Ever Banega and Lucas Ocampos in Europa League final with Sevilla


Ever Banega, Lucas Ocampos and Franco Vazquez have qualified for the Europa League final with Sevilla.

The three Argentine players will represent the Spanish side with potentially one more to join. Banega and Ocampos started in Sevilla’s 2-1 win vs. Manchester United to get to the final on Friday.

Lautaro Martinez will try to make the final as Inter play Shakhtar Donetsk on Monday. A win for Inter would be at least one Argentine would be lifting the trophy.


  1. If ronald komen joins Barcelona then senior players won’t be there, possibility of messi going to another club.

  2. Lautaro Martinez was brilliant tonight! Best player on the pitch

    2 goals (1 from outside the box)
    1 assist
    4 shots on target
    33 touches
    2 key passes
    4 dribbles won
    9 duels won
    2 tackles

  3. Don’t get why people argue and fight over the internet so much especially in these times. So much more to life. This is so old and tired, man. Hopefully my man Gonzalo is ok. I haven’t comment on this forum for years..Just touching base, no needless arguments on my part.

    • Only Man City or PSG can afford Messi. Inter Millan wage bill was half of Juventus before Ronaldo arrival, when Inter can’t compete with their arrival singing messi is just football fantasy not reality. 60% chance messi staying Barcelona and give him a new contract or Man City/PSG who can afford messi wages. Technically Inter Milan move impossible and Man City move slightly possible.

  4. There is nothing left at Barcelona for Messi to achieve because he has done it all. Messi needs to move on from the dying Barcelona club that will take several years to be competitive again with the best teams across Europe who at the same time will only continue to get better. Messi has two choices; stay at Barcelona and continue to get humiliated by the likes of Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Roma etc. in the UCL season after season or move on to another club/country that has similarities to Spain. With Messi’s age right now, I think Italy is the best choice for him and his family, but at the end of the day, we don’t get to make such a personal decision when it comes to where Messi ends up. Looking at all the clubs available, Conte’s Inter Milan would be a wise move for Messi.

    Inter Milan has a solid project going for them under Conte, and with Messi signing plus adding a couple of midfielders and defenders you could see this current Inter Milan team taking off by adding the final piece of the puzzle. Not only playing at Inter Milan is a positive move, you also have Zanetti on the Inter Milan board who will try to keep Messi as happy as possible. With Zanetti, Messi already has a friend in the Inter Milan hierarchy unlike most clubs across Europe. Pep/Man City? ( I’ll get to this in a second). Messi bringing back the Scudetto and UCL titles to Inter Milan would be one of the great stories in modern football because he would have chosen the harder/narrow path to success compared to him going to the other big spending clubs across Europe..

    The status quo is not working for Barcelona. Moreover, the board has been running the club like a mom and pop business where the likes of Pique and Busquets (and before them Xavi and Iniesta) gets to decide what’s best for them in terms of playing time and not what is best for the club. Pique and Busquet should have been off to China or Qatar a season or two ago. Well, Pique is already a multi millionaire to be fair, so he could just retire already and spare the club all the defensive headache Barcelona have suffered in the last three UCL seasons. At least Pedro and David Villa knew when their time was up at Barcelona..This is what I don’t get with Suarez, why is this man still playing striker for Barcelona? There should have already been a transition striker in place to replace Suarez in the Barcelona lineup, but of course this never happened. Jordi Alba was never good defensively and he only got worse as the years passed by, he too had no business playing at Barcelona in 2020.

    The transfers at Barcelona have been just don’t right horrific..With the exception of Neymar transfer to the club everything else seems to have been a bad investment. Say what you will about Neymar but at least he helped Messi/Barcelona to another UCL trophy..Dembele, Coutinho, Arthur, Boateng, Martin Braithwaite or should I say Chris Brown, Lenglet etc. added nothing to the current Barcelona project. And before them you had even more underwhelming signings like Arda Turan and Song. Vidal is a good player, the only downside is the timing of his arrival at Barcelona. Vidal should have been signed to the club 3-4 seasons ago.

    Banega should have been a Barcelona signing years ago..Banega have been playing consistently at the highest level in both the Europa League and the UCL for Sevilla yet Barcelona never come knocking on his door. Look at Banega performances in the UCL against Liverpool (Anfield/England) and Bayern Munich (Allianz Arena/Germany) in midfield for Sevilla compared to any of Barcelona current and recent midfielders against the same teams. And to add more proof to Banega consistency on the European stage, look no further than his display in both the Europa League and UCL against Manchester United in the current season and two seasons ago. Banega was also in Sevilla starting eleven that defeated Liverpool in the Europa League final.

    Barcelona’s possible hiring of Ronald Koeman instead of Pochettino indicates to me that the club is willing to stick with the current status quo. Koeman won’t be any more successful than Setien was at Barcelona. Koeman would be just band aid on a terrible wound at Barcelona. I mean; Jordi Alba, Suarez, Busquet and Pique get to stay in Koeman starting eleven/the squad so how is this going to be any different than what we have seen in the past several seasons? Until all these players have moved on I don’t see how Barcelona will improve as a team. I’ll even say Messi himself needs to move on in order for Barcelona to progress as a team. Do like Ronaldinho, I get that Messi would like to retire at Barcelona but is it worth getting humiliated in the UCL over and over again?

