Argentina, Ajax man Nicolas Tagliafico targeted by Leicester and Napoli


Nicolas Tagliafico is a wanted man as reports have him being targeted by both Leicester City and Napoli.

It’s been reported for several months that Tagliafico is on his way out of the club. The player himself has mentioned that he would like a different challenge and there have been some offers.

Per a report by Gianluca Di Marzio, Leicester have made contact with Ajax over the 27 year old Argentine while Napoli are interested in Tagliafico.


  1. My Favorites:
    National Team – Argentina
    2nd – Germany
    Club Teams – Barcelona (Spain) , Bayern Munich (Germany), Man City (England), Inter Milan (Italy)
    Best player – Messi
    2nd – Dybala
    Best Striker – Icardi/Aguero
    2nd – Lautaro/Werner
    Best GK – Neuer
    2nd – Musso
    *** I don’t watch Farmers league.

  2. Gianluca Di Marzio is reporting that Juventus are interested in Leandro Paredes. They also want Rodrigo de Paul. Hopefully they sign both of them!!

    • Calcio Mercato reported that apparently Juve have asked about lo celso’s price from Spurs.
      But Spurs have stated that he is not for sale.

      Juve are looking for our midfielders.

      • That makes sense. Mourinho is crazy about Lo Celso and has stated that he will build Tottenham around him this upcoming season.

        To see two of our important midfielders De Paul and Paredes together in Juventus would be incredible for us. Would be like watching a weekly sample of our midfield and it would help them gel together for NT. Same goes for Messi/Lautaro/Tagliafico in Barcelona, should things end up that way

    • there will be no friendly games.
      2022 wc qualifiers suppose to start on October.
      on wednesday Conmebol will have meeting and expected to exist news.

      right now even the format of wc qualifiers is on the table.
      Conmebol wants to remain the usual format but the dates give much pressure right now.
      the good news is FiFA open one new window for national teams play on end of January which is good news for Conmebol.

      this is what i know for the moment.

  3. Emi Martinez said about Messi “I will work my life for him,i will do everything for him.So he really needs that(World cup and Copa America)i will work for him” That is the character in person,no Argentina player ever said that he himself going to do his best to win for team or Messi.This guy really deserves starting spot between the stick.My respect for him is always growing.

    • Praising Messi or Neymar or ronaldo can’t win trophies, playing team game can. Bayern Munich whole starting 11 value less than half of the budget of Neymar

      • Bro enough of bayern here, we all know they play well and Germany as well. Remember we support Argentina team and players.
        Everyone knows Bayern rules Germany football association and hijacked a lot of players from other teams like gnabry, lewa and many are there.

        • “Remember we support Argentina team and players.”
          I wish, but he doesn’t. He’s a supporter of Germany with some type of cuckold fetisch for Icardi and Wanda.

          • yes everything you write is correct. i am confirm it too.
            just because i want to be fair with him in 2018 world cup he supported us. after world cup he continue supporting us but as i see lately from his posts he can t forget his “old loves”.

        • Genabry was Arsenal flop, Lewandowski signed as free agent. What I was trying to say instead of waiting one player do wonder, why don’t play as a team game. Depending on single player era like maradona days have gone. If Messi played in 80-90’s easily won 3 world cup but now it’s not possible. If a team playes as unit then win trophies. I was Germany fan earlier, now I am Argentina fan though Germany is my 2nd favorite. I’m both Barca and Bayern fan. I love wanda very much. I watched football only big tournament like world cup or Euro, Messi made me to watch football regularly now I followed every top league in football expect farmer league, after messi I don’t think watch football regularly because India is known for cricket, messi made us to fall in love in football where gorgeous Wanda made my life.

          • Yes correct, AFA made a mistake with coaching decisions after sabella no one has built a proper team everyone was giving too much importance to messi and thought all tactics should go through him, Finally sacloni & co are changing that and our team are playing as a good unit after long time, but still long way to go. and barca needs to change asap otherwise another disaster year upcoming.
            Finally, on Martinez he liked messi & he wanted to win it for him because copa and wc are his last chance, I don’t see any wrong with that.
            As a cricket fan we loved that sachin was part to the wc winning team, a fitting end to his career.
            We believe that Argentina wins the wc22 with Messi in the team.

          • Same to me, sachin vs messi career is similar. Sachin was 2003 world cup best player but lost in final against unbeatable Australia. Similarly messi was 2014 world cup best player but lost to unbelievable Germany. Following the next 2007 world cup sachin had disaster world cup and India humiliated with old guards, in 2018 world cup also turned similar to messi and Argentina disaster campaign with old guards. Finally sachin won 2011 world cup with a young and energetic squad, Messi should win in 2022. If God of cricket got justice then God of football also deserve. Musso is the best Argentina GK, Emi Martinez is farmer like Gazza. Icardi is the best striker in the world after Lewandowski

  4. Lisandro is too short how he will lose in aerial battle in center of his own half,he is not physical too.All big club team have physically strong CDM like Real,Liverpool,Bayern,Man city etc.If you see Barca and Chelsea have weak CDM like Busquet and Jorghino.Both teams problems have somethong to do with their CDM too.

    • Lisandro height: 5 foot 9

      Kante(best cdm of last 3 years): 5 foot 6
      Kimmich (best cdm currently): 5 foot 9
      Fred(cdm of manchester united,player of the year of man u): 5 foot 7
      Verrati: 5 foot 8

      Your point?
      Lisandro has won 2.4 ariel duels per match,an excellent stat
      Lisandro’s phsique is OK
      He is defensively better than Paredes and not mistaken prone too

      Lisandro>>>>>>>>>Guido too
      He deserves a call in NT

      • There is difference between Holland league and la liga.Kante has speed and Virrati is phenomenal on the ball.Lisandro lacks both properties.We have better CDM than Lisandro in Paredes and in Guido.Lisandro going to be used as Left back in Ajaxfor next season.Beacause there must be better CDM in Ajax.After Tagliafico’s departure Lisandro is their main left back.

    • since that you are not able to keep even one small level of seriousness inside here at least speak for nonsence about “farmers” and “industrials”
      it is more amusing nonsense than the nonsence about Icardi wife.

  5. I would like to see Nico at Chelsea. Chelsea r an exciting young squad,they need a quality experienced defender like him. Playing in PL would also sharpen his attacking contributions

  6. @Kavi How is lisandro too short for a cdm? There is no particular height for cdm -_-
    Quarta lacks phsicality??? Could not understand…and he is 24 not 20…..

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