Juventus reportedly interested in Leandro Paredes of PSG


Juventus are reportedly interested in signing Leandro Paredes of PSG.

Having played in the Champions League final for PSG, Paredes has reportedly caught the eye of Juventus. Per a report by Sky Sport Italia, Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo has named the Argentine as one of the players he would like to bring in as reinforcement.

Still only 26 years of age, Paredes has already played for Chievo, Empoli and Roma all in Italy.


  1. Argentina The Best & Worst 2020:
    Best Goalkeeper – Musso
    Best Defender – Tagliafico
    Best Midfielder – Lo Celso
    Best Striker – Icardi
    Best Player – Messi
    Worst Golkeeper – Andreda
    Worst Defender – Otamendi
    Worst Midfielder – Acuna
    Worst Striker – Alario
    Worst Player – Corera

  2. Arsenal are ready to sell Emiliano Martinez for £20M. He wants a starting spot in club to cement his place as No. 1 in national team, but Arsenal still consider Leno as their No. 1

    Rumors say Valencia or Real Betis

    • Farmer Emi Martinez flopped last season in Spain, premier leauge suited him more. Anyway 2 fiddle to Germany 4th choice GK shouldn’t be considered Argentina no1.

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  4. I really don’t have the mood to start this kind of conversation but..

    Can you really explain why wc 78 was fixed?? Because as far as i remember i can’t recall suspicious calls from the referees and if you remember just one please enlight us! Do you remember the team Argentina had back then?? It was a scary team, the players were legends and world class in almost every position! Fillol, Passarella, Tarantini, Bertoni, Ardilles, Villa, Houseman, Luque, Kempes, just to name a few.

    WC 86 was fixed too?? Allow me to tell you something about Argentina in this wc. Argentina, barring Maradona, may wasn’t as talented as the one of 78 but it was a well oiled mean machine! If you watch every single game Argentina played in this world cup you will realise that they had 100% control of every single game. For instance, against England, Maradona’s first goal was a handball, everyone knows that, but England could barely control the game, when Argentina was 2 goals ahead they took the foot from the pedal and when England scored, few mimutes later Argentina was hammering them and almost scored the third but the ball hit the post. The same happened in the final as well. Argentina was clearly the better team and when they scored the second goal they were playing with two gears down. When Germany equalised, Argentina immediately took control of the game and just after 3 minutes later they scored the third and finished the game. Argentina in that wc finished unbeaten and the only team that managed to look them straight in the eye was the defending champions back then Italy where the match ended a draw 1-1 in group stages.

    You talk about fixed games? What about the game between Brazil and Turkey in 2002 with a foul outside the penalty area was awarded a penalty for the Brazilians?? What about the game between Brazil and Belgium at the same wc in the round of 16 when Belgium’s goal was wrongly disallowed?? Belgium would had been leading the game, and if that goal would count, as it should have been, Brazil would may be out!

    I won’t discuss if the whole thing with Maradona in 94 was fixed or not. If someone knows, he knows!

    You talk about handballs?? At least Maradona tried to put his hand close to his head!! Do you remember Tulio’s handball against us in 95 copa america?? Yeah, Tulio the Brazilian! We were 2-1 ahead when Tulio control the ball with his hand in the penalty area, his hand was sretched and parallel to the ground in front of the referee! They equalised us with that goal which every objective football fan could realise that it was way too obvious that it should had never count and then we lost on penalties.

    Maradona’s handball and Tevez’s offside goal against Mexico in wc 2010 are the only wrong calls on our favour. If you remember another, please enlight us! On the other hand, if i start recalling wrong calls for Brazil favour, i will end up writing a book!!

    Copa americas were not important for Brazil?? What kind of utter rubbish comment is that?? Yeah, we saw how much they didn’t care from the last copa, as they became the first team ever to put var in jeopardy!! With that logic, do you know that Argentina refused to participate in wc 58 and wc 62?? We didn’t care either!!

    Sometimes the amount of rubbish comments in here, is really crossing the line!

