Champions League: Alejandro “Papu” Gomez and Atalanta take on Argentine’s at PSG


It’s going to be a historic Champions League clash as Alejandro “Papu” Gomez and company take on PSG in the Champions League.

For the first time in the history of the competition, the quarter finals will be played in a single match and not a two leg tie. For Atalanta, it’s Jose Luis Palomino and Alejandro “Papu” Gomez who will represent them. Meanwhile for PSG, it’s Angel Di Maria, Mauro Icardi and Leandro Paredes.

Angel Di Maria, who won the tournament with Real Madrid in 2014, is suspended for the Ligue 1 champions while Paredes and Icardi are in the match squad. Di Maria has 2 goals and 5 assists.

Mauro Icardi, who is expected to start, has 5 goals this season.

Papu Gomez has 1 goal and 2 assists this season.


  1. Palomino of Atalanta looks good defender he should be incorporated in Argentina national team,he is good in air,good passer and pretty good tackler.If Argentina thinks Quarta Martinez and Nehuen Perez too young then they should consider Palomino of Atalanta.

    • Yes. Has shown consistency in 2-3 seasons. He can be a great option for next 2 years easily. Scaloni should keep palomino, pezzella , otamendi from established CBs. U never know who will be in form, injury etc . From younger lot – Martinez quarta, foyth, cromero, lisandro should also be in scaloni immediate radar. These 7 can possibly lead to final 3-4 for copa21 & wc22. Nuehen Perez maybe by next season & balerdi ,senesi, Medina in 12-18 months time.

  2. German coaches lead the way in modern football these days. If Bayern beat Barca there are 3 German coaches in the semi final. Last year Klopp won it with high intensity, high pressure football.

    I presume current and future coaches in Argentina were watching and learning.

  3. Atletico madrid offer to buy Mariano gomez(age 21) was rejected by argentine club atletico union but there are also rumours that atletico might again bid for him becuase of his performances in la liga secundra divison for the club UD lbiza (he was on loan there by union fc). nehuen perez and gomez could become world class CBs at atletico madrid.

  4. Any idea about Mariano Gomez (21 year old Argentine defender playing in segunda div). Looks like he is a real talent and Atletico Madrid wants to sign him.

  5. Atletico did not play with best eleven.Where is Angle Correa,Morata,T.Partey.Atletico played wild in first half and Leizpig played with a lot of energy.If this match had gone to extra time then Atletico would have won it.Atletico was comfortable in defence but deflected shot cost the match in final minutes.

    • Well, Angel Correa was out due to COVID-19. But yes, Joao Felix and Partey should have started IMO, could have made the difference

  6. Cappa returns to the charge: “Simeone does not represent the identity of Argentine football”
    Well, now, Cappa has spoken of Cholo again. In TyC Sports, making it clear that he does not share the style of the Atlético de Madrid coach, who does not represent Argentina.

    “It does not represent the identity of Argentine football. Not at all. The admiration I have for everything he has achieved does not take away a millimeter, but that football does not interest me. It does not represent me. That he has achieved things, yes. There is my admiration. It is admirable. The other day they asked me for a historic team from Real and I didn’t put it on Ronaldo. I prefer another type of soccer. It doesn’t
    interest me or represent me, as a fan, ”he declared.
    Instead, he did have good words for Marcelo Bielsa. “He was in Bilbao training and revolutionized it. Any good Argentine coach can coach a team in Europe. It is not known if it will go well or not. There are no results, but they are trained. Bielsa could calmly direct Barcelona, ​​”he said.

    And he added: “Bielsa is within the family of those who try to play football well. We may have discrepancies, as a soccer fan. I speak for what I am: soccer fan. I have discrepancies in nuances, but if I have to put it in a trench, it is in this trench. Not with Mourinho and those coaches. “

  7. Poor transfers caught up with Atletico and Simeone. He has a shitty team and he has squeezed it to its depth.
    And he will have to do without his trusted assistant German Burgos from now on. Vivas will step in as his assistant.
    Wonder where Burgos is headed.

    • Yes , you can say that but C’mon starting Llorente ahead of Morata or Felix was a wrong move. There were no physicality at all in the midfield, should have played partey. C’mon hector Herrera is a joke.
      There was not any cutting edge in attack since correa couldn’t play and felix didn’t start.

      • True. He was playing on the edge. Leipzig have another exciting young German coach. In the semis 3 of the 4 teams will have German coaches.

  8. Barca need the magic of Messi tonight otherwise they will pack back earlier…and for Messi it is not a magic but usual and normal play. So far UCL offer a great games and new creative things. ‘Star’ is not the important key factor but team work and work tireless is the factor. Team Spirit

  9. Stat Check: Barca and Bayern are the only Champions (UCL) left in Champions league so after the Quarters ar over the probabilties of having a new Champion is 3:4.
    Imagine – PSG v City final
    The Flops of Champions League.

  10. Football has become so much faster and physical over the past few years that it has transformed the game. Atalanta plays 1 on 1 and a deep pressure system. Leipzig was the same story. No stars, the team is the star. Physical strength combined with technique and continuous pressure is today’s game.

    • True, and that goes to European style player not the SA players and or Tango style; physical endurance to keep the pressure wins the game. We may missed the beauty of stylish footballer

        • I realised in this week that Banega is still a good playmaker and another playmaker Papu Gomez has the playing style similar to Xavi Hernandez. Hope Scaloni will choose Papu for our next games though we have somewhat settled our midfield already.

