Lionel Messi confirms Barcelona stay, states he wanted to leave, full statement


Lionel Messi has confirmed that he will be staying at Barcelona in an interview which was released on Friday.

Messi has been in the news for about a week as rumors started circulating that the Argentine legend wants out of the club. Per a video statement by Messi with Goal, he confirmed that he does want out of the club but he would be staying. Here’s a transcript courtesy of Barca Universal.

“I wasn’t happy, I wanted to leave. I have not been allowed and I will stay at the club to not get into a legal dispute. The management of the club led by Bartomeu is a disaster.

“I would never take the club of my life to court. That is why I’m staying. I will continue at at Barcelona and my attitude will not change, no matter how much I have wanted to leave.

The truth is that there is no project at this club. They just plug holes as and when things happen. I would never go for a war against the club of my life. That’s why I’m staying.

“I have been telling Bartomeu all year that I want to leave. I told to the club, to the president in particular, that I wanted to leave. They know this since the start of the past season. I told them during all last 12 months. But I will stay here because I don’t want to start a legal war.”

“I believed that the club needed new and young players, and I believed my time here was over. I really felt very sorry because I always said that I wanted to end my career here. It was a difficult year. I suffered a lot in training and matches and in the dressing room.

“When I told my family that I wanted to leave Barcelona, everyone started crying. Thiago was crying because he did not want to leave. I kept telling him that it is very difficult. I love Barcelona and I’m not going to find a better place than here anywhere. Still, I have the right to decide. I was going to look for new goals and new challenges. And tomorrow I could go back, because here in Barcelona I have everything.

“The truth is that I decided to stay because I put this club before everything else. Bartomeu always told me that I can decide my future at the end of each season. But he hasn’t kept his word. Now he’s saying I had to communicate it by 10th June. At that time, we were still competing for La Liga, in the middle of a pandemic.

“Barça gave me everything and I gave it everything. I know that it never crossed my mind to take Barça to court. My son, my family, they grew up here and are from here. There was nothing wrong with wanting to leave. I needed it, the club needed it and it was good for everyone. My wife, with all the pain of her soul, supported and accompanied me.

“Everybody knows that I can make more money elsewhere, but money is not my goal. It hurt me when my love for this club was questioned. My love for Barca will never change. I feel hurt by things that I heard from people, from journalism, from people questioning my love for my club. It also helped me to see who is who. There are many very false people. It doesn’t matter when I leave or for how long I stay; my love for Barça is everlasting.

“The decision I had made was very difficult, but it wasn’t a result of the match against Bayern. There were many factors. I said before that I want to retire here, but there is no project to win titles and trophies.”


  1. “thank Genoa, who brought me to Italy from Argentina. I am still young and my objective is to reach the Argentina international team,” added the 22-year-old.

    “I believe that I can achieve that by playing for Atalanta. Playing in the Champions League is a dream for me, I’d only ever watched those games on TV.”

    Hope so my humble opinion he deserves-
    To be the nt.

  2. Let’s stop pretending as if the Spanish national team came from nowhere and suddenly became a force in 2008-2013. Guys like Xavi, Puyol and Iniesta have been around before Pep Guardiola took over at Barcelona. Moreover, if you took Messi out of Pep Guardiola Barcelona team, Frank Rijkaard had an overall better Barcelona team. Pep inherited a strong Barcelona program from Rijkaard/ the Barcelona board. People make it seems as if when Pep came in Barcelona was at the bottom. Puyol, Xavi and Iniesta (mostly sub appearance) all played under Rijkaard and then there was Messi who made his debut in that same era where he scored hat trick against Real Madrid at age 19 years old. So Pep Guardiola inherited is five most influential players from Rijkaard; Puyol, Samuel Eto, Xavi, Iniesta and Messi (going by age). What Pep did was brought up players like Busquet and Pedro from La Masia into the Barcelona senior team. Soon after Pep took over Barcelona the club bought Dani Alves from Sevilla and Mascherano was later purchase from Liverpool. Put all this puzzle together and Pep had himself a formidable Barcelona team. Make no mistake, Barcelona under Pep would have never been as successful without Messi. Would Barcelona be able to win a title here or there? Yes of course, but it takes Messi on your team to have the kind of success Barcelona had under Pep Guardiola including humiliating Real Madrid at the Bernabeu 6-2.

