Lionel Messi to leave Barcelona


Lionel Messi will reportedly be leaving Barcelona.

In a headline which no one thought would ever be written, Lionel Messi is set to leave Barcelona. Per several reports out Argentina and Catalonia, Messi has sent out a burofax to the board announcing to them his decision to leave and will execute the clause that will allow him to leave unilaterally.

His release clause is that of $700,000,000 and there are reports claiming he would be able to leave on a free in August seeing as how FIFA had postponed the season to end in August.

Messi would obviously walk into any team in the world but the main teams reportedly interested in signing the legend are Manchester City, PSG, Inter and Manchester United.


  1. If this makes Messi stronger – then he should leave Barcelona…Bartomeu does not care – anyway he is leaving..i don’t want to trust too much media news..but if Koeman did that, he should learn a bit from Scaloni..Scaloni & Team did a bit more professional..removing Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Di Maria (not a starter anymore), Icardi (for some reasons), Romero, etc.

    I do know National Team is different from Club football..but star players are star players anywhere..

  2. Well well well, good for you Messi and its not like the man changed countries because that is ALL WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT AROUND HERE and nothing else.
    He should have made that move 2 years ago but its never too late and I would love to see him play for Pep because in my opinion that is the club that fits him best and vice versa. Pep will know where to play him, how and when…..i don’t see it likely but maybe play along side KUN, at least for one season.

    If what many around here say about what went down between La Pulga and the new coach is true then F ’em …….he paid them back a millions times over and then some.
    Who knows, maybe change of scenery is what the doctor ordered for a better luck with ARGENTINA!

  3. Well lets consider it as happy ending, Messi has put his legacy and nail his name in Barcelona as legends and one of their greatest player.. Both gain from this depart, Barca management seems only concern about balance sheet and profit loss; Barca will get the money for rebuilding the team and Messi will reborn with his new club, rejoice and having the fun in playing football before retirement, he still have plenty to offer. Pep and Messi reunion

    wish both parties all the best. Above all football industry is all about money and capital..

  4. Wow whatever was the rumors I still didn’t imagine he will leave Barca. Now it looks real. A wise decision from his part. This will probably change the landscape of club football. An iconic transfer to whichever Club it may be.

    It will be interesting to see who’s gonna snatch him up. Man City, PSG, Inter, Chelsea, Man Utd, Juventus?? Who’s it gonna be? They may have to go all out to get him. Will it happen?

    Off the topic the October qualifiers are on. Wooooh. Means soon the wait is over. Scaloni may then have to announce his squad too. Considering August is almost over. October 5 is the first qualifiers. So may be September second week we may can expect a squad selection. Isn’t it.

  5. I am very happy Messi is leaving. He is one of the greatest players to ever play if not the greatest, and Barcelona has been run by amateurs and getting by with it because of Messi’s greatness. A humble trouble free superstar is a rare thing to have.
    If Koeman really did say that, Barcelona should fire him now. Yes Barcelona is a storied franchise, but most of its great history is due to one generational player…Messi
    If Koeman said that he is a complete fu**ing moron

  6. Juventus wants Leandro Paredes. It would be fascinating if Paredes is trained by Pirlo and he can be starting player there they lacks creative midfielder as Pjanic is leaving.

  7. It will be good for both Messi and Barcelona if he leaves. Now they will focus on the team rather than pandering to individuals.
    I doubt messi is more worried about his boyfriend Suarez has been told to leave than about winning a winning project.

  8. Join Inter, and request them to buy at least 5 argentine international, including ocampos, de paul, tagliafico, musso, quarta, foyth.

    we can build and train the national team in Inter

  9. Hail Messi. #respect to say FO to all the shit thrown at him. This will be ugly . But barca board deserves this slap. The only way now to retain him is for bartomeu & cronies to resign.

  10. Wise decision if it respected as the contract clause expired June 10. Barca should rebuild and not build a team around 33 year old Messi. They need to plan for the long term.

    Barca is not winning the CL anytime soon. PSG and Man City are favorites because of Pep and Neymar. Messi assisting Lukaku and Lautaro would be nice too. Italy is the best place for aging players.

    • Not to mention Koeman is a bad coach outside of Holland, what he did in Valencia with Southampton and Everton were a mess, he will fail big. Koeman wants Depay as Luis Suarez replecament really?

    • Out of Man City, PSG and Inter I agree that the Italian league would suit him the best. Messi as CAM behind Lautaro and Lukaku in a 3-4-1-2 would be scary. Plus we could enjoy Messi-Ronaldo rivalry once again.

      On the other hand, I find it more likely that he ends up in Man City. If he does, I really hope they bring in Lautaro as well. They have a monster €300M spending budget and Pep sees Lautaro as an ideal Agüero replacement. I just really want to see them play together regularly to gel for NT, and being coached by Guardiola could be great for Lautaro’s development. Just hope Messi can stay injury free in EPL..

  11. Messi has 2 best year left, he destroyed his 3 golden years. Happy that Messi leaving shambles barca, now hope Messi joining man city, only team who can challenge Bayern Munich after that Liverpool and some to extent PSG. If Messi stayed in barca, he won’t win champion league again.

  12. “According to a report in Olé, the Dutchman’s words during their meeting triggered Messi to send a fax requesting to terminate his contract at Camp Nou.

    Koeman was reportedly on the phone with Messi, saying: “The privileges in the squad are over. I’m going to be inflexible, you have to think about the team.”

    I’m so happy messi trying to leave fcb
    Try new challenge that should have happen
    Few years ago.

    • Some tweets say the club president wanted to sell Messi and he informed this indirectly through the coach. President wanted to balance the sheet. Probably thats the reason Messi requesting to go free just to hit on the President’s dump head.

  13. Well Messi can consider Manchester City but Pep should be on top of his game when signing players. For starters, he shouldn’t sign Sergio Roberto.

  14. Read somwhere…Koeman want to sell Saurez and sign Depay not Lautaro..!
    And he said Messi…previleges are over…!!

    What Koeman won? Who is he?

  15. Setién left, Eric Abidal followed suit but Bartomeu is staying put. I think he’s the real problem of Barcelona(or at least one of its major problems)

    • He is. The board of directors just finished an urgent meeting with several board members resigning and some proposed a motion of no confidence against Bartomeu lol

      Maybe this is just 5D chess by Messi to enforce board resignation and immediate elections? 😂

  16. I always imagined Messi to spend his whole career at Barcelona and maybe 1 or 2 seasons with Newell’s before retiring. Shame to see him leave due to mismanagement from the board, after an 8-2 loss and not as a champion.

    With 10 more goals for Barca he would have broken Pelé’s record of 643 goals for the same club.

    Messi’s Barcelona stats:
    731 games
    634 goals
    276 assists

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