Argentina to play World Cup qualifier in October against Ecuador


Argentina are set to play their first match of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers on October 8 against Ecuador.

With football slowly coming back, the South American World Cup qualifiers have already been pushed back twice and will begin next month. With the matches initially supposed to begin back in March, they were later pushed back to September but that has since been delayed for next month.

Per the FIFA website, Argentina’s first match will be at La Bombonera on October 8 against Ecuador. The second match will be October 13 in Laz Paz against Bolivia.


  1. Good morning all Argentina fans from Kathmandu Nepal..I’m due hard fan of Argentina since my childhood when I began to know about football.. Argentina have a great footballing heritage.. Argentina producing great player in every department however Argentina didn’t hire a good couch who can handle well.. maradona messi ,batistuta ,cannigia, Oscar rugeri ,Jorge buruchaga ,valdano, Roberto Ayala crespo,zanetti,mascherano and the list goes on..
    Regarding wcq interestingly in late 2000 era Argentina performance vs equador hasn’t been great except 4-0 thumping in 2014WCQ and Messi hattrick in 2018 WCQ.. they were always a tricky Argentina have to take home advantage and winning start in WCQ

  2. This place used to be pure Argentina before. Now as an Argentina fan I have to read about Annoying Germany team and other European Teams in here. We dont need to read about these teams in here. We can google. If this goes at this rate we will read about Brazil here soon.

  3. We might need vote ban feature in comment section. When I start using this site 6 or 7 years ago, this comment section is really productive , informative and friendly. Now it is become irrelevant and toxic. Maybe it will be much better if we can ban some annoying people from this comment section.

  4. Germany full strength 11: Neuer(C) – Klostermaan Ginter Sule Halstenberg – Kimmich Goretzka Kroos – Ganabry Havertz Sane – Werner
    Sub: Reus, Brand, Muller.

    • In September International break players from Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig weren’t picked while Tar Stegen injured. Laterally Germany B team played against Spain and Switzerland, spain was escaped by luck where Switzerland played better than Germany and Germany midfield looked shambles in both matches when Sane substituted become toothless offensively.

      • i think he is just an attention seeker. German crap or immature references to Icardi’s wife . These topics just gets genuine fans irritated & jump into conversations with him. He just relishes that. Best is ignore & hopefully good sense will prevail with time. There are so many non argentine natives here who like teams beyond Argentina ( i personally like Dutch team after Argentina ) . But this is a forum for Argentine fans & there should be basic decorum.

  5. Germany seem like a finished team nowadays. Since 2018WCQ..where they had 10/10 wins against weaker teams, their last match 5:1 against Azerbaijan since then? WC catasthrope, draws against England, Argentina B, Serbia, Switzerland, against France 3 matches 2 draws 1 lose, against Spain 2 draws, vs Brazil 1 lose, against Holland 1 lose, 2 draws, and their only win against strong nation a late winner vs Netherlands with a 90 mins injury time goal. This team will never be great again with finished Löw.

    • Get out Bayern’s best players Lewandowski, Thiago Alcantara, Alaba and Davies and you will see even Bavarians not a real UCL contender, only a good team, but nothing special, just like Germany. Werner an NT flop, system player, Klose was much better, Löw neglects the best german player Mueller cause his age, Havertz great talent, but overall overrated, old Kroos doesnt take a shit anymore, young teams will run him around.

      • Replace this shambles German midfield with Kimmich Goretzka Kroos and fav4 Havertz Werner Ganabry Sane, the Germany will be invincible. My prediction Germany wining Euro 2021. There is difference between Germany full strength team and B team. Muller was dropped because of poor form but under flick old muller back, I’m sure Muller will be in Euro 2021 squad.