    Barcelona La Masia which produce players like Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Pyuol, Fabregas, Busquet, Pedro etc. is a once in a generation phenomenon. We haven’t seen any sustainable quality youth players coming out of La Masia since. The likes of Tello, Bartra, Alcantar, Bojan etc. were all supposed to be the next big La Masia players and it didn’t happen. Ansu Fati seems to be the first real promising La Masia player who will reach the heights of the same program which Messi, Xavi and Iniesta came from.

    As for national team, at the 2006 World Cup, Spain had players like Iker Casillas, Carles Puyol, Raúl, Xavi, Fernando Torres, Andrés Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Sergio Ramos, Cesc Fàbregas, David Villa, Pepe Reina and Marcos Senna. Senna and Raul were the only two players from the list that didn’t took part at the 2010 world cup. Sergio Busquets, Pique, Pedro and Victor Valdes were the only Pep Guardiola La Masia Barcelona players on the 2010 Spanish national World Cup winning team. You had players like David Silva and Juan Mata who were Valencia players and Sevilla Jesus Navas. In 2006 Spain was a highly rated national team and was easily one of the top favorites heading into the World Cup. France defeating Spain was an upset at the time because most people had Spain making it to the final. It was Zidane who made the difference in the game between Spain and France. So Spain 2008 Euro Champs success and 2010 world cup champ’s success was rooted in continuity, Pep Barcelona influence, youth development and the Royal Spanish Football Federation implementing a one size fits all style of play across all of Spanish football leagues.

    splendor.2839 made some good points, tough criticism is also good. Your parents punishing you doesn’t mean they hate you. The Argentina national team and brand have decline because the current youth teams haven’t been successful like past Argentina U20 youth generation. You need to take a hard look at this. I mean, the top clubs across Europe just don’t like the current playing style of Argentine players especially the midfielders and defenders, so something is not right here. For example, if Argentina had won the last U20 World Cup, Adolf Gaich and Barco (who would have been name player of the tournament) and a couple others of their team mates would be at some of the biggest European clubs right now. At the 2019 Youth World Cup all the players were proving splendor.2839 point of passing the ball backwards and sideways with no forward run penetration. And we later saw this again at the U17 Youth World Cup. If nothing changes the only clubs that will be interested in Argentina talents are your typical European mid-table/soon to be relegated clubs like Lavente, Leeds, Sassuolo, Stuttgart etc. Everyone ask what happen to Argentina football brand, well the youth teams were the brand, it was the source of marketing home grown talent. If you keep on failing and failing at youth level, then the big clubs won’t come knocking on the door, they’ll look for better options elsewhere.

    If the FIFA men’s Senior world cup was held today, a European team would surely win it without a doubt.

    If Pep had coach a European heavy weight (who has been going through hard times) like say AC Milan (or even Inter Milan) and bring success to them, I would definitely rate Pep highly as a coach. Pep had the easy route as a coach since he was at Barcelona. Barcelona/Bayern Munich/Oil City. Everything handed to Pep on a platter. Thankfully Messi didn’t go to Oil City a club that was founded yesterday and ruin is career, or make the EPL more overrated than it current is, or the English media comparing average EPL home grown players to Messi on a weekly basis. Mourinho always take the difficult task, even coaching at Spurs doesn’t guarantee him success but he took on the challenge. I doubt Pep would have coach Spurs or even the inconsistent Manchester United in their current form. Pep wanted Messi to give in UCL glory despite that’s what the big transfer push was about. The only league I wanted to see Messi play in is Serie A.

    Edit: Víctor Valdés started under Frank Rijkaard..

    • “proving splendor.2839 point of passing the ball backwards and sideways with no forward run penetration. And we later saw this again at the U17 Youth World Cup. If nothing changes the only clubs that will be interested in Argentina talents are your typical European mid-table/soon to be relegated clubs like Lavente, Leeds, Sassuolo, Stuttgart etc. Everyone ask what happen to Argentina football brand, well the youth teams were the brand, it was the source of marketing home grown talent. If you keep on failing and failing at youth level, then the big clubs won’t come knocking on the door, they’ll look for better options elsewhere.”

      No matter what you said mate
      Argentina will always produce talent after talent.People were saying Argentina are done.
      No hope without messi generation but matter of fact It’s getting even better now … watch out
      This is albicelestes one of the best proud nation in world football… plus you don’t know
      What Bernardo Romeo as Youth Coordinator doing behind the scenes.

      • I never said Argentina will stop producing talented football players..Who said Argentina was done? In terms of top players and world class pedigree, I’ll say this current Argentina national team is not there anymore if you excluded the few Messi generation players.

        The problem is not me, it’s those ESPN pundits and others who will be treating this current Argentina national team as a 3rd rated team going into future tournaments.

