Gonzalo Escalante starting season with Lazio after joining from Eibar


Gonzalo Escalante will be starting the season with his new club Lazio.

After having signed with them back in January, the 27 year old midfielder joins them from La Liga club Eibar. He put pen to paper on a four year deal after having spent five seasons in Spain.

This would be Escalante’s second stint in Spain after having previously played for Catania.


  1. Covid XI would do well in CL. Too many Argentines are positive, think 14 more from Boca recently announced.


    Neymar – Dybala – Di Maria

    Pogba – Paredes – Pjanic

    Marquinhos – Umtiti – Garay


    Total list
    Manager – Arteta
    Hudson Odoi
    Di Maria

  2. Bench warmer & farmer Kai Havertz most overrated player in the world after farmer Icardi. Can’t even bench farmer Draxler. Neuer too scared to play against Spain. Werner 0 ball control and misses almost every big chance on goal. Choker Joachim Löw is too busy picking his nose, eating his boogers and smelling his own butthole instead of making a good plan for his team. “I LOVE GERMANY NATIONAL TEAM”
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    This is you Romance King. Imagine reading this childish brainless bullshit every single day

    • German C team vs Spain full strength, if Sane and Werner played full 90 min easily scored more, Havertz and Brand wasn’t available. Low is world cup wining coach, choker term suited for Holland only. Bayern Munich players were rested for International duties, Neuer or Tar Stegen in goal easily made difference

      • Wow you really are blinded by your own stupidity aren’t you? Instead of realizing the pure irony of that VERY accurately describes your existence on this forum, you jump straight to being defensive over the players/manager I mentioned?? Have you absolutely no self awareness?

    • i want to add that German farmers are far worse than France farmers and as about English farmers are worse than all.

      Bayern Munich players should all be tested for drugs because they run like machines.
      sure they take drugs. it is not normal.

      Argentina have nucklear championship and German farmers eatting our dust.
      RIVER PLATE can beat bayern easy if german farmers make drug test first before the match.

      last i have to say that Wanda is a slut.

  3. Leno is on bench when Neuer was rested and Tar Stegen is injured. If Trap stated ahead of Leno then Emi Martinez should fight for his spot in Arsenal instead of leaving. Argentina no1 must have ability to at least bench Germany 4th choice GK

    • 1. Alario. Chimy is coming out of injuries and needs to re-establish himself. Also Alario brings different qualities as 3rd striker than lautaro and aguero, but not so different with chimy.
      2. De Paul. Midfield continuity of DePaul, LoCelso and Parades very important to continue now.
      3. Musso. Udinese play in much lower set block similar to Scaloni set up so easier transition. Emi need more time to observe.

    • I read a 2-year loan with option to buy which becomes an obligation after a certain amount of matches. 23-25M.

      Hope to see him develop well under Gasparini. Would prefer to see him in a 4-man defence rather than Atalanta’s 3-man backline to be better prepared for NT but his development and continuity is more important.

  4. Barca want to keep Messi or they want money?
    If they let Messi transfer now, may be they will receive a minimum of 100 million dollars.
    If Messi stays, he wont renew, he will stay one more year and leave Barca fo free..!

    Now news coming out that, Messi’s camp says he will stay for one more year at Barca(may be a tactics to pressure Barca).

    Barca has to decide now. I think its better for them to cash in for rebuild, also its better for Messi to try somewhere outside Barca and get plenty of cash..!!

    • If he stays one year there is a high probability he might play a few years and move to MLS or Newells. Definitely situation might improve there, after selling a few seniors and bedridden umititi. Dembele and coutinho have 1 chance maybe.

  5. @Rohandip Samantha el Redondo
    What you mention is something that is become common in modern international football now. Many of us that’s why say its better to have average players from same team rather than superstars from different teams because they have no chemistry and meeting for 5-6 days every two or three months is never enough to develop understanding.

    2014 germany was all Bayern (neuer, boateng, schweinsteiger, kroos, lahm, mueller), 2010 Spain was all Barcelona (Puyol,pique, Xavi,iniesta, Pedro, busquets), 2006 Italy was built around famous gattuso/pirlo milan connection in central midfield in front of a juventus wall of buffon, cannavaro, zambrota,camaronesi.
    If you cannot build like this you have to take france 2018 approach – good players from everywhere but most important use a defense first approach with a tactical careful football.

