fernandes.

    This game is good example how a good manager can impact a game. After half time, Sevilla was getting slaughtered. Sevilla GK made two point blank save from Martial within minutes.

    Lopetegui changed some players and decided to relieve the defence by putting attacking pressure on Utd and it worked. It was combo of sub players that brought the winning goal for Sevilla.

    And yes, a CAM is important as Bielsa said. It was Vazquez in the middle who released the ball to Navas who made a cross which resulted in goal. We should not omit CAM from our XI, given that our CAM can Lionel Messi. A 4-2-3-1 will work for us or a 4-1-3-2.

    • Nice one. Man United started both halves strong by using out of tunnel freshness and imposing their physicality both times with their press and preventing sevilla build up. But they were wasteful and Lopetegui showed his superior game management with some luck and good goalkeeping.
      I too thought his Vasguez substitution was masterful and also recognizing when to take Ocampos off.

      edit: other than 4231 part which is my preferred line up too but i think we are not ready yet.

  4. Still Banega is a world class player. But we couldn’t use him properly and we shouldn’t rule him out because he aged. He can be a back up player. Ocampos is a good, fast, strong player. He is German type built player, what we need…

  5. PSG have announced that both Verratti and Gueye are unlikely to play in the semis, along with goalkeeper Navas. Hope Tuchel starts Paredes

  6. Why MU not playing Romero, it’s very unfair for Romero. DeGea bottled a few times already.
    To be frank, with all of our keepers experiments, no one has shown to be more reliable than Romero.

    • “very unfair for Romero.”

      Not really mate. Romero is one of the most ambition-less players out there for us currently. Could easily be starting for mid table teams in top 5 league but content to play meaningless cup games against tier 2 opposition and when he gets replaced in a proper match never raises a hand to fight his spot. No self respect as a player right now. Two years ago the message to him was clear by scaloni – play more and show you are competing for spot or you are out but he never received this message choosing to instead sit separate from squad and act like a diva-coach against brazil.
      Probably the third best NT GK for me after Goycochea and Pumpido but his time is up. Including Romero in a NT squad would be the worst message to send upcoming and developing NT players regarding desire and ambition.

      • > Romero is one of the most ambition-less players out there for us currently.

        Lol so true.

        The lack of game time never bothered me with Romero because he always stepped up but unlike before, there are really good alternatives right now. Musso, Benitez, Andrada, and Martinez all doing well and fighting for game time, which to your point, satisfies Scalonis requirements.

  7. Yeah Otamendi is underrated in EPL but if you see Otamendi in Argentina shirt he is the best center back for Argentina since 2018 post world cup.In Argentinian shirt he did not make single mistake after World Cup.Otamendi Pezella,Palomino and Nehuen Perez should be our CBs for Qualifiers and Copa 2021.Otamendi’s distribution and passing is best and no one can beat him in the air.Quarta Martinez needs time to develop he needs to be physically strong opponents often makes him go to floor easily

      • If you have a good defensive strategy, Otamendi will be a great choice for you. The best at the moment for Argentina.
        I wish he leave ManCity this season and joins in an Italian team.

  8. Cant believe that some board members of barca board and some barca chairman candidates for next barca election like victor font and joan laporta are threatening bartolomeu(current chairman of barca) not to hire Pochetino as barca next coach due to his past as espanyol player and coach they threatened him of no confidence motion if he tries to hire pochetino and some barca fans are demanding that Messi should leave barca immediately and are also blaming him for the problems barca are facing like he forced barca coach to play suarez and griezzman every time etc.
    But anyways at least hopefully argentina NT performs better with Messi either as a starter or sub and hopefully win Copa and WC.

    • Gallardo also rumored to coach barca, barca won’t let messi go unless they bring Neymar and he won UCL with PSG.

  9. One player who is a victim of online toxicity is Otamendi. At first he was linked with Man Utd, but signed with City instead. Toxic fanbase of Utd were upon him from the beginning.

    He is a great defender but he is not suited for high defence line. His proactive style of defending and lack of pace makes him vulnerable. I remember during his stellar 2017-2018 season, he had few off game in the end and toxic people trolled him mercilessly.