        I was always a big fan of Argentina youth teams so the downfall is obviously clear to me..A lot of countries are producing talents too not only Argentina, this is where the U20 World Cups came in handily. I mean, Davies from Bayern Munich is Canadian..When was the last time Argentina produce a 21 year old as talented as Davies? I’ll say 2007/2008 was the last time. I’m talking about World Class talent, not someone transferring to Leeds or Parma then hoping to get snatch up by a top four club across Europe big leagues.

        And Argentina was horrible at the recent Copa America..There was no positive to be taken from that tournament..You’re not going to defeat UCL pedigree national teams with players from local league and midtable European clubs. It’s just not going to happen, no matter how many times you write the word ”talent.”

        • Espn pundits are really fraud
          They always overhype European players Mostly English… another thing every nation Or football clubs have thier up downs.
          Yes arg nt was disarray recently
          But now under tapia leadership looks
          Really promising not only senior team but youth set up too.

        • Argentina always produced talent in forwards and will produce again and again. Only the question when Argentina produce world class GK like Alison or Full back Zenetti or Defender like Alaya. Post 2066-07 era Argentina produced World class player like Dybala, Icardi, Lautaro. Gaich is a farmer. ESPN pundits aren’t fraud, they were chameleon. A year ago before Flik took Bayern Munich side as interim manager they criticized Bayern and pochetinno taking over next summer. Also these ESPN guys put Lypzing for champion now they’re praising Bayern Munich best team in the world

        • Kidhult…ur opinionis 100% true. This Argentina team..all youngstar (accept 2,3) are just averag. Some are bellow averag.. If we compared to solid world class prodigy

        • He is recently appointed by tapia
          For him to run all the youth level from under 15 ,16,17 ,20 and Olympic level I mean under 23.
          He closely works with likes aimar palacent F batista. Afa are trying to reach European level.
          In terms training methods and
          education to bring more quality
          Youngsters in every position.
          it’s long term project.

    • Lautaro didn’t won U20 world cup but become Superstar. Football is a team game not individuals, Gaich is a farmer otherwise Inter or Atelitico brought him. Dybala and Icardi u20 generation also failed, same with musso. The funny part is Germany youth team always failed in U20 level but powerhouse in International football. U20 or u17 hardly matter but yes wining the tournament certainly boost the career of the squad because of hype but it won’t be the principal things to attract big cluns.

      • Germany youth teams take part in the Euro U21 tournaments..Germany won in 2017 against Spain and was runners up to Spain in 2019. So while U20 has elude Germany they have been doing well at U21 Euro tournaments recently. Serge Gnabry ( Bayern Munich) and Thilo Kehrer (PSG) won with Germany in 2017.

        I don’t think you understand football. U20 matters for players outside of the European Continent. Diego Maradona won the U20 World Cup in 1979..

        Lautaro is an exception but he is far from being a global superstar. Lautaro has to win something meaningful before making such a claim..In the Argentina national team Ayala was no better than Garay or Rojo.

        Dybala and Icardi haven’t live up to expectation.

        • Argentina also have won u20 championship in South America but that’s hardly matter. Even African team won u20, u17 tournament. Dybala won Sere A, Copa Italia, Champion league runner up, Sere A MVP. Icardi won League 1, Copa de France, Sere A MVP and Golden Boot. Both Icardi and Dybala entering their prime. If you have told Icardi Dybala don’t live up to expectations then only based on NT performance, at club level they performed well and world class player. Lautaro performed very good for NT and hottest striker in the transfer market, wining u20 tournament can’t win by individuals, the day wining tournament by individuals have gone even at u20 level also since 10’s. Argentina post 2007-08 generation produced 3 world class player Icardi, Dybala, Lautaro and none of them won u20 or u17, Gaich is a farmer admit it.

