Lionel Messi decision on Barcelona future expected today


Lionel Messi’s decision regarding his future at Barcelona is expected today.

The Argentina and Barcelona legend might actually be on his way out. Playing his entire professional senior career with Barcelona, rumors have been circulating that Messi could be on his way out of the club.

Per a report by Ole in Argentina, Messi is expected to make a decision based on his future some time today on Tuesday.


  1. Messi has told the club that he wants to leave. His last game with Barcelona being an 8-2 Champions League defeat.
    Corrupt club president Bartomeu & Co would have avoided this by stepping down after CL and called for new elections, but decided to let Messi leave (possibly for free) instead. He is a dead man in Catalonia.

    Top contenders to sign Messi are Manchester City, PSG and Inter Milan.

  2. Noooooooo..if he is really leaving Barca..then it’s such a sad end..most of the people who lost their loved ones in Corona stated that the biggest pain was it was so meaningless..not even able to say goodbye to the lost one..the same feeling here..stay for one more year got nothing to lose n nothing to win in Barca..but at least you will be remembered eternally in Barcelona n Argentina are going to miss your immortality with this emotional move..

      • There are so many off field problems n mis-managements in one can deny that..but those problems are not responsible for Barca losing to Roma with a healthy 3-0 lead. Bartamou never ordered to Dembele to miss that sitter against Liverpool in first leg. Players got their own share of responsibility including Messi. Any team can have their off days or nights..any team can win 8-0 or lose 0-8..just with a single loss he can’t decide to leave..if his decision is purely football based then it’s a wrong move but if it got politics missed, then he may make his own wish..but sorry to say this, Messi very easily get affected when his state goes down..he don’t have that spirit n guts to come from’s a painful truth..Neymar n Ronaldo differ see the legacy n incredible cycle coming to an end is painful..really painful..will take any day 0-8 loss than seeing Messi other than Barca n Argentina jersey..but in point of Barcelona, this move will make them more cautious n create a new system..but still..its very sucking in incredible ways..

  3. Yes. all reports say Messi decided to leave.
    He had a special clause in the contract that says…he can cancel the contract and go free at the end of this season, eventhough the contrat is until next summer.
    Report says…he asked Barcelona to activate this clasue so that he will go on free transfer…!!!

  4. He should go to psg. He will play with Neymar his great friend and the best part is he will play with di Maria paredes and Icardi which is great for argentina. Beside that he can chill in the league and play till he is 37. In England he will suffer one injury after another. The league tension is crazy.

    • If he goes to PSG, DiMaria will lose his position.
      Thats right. League 1 will be easy to go. But he wants to be tight until 2022 WC.
      I will prefer a strong league than League1 together with league trophy guaranteed.

  5. Will Argentina play with Brazil in September?

    A look at all the possible European transfers involving Argentinian players:

    • I am not 100% but to best of my knowledge there is no game for september. I think CONMEBOL meeting this week to also decide how the Qualifiers format will be decided.

  6. News coming out of Argentina that Messi has told he wants to leave Barcelona at the end of the season. Not sure what that means, which season?

    • Its very confusing now. I read this from Veronica Brunati who is informed reporter:

      Leo #Messi tiene una clausula en su contrato para rescindir luego del final de temporada 19-20 y aunque el FC Barcelona dice que la cláusula caducó, para ·Messi la temporada terminó en agosto y puede ejecutarla antes del 31-8.

      Basically says that Messi has a clause to end his contract at the end of 2019-2020 season but the club says the clause has expired but Messi says he has time till 31st August since season ended in August.

      I think it will all depend on how this clause will be interpreted by lawyers.But it does seems he is truly interested in leaving. That is very exciting to me as we could see a new Messi now.

  7. Messi should come out of his comfort zone and leave Barcelona. He has given a lot to this club and there is nothing more left to be given.Playing in different club and league will help his leadership and our national team will be benefited

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