    • Yes, it’s a game after all. Some decisions are going to go against of us and some in the favour of us. It happens.
      No one could have explained it better than you.
      Really enjoyed reading your thoughts.
      Last year Copa America semi final is the perfect example of that. With VAR we couldn’t get 2 clear penalties.

    • Waveride buddy, haven’t you learned anything, Csabalala has a tendency to talk out of his derier, hence there is no point in wasting time responding to some of his posts, especially when he is willing to insult Argentina’s entire footballing history to defend Messi, who in-turn plays for and loves Argentina and who chose Argentina ahead of Spain in part due to the albiceleste’s illustrious history.

  5. Lionel Messi is set to stay one more year at Barcelona. The board is a big ass. They are saying 700 mil or nothing. Messi’s request for a meeting has been refused. He made the mistake of not handing in the request in June. Now only way to leave is if he pays some of that 700 mil out of his pocket, basically buy out his contract. Now you understand and feel Gareth Bale is doing the right thing.

    • I hope he and all of his friend stay without a pay cut and jog in the field in match. make this team and board bankrupt because they deserve it.

    • Roumors. ManCity already told Bernando,Jesus and Riyad won’t be part of Messi’s deal. Garcia, Angelino and one more player may be. Plus the fee asking by Barcelona. There is a chance still…Messi can go free.
      I would like Lautaro in place of Jesus.

      • I think City might use Jesus in a swap deal + some cash for Lautaro. Inter targeted him as Lautaro replacement months ago in case he would leave for Barcelona, but there is no chance of that happening now, since Lautaro mainly wanted to go to Barcelona to play with Messi. Now they are both wanted by City, so a Jesus & Lautaro swap makes good sense!

  6. Maradona left Barca in 1984, 2 years later he won the World Cup 1986. Lionel Messi might leave Barcelona this year, FIFA world Cup is in 2 years (2022).

  7. Barca eyeing Dybala as la pulga replacement 😍😍
    Imagine Lautaro-Dybala at Barca and Kun-Messi at Man City🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😁😁

    • Don’t think Juventus sell Dybala or barca able to buy any player this summer, Barca don’t have money to buy lautaro that’s why musa dembele their alternative. Unrealistically Dybala to Barcelona.

  8. Leicester eyeing Tagliafico,would be a good addition. They r an exciting young team. Nico will surely develop under Rodgers. They r playing ucl too.

  9. As former Barca striker Samuel Eto’o told the Argentine media recently: “Barcelona is Messi and I think if Messi decides to leave, we’ll have to change the name of the club.”

    Barca sit on rank 7th before Messi come in 2002-2003, Kluivert was their top scorer during that era. Can’t imagine if Argentina N/T without Messi during this last 10 years, maybe we didn’t qualify for WC..

    • Sry bro before Messi argentina was 14 times Copa America champion, 2 times world champions and a confederation Cup winner.
      Messi is a great player but to say we wouldn’t have qualified for WCs in the last decade is incorrect.
      We would have played more as a team if not for Messi. But, I still don’t think we would have won anything without him but who knows.

      • WC78 was fixed, Wc86 hand of god, in today’s football its a red card for Maradona and a disallowed goal. Copa Americas really? Pele had never played in Copa Americas, that says all, how important was Copa back then. Our last wins in 91 and in 93, look at the squads, B and C teams, no Romario, Bebeto and all of brazilian superstars etc….not really competitive tournaments, and was never ever before that with the best players and strongest squads, never…only since 2011…imagine a european championship without the best players…

        • Before that Argentina have won Copa in 1959 man…in 1959…and ofc Pele played in one Copa America. In one Copa America, and 4 Wc’s the different of importance

        • If not hand of God…Still It’s a draw. How you know it would have been a lose. Especially when the world’s best goal came after hands of God goal.

        • 1978 was fixed..? So the whole game from first to final is fixed..?
          I agree there is some allegations.
          But what about Copa 2020..it was fixed for Brazil or not..? If you go back there are so many allegations in football history..!
          The history will not remember those allegations that much. But results will. You like it or not…Argentina won 2 WC. Many of Argentines played for Italy..that’s why they won in early stages. Argentina always produced world class players. Dont doubt that.