          • Bayern Munich is the clone of Germany national team. GK: Neuer RB: Kimmich CB: Sule CB: Alba, Ginter, LB: Davis, Halstenberg MF: Goretzka MF: Tiago, Kroos, Winger: Ganabry, Sane. CM: Muller, Havertz. FW: Lewandowski/Werner
            Germany national team playing 11 consists 6 Bayern Munich players where in CB Ginter > Alba, in midfield Kroos > Tiago, Havertz> Muller where Lewandowski > Werner, Davis > halstenberg. Apart from Lewandowski and Davis only Germany players contributed Bayern Munich treble and next season Bayern Munich also challenging Treble unless Man City has good transfer window

          • Are you jokin? Ginter over Alaba cmon, Alaba the most complete CB nowadays, best passer, and game reader, only Van Dijk is better CB but just defensively, Thiago is way better than old slow Kroos, Werner a nobody compared to Lewa, and Mueller much better than Havertz atm. Dont forget Bayern were shit without Flick, Löw is not better than Nico Kovac. Forget success with Löw.

          • LOL Ginter is Bundesliga team of the season, Alba can’t even strat for Bayern next season as Hernandez is back. Kroos is selected La Liga team of the season and 100 times better than Tiago who never selected in Fifa Pro 11. kroos was year Madrid 2nd best player after Ramos in la liga victory, Kroos is best midfielder after KDB and Werner is just 24 and noone knew Lewandowski at 24, Werner will get better in upcoming years while Lewandowski decline. Havertz is future balloon dor winner and just 21 year old. I saw you barking finished Neuer before Barcelona match who single handily won the final for Bayern, just remember one thing form is temporary but class is permanent and muller also back with bang. Low is world cup and confed cup wining coach, he will win Euro 2021.

          • Thiago was bench warmer at Bayern Munich before Pavard injury then Kimmich had to shift in RB position from midfield. Germany first 11 has 6 Bayern Munich player and next 5 are Ginter(>alba), halstenbergtiago), Havertz(>muler) and Werner.

  6. What do you think? Which 23 people will get a chance in the team?give your opinion Pleas.
    gk-: rulli,musso,bentiz,emi mertinez,gazzanega,andreda,romero.

    Def:- foyth,saravia,montil,qurta mertinez,pezzela,romero,sensi,balardi,otamendi,rojo,lisa mertinez,tagliafico,acuna.

    Mid:-di paul,di marea,paredes,lo cleso,nico dominguez,ocampos,excuel palacios,guido Rodriguez, mac alister,ascacibar , papu gomez,roberto prayera,emi buindea

    Fw:messi,dybala,lautaro,Aguero,alario,gonzales, icardi,chimy avila

    • Note: The Below squad i m giving is not based on players i want in the team,but the player Scaloni prefers and will most likely pick

      GK: Musso,Emi Martinez

      Def: Montiel,Quarta,Pezzela,Tagliafico

      Mid: De Paul,Paredes,Lo Celso

      FW: Mesi,Dybala,Lautaro,Aguero,Ocampos



      Def: Foyth/Saravia , Otamendi , Senesi , Lisandro Martinez , Acuna

      Mid: Buendia , Ascacibar/Guido, Palacios/Dominguez , Papu Gomez

      FW: Alario/Avilla/Icardi,Gonzalez/Di Maria

  7. Hope Lautaro joins Man City and it will boost his career. Conte Inter Milan helped lautaro a lot to make him superstar in one year but to take his game next level should move from defensive boring Inter.