    • Is true that Argentina youth system has not be functioning well for sometime but that does not mean Argentina has not being producing well class talent. There is no Country on this Earth that produce more football talent than Argentina . Argentina talent pool will never ran dry. Dybala did not play youth tournament with Argentina. But still went on to became A Star. Pestore as well. One thing you all have fail to observe is that.. Argentina teenagers are always be plug from their home and their families at a very early age. Sometimes with no parents or legal guardian caring for them, when they are being taking to play in Europe. Example of such is Ever Banega.Messi was lucky to have left Argentina with his parents to Europe, else he will have fail considering his introvert nature. Lets me ask you guys how many Italian players or youth players do you often see playing in other countries, how many English youth players do you see even playing in Italy and Spain or France…. Argentina youth footballers are the best in the world… And they are second to none… Don’t ever look down on them….. Most of you here have not even try to leave away from home. Try that and see how difficult it is to leave away from your comfort zone. How much more trying to make a living thousands of miles away from your country.. You will miss your home and your friends.. Playing in your comfort zone is different from trying to be a star away from home. Always appreciate them and stop calling them farmers ….they are the best teenagers in the world. Let me ask you this Question. How many goals do you think Rasford, Greenwood, mbape,Marsha, and other notable European strikers will score When they are playing in Argentine league. Ciro immobile did not even succeed when he left his comfort zoon Italy to play in Germany and Spain.. He did not even score one goal.. He is considered a bad striker.. No!!!!!. But if he was Argentine.. The European sport analyst will call him a bad striker and a whole lots of names… So let’s all cherish our own…… A time is coming Argentina football will dominate world football and will win the world Cup for four consecutive tournament like how missi won the World best player consecutively when no Argentine have won the award for over two decades…. The time is coming my brothers ….so lets Appreciate our own

    • Agree that Pep inherited the strong team from Frank Rikjaard and lucky to have the golden generations, same thing with Bayern and City which already have a bunch of good players.

      Just another different point of view my bro ..

      However, you did not mention how Martino Tata was given the same chance but he missed it, only Luis Enrique make it. Management is not just a receiving the good platter but also how to manage, control and brings out from the stars and put it as one unit team. Pep dare to write off Ronaldinho, Deco or even Eto at their peak… which is hard for Barca management to write off likewise Suarez, Busquet and Alba at this moment. Well market is hard for buying new players as cash is limited nowadays. But in reality, Barca after the Pep and Enrique era cannot bring their potential young players, Ansu Fati, Frankie De Jong, Lenglet and Umtiti to deliver; De Jong is a star at Ajaz so do others.

  3. Football is no longer the game we used to watch in the past. Just read in a comment section for England Iceland match by an English fan “watching a newly painted wall drying gradually before the eyes should be more entertaining than watching England.” It’s been a very long time, I think Barcelona – Valencia with Messi scoring in a penalty at the dying seconds was the last end to end stuff, at least to my memory. We need to watch nearly 25 boring matches to finally get a good game. I think Germany Vs Turkey in Euro 2000 or 2004 qualifiers played an incredible fast paced game. The days of el classico (Barca-Real) are numbered in the sense once Messi Alba Pique Busqts Ramos Modric Marcelo leave (all are on the verge of exit ), classico n la Liga in general won’t be the same. Watched our team old highlights. Lucho Gonzalez.. what a player..we horribly miss a player like him. He combined the role of defensive midfielder (his real position) with link up play to the attackers with such a ease. The pain of 2006 is sometimes more than 2014. To end with a happy note, nice to see Messi staying at Barca. One club man..a title more worthier than another few champions League title..

  4. As far as I’m concerned about the development of Argentines in Europe, I think the Italian clubs, Sevilla and Ajax are the only destination for our youngsters right now. Especially Sevilla and Ajax, but more surprisingly Ajax to be honest. I was quite flabbergasted by Ajax’s sudden rise of interests in argentines. I never thought they would do so much but again I maybe wrong about their history. But I’m so happy to see our youngsters flourishing there. And their repeated interests in argentines lately. Kudos to ten- haag for his job.
    I hope they keep that flow and we all know how Ajax develop their youngsters. So it’s going to be exciting. We are goona see many players on their radar in the coming future.

    And about Sevilla……..I don’t think we need any kind of introduction. They have emerged to be one of the most successful industry in football world for extracting a player’s true potential. Only true club which has true records of making argentine talents into world beaters.
    I hope Sevilla keep carrying their traditions and hopefully we will see more stars in the post-messi era.

    • Of all clubs it’s great that Ajax is looking at Argentinians, because they are renowned for their youth academy. Rather than a club like Real Madrid who would leave our players in the bench.

  5. Till when does his contract gets finished? May 2021?I just hope somehow his family can cope with the situation. But it’s understandable his Kids wanna stay in Barca only.

    Or else he may have to go and play in another club but his family stays in Barca. It will be an emotional decision.(Staying away from the family hurts which in turn will effect his performance) One thing he may can do is take his family to where he intents to go and play and make them familiarize with the place.

    Whatever way, I don’t want him stay in Barca after this year. They have shown their true colors. The fans and the board. Messi don’t owe them anything. He has already given them all he have.