      • Not to mention football has improved a lot, and european players are much better in these standards…speed, physicality, stamina etc, imo south american teams will never win WC again, and not 4 european teams in semis is a big surprise too.

  10. According to recent reports AC Milan have targeted independiente’s fabricio bustos as their preferred left back in case they sell one of their defenders. Bustos is almost 24-25 years old with senior level experiences with la roja. So the plan is that if he is bought he will get a direct starting spot.
    I hope Milan work out this deal. It’s been long since bustos had made headlines in Europe. The last time we saw a similar rise was back in 2018, when he had a fantastic debut against Italy and later on a well committed performance against Spain, which immediately led him to get in the radars of top teams, even Bayern Munich.

    Lets hope it happens.

  11. Messi is a very genuine person if he has said that he is leaving then he really means it.Messi leaving is done deal otherwise he would have already come forward to clarify things.Messi to Man City best thing in football.Now i like Man city more than Barca

  12. “Messi’s future will have an influence because they are best friends,’ Balbi told TyC Sports via Goal.

    ‘There is a lot of brotherly love between them; they are inseparable, always together.”
    If it is true then Board should sell messi asap. This is so unprofessional behavior and putting the club in trouble and becoming a hurdle.

    • Milito, Pinto, Mascherano, Neymar, were all Messi’s friend. Messi left with them..?
      Messi has already problems with management..and also he knows.. Barcelona has gone from top players in every position to almost no top players (currently they become just names like Busquets, Pique, Alba, Saurez, ) in any position. If he wish to perform at highest level for some more years…he should move..be motivated…and win something outside Barcelona.

  13. What do u think guys, Will Messi step out of CAMP NOU? The fans are trying very hard to persuade him, but i want Messi out of Barca, as i’m pretty sure Barca would go trophy less even for another season and that would indeed hurt Leo’s legacy.
    Leo being their biggest sporting icon, but they didn’t even bother to help him to recruit a single Argentine who could develop chemistry with him that would facilitate the chance of winning NT trophy,But they didn’t cared about him ?
    It would be stupid, if the NT didn’t possess any world class talents, but they recruited mediocre Brazilians like Malcom, Rafinha and Paulinho (except for Ney and Dani). Its over anjd both parties need to part for their good sake.

    • Reports are now saying that Bartomeu wants to meet Messi face to face to convince him to stay. He is willing to step down as Barcelona president if Messi publicly announces that he will stay at the club. Apparently Messi didn’t answer his phone call and doesn’t want to meet. I don’t believe it will happen

    • That’s not good. Messi should leave… whether Bartemou leaves or not. No trophy for Messi in coming years if he continues in Barcelona.
      Trophy or not try somewhere and get self motivated and win something outside Barcelona…and then with Argentina.

  14. Atletico have signed 21 year old Defender Mariano Gomez from Union (60%). Wonder if he is moving rite away or will stay at Union for now.
    Newly promoted Elche have appointed Argentine Almiron as their new coach. His first signing is Argentine striker Leandro Fernandez.
    Newly promoted Cadiz have signed Argentine GK Ledesma from Central.
    Atalanta negotiating transfer for Pedro de La Vega.
    Sevilla interested in Quarta Martinez and 17 year old Carlos Alcarez from Racing.

  15. Bielsa creates hypes about Argentine talents and end up bidding £30M on Ben White and also purchased Rodrigo Moreno.
    Ben White’s bid was justified to some extent given that he is used to Bielsa’s system.
    But Rodrigo??🙄

    Good Luck Bielsa👏👍

  16. Ben Chilwell- another overrated and overpiced EPL defender.
    €50M for that brat,WTF!
    Tagliafico at half his price was a no brainer.
    Tagliafico is better than Ben at both attacking and defending,and Chilwell is also not fast .
    God knows why did Chelsea take such a mad decision🙄🙄

    • That’s always the case with english players, they are overrated and overpriced, that’s why you rarely see any english player outside of the EPL.
      I would love to see Tagliafico at Napoli, although at Barca (if rumors at true) he’d play CL.