  8. Is true that Argentina youth system has not be functioning well for sometime but that does not mean Argentina has not being producing well class talent. There is no Country on this Earth that produce more football talent than Argentina . Argentina talent pool will never ran dry. Dybala did not play youth tournament with Argentina. But still went on to become A Star. Pestore as well. One thing you all have fail to observe is that.. Argentina teenagers are always been plug from their home and their families at a very early age. Sometimes with no parents or legal guardian caring for them, when they are being taking to play in Europe. Example of such is Ever Banega.Messi was lucky to have left Argentina with his parents to Europe, else he will have fail considering his introvert nature. Lets me ask you guys how many Italian players or youth players do you often see playing in other countries, how many English youth players do you see even playing in Italy and Spain or France…. Argentina youth footballers are the best in the world… And they are second to none… Don’t ever look down on them….. Most of you here have not even try to leave away from home. Try that and see how difficult it is to leave away from your comfort zone. How much more trying to make a living thousands of miles away from your country.. You will miss your home and your friends.. Playing in your comfort zone is different from trying to be a star away from home. Always appreciate them and stop calling them farmers ….they are the best teenagers in the world. Let me ask you this Question. How many goals do you think Rasford, Greenwood, mbape,Marsha, and other notable European strikers will score When they are playing in Argentine league. Ciro immobile did not even succeed when he left his comfort zoon Italy to play in Germany and Spain.. He did not even score one goal.. He is considered a bad striker.. No!!!!!. But if he was Argentine.. The European sport analyst will call him a bad striker and a whole lots of names… So let’s all cherish our own…… A time is coming Argentina football will dominate world football and will win the world Cup for four consecutive tournament like how missi won the World best player consecutively when no Argentine have won the award for over two decades…. The time is coming my brothers ….so lets Appreciate our own

    • I agree with the statement you made about the “leaving the country at an early age” part. It is so true. Being away from your comfort zone, family and friends is lot difficult than you will ever expect. And more hard if you are leaving young.

    • One of the main reasons for poor performance of Argentina youth teams in U17 and U20 teams is reluctance to use european club based argentine players like colidio(inter), Benjamin garay(in Real madrid during u20 WC), benjamin garre ( in Man city during u20 WC) and many more european club based players who were not utilised for the u20 and u17 WC either due to batista insistence of using too many local based players or sometimes those European clubs refusing to yield the players for U17 and U20 WCs. hopefully it changes for next U20 and U17 WCs when Argentina qualifies for those tournaments.

  9. I hope Scaloni starts the squad we saw against Brazil with few tweaks in the defense… However Foyth hasn’t been called up so RB has to be Saravia with Pezella and someone else for Otamendi

  10. Guys did you watch Luka Romero’s displays against Tenerife and castellon( I might be wrong about the name)?
    He had some stints as a sub and he was good. You can check the YouTube for his highlights. He has developed physically as well as technically and he showed rage and hunger in those games.
    Hope that he manages to play a lot of matches this season.

    • Mallorca is very lucky to have such a talent on their hands. I hope he stays there until he is 18-20 in order to get play time and maybe it’s not that bad that they are in the second division. He will have less pressure and be given more time to play because of that. I think he will define the next post Messi era. Think about it, in five whole years he will only be 20. That’s insane.

  11. Finally after long time, argentina will play. Let’s see who gets into the squad. I have nice Gonzales gets into the squad bcoz we need pace in the attack. In modern football you need to have pacy attack. Look at France they beat us in 2018 with their pace. Look at Bayern they beat everyone in the champions league with their pace. Do we have any winger except Ocampos and nico who has pace?

    • Pavon, Barco, Agustin Urzi ( Banfield & Argentine U23 ) , Julian Alvarez ( River Plate & Argentina U23) . Urzi & Alvarez are too early for NT action & getting a seat for Tokyo Olympics can be first target. Barco should target Europe move now & can be a star in Tokyo Olympics . Maybe NT radar in an year or so.
      The closest to NT now is Pavon & can be reconsidered if he can crack a Europe deal maybe in next transfer window in Dec/Jan

  12. the ideal is to have 1 – 2 friendly matches before the WCQ during this break season time. Scaloni have to bring the new young players, hopefully he will have a full courage as some youths are really good and deserved to be call.

    Montiel, Quarta, Martinez, Gaich or Barco are just few recommendations. time to drop Otamendi or even Aquero

  13. The most interesting question right now is who’s scaloni going to call up?
    Since the primera division is at halt since march so we will not see any native players and it means the entire squad will be European based.

    Lets see who makes the cut.