    Hopefully he preserves himself this year by even playing less for Barca.Because 2021 is gonna be a hectic year for the NT. Qualifiers and Copa all will be there. So for Messi this may be a blessing in disguise. Sit out of some matches, say 10 league matches.

    • @Mik everything u said is right….but could not relate when u said that the fans have shown their true colours. They were the ones who supported him,and despite being a barca fan,they wanted Messi to leave this shithousery and lead a happy life!!!!!!

      • Many fans supported the board and opposed Messi saying he’s not legend. He doesn’t love club etc. They were telling he’s a coward leaving club when hes needed the most after the humiliation.

        • no barca fan supported the board,literally no body. Those who called Messi coward are,without a doubt, madrid fans

          • Very few were against him,actually every body wanted him to stay at Barca. Ofc,every fandom has a toxic part,but blamig all the fans is’nt fair. You can’t deny that a lot of argie fans repetedly says that messi doesnt gives his best for NT cuz he gets less money,he lacks motivation playing for NT,and this and that bla bla

          • so telling that the whole argentina fanbase is toxic would be very wrong
            similarly hitting back at the whole barca fanbase is also wrong

        • There are some things that have special importance. One of these are loyalty and the good of appreciation. Messi’s loyalty to this club is out of question. But when it comes to fans, if this is true, then they should feel ashamed for their selves to say the least!

          I will say it again, the only reason that Barcelona are among the most successful clubs is Messi. Plain and simple! If it wasn’t for Messi, they would have been just a good club and nothing else, they wouldn’t have been being compared to the rest most sucessful European clubs.

          Therefore, if its fans don’t acknowledge that their whole history is Messi, its ok, it will be the post Messi era and then, we will all see when this club will end up: To nowhere! They will become nobodies again just like they used to be before Messi! Let them make more fancy transfers with more Brazilian nobodies and without Messi they will be a circus as they deserve to!

          • “I will say it again, the only reason that Barcelona are among the most successful clubs is Messi. Plain and simple! If it wasn’t for Messi, they would have been just a good club and nothing else, they wouldn’t have been being compared to the rest most sucessful European clubs”
            I don’t agree here yes Messi was the most important player of the team but 1 player cant bring glories after glories. During golden Barca days they had the best players at almost every positions all Alves, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Pique, Puyol were untouchable in their primes . If it wasn’t Messi they would have won as many or may be lesser no of trophies with other player . Look at Spain 2008-13 they were unstoppable with barca players.
            If messi alone had won everything for Barca then what happened to him in NT.
            Don’t get me wrong i am not disrespecting Great player ever to kick the ball but that’s just my opinion. Personally i wanted Messi to leave Barca as it would better for both club and the player but from the 1st day i doubted it will happen.

          • I respect your opinion Mrinal and you have some good points but i will stick to mine and i will try to explain why: In football no player can ever win on his own because its a team sport, i agree, but if a good team has a player as influential as Messi then this team from just a good or very good team becomes unstopabble! Messi continued to win trophies with Barcelona post Puyol and Xavi and with an aged Iniesta. Do you really think that without their top scorer and leading in assists too, without the player that was doing at least half of the whole team’s job that this team would have won as many trophies as they did with Messi? I really don’t think so.
            Keep in mind that Barcelona always had great players at times but they were always underachieving, especially in Europe. Barcelona was winning trophies after 2013 as well and speaking about Argentina and Spain, well a national team with a club team are two different stories.

            Yes, Spain between 08 and 13 had very good players, but they also had a good manager who was on the helm for quite a long time and most of its players were playing together or as opponents in the same league every week.

            Argentina also had great players but we didn’t have a proper coach, let alone continuity and our players were spread through all Europe so we didn’t have the priveledge our players to getting know each other especially if you think that international games are not being executed every week!

            Barcelona was totally dependent on Messi, just remember how many times they were using him even when he was injured! Barcelona without Messi may could have won another one cl but noway they could have won as many as they did and surely they wouldn’t have create the legend they did.

            And as of Argentina, once we had a descent coach and a healthy climate around the team, Messi was exploded and we almost won the wc in 2014.

  6. Hope Quarta doesnt go to Sevilla,it will be extremely difficult for him to compete with Diego Carlos and Kounde.

      • 1. Carlos isnt average.
        2. Carlos is experienced and well settled at Sevilla
        3. Quarta has almost 0 experience in the bigger stages.
        4. Quarta can sure replace him,but i doubt he can do it from day 1,he needs to play 40+ matches a season

        • I have seen enough of Carlos and I don’t think he is a reliable defender.
          Quarta Martinez has Copa libertadores experience so don’t say he doesn’t have big stage experience.
          Yes, quarta Martinez is not a world beater either, he lacks pace just like pezella or otamendi. However, I think he is at the same level as Carlos if not better.