    Why I am brining this? We have to support our players based on how they perform for us. Just watch last Brazil game, he was everywhere in defence. His passing and distribution is immense. We can’t criticize and dislike him because Pep think Eric Garcia (so called Barca dna defender : softness is key to defending ) is better than him.

    Otamendi is a late bloomer. He is rumored to be going back to Valencia where fans still love him. He is not injury prone. With right management, we can still get benefitted from him for one year or two.

    P.S. : Don’t believe twitter experts. Except Quarta, none of our young defenders are ready. Lisandro Martinez is not the defender you want despite all Twitter praise. He gets dribbled past too easily, an astonishing 1.6 times per game. To compare quarta and nehenun perez gets past 0.4 time per game. Just rewatch Venezuela game that we lost 3-1. Perez and Senesi did good job, they will need another year to correct their current shortcomings, but they should be called along with Quarta, Quarta can start and they can gel with teammates . Balerdi needs to regain his confidence back at Franch.

    For above reasons, we still need Otamendi. We should call Palomino too. It’s a marathon not sprint.

    • You make some valid points but Otamendi’s decision making is suspect at best and it’s high time he vacates his place for a younger defender like Quarta.
      I agree with you on Perez and Senesi, both talented but need more time and a bigger, better league to prove themselves. I don’t however agree with you on Licha Martinez, I watch the kid regularly (especially in the CL) and he is a superb defender, great with ball and reads the game well and I have to warn you from using pure stats to judge a player because those 1.6 times/per game numbers has to do with the fact that he plays defensive midfield as often as he plays CB and I noticed that in the friendly he played a few days ago he subbed for Tagliafico at LB. The kid is young, talented and versatile and is more than ready for NT duties, as is C.Romero.
      My choice for CBs would be Quarta and Pezzella, with Licha and C.Romero providing cover.

      • Licha’s physique is an issue. Both him and Foyth got bulled by Venezuelan forwards.

        Otamendi always needed cover due to his style of defending. In Valencia, it was Mustafi. Pezzella and Stones are not that defender but Quarta is (Pezzella is still decent but will never be a worldclass player) . Quarta’s game reading and situational awareness is exceptional. For me it’s Quarta-Otamendi for now, with Otamendi being replaced within a year. Neheun Perez is likely the replacement considering talent and game time.

        • It will also depend on type of opponents. For me palamino, pezella, Romero are similar players. All play right CB & very good on defensive duels & aerial strength. Their ball playing capabilities are bad & will always need a passing CB partner. In this three Romero is fastest..but gets lot of cards which can be fixed as he is young. All three are good for NT action & bcos of no ball play I see all of them as temporary option. Quarta martinez balances this deficiency ..but not fast like Romero. Juan Foyth or Nuehen Perez is best long term bets here & will still need an year or so to be fully grounded for NT spot. On left CB long term bet is on balerdi & maybe next 1-2 seasons will help really know as he is still an unproven package. Senesi ,medina are alternatives & Olympics will be good test. Till balerdi truly arrives , Otamendi will be needed .. but scaloni should start giving youngsters ( licha & balerdi ) chance & not bet on otamendi for wc22. Licha well deserves to be in 23 now for his versatility as LCb, DM or LB.

          • If wc was today the 7 defenders imo is Montiel, quarta martinez, Otamendi, tagliafico, subs are pezella, Foyth, lisandro
            For wc in 2 years , I would bet on Montiel, Nuehen Perez, quarta martinez, tagliafico, subs as otamendi, Foyth, lisandro
            Assumption is one of quarta or Perez also adapts for playing as left CB. If balerdi has a couple of stellar seasons in Marseille , he Shld get Otamendi position.
            Montiel there more bcos I don’t see any real talent in next 2yrs who will break in.

        • I never noticed any lack of physicality with Licha and that game against Venezuela isn’t an indication of anything since Scaloni was in the midst of his endless squad tinkering and was playing 3 at the back, which was clearly very stupid.

  10. What these people are talking about??
    I mean c’mon french is the weakest of the top 5 league, even if PSG and Lyon play final it won’t change anything.

  11. The French football school Clairefontaine launches new great players every year. The French are set for the future and their league is competitive (Lyon finished 7th) and does not deserve the label Farmer.