    Pochettino is the only coach I see who could radically change Barcelona for the best especially when it comes to the club youth players. The same Barcelona board members who are going to likely snub Pochettino for Koeman are the same people that paid over 300 million for both Dembele and Coutinho. I get the Espanyol club connection with Pochettino but given Barcelona problems he is best suited to fix the current mess at the club imo.

    As for Messi and Manchester City, this move would make no sense imo. I mean, Messi needs to do what is best for him, not what would be best for Pep Guardiola. Messi going to the EPL at his current age would be a great risk at tarnishing his reputation..The English media won’t hesitate to pounce on Messi’s shortcomings on the pitch. The English media will set the bar so high for Messi that he will have to play at 150% every game. You can now picture the headlines about Messi in the front page of the British Newspaper game after game. And the worse part, the English media will be comparing Messi to some mediocre local players weekend after weekend. Pep might have ties with Messi but that’s about it when it comes to Messi EPL connection. And what happen when Manchester City say; Mr. Pep we’re parting ways? Who does Messi have at the club or in England? I mean Aguero will likely leave the club soon. And this is why it comes back to Inter Milan. Conte is not the one bringing Messi to the club Zanetti is. This is the difference between Messi possibly moving to Inter Milan instead of Manchester City. The English media will destroy Messi, not worth the risk. Not to mention the pro Cristiano Ronaldo effect over there in England.

    Richard and Mik big up brothers.

    • As always long and insightful Post kid. Only issue is when we are reading in Mobile The post is too long to view in Mobile LOL. Hope all is good with you.

      But i think u have a valid point, Thinking back again Inter may be better for Messi than Man City. At least Culture and language wise it will easier for Messi to settle in Italy than in England. Italy is generally a good League for Argentine players, his family also can may be make a smooth transition.

      And i think Inter can afford him too. We r talking about an Iconic Player here. Any club would love to have him.

    • yep, CB had no chance of defending as Martinez cut in front. really well placed header.

      Also, Martinez did the pregnant celebration…..going to be dad

  5. Messi’s Buy out Clause is 700 Million Euros??? Really, If we compare the Highest Ever transfer is of Neymar 222 million Euros, Even if Messi himself wants to move out it will be impossible for any Club to pay his Buy out clause. Especially due to this pandemic its impossible to think that any club will flush out that much money.

    Well he is a Money making prospect (via, Jersey selling, Viewership increase in TV and Viewers in Ground, He is once in a lifetime player, Any Football fan would want to see him play live) .Only PSG, Man city, Inter and may be Man United, Chelsea and RM can afford him to be fair.

    As per rumors Messi had a clause in his new Contract which makes him to walk away from Free after any Season has expired on may 2020.It will be interesting what Messi Decides.Personally i want him to move out to have a new purpose and hunger to strive, Set a new target. but his Family may prevent him from all this.

    • the truth is if Messi wants to leave he will leave.
      it is matter what he wants and not in Barcelona what desires.

      the reason is that with one year contract left there is no way the buy out stay in that level.
      if Messi really wants to leave then Barcelona have only one way to sell him. and do it NOW.
      from December Messi can sign contract as free man with every team he desires and if Barcelona try play hard ball then in end they will take my shit.

      if really Messi want to leave then Barcelona only can sell him with reasonable money because the danger to don t take anything in end will be big.

  6. Barca’s objective : sell as much as possible to rebuild squad. The club want to move on big wages and raise money for new signing. Suarez, Dembele, Rakitic and Messi out.

    Although it’s not the right forum to discuss about Barca only the concern is solely on La Pulga future. And Barca will not bring Argentina coach on board; the most wanted is Koeman or Xavi but both are not available so Barca B’s Piementa will be taking over

  7. The rumors regarding Messi wanting to leave Barca immediately could be his way of forcing board resignation and early elections. It is the only way to save the team, not just a new coach. “You leave or I leave”
    The board will have a meeting today.

    Then we have to be realistic with who can actually afford his wages, and the easy answer is oil money = PSG or Manchester City. Also, apparently the Chinese owner of Inter Milan, Suning group, are willing to bet big on bringing Messi to Milan.

  8. There has been widespread criticism on messi due to his leadership qualities. According to many,he is still the GOAT but not a leader.
    What are your views on messi’s leadership ,guys?

    • Messi is the best player, but no leader. When his team loses he hangs his head, walks with his face looking down. There is no fighting spirit, no fire in his eyes, no anger just hopelessness. I saw many matches with Maradona. He never gave up. He rolled up his sleeves and cheered everyone to stand up and fight.

      Cruyff, Platini and many other great players never walked around looking hopeless.

      • well, you’re just ignoring the opposite use cases…. where Barca/Arg were down and messi kept pushing teammates and they won or tied or still lost but at least lost while fighting. Just focusing on the negative is only a portion. Have to look at the entire history for that statement to make any sense.