          • He WILL BE much better than Carlos in near future OBVIOUSLY, but i would like him at a decent club (would be good if they r europe playing)where he can start every match.
            If Lopetugui makes him a starter,i have no problem

    • Diego Carlos is a liability. We hope the coach realises this as well. Sevilla are linked with both Senesi and Quarta Martinez. Matias Palacios will be monitored by Sevilla in the new season and will make a move on him in January depending on how he develops at San Lorenzo.

  7. Sevilla are preparing an official bid for Ezequiel Barco. The asking price Atalanta have demanded is around $22-$20 million region after dropping it from the initial $25 million. I think the price is quite reasonable considering Sevilla’s budget.
    I hope this move happens.

    But most importantly……..

    I hope Barco ” HIMSELF ” pushes a move to Spain if he has any desire to improve.

  8. Some quotes from last night’s interview of Messi:-

    – ” For all the year I have kept telling him that I wanted to leave, that I wanted to seek new challenges and objectives.”

    – ” in my last years of football I wanted to be happy.”

    – ” I am staying here because I don’t want to take my club to court. This is a club that I had always loved and put forward before anything.”

    – ” I felt hurt when people questioned my commitment and love for this club.”

    – ” money? I could have left and still earned more money than I earn here in Barca.”

    – ” when thiago saw the news of me leaving in TV he started crying and told me’ lets not go’.”

    There are many more I can take out from the interview and put here to build a virtual structure of how Messi’s mentality was for the past few weeks. But I won’t. I especially handpicked these ones to point out certain grounds where Messi was forced to rethink about his decision.

    But you know what’s so sad about this? That he wanted to leave. Even after officially declaring that he was staying( which obviously may bring a cool of relief to fans) he added an immediate cause in that sentence. Now what’s that cause? The cause is” because I didn’t want to take Barca to court “, yes that’s what he said. Just because of legal proceedings which could have potentially hampered either party’s reputation if happened, forced Messi to pocket his Decision. It’s a brutal force by Barca board on the Messi family to stay and service even after giving everything for the club. You could see he was always repeating the line” I wanted to leave ” to each of the questions the interviewer asked, which only shows that he was mentally out of Barca a long back.

    It’s a shame, but then again I don’t care I just wanted Messi to be happy. All I care about is what he does and how he lives with ARGENTINA and nothing else.

  9. End of the drama ! Messi plans to bring down Bartemao and Eric Abidal and try to keep his bargaining position in the club. Eric was successfully gone and new coach are coming. Well his heart wants to leave Barca but as the family already settled in Barcelona, it would be hard to move form his “comfort zone”. Hope Barca will be overhaul with new players and workable in harmony with Messi. He is the real Mr. Barca; like he says “I will give it my all. My love for Barca will never change.”

    Messi is facing and turning into more diplomatic ‘politician’ rather than talented superstar; time move in cycle and new players are rising although we have to wait for a decade to have another new Maradona or new Messi born. And don’t forget genius sometimes create controversy.

    Playing style also have change dramatically; from individual greatness into team coherent

  10. Some news on psg, tuchel and the psg sporting directing have been disagreeing on things, such as the departure of thiago Silva. Most notably, the sporting director wants to sign a new number 6, but tuchel has faith in paredes and wants to continue with him. Hopefully the sporting director doesn’t win, but it’s great to see that tuchel wants to continue with Paredes and he will continue getting playing time.

  11. Argentina players are not having that much skills they only know how to make back pass. no other players moving pass forward except lo celso, Sarava rest all are back pass hero. no build up game from keeper. whenever the goal keeper is getting the ball he wil kick the ball up in the air immediately.
    now a day most of the playing nations are build up from goalkeeper even small nations except Argentina.
    all other European clubs are understand that Argentines are doesnt have the skill set. that is y they keeping the players on bench, cheap price tag, loan move or else moving to MLS. no trust in AFA players.
    because of AFA don’t have structure, and ethics. simply filling their pockets. no proper technical / skill development coach in the team as well as local clubs. all the players not playing for nation playing to keep their name in the team list for selfish. they are all getting frightened to move the ball forward. no dribling
    Argentina never ever win the titles.

  12. Hope Koeman builds a good solid team and glory days will come back again. Also, he gets to have a proper farewell, even though he would be much happier if he left Barca this year.

