Valencia interested in Germán Pezzella of Fiorentina


Valencia are reportedly interested in Argentina defender Germán Pezzella of Fiorentina.

Per a report by Marca, the Spanish club want to sign the 29 year old defender but Fiorentina would not want to sell for less than 15 million. Bought from Real Betis two years ago for 10 million, Valencia are looking to get Pezzella to replace fellow Argentine Ezequiel Garay who left the club this past season.

Germán Pezzella has a contract until June of 2022 and has been a figure in the Argentine back line in the past few years.


  1. Valencia is not an upgrade for Pezzella, Fiorentina is at about the same level at the moment, plus he’s a captain there. I think he’s great in the air and a tough tackler but the lack of pace and also not being particularly adept at passing make him replaceable if a better player comes along from a younger generation.

    • absolutely spot on enganChe. what do you think of Palamino ? I wish he gets some opportunities & one of them ( Palamino vs Pezzella ) owns 1 CB spot till someone with pace come in with equal or better defensive abilities. I felt Palamino’s tackling & pressing is stronger than Pezzella & CL action also gives him better exposure. Pezzella undoubtfully aerially better including when trying to convert penalty corners.

      • I am not so keen on Palomino to be honest. Yes, he’s a great tackler but at times he’s has shown some lapses in concentration. Plus age is not on his side. If we are looking for a a left-footed central defender, then I would go with Licha Martinez first, followed by Senesi and Kannemann.

        • Agree Pezzella concentration levels are better . Agewise i think its more or less same as Palomino is just 1 year older to Pezzella. I was thinking more of players having their preferred position.
          So either
          MartinezQuarta /Foyth (right) & Palomino (left) or
          Pezzella(right) & Licha ( left).

    • Spot on @Enganche absolutely agree. But I have just one question here is that do we have a CB who is great at pace? Bcoz what I remember from argentina vs France and Barca vs Bayern match is that both the matches won by flashes of super speed by mbappe and fullbacks of Bayern. If we had good pacy defender in world cup france mbappe wouldn’t have score a single goal. Argentina needs defence revolution and for that if we need to play some young unproven lads just like beisila gives a chance to mascherano when mascherano didn’t played for its club. I don’t have any issue with our attack. Remember matches won by attack but tournament won by defence. I mean can any one on this forum cox, enganche, godin tell me when did the France concided 3 goals against them. Argentina score 3 goals against prime Varane and Umtiti. We need to cherish our attack but I have serious concern for our defence. Can any tell me when was the last time a player of some proven quality playing elite club. All I can remember is mascherano. Stay safe amigos.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇦🇷🇦🇷

  2. Senesi is seriously been considered by Everton,Napoli,Roma and Atalanta.
    I will like to see him,romero and palomino at the same club

    • Argentine guys get serious rumours linked with a lot of club but in the end nothing materialise …. For last couple of years u can count really how many rumours became reality…..

  3. You guys say about benjamin garre and Francisco Feuillassier.I think they will be next star for Argentina

  4. Bielsa has signed a 18 year old croatian CB with 0 experience for €20M 🤡🤡
    Leeds fan arent impressed and have expressed their frustration
    Just a reminder that Quarta and Senesi costs €15M and Foyth €10M

    Bielsa plans to bid for Barca outcast Rafinha for €15M
    Buendia costs the same🤡🤡

    Wonderful Bielsa👌

    • I cannot realise, why bielsa don’t sing any arg player..he just a sing one argentine player in his team which is ocampos.

    • Infact, Tottenham only rejected Foyth’s loan move to Leeds, they were willing to sell outright for 15 mil. This was before Vertonghen’s move to Benfica, don’t know what the scenario is now at Spurs.

      The Only Argentine Bielsa signed was Ocampos. He signed him on a 6 months loan. Then when the move was made permanent, Bielsa deserted him and his team by quitting within weeks into the new season. An egoistic piece of a man. It’s good no Argentine has moved to play under him. His team will struggle and this guy will quit half way.

      • I dont know whats playing on Mourinho’s mind. He should either play Foyth or sell him. Leeds would have been a perfect team for Foyth’s style & a big miss for his development. Villareal has made an enquiry..but best for Foyth to play in EPL & as a CB. .In preseason Mourinho used him in 2/4 matches. So maybe Mourinho is now rethinking with Vertogen’s departure & wants him as Toby Alderweireld’s back up. or compete with Davinson Sanchez or Eric Dier. Just wish Scaloni goes partial on Foyth & keep giving games irrespective of the club situation which is dicey

  5. Maybe Roberto prayera is scaloni’s bed partner. I can’t realise that why always scaloni selected this poor performer..we have many talent young option over prayera..emi bundea much better than prayera..