    After Barca’s humiliation the NT can finally move on and abandon “give the ball to Messi and see what happens” strategy.

  12. Many football fans including me, like the final 8 formula. One match to decide who progresses. More excitement and tension, interesting results and no remontadas. Unfortunately the knock out system means less money, so UEFA probably won’t continue it.

  13. I left this forum for some time because I am sick of some of the people here always making the same fucking joke, calling Ligue 1 farmer league. Its a good fucking lesson of life for those, yes, I know it’s precisely fuckers like you I am talking about. Got to be humble in your life and learn to respect others before saying BS.

    • Howdy CanadienRoyal. I was curious about your absence but its good to see you’re still around even if its to chime in on how toxic some people are. Try to ignore him/them and continue posting……your input is objective and rationale, which Mundo could use more of.

  14. He who says, French League is farmers league, footballers of that league are farmers…. he & his whole family is farmer.
    That person has 0% knowledge about footbal.

  15. P$G vs Bayern in the final, a lot of things to learn from this CL; money and stars is not everything, new game plan and flexibility are much needed. Coach play an important role to see, understanding and create the vision. Preparation and fitness of the players.

    above all ‘luck’ is given from the sky; play hard and you will be lucky

  16. I am a huge Messi fan, my head said Bayern will make light work of Barca, but my heart believed Messi will do something. We have to accept reality no player is above the team.
    This truth has to be banged into the Argentina coaches heads who were trying to make others play for Messi instead to create a system and make Messi play in that. As far as the NT is concerned, the victims really are the other 10 players, who were constantly made
    Fun of and ridiculed at how they were not good enough to play with Messi, and stuff like how Argentina did not deserve Messi.
    No player is above Argentina national team. We have produced countless players, who have given us joy, and will continue to do so.
    At a time, when the most loved Argentine has been defeated the most hated one (at least as far as the media goes) can turn out an unlikely hero and make us all happy. You just never know.

  17. So glad overrated anti Argentine Guardiola is skinned to reveal his true colors.
    The only Argentine he has ever signed is Mascherano. He has never signed any other Argentine in his coaching career.
    At City, he initially wanted to get rid of Aguero, but he realised, no Aguero no trophy, and so he had to stick with him. He did?’t give any chance to Zuculini (One of the mystery Zuculini brothers), even though he did well in pre season friendlies nor Garre.
    2 teams from Germany and 2 from France, is just mirroring where all the best talents are produced or nurtured in the past Few years.
    Lyon BTW, are also monitoring Nico Gonzalez.

  18. BTW, guys, have anyone heard from Messi. He is surprisingly quiet after yesterday. I doubt he will leave Barca though. He does not want to move the family and he won’t go and live alone anywhere. Also, going by his Argentina commitment, the relentless nature of it, he does not leave. He just does not have in his DNA.

  19. PSG only one left with Argentine players. So sad. But that’s the story more or less every year.

    BTW, I feel the covid has made an impact to the game. Some of the physical teams can come back fresher than ever. Their freshness is like the start of the season. Running like crazy.

    Also, the trend is changing. More team oriented physical games are going to dominate for next few years. Argentina is in the right path with Scaloni I think. Don’t worry about who plays in which club in Europe. I don’t care if someone plays in Bulgaria, as long they are physical and have stamina to play two 90 mins in a row.

  20. Di Maria back, Paredes did well enough last match that I would think Tuchel would start him. I’m not sure about Icardi though, might be benched.

    • Icardi won’t play since it will most likely be: Neyman—–Mbappé——Maria as the front 3. Sadly I really doubt Paredes would be there either despite his excellent CL form (against Broussia and Atalanta), Tuchel will opt to go with Veratti, Gaye and Marquinos, which would be stupid since Gaye and Marquinos would be an over kill and would blunt PSG’s ability to go forward.

      • Yeah, Icardi could possibly play if Tuchel opted for attacking kitchen sink 4231. MIND upfront with 2 of Paredes, Gueye, and Marq double pivot. But as you pointed out, 433 excluding Icardi is most likely.

        For Verratti, L’equipe reporting that he’s still injured so will skip semis but he may return for final.

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