Cristian Romero to join Atalanta on loan from Juventus


Cristian Romero is set to join Atalanta on loan from Juventus.

Per a report by Fabrizio Romano, an agreement has been reached for Romero to go on loan with an option to buy. The 22 year old center back signed with Juventus last year but went out on loan to Genoa.


  1. Palacios has scored his first goal for Leverkusen in a friendly today against anderlecht. Him and alario were starters. I haven’t seen his goal tho, and I’d like to see it, so if anyone has any link of a video showing the goal then pls put it here.

  2. ” Los Mossos are investigating Bartomeu for alleged personal financial gains for his role in the scandal known as ‘Barçagate’, where it was said that the club hired a third party called I3 Ventures to damage the reputation of current players and other club legends on social media.”

    This is what bartemeou was cooking behind the Barca office for years, stashing trucks of cashes inside his pocket and paying it to mafias just to destroy the club’s reputation.
    Wow…….if I’m not wrong someone here even said something like this a few weeks ago.
    The idiot should be jailed, there’s literally no other kind of offensive treatment he should expect to receive other than seeing himself grinding rocks behind the bar.
    He deserves that.

  3. TyC Sports are reporting that Messi has decided to stay one more year at Barcelona, in order to avoid going to court and possibly bring problems to his next club.

    • This is all rubbish what I believe.
      Barca want to sell him…but they want to show the fans we tried every possible way to keep him but still he refused. He’s in fault not us. If he stays it’s going to be bad news for board. They are in financial trouble already. They want money.

  4. Man i really want to see Bielsa making 2 transfers involving argentines.
    I dont want De Paul,Gonzalez or Almada to go to leeds. De Paul deserves better,Almada will find it difficult in Bielsa’s intense system and Nico Gonzalez should continue his growth. The 2 TRANSFERS i want to happen is of MARCOS SENESI and MARTINEZ QUARTA. Having 2 Argentine CBs in the same club will immensely help the NT,believe me,it will help us immensely. CB pairing and Chemistry is of utmost importance,and playing 12 months side by side will boost their chemistry for sure. See Bonucci Chiellini.

    Quarta cant afford to stay more in Argentina,he is 24. Otherwise it will be too late. If this transfer happens,i can see this too breaking into NT and replacing USELESS OTAMENDI and AVERAGE Pezzela. Both are talented AF,they can light up the PL by their solid defense.

    Lets hope for the best!

    • Dont think its a good idea, Leeds will probably concede more than 60 goals, and fight against the relegation, a CB pair like this will lose their whole confidence in such a small team. Look at Norwich with a great revisionary german coach and with good players wanted by big clubs…Buendia, Lewis, Cantwell etc or Aston Villa, Leeds wont be much better, 2 or 3 good players wont make big differences., Romero, Senesi or Quarta have to play in better clubs who mainly win. Sevilla (interested in Quarta), Atalanta (Romero) and Napoli (Senesi) are much better options as next step.
      Buendia is the perfect fit in Leeds btw.

      • As Bielsa is Argentine, he wants to go for two Argentine CB pair? Just to make Argentina NT stronger?
        Its not going to happen.
        May be Foyth. They like Foyth.
        Its better for attacking players under Bielsa. Nicolas and DePaul can shine in Bielsa system.

      • Yes, Quarta to Sevilla would be great as Senesi to Napoli, really fingers crossed for those two to actually happen. Romero to Atalanta practically done, also a good move for him. Totally agree on Buendia to Leeds too. Maybe Foyth as well. At this point it’ better for Foyth to be playing somewhere at least rather than not playing at all. I don’t think Mourinho is going to give him a lot of minutes.

  5. Some says Messi cant score lot of goals in Premier League…!
    I would say most difficult league to score in top4 league is, Spanish and German leagues.
    Scoring in Premier league and Italian league is easier than other2.
    I am sure Messi can score 30+ goals in ManCity. Eventhough teamates are new for him.