  14. Fiorentina has advanced the talks with Atlanta to sign Ezequiel Barco.
    I want him to join Sevilla not that slow and Boring Serie A. Only team in italy i like is Gasparini’s Atalanta

  15. Cool… After nearly a year we r gonna c our NT. When is Scaloni gonna announce the squad? It will be interesting because most of the Argentine league players are inactive. So he may have to select from the European based players.

    Goalkeeping is one position which looks intriguing. Let’s see.

  16. Lucas Robertone getting interest from Elche where Jorge Almiron is new coach. Anyone watching Pavon lately ? He is in blistering form in left wing with LA Galaxy & wish some Europe club takes notice & buys him from Boca . At $20Mill he is a solid bargain & still only 24. Just read Wolves spending 35Mill Pounds on 18yr Fabio Silva from Portugal & cant imagine Barco & Pavon getting wasted in MLS.

        • I think Pavon is suffering from the overhype that happened before WC18. He & Meza were projected the next stars. Maybe he was still raw & couldnt impact WC18. Immediately dubbed a failure & sidelined . I am confident he will get his break again as he is actually good enough to atleast play in Serie a / la liga mid table if not higher

  17. Hope to see musso or Emiliano at goal, Montiel as RB & a CB pairing of palamino & otamendi. Martinez quarta as sub for nico. Rest of team is set. If parades is out of action due to covid recovery , licha should get a much needed test as CDM.

    • Otamendi? Plzz no! Its time for Quarta;we have to be brave nd play him! He is 24,perfect age for him to be integrted in starting 11

      • Yes, we have to integrate Quarta into the starting 11, this will boost his confidence and this might lure big european clubs towards him, if he does well.
        As the priority should be 2022 WC

        • Agree. Otamendi is not our future. But just keeping in mind that martinez quarta comes from a long hiatus. Being wcq initial points is very important to ease pressure. Also reality is if we look at ability to play from back , only CBs are otamendi, Martinez q, lisandro. Atleast 1cb Shld have this ability as we generally play deep defensive line. Otamendi also has been able to play better with argentina than man City. So some of the criticism is very club centric.

          • When the opposition is weak like Ecuador,i think Quarta should be given a test. And Quarta’s ball playing is quite good

          • Our biggest issue on defense has been pace . So then following combinations are also a possibility
            1) Juan Foyth – Palamino . Foyth has pace .
            2) Palamino – Lisandro . Lisandro has pace.
            Finally it will also boil down to a Pezzella vs Palamino for 1 spot. Both dont have pace & not much ball play. Both are rugged defenders & almost same age group ( 1yr diff) . Pezzella is aerially better & Palamino is a better tackler & presser. Else not much to differentiate. The other CB should ideally have a combination of pace & ball distribution apart from core defensive skills to make our CB pairing more balanced. Martinez Quarta , Foyth & Licha alll have good ball distribution. On pace Martinez Quarta is behind them. I believe once Foyth fixes his club situation & regular playing time , he can definitely lock down 1 spot with either Pezzella or Palamino. Else Martinez Quarta with one of the Serie A guys – but here we will continue to be slow during transitions. In all scenarios i would like to see Otamendi atleast in 23. His experience cannot be ignored atleast till WC22.

  18. I can’t understand for the life of me why a friendly or 2 weren’t arranged during this international window. Teams like Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay have most of their players in europe and so these matches could’ve been played in europe. A damn waste.

    • Yes poor organization. Even a game against some tier 2 european club as a friendly would have been fine. Doesn’t have to be international. Most important thing would have been to bring 20-25 core guys together. I think they have no money and since no crowds no way to fund anything other than critical stuff.

    • I know. It makes me very angry. We are at an immediate disadvantage because we are playing less games than the European teams. This gives them more time to develop chemistry, prepare, test new players and formations. Very unfair.

    • The prospect of playing in an empty Bombonera is not great, but at least we’ll learn who verbally coaches the team. Which defender will tell the others to hold the defense line, push forward etc. Who will point out errors and yell at others to cover opponent players?

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