Lionel Messi reportedly selects Manchester City as new club


Lionel Messi has reportedly selected Manchester City as his new destination.

Messi is all but set to leave Barcelona and Manchester City seems to be where he will be playing. Per a report by Marcelo Bechler, Messi will be going to Manchester. As we reported earlier, strong reports had emerged out of both Argentina and Catalonia that he would be leaving. While nothing official has come out from either side, it does look to be the end of an era in Barcelona.

This would mean that Messi would be with two other Argentine players, Sergio Aguero and Nicolas Otamendi. He would also reunite with his old coach Pep Guardiola.


  1. Sometimes it is hard to understand the relation with President and it because of poor transfers that players get disgruntled, other than wages or respect of players?

    What would make Messi leave Barcelona..Messi makes enough money and he is not a player like thpse in Real Madrid who think they are bigger than club…Ronaldo also moved out of Real Madrid, but not so much media attention..

  2. Dfox1942 August 25, 2020 At 11:25 pm
    Well well well, good for you Messi and its not like the man changed countries because that is ALL WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT AROUND HERE and nothing else.
    He should have made that move 2 years ago but its never too late and I would love to see him play for Pep because in my opinion that is the club that fits him best and vice versa. Pep will know where to play him, how and when…..i don’t see it likely but maybe play along side KUN, at least for one season.

    If what many around here say about what went down between La Pulga and the new coach is true then F ’em …….he paid them back a millions times over and then some.
    Who knows, maybe change of scenery is what the doctor ordered for a better luck with ARGENTINA!

    Lets get the deal done and what the EPL starts in few weeks, Lets GO.

  3. This is not the way it was suppose to end. I envisioned a clasico win, standing ovation from RM fans even. But it is what it is.

    Bartrmou is a hardcore, shameless politician. its crazy how he is able to point the finger at the players. I am glad Messi is leaving. Barcelona have never been a club for Argentines. This is the first time in my life I have supported them. It has always been a club for Brazilians and Dutch. Their treatment towards Argentines now is uniform – Maradona, Saviola, Riquelme and now Messi. They would be a mid table team without Messi, even during Pep times.

    Koeman is busy bringing all sorts of Dutch players in Barca. The core will become Dutch. That will help them in Euro next year. That’s why he left. Basically preparation for Dutch era is going to happen inside Barcelona. The idiots in Barca board don’t see that.

    WHAT A MESS!!!

    • U can not blame koeman for that. Evey coach wants to bring player who he knows. Poch also did same in Spurs. Nuno in Wolves.

      • Nothing wrong in that. But what is wrong is the intentions. He is preparing the Holland team inside Barcelona. He is going to get fired after the board elections anyway

        • I dont think there r any rumours of dutch players wanted by Koeman ,still. Only exceptiin is Van De Beek,though.

    • After 2 short trainer spells with Setien and Valverde, they want someone that will stay longer. If you look at Barca history 4 out 5 of the longest serving coaches were Dutch (Michiels, Cruyff, Van Gaal and Rijkaard) The only Spaniard in the top is Guardiola…

      • When current president was planning for Pochettino as coach… opposite parties who are fighting for the next election..opposed the plan…and wanted Koeman.
        So Koeman going to stay whoever wins.
        Actually without Messi it’s safe for him. If he fails…he can say..he’s rebuilding after Messi era. If he wins …he’s getting praise…!

  4. Like I said in an earlier thread Manchester City is a viable option for Messi but Pep should ensure he continues signing quality players. I read somewhere that he’s interested in signing Sergio Roberto – he shouldn’t. Well this is my two cents.

  5. Man city might not able to win UCL till pep guardiola is the coach there as many have seen after barca he didnt reach finals of UCL despite having good budget for his teams(bayern and man city) in transfer market and his club lost against lyon in this years ucl semis so maybe PSG might be a better choice compared to city if messi wants to win UCL and psg have many Argentine players like paredes and icardi with whom messsi can buld goood team chemistry for NT. according to rumours tuchel might be replaced by pochetino because psg owners are unhappy with tuchel for his performance in finals so hopefully they do a player swap in this transfer season like PSG giving neymar(whose off field antics are giving psg problems but barca want him) and verrati(injury prone but barca want him) for Messi it could be good for both PSG and Barca.

    • Pep failed to win with Bayern Munich despite managing terrible wining squad, peak Real and Barca were the main reason. Even Juventus best team can’t win that period, things have changed when Liverpool won and now Bayern. Man City clear favorite next season, PSG only can beat farmers not top teams, Bayern Munich was in worst situation previous season.