    • This is crushing bro, Simeone needs to change his tactics or go.
      Now Oblak is gone, we are looking at grim future. Atleti defense once the best in the world,is getting weaker and weaker. Simeone should have invested the 120 million they paid for felix and got couple of defenders after Godin and felipe. idiot
      I was hoping for Barca/atletico final> fu.k it

      • Ebo bro greeting
        I absolutely i agree with you
        That Simeone needs to change his tactics.
        He must change his style of play
        You can’t defending all the time
        You can’t always play rigid 4.4.2
        It’s disgrace to lose team who
        Come existence 11 years ago
        As much as Simeone is high profile manager.
        No big club will want to hire him with
        That stye of play is unwatchable.

        • He needs to have plan B. Once there were great players for his style of 4 4 2. But he can not keep rebuilding the team every 3 years or so. He should just learn to adapt to opponents and change tactics constantly rather than give them the time to figure out how to break his team

      • Oblak will leave? I know there has been Chelsea rumors but his release clause is also €120M. That’s a lot even for Chelsea in these times, also considering they paid €80M for Kepa a couple of years ago

  11. Mathaus claiming Lewandowski is better than Messi. Switch these 2 players in teams. Messi would do even better in Bayern but I cannot say the same about Lewandowski in Barca. The truth is every season there is a player who plays amazing. Lewandowski did it this season but there will be another player next season removing Lewandowski but Messi will be on top 3 every season. Comparing with Messi is foolish which can cost Bayern. An angry Messi is more motivated. We ve seen that before. I have a feeling “just a hunch” it wont be Barca but Messi will beat Bayern alone. Its possible. Lets see.

    • Ignore the silly claim. He’s just trying to add confidence to his team.

      Let’s hope we see Messi and Barca spin circles around Bayern defense like he did Boateng last time. lol.

      • I understand guys. But this is all Messi Needs. Everytme someone came out talk about Messi, He turned up. So far as history goes before any crucial match, Messi reacts better to criticism than compliments. Anything can happen in a single knock out. I just hope Messi turns up like he did against Liverpool in the first leg last year. Barca is not a better team than Bayern atm but with Messi, anything can happen.

          • You are right. The defence need to hold up for Messi to do Messi.
            The odds are against Barca but as a true ALBICELESTE Fan i ll be hoping and SUPPORTING Messi. I believe he can do it though. Barca need to back it up with defence.

  12. Yesterday’s match between Atalanta and PSG was the prefect example of why pace is so important both in the attack and defence these days.
    That’s why we need to give Nico Gonzalez some opportunities for NT and should find a player in attack if Nico Gonzalez fails.
    Defence is horrible. We need a more pacy left back than tagliafico.
    At least a centre back which can cover distance very quickly which can be foyth in the future and Montiel has decent pace.

  13. You guys have a link Of UCL matches ? If you have any links so please share it in mundo thanks before starting match pls share it

  14. Icardi is not a bigg match player he is a worst striker alario . And chimy avila are better then him so argentina don’t need this kind of farmer striker

  15. Neymar completed 16 dribbles against Atalanta, the best tally for a player in a single Champions League game since Lionel Messi with Barcelona against Manchester United in April 2008 (also 16).

  16. Icardi did well yesterday. He did not bottle it. Besides he was not given any service by the PSG midfielders. His holdup play was excellent. Icardi is like Zlatan or Drogba those strikers are not suppose to get into the play, they are only supposed to score. So please stop blaming him ok

    • Zlatan can dribble and create a goal out of nowhere for himself, something Icardi cannot do. Icardi is a very old school pure poacher who need service to score. His finishing is world class but if starved of service he can be almost useless.

        • Well Neuer was UCL team of the week despite that error against Chelsea, Tar Stegen bottled 3-0 lead twice, don’t worry Lewandowski destroy
          varnable barca defense

          • Not the goal, a peak Neuer would have easily saved that shot, plus Hudson Odoi scored a great long-range goal too, but some passing mistakes a la Benny Hill show, he lost his confidence.

  17. Why Papu Gomez was subbed at 60 minute,he was one of the best player of Atlanta in game with 8.5 ratings.I think to sub Gomez was mistake in whole second half Atlanta was just defending.

  18. Parades ought to be given more playing time by P$G; Atlanta mixture between pride and regret after the 90 and 90+3 lose. Mentality and attitude and important factor beside the technical right strategy from the coach. Although it’s a gambling and brave decision by Tuchel to replace Icardi with Chopo Moting but it works well and it become a memorable dramatic game to be remembered long enough..

    Remebering Teddy Sheringham and Ole Gunnar two goal in injury time in UCL final against Bayern in 1999

  19. Neymar was best and worst player in the pitch.Neymar has clearly lost his venom,running like a old sick man.Age factor is coming for Neymar.

  20. Gomez proves once again that Argentina coaches over the past few years were idiots not to select him.

    Icardi suffers from lack of playing rhythm. He was invisible and useless.

    • Got to give it to Neymar. True champion attitude shown when chips were really down. Memorable win for psg. Icardi was a washout. He is proving that his omission in Argentina is justified . Parades deserves a starting spot & hope tuchel sees some sense. The only reason I want psg to lose is tuchel. While palomino was a sub & injured , I felt he looks more mobile & tougher than pezella.

  21. Ok here we go. No mbappe, no dimaria, now we see in true conditions how much Icardi really wants that #3 spot.
    Heart wants a atalanta win with icardi punching in a goal or two.

    • yeah, i feel the same. Want to see underdog Papu / Atl go through but also want icardi to do well.

      I really hope we get to see Paredes today……

  22. Don’t be shocked if PSG loses, i’d rather see the chicken-head lose than see Icardi win.

    Round and round we go, IGNORE BUTTON VOTE, PLEASE.

  23. “According to La Nazione, Juventus management are getting closer and closer to sign Argentinian international attacking midfielder Rodrigo De Paul (26), whom Udinese are planning to let out on a nearly 40 million euros transfer fee. Zebrette powerhouse is still tracked by AC Milan and Fiorentina as well.”

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