  13. On other news, Sergio Romero is linked with Chelsea. Then again Chelsea has been linked with every goalkeeper under the sun so not sure if it would happen.

  14. Well, hell I been away from my computer and phone for the past 4 hours, between mowing the lawn, other yard work, shower and finally lunch…………only to see the story on ESPN!!
    I am disappointed that he is not leaving and that will open the mouths of all idiots who will say,’see, i told ya, Messi can’t hack it away from Barcelona blah blah blah horseshit’
    Then again, there is LOYALTY in football and not all are mercenaries because there is no doubt in my mind that he would be free if he takes them to court but knowing what we all know about him, he’s not that kinda guy and that will probably negatively affect him personally and professionally and that is the last thing any of us wants.
    As always, we ARE ALL HERE because we are ARGENTINA FANATICS and our, or at least MY loyalty is to one football team and NO other, Happy, content and healthy Messi is what we want and need for the NT……nothing else matters as far as football is concerned.

    • I’m little bit upset & happy (Both) for his decison…Upset bcz its cost his chances of winning the ballon d’or but Happy bcz I want most of the individual record of fcb possess by the king leo…I know I’m selfish for him bcz I’m big fan of him since 2006 WC when I was only 9..🇦🇷🇦🇷🇮🇳🇮🇳

  15. I know that my comment may irritate many fellow Argentina fans in here and i even apologise for that, but i am a man who talks through from inside my heart and i will just express the way i feel. Before saying anything, i just want to clear out that i also care about Messi and i really want the best for him and my comment does literally not have anything against him.

    I am sick and tired about the Barcelona soap opera and i literally don’t care at all about what will happen! Many here are saying that Messi will be trophyless with Barca! Well, personally i don’t give a fuck, i only care about Messi being happy. Messi does not have to prove anything more, he along with Maradona are the two greatest players to have ever played the game and Messi is also Barcelona’s greatest legend. Lets not forget that he is the reason that Barcelona can be put on the same sentence with the rest most successful clubs as before him they couldn’t even be compared with them.

    The only trophy that Messi desperately needs is a trophy with Argentina! It is way too iritating that a glorious and legendary team with such huge legacy like Argentina and one of the two greatest players to have ever played the game didn’t win anything together!

    Therefore, on the bottom line, i couldn’t care less about Messi winning something with Barcelona, i only care about winning something with Argentina.

      • You have spoken for me many times as well my friend and you know that. You have said once that you and me have similar way of thinking and i also believe that is true amigo.

        God bless you too my friend!

    • Yep I could care less about Barca trophies. But a happy Messi in great club form with high confidence increases the chances Messi will do well for the NT. It’s all connected my friend. I could easily see moving to city under pep playing alongside compatriot Aguero would benefit the NT more so than him staying at Barca

    • I just don’t see how he can be happy when they are practically holding him hostage and lied to him for a year.. But then again I think he has been a bit unhappy at Barca for a while now. Hopefully this makes him appreciate Scaloni’s project even more and increases his motivation with the NT

  16. He has acknowledged the contract he has signed. Nice to see that he does not say goodbye to Barca after an 8-2 humiliation and leaving the sinking ship somewhat cowardly. One year left to walk away with his head held high. Fingers crossed he ends with dignity and flair.

    • High chances are he will leave with no more trophy.
      May be the club going worser than this…if they didnt perform well in the market this season.

    • My friend Richard, his father jorge messi quoted a clause verbatim in an official letter to La Liga saying this exact statement is in the contract:

      “”Esta indemnización no aplicara cuando la resolución del contrato por decision unilateral del jugador tenga efectos a partir de la finalización de la temporada deportiva 2019-2020”

      Unless his father is lying this clause literally says the contract he signed does allow him to leave at end of 2019 season. It is actually messi’s right to leave, but he choose not to fight for his legal right. I do not want to stay on this topic too much because it is seeming to cause controversy but if a man cannot even fight for his clear legal rights…

  17. forgive me but i believe all this is just one very smart move from Messi.
    Messi is not free. he have one more year contract. he is not free to go.
    so today pass the ball to Barcelona side saying with simple words to them

    AS FOR YOU. NEXT SUMMER YOU WILL TAKE INSTEAD OF MONEY…. what one man have between his legs !!!

    Barcelona have only one choice. to SELL NOW Messi. else will lose everything.
    i believe next two weeks Barcelona president will try to sell Messi with the best posible number of money he can get.