    Unfortunately here many people scream farmer this or shit club that while expecting to take stars from anywhere and at the same time expecting the coach to get magic 5 goal performances every single game. You can see for yourself, our most practical starting XI – is there any commonality between players, one is barca, one is city, inter, spurs, udinese, psg, Ajax, juve etc. there is no common bond. But look at great modern world cup winning squads and see their commonality. The last time a team won with (a) stars from all over world (b) also played exciting football was 2002 brazil actually. For argentina its hard to say but Scolari did a special job then.

    International football is different game now. Either choose to take team built around local lads who have strong understanding or build a pragmatic careful defense first squad of experienced veterans. Taking star from juve, city, barca whatever and expecting high press, advance full back, wide winger game is dream of playstation playing club football watching kids.

    • France 2018 world cup had full of superstars Pogba from Manchester, Loris from Spurs, Kante from Chelsea, Griezmann from Atletico, Varane from Real Madrid, Umtiti from Barcelona, Mbappe from PSG but they won World Cup. In 2014 or 2010 world cup maximum player are from same team but they are top clubs competing in Champion league. An article in British media mentioned world cup wining team has maximum number of footballer playing champion league football. If playing in same club with farmers are enough then Venezuela could have won world cup.

      • You have missed the point. As I mention if you choose stars from different places like france 2018 then you choose a very limited style of play which Deschamps did in order to not overload chemistry.
        Not sure what Guardian is referring to but Champions league has nothing to do with international football. Did the guardian article say which clubs shared common players? If not it is missing the point. The data is clear – WC Germany 2014 (bayern), WC Spain 2010 (barca), WC Italy 2006(juve/milan), Euro Portugal 2016 (sporting/southamptom), Euro Spain 2012(barca) etc.

        And by the way, even venezuela also does not have any players who belong to same club – they are spread all over latin america, north america and europe.

    • Thank You for saying it El Mongol. Everyone is worried here about clubs. This is Mundoalbiceleste. We dont care about clubs here, or which league is stronger. If we have few Argentines playing together in Dutch league that will help our national team. Instead of one superstar playing in Manchester City in Premier League. I really dont care about anything else beside the National team. Yes i ll be Happy to see Messi-Aguero in Mancity but its a bit too late. One of these player may not play in WC 2022 even if they do they wont be in their prime. I would love to see Latauro Play with Messi. Or Ocampos. Hope Man City buys some more Argentines. We need combintion that plays together on a regular basis.

      • Messi still play his best in 2022, as of now Aguero playing his best football. It’s interesting to see sustain till 2022 or not. Champion league football experience is outmost important in order to win world cup. In 21st century all world cup wining team has maximum number of champion league footballer

  6. Lets hope for the unthinkable, messi’s dad convincing him to go back to Argentina and play for Newell’s old boys. That would be great. The reputation of the primera division will shoot up within mins and you will see cashes raining down everywhere.

    I know it’s a joke……..but why not put a bet on to it?
    If it happens it will be good for us……..Argentines.

    • Only farmers are playing outside top 4 league in Europe, your jokes is the insult of the goat of football

      • It might be an insult for you but not for me because if Messi comes back to Argentina, the Argentine league will prosper and get huge recognition around the world. Remember that Messi himself is a brand so wherever he goes he brings a continent full of industry with him.
        Now you are logical that why he wanna move to Argentina when he still have 2-3 years of top class football left in him, so your fact is legal. I won’t drown that but if, through miracles, Messi comes to Argentina he will change the face of the league, the revenues will get high and not only it will bring ratings to the league but trucks of cash which, if used honestly, would yield our infrastructure and facilities.

        I mean a total economic U-turn for Argentina football. Yeah but I know it’s very difficult.

      • To call ligue 1 farmers league is an insult. They produce loads of talent,but unfortunately every player leave their club too soon

        • Argentina and Brazil league also produce lot of talent but it doesn’t define league quality. Fench league is for farmers

  7. Good news is Kevin Volland left Bayer Leverkusen for AS Monaco. Kai Havertz as well. This means that a lot of space has opened up for Alario. That is unless they sign Patrick Schlick, which is stupid considering they have Alario. Either way hopefully he gets a few more minutes.

      • Alario will be selected ahead of Icardi anytime for Argentina.
        I dont see Icardi breaking into the team in near future unless many of our forwards injured.
        Scaloni’s choice will be from this 10 players..!

        Nicolas Gonzalez

        For WC, we have more than enough talents in forward position. No chance for Icardi.

    • I dont think Bayern Leverkusen trusts Alario. He is wasting time in the club. He should plan to get out of Germany if he is serious on NT . Other than David Abraham i dont think any Argentine in Germany had a good long run. Even Ascacibar is fighting for starting spot in Hertha Berlin. Nico is now a Vfb Stuggart star with last season division 2 success , lets see how that continues in Bundesliga . Stuggart relatively is better for Argentines – Insua , Ascacibar also did pretty well 2 seasons back.