    • Nilaksha don’t conform to this stereotype that Messi is not a leader. This narrative has to be deconstructed cos Messi is a very good footballer and that’s all that matters. The way some fans talk about Messi and leadership, you’d think Messi is running for an office.

  9. I think Man City is the Club who have to somehow grab Messi, its the Club which Messi may can relate to due to his relation with Pep, only issue is his Family priority, Its noway easy to shift your entire base from Spain to England, the Language, Climate, Culture, In fact the only reason Barca can still hope Messi will still stay is only due to his family.

    Man City’s only chance of winning a Champions League within 2 or 3 Years looks possible with Messi Only. I Mean Come on Lyon beat them Hands down, Pep is somewhat becoming overrated without Messi. He haven’t won a CL without Messi which asks a huge question about his credibility. of course he is winning Leagues but CL is something else. Added to all this they have huge chunk of Money to afford messi. They have to take the chance.

    • No not man city but maybe Messi should join PSG since they are well equipped to challenge for UCL compared to man city who might not be able to win ucl till pep guardiola is the coach there.By joining PSG Messi can build good team chemistry with paredes and icardi. There are also rumours going around that PSG might sing tagilafico.

    • Pep is not somewhat, way too overrated. With United getting stronger, Pep is already planning to pack his bags. No way should Messi join City. Anyway the whole world knows, Messi won’t move anywhere. More bad news for Messi though, Koeman is in town and looks like Alaba has rejected Barca approach.

  10. Messi should go to Man City and playing with Aguero, then able to EPL and UCL as well as glorify his legacy. Messi playing enough with mediocre coaches and players, Pep+KDB+Best squad in Europe will make Messi Happy. I don’t think apart from Man City any team able to compete with Bayern Munich next 2 year in Europe, Messi wasted his 4 golden year at Barcelona, he shouldn’t waste his final 2 year at all.

  11. The story goes that Messi wants out immediately after the devastating loss, he feels isolated and ManCity is willing to pay whatever is required for his services.

    • Barca needs to rebuild the whole team. It would make little sense to build it around a 33 year old player. If Messi wants to win prizes, ManCity is an option.

  12. Ever Banega is the most underrated player Arg have; he is better than Pogba and Bruno last night. Still have plenty to offer, at least he can stay for 1 season at La Liga. Seviila will missed him. do hope that he can lift the trophy and have a sweet memory celebrations during his last days at Sevilla

  13. “Argentina coach Carlos Bilardo decided the blue cotton Aertex shirts would not be comfortable in the scorching sunshine of Mexico City. So, hours before the game, he instructed one of his coaches to head to a local sports store and buy something lighter. The coach brought back two blue kits and Maradona got to decide. He pointed to one and said: “That’s a nice jersey. We’ll beat England in that.” (ESPN, RANKING SOCCER ALL-TIME TOP 101 KITS #31)

    I did not know they could do that until now, nevertheless history was made that day.

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  15. Glad Sevilla in the final, and hopefully they win it. Something to savour in what has been a disastrous 2020 for most of our players.
    Speaking of Sevilla, we have to appreciate the character of Lopetegui. He was sacked by Spain and within months by Real Madrid, but he has quietly bounced back. I really hope he signs an Argentine or 2 for the new season.
    Speaking of bouncing back, Sampaoli is rebuilding his career in Spain. He finished second last season with Santos and in the new season, his team Miniero are top. High praises in the Brazilian media for him.

    Koeman it is. Barcelona are in talks with him. Xavi is the back up plan. Most of the board members don’t want Pochetino, even though his agent made Contacts with Barca first. Shocking, shocking, shocking, some guys in the board and a small group of catalan media is blaming Messi for their troubles. They say his glory days are over, pointing to his worst goal scoring season this year in 12 years. They want to make money on Messi now, instead of losing him on a free, when his contract expires next year. They also want to get rid of Griezman and build their team around Dembele.
    Alaba, Kingsley Coman, Upamecano, Martial are new names surfacing as Barca want to rebuild.
    Messi has not commented on any of these issues.

    Juan Komar of Tallares likely to join Ludogerets, who will play in the CL.

    • I wouldn’t listen to any of this nonsense, fans can be immensely fickle sometimes…..or maybe most of the time but no legit, SANE Barca fan would want to see lio leave.
      As for the coaching issue, well it’s gonna be an issue because most coaches wouldn’t want to take the mess that is Barca and it’s board right now.
      In saying all that, I don’t think it’s the worst time to take over Barca, a coach can start from scratch without anyone batting an eye, there are young, talented players like DeJong, Puig, Alena, Fati, Miranda etc and some world class players like Ter Stagen and Coutinho not to mention Busquets, Pique and Alba who can all be useful subs. There is plenty of material there for a proper rebuilding.

    • They want to blame Messi for their shortcomings!
      Barcelona without Messi= just a plain stick.
      Barcelona with Messi= A razor edge spear.
      Messi could have scored a double hat trick and they still would have lost on Friday, watching how they lost and the type of goals scored against them was comical, it reminded me of goals scored against me in FIFA 20……..over and over again, coming off the wing and passing it to an open player standing in front of the goal ……….horrendous defense just like mine.
      I just don’t see Messi staying with the current status quo.

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