    • Well,PL is the most difficult league to score ……among the top 5 it has the fewest goals per match….u will see that hardly the top goal scorer scores 25+ goals

      I dont think that the fact will affect Messi’s goal scoring ratio though. Having the likes of Sterling KDB Foden Silva Kun will surely help him

      • Number of Players who scored more than 15 goals in top4 league last season.
        12 players in Premier league.
        10 players in Italian league.
        5 players in German league.
        5 players in Spanish league.

        • Pl also have the most amount of quality goal scoring forwards… la liga its only Benzema Messi Gerard Moreno and Ocampos(cant consider Suarez,sorry ,he sucks against big teams)
          Pl has Aubameyang Vardy Aguero Rashford Kane Son Salah Mane Martial Sterling (Jesus?)

          • Nobody is near Messi’s level.
            If Aguero, Kane, Salah, Sterling can score goals in PL…its going to be easy for Messi.

            Messi will surely break records after records in PL.
            Top scorer of the season
            Top assists of the season
            Most hattrick in a season
            Fastest 50
            And so on.
            In Premier League… his late career…!

  6. so……

    Balerdi to Marsailles

    Escalante to Lazio

    C.Romero to Atalanta

    GOOD STUFF!!!! Those are some superb transfers (on the face of things atleast) and something tells me that those moves are gonna work out.
    All that’s left is for Buendia and De Paul to make their moves.
    I don’t want to see De Paul at Leeds because frankly they’re way beneath him, he should be at a CL club like Juve or Atalanta or Lazio or Inter or Sevilla etc…. or ATLEAST a club like Milan or Napoli that have shown real progress and stand a good chance of making the CL this season.
    Buendia is way too talented for the 2nd division and I would like to see him at Leeds where he can develop further and then move to the biggest clubs in the EPL because he has the talent.

  7. I think emi buendiea is more better than roberto pereyra..Emi buendiea deserves national team Jersey over roberto another opinion is, I blive that otamendi is a world class cb but now he is over 30. I think others should be given a chance here. So that they do something better in the future.Nehuen perez,cristiano romero,balardi,sensi and so many option is available now.

  8. I am looking forward to see how he progress.
    Balerdi also to get more playing time this season.
    Senesi and Nehuen progressing well.
    Foyth should go immediately to a club he can play regularly.

  9. I think this is a great move, apart the fact they play a 3 man back line. Regardless, Atalanta have needed a new center back for a while. It is probably their weakest position. This is important because it means they NEED him and will give him minutes. Even better, he will play CL which will be great exposure for him. If he plays well in CL and serie A Juventus will notice him more. Bonucci and Chiellini are older and De Ligt can’t replace the both of them.

  10. I’m only interested in Barco to Sevilla and let’s see fraud Bielsa bring any Argentine like Foyth Montiel or not

      • Ok, because he would need a work permit and he is still a minor. Another year to progress in Argentina would be good before Europe. In theory Man City would be good because of Pep but given their wingers there is no way he will find the starting line up for years. I would prefer a smaller club in the top 4 where he can be the star player and shine in order to seal a big move.

  11. Wonderful ! Atlanta will be in CL next season and in good form, indeed a great move and for his career, wish Romero a successful season with plenty of playing time

  12. Rulli seems to have sealed Villareal move on loan. I think good move bcos their GK Asenjo is injury prone . There will be enough games with Europa qualification & Rulli has the quality to displace Asenjo. Unai Emery is a coach who can get Villlareal go high this time.

  13. Great move. From Genoa to Atalanta & still in Juventus books. If only he can reduce his cards , he can be a great option for NT. He will also need a ball playing CB partner as he is poor in ball progression. For now Pezella still ahead of him for Right CB. I guess Romero/ Nuhen Perez/ Lucas Martinez Quarta /Juan Foyth will overtake Pezella in future for that spot. I would bet on Foyth for future CB at right
    Marcos Senesi in Napoli radar if Koulibaly moves. If that happens it will be a fantastic move for him as he is hardly 1 year in Europe

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