    • Until that coach remains there…Alario and Palacios will be overlooked.
      Same thing happened for LoCeslo in PSG.
      Go to an Italian or Spanish clubs. Sure hes going to surprise us.

  8. Escalante is actually a pretty decent player, he plays DM but he has an eye for goal and likes to go forward and I could see him as box to box. I could see him breaking into Lazio’s first 11 if the coach is willing to give him a shot. Best of luck to him.

      • 22 year RB from Boca Juniors youth squad but he was loaned to Rosario last two season. I think they preferred to not renew his contract and instead keep Marcelo Weigandt.

    • This is good news. Atleast 1 of our fullback gets a deal for now. Lets see if he can make it count & target a U23 starting spot in Olympics . Saravia also regaining confidence at Brazil league with Internacional. Just hoping Montiel gets his Europe break now ..West Ham interest has gone cold . Also LB Jonathan Silva shld find a Division 1 club as Leganes is relagated.

  9. Meeting between Messi’s father and Barcelona went no where and I see it going to court or Messi to sit out the rest of the season and tell Barcelona F YOU because I don’t see him playing for them especially now.

      • I dislike Barcelona. It’s a club of big history but of little minds. Wouldn’t watch them if it weren’t for Messi. Makes me happy to see every single one of Abidal’s french signings failing. Would’ve had a better outcome if he had pursued a couple of decent Argentines or even anything else.

        • This is exactly what I been bursting my throat for, the national favouritism policy which is existent in almost all of the top teams in football today. You see, Barca are now trying to get van de beek, winjnaldum and even pimp depay into their squad. It’s disgusting, Barca are done for sure. These guys are busy making clubs into “National team training and chemistry coaching centre” and that’s how it’s been going so far.

    • Barcelona board know that he’s gone. They are just playing hardball to increase the price tag and to make it look like they’re doing everything they can to keep him and that Messi is the bad one for refusing to stay..

      As I understand it:

      1. 20/21 season was always optional in his contract. He no longer has obligations for Barca, he’s a free agent. The €700m release clause doesn’t apply anymore, but Barto is still throwing that number around.

      2. Messi wants a friendly exit and not bring it to court. He technically should be able to leave for free but wants to negotiate.

      3. Either an agreement between Barca and Man City is made, or it will go to court. The court then evaluates the price based on remaining time on contract (9 months), age (33) and value of ability. Will most likely be significantly less than what they’d make from negotiating.

      From a business point-of-view, it’s in Barca’s and the board’s own interest to sell him. If the club is in debt when the board steps down in March next year, they have to pay out of their own pockets. Selling Messi for ~€100m and not paying his salary (another €100m) gives them a good opportunity to rebuild the team which they desperately need. If they keep him they instead spend that €100m to keep Messi unhappy for 9 months and then he leaves for free. Pretty stupid right?

  10. Barcelona will never buy Argentinians after Messi goes. At least not until the board changes and la masia gets a total purge in its philosophy.

    It’s very difficult ( the case of lautaro Martinez was only ignited because of him being a compatriot of Messi in NT and also to make him happy, and maybe for some reason to replace Suarez.)

      • I hope real sign dybala bcoz bale in not playing for them and that position is still open for challenge. This would also benefit arge as well as dybala to achieve his true potential.

        • Sorry to say mate but dybala is going nowhere. Juve won’t let him go so easily and even if he does, he will definitely choose Barca over madrid.
          Why? See how isco and James Rodriguez were destroyed by Zidane. Real Madrid’s philosophy is a lot different than Barca. They traditionally have never relied on no10s creativity unlike Barca, who’s won a worldwide reputation through it.
          Dybala, ozil, isco and James are the kind of players who you have to build your team around and it is totally opposite to real’s tactical game.
          So it’s a complete no

          • If messi leaves then Barcelona desperately bring an Argentina player even farmer otherwise barca lose viewership as well as broadcast TRP in Argentina. Almost similar situation happened when Neymar left and Barcelona didn’t have any Brazilian then they desperately went to sign Brazilian and brought worst Paulino from China.

    • Chimy Avila is the perfect Argentine for them to buy now. Coming off injury he will be cheap and it will elevate his status and if he gives enough good performances can enter la seleccion considerations. Anybody else (lautaro, tagliafico, messi etc) would just ruin their career playing at barca now.

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