    • Chiwil is just 23 plus EPL experience, in long term perspective Chelsea did excellent business

      • 50M is not a good bussiness in the present Corona situation,when u r getting a player at his prime like Tagliafico. Chelsea lacks experience in defence,thats why they sucks. They r mad ,they should have went after tagliafico eyes closed

        • Chelsea club is bit different where they age 30 is retiring time, whereas Tagliafico is already 27 so they went for chillwell. It is better for Tagliafico also to go to some other club where he can stay for 6 to 7 years and cement his legacy.

  17. As much as I’d like to see De Paul and Paredes at the same team I truly doubt Juve can afford both, not unless they get rid of ALOT of dead weight (Ramsey, Khadira etc….). Also, after proving his worth, I think Paredes is more determined than ever to fight for a spot at PSG and Paris, having spent over 45 mill on him and seeing him step up, aren’t gonna let him go for cheap.
    The best we can hope for is seeing one of them recruited by Juve (hopefully De Paul). Another thing I’m hoping would happen is C.Romero going to Atalanta if the rumors are true because I think that would ideal for the kid.

    • I agreed with you, Psg won’t let him go for cheap especially after his late performances in crucial matches and not either unless a proper penny comes to the table. We have seen that side of Psg a lot, they have been a money locker evee since that towel- wrapped oilman took over them as their investor.
      The only way possible is if juve sell the oldies and place a proper offer or offer with player. And I think they should try to get him. He is in his prime and the best is yet to come. Pirlo must have seen something in him that would help juve’s midfield or else he wouldn’t be here, eating the headlines.
      On the other hand I saw Romero train with juventus’s squad for the first time. It was great. I thought he was going to be loaned out again, but at least not for now. Yes, I heard Atalanta wants to make of him and personally I think it would be blessing. Atalanta are challenging the bests and they’re also in CL. So he is getting all, to develop himself for top level games. But I hope pirlo do give him some games to prove himself if he could challenge the established back lines.

      • Paredes’s style fits serie A like a glove that’s why he did so well at Empoli and Roma, but I think Tuchel now sees his value and he has a legit chance to fight for a starting place at PSG.
        Romero is a superb defender (in whoscored’s U21 team of the season) and he has the making of a world class CB. Infact he’s more than good enough to play for the NT and not just the olympic team. With all that being said, he doesn’t have a chance in hell of playing for Juve because of chiellini, Bonucci and Deligt all vying for a place even though the former 2 should be thinking about retiring and I honestly think Romero is every bit as good as De ligt, infact I think they’d make a lethal pair because they complement each other well.
        Atalanta and Romero would be the perfect scenario and I truly hope it happens.

        • Yeah that’s true and you almost forgot about demiral who’s also a really great CB in the making. In fact he was even playing regularly for juve before getting injured so it’s really difficult for Romero to break in ahead of these CBs, but the real deal is even if Romero impresses pirlo that won’t guarantee him a spot in the starting 11. It’s all planned and the order is pretty distributed, which means he will have to settle for 3rd and 4th spot. And then again they have rugani who’s goona fight too.
          So Romero should seek Atalanta and I believe it will pay off heavily. We can’t forget that Argentines are cult heroes in any club they play for. Those swiny bananas may play in bigger team and may have fan following but Argentines are simply a real physical entity of what a hero actually means.
          Be it aguero, Messi, mascherano, papu, dybala, ocampos or even as lately as de Paul and musso.
          A hero is made when everything goes against him.

          Oops I forgot…….EMI Martinez.

  18. Leeds United and Atalanta are showing strong interest in acquiring Pedro de la Vega. But Leeds interests in Argentines has so far been a complete hoax. These guys have only showed interest and had brought money to the blog writers and a false sense of excitement to us, the albiceleste fans. But no major action has been taken till now, a complete BS.
    I hope Atalanta seals the move, Italy is way better.

    • I knew it was all just bull****. Biesla has never shown tendency to recruit Argentinean players and I don’t see a reason why he would start now. The only Argentine with any hope of getting recruited is Buendia and only because he already has experience in the BPL.

    • I just hope he gets enough playing time at Juventus. Then again he is gaining his spot in PSG and if Juventus offload some older players I think he definitely stands a chance. He will not only get CL football but play in a much better league.

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