  6. Top 10 goalkeepers
    1 Oblak(Reflexes and solidarity) Weakness-relatively small body structure
    2 Allison( Positioning and game reading) Weakness-Not having flexible body
    3 Emiliano Martinez(Positioning,calmness,commanding and game reading)Weakness-lack of game time
    4 M. Neurer(sweeper goalkeeper,comes off the line)weakness-overconfidence and reflexes
    5 Ter Stergen( Shot stopper and reflexes)weakness-Succumbs to pressure easily
    6 Ederson (Precise passess) weakness-not world class shot stopper
    7 W.Szczesny(shot stopper,good catcher)
    8 Handanovic(Shot stopper)
    9 Leno( shot stopper and reflexes)
    10 Musso(Shot stopper and solidarity)

    • i would rate Emilano’s ball collection as a key strength. The rebounds that can happen from a close shot or cross is less with Emilano ( again based on a 10 game sample size ) . His passing is also pretty good in those 10 games. But Emilano never dazzled in his previous loan club stints. So how consistent he is only time will tell .
      I still feel Emilano & Musso are not top 10. Maybe a season more. Navas, Courtois , Onana ( Ajax ) should be in top 10.

      • Other loan club did not give Emi Martinez proper chances.Only Reading gave him 18 matches and in those 18 matches he saved Reading from getting relegated in Championship. Yeah his Ball collecting is better than Leno,Emi is above average in almost every aspect of goalkeeping,he is complete package without him Arsenal could have been in 10th or11th place if they had gone same way when Leno was goalkeeper.Emi Martinez’s game reading and his mentality is strongest assesst,he is very clear about almost everything so he is less confused.Yeah Musso is not in top 10.

    • Can’t stop laughing, Farmer Emi Martinez will be the 3rd choice behind Armani and Andreda.
      Top5 GK genuinely
      1 Oblak
      2 Cortious
      3 Alison
      4 Tar Stegen
      5 Neuer (but in big matches number 1 position ahead of all). Farmer Martinez even can’t bench Germany 4th choice Leno. Despite musso fan, he isn’t top10 yet but should be top 3 GK in sere A

      • I do not know how many chances courtious got to succede in Real Madrid but he should not be in top 5.I am rating goalkeeper on their talent not on their game time,there are many talented player who did not get proper chances.I think Emi Martinez going to start over Leno in Community shield match vs Liverpool so there is chance for him to start in Arsenal otherwise he will move and will become first choice somewhere else.Only top 5 rankings of me are genuine other may be or may not be right.

  7. Koeman talked to Messi about berefting him from privileges, but on the other hand he is trying to make Barcelona a Dutch team……..what an arse these guys are.
    I personally think for some reason that this hiring of koeman by barto was an evil-ntended conspiracy to destroy messi’s remaining light years in Barca.
    A pure definition of satanic soul.
    Shame you barto.

  8. KDB passes messi and Aguero finish, only Man City complete against Bayern Munich next season. Man City has 300 million to reinforce squad.

  9. So Messi took best decision.Man City is the best place for Messi.Under Pep Guardiola mainly Forwards and attacking midfielders shines.Messi going to be better than himself in Man City.Now i care about Man city’s defence.They should buy
    two fullbacks and one center back. I do not like Man city’s fullback new fullbacks should be recruited

    • This Leeds thing of argentine players is one big media bubble. Almost 6 players connections. Even if 1 happens, it looks lucky. I wish either foyth or Martinez quarta happen. A defender mentored by bielsa is best for NT

    • Maybe, but not necessarily. Depends what position he is going to be played at. Rodrigo plays as a CF too at times, so Nico can still be signed as a winger.

  10. Logically Man City and Inter are 2 clubs where he can be comfortable to play with, Inter is more better if we look at the Cultural and language barrier, Where as in Lifestyle Man City is better but language wise and Culture wise its huge difference. I hope he can adapt.

    If he is going to Man city then the club may have to rethink about selling the 2 Argentine’s Aguero(Who is in fact one of Messi’s closest Friend will make a huge impact in Messi’s mind, moreover Otamendi and Aguero along with Pep can make Messi feel at home)

    Imagine the revenue Messi is gonna bring to Man City, Once the normal playing condition starts, Its once in a lifetime opportunity for all the English Football fans.Its one thing watching him live week in week out compared to watching him in TV. We r talking about an Iconic figure. It should be in every football fans resolution to watch him live.

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