    • Yeah that might be the strategy. stay and then leave for free next year. Knowing that, I hope you’re right about Barto selling him now in few weeks to avoid free transfer

  18. It’s what I had always thought about Messi moving out of Barca. His Family will eventually make him stay at Barca.

    I feel sad for Messi Barca is not treating him well. He gave everything for the Club and still Barca didn’t respect his decision only because a month delay in the contract due to the Pandemic. It’s cruel and cheating.

    I don’t know with what mindset Messi can continue playing in Barca. It’s sad to see this happened to our Captain. One of the greatest Football player ever. Next year he will be 35.His glory days will over by 35 for sure. He won’t be able to play like the usual Messi and adapt to whichever new club at the age of 35.

    There is no humanity left in this world. Barca board members are vultures.

    • not only board members but also many barca fans. many were trying to cash in from that situation . But in a way i am happy as messy now won’t even hope to win anything with this barca so the desire to win will be more for argentina.

  19. Now Lautaro may join Barcelona but they don’t have money to buy. They want cheaper options in every position…still not ready for Tagliafico instead behind some Spanish players.
    I wish Lautaro and Tagliafico join Barcelona.

    • Lautaro wants to play with Messi, but he knows that Messi will leave Barcelona in June, most likely for Manchester City (who also want Lautaro). Barca no longer makes sense in that regard. He should go to City instead, ideally this summer to be well settled in the team/system and developed by Guardiola, then have Messi join him in June. This still gives them a year together before WC2022.

    • Depay and Gini will be brought, difficult for lautaro this summer, barca don’t have money hope lautaro go to man city this year

    • I hope he does not go to Barca, and not Tagliafico either. Lautaro would be tied to a long contract and Messi would leave next year. Tagliafico would not get enough minutes and he is in his prime and the best player in our backline. The idea of all three players playing together sounds good, but not in this club at this time.

      • Alba is finished and barca need left back. No doubt Gaya will be the first choice, if Tagliafico joined it will be good move but lautaro either stay in Inter or go to Man City. Barca won’t be good for him as of now

  20. I hate Barcelona. Too bad Messi is too nice of a guy and doesn’t take them to court, because the board deserves to go to prison. And too bad he had kids at such a young age because now it holds him back. Either way, Messi should not be at fault. The club is horrible and evil and it is their fault.

  21. The reason for barca failure was Dembele injury, Barca played without winger in past 3 year year. Neymar does all the hardwork, Suarez was his peak and Messi enjoyed football but after than things were getting worse. Abidal fraud brought so many fench players who didn’t deserve to wear barca shirt and bartemao destroyed messi golden years.

  22. He told the board for an entire year that he wanted to leave at the end of the season, they promised him that he can leave at the end of the season, and now they are forcing him to stay against his will… Just wow. It’s almost hard to grasp how unbelievably incompetent and evil Bartomeu and the board is. Instead of rebuilding the team with ~€200m (100 from selling him and 100 from wages) they hold him hostage for a year and get €0 when he walks free next year. Good business!!!

    However Messi’s principles are admirable that he refuses to bring his beloved club to court, even though it would allow him to leave. Sad to see him waste another trophy-less year with this team. He doesn’t deserve this shit…

  23. This is a bit sad for Messi. His relationship with Barcelona becoming like his relationship in Argentina – people doubting him etc. He should have just gone to court and forced his exit. Should have gone and done what’s right for him to win and search for glory in England.

    In this blog in past we have talked about loyalty. Now we clearly see loyalty means nothing as it is never two-sided. In this football world you have to take care of yourself (and your family) first, rest is nothing and nothing can be expected other than what’s on legal paper..

    This is a mistake for him. He should fight to leave. Now he will just waste his final club years.

    • While I agree that I would have preferred him to bring it to court in order to join City and play exciting football instead of wasting this year, I believe it would give him a bad look for when he eventually wants to become president of Barcelona

      • If that was a criteria for his decision I feel even worse for him. One more extra CL, league, ballon d’or etc elevate his status even more for history. Who remembers a bureaucrat?

        Maybe he still goes next year. we can hope. But Would have hoped that this was settled this year so there is no distraction next summer before Copa.

    • Legally sueing a club where u have spent 20+ years,well it would not be exactly a easy decision for him. Its seems easy for you,for me,but only he know how much emotionally connected he is to Barca! It would be a very ugly scene,messi’s image would have been tarnished,and Bartomeu would have played the victim card then. He has done his al to force an exit,baarto has done all to non cooperate. He has taken a good desicion,fart in the face of bartomeu when messi would leave for free nxt season

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