  6. Pavon scores & assists in LA derby. The guy now has 6 goals in last 9 matches . I am seeing the match now. He is still wasteful – but clearly on a confidence high

    • I think, this is the pick time for pabon…He deserve a european best club..MLs is not a perfect leauge for pavon..

    • The guy has a high rating average season even if it’s MLS , still 24 , a lot of potential , he delivers this guy and I think he was pressured too much by everyone in 2018 World Cup where in fact we were shit thanks to sampaoli for having no plan no system no nothing . + he’s 24

  7. Barca have handed a final official bid for Lautaro, after Suarez has agreed personal terms with Juventus.
    Ajax’ interest has died on Braian Cuffre, since Tagliafico hasn’t moved. So, looks like Cuffre will take his next best offer from Mallorca.
    Real Betis readying a bid for Quarta Martinez.

  8. Scaloni is preparing for an all- Europe squad. Since the possibility of having superliga players is zero, he is going full European. But there are complications in this scenario. The covid situation in South America is worser than Europe so players coming from Europe have to take extra special care, which means scaloni have to name his squad early and I think the players have to arrive early at Argentina due to certain covid measures enacted by conmobel. Which will and obviously be good.
    And also since the unpredictability of the disease is uncontrollable so FIFA has allowed to call-up more than 30 players. Maybe somewhere in the region of 40-45 players and if that happens then for sure there’s a chance for the likes of buendia, Martinez and senesi or even gaich.

    • As richard said in previous post – for La Paz game they should have a separate squad & get them to goto Bolivia well in advance to acclimatize.

  9. I think Darío Sarmiento and Thiago Almada should be given a chance in the national team now. Because if 17-year-old Ansu Fati from Spain can make a splash,so why can’t they?

    • Yes, correct, coaches should be bolder and give them substitute appearances rather than relying on old players which will expose them to big European clubs as well, Except Messi, no one should get called for the team. I like Aguero, a problem he is always gets injured during crucial matches.

      • in fairness to scaloni he has given sub chances to Gaich, Balerdi, Nehuen Perez who are all pretty raw & young. We have a good forum of U23 & upcoming Olympics where these new talents can be tested more consistently.

        • I hope that will be continued. 5 out of 23 in the team should be below 20 based on their performances, which will increase their confidence, and also transition to the next generation will be much easier.

    • I have written such posts a lot in the past. Not only sarmiento and Almada but there are countless Argentine teenagers who should have been incorporated in the NT by now. And had it happened then for sure some European clubs would have plucked them. But you know it just doesn’t happens. I have written posts where I had told that de la Vega, Barco and even Matias palacios should be given chances. At least even a sub performance would be enough for them to catch the European’s scouts.
      The past was messed up I know since it’s only been a year and half that scaloni has taken incharge of NT, but then I can’t rule out the injuries they had. So its all mixed up from either sides. But yeah I think scaloni should take a note of fati’s case and start giving chances to youngsters.
      Look the big truth is you have to take the risks but Argentina youth management always believed that a young talent should first get into an European team and then if he manages to put up tempting displays only then he should be considered, which is bizarre.
      Scaloni have to change this mentality if he wants to build any foundation, the talents should be used and have to exported.

      Sometimes I wished we had a guy like monchi in our ranks who singlehandedly could have built a star-studded youngsters for the future. This guy is so real and more because he likes a lot of argentines.

      • actually u have a point. Remembering Bustos playing 1 good game against Italy in 2018. There was so much media talk then on a Bayern movement. While finally its the quality & consistency of player which determines growth, young talent can get a faster launching pad which else will take more time to organically happen. Maybe atleast for our positions where options are less or weak ( fullbacks, fast CBs , Wingers ) this can be a smart tactic . If ur leading Ecuador 2.0 & 75mins , no harm in unleashing a young talent.

    • The effort must first be made from their clubs. While European clubs are giving young home grown kids a break early, Argentine clubs have no nurturing process, simply the coaches don’t want to risk their jobs and they play it safe by preferring experienced yet mediocre players. While Fati has completed one full season, Sarmiento has hardly experienced 100 minutes of senior football. This is the major reason why Argentine youngsters lack the confidence to kick on when they move to Europe and hence fail. Gaich is 21, but had started less than 5 matches for San Lorenzo in 2 years!!! In Russia they won’t give a shit about that, they’ve paid for him and want him to repay from the go. A tough ask, without major playing time, even if it is Latvian league. No amount of talent substitutes actual playing time and that too in ur home environment, where they can start without pressure.

  10. It’s so frustrating, our players are not getting desired move in this transfer window…. Most of the rumours are dyin…

    Is it true Romero has secured a move to aston villa for 8m???can anyone confirm?? Martinez should also move to leeds… But maybe he will see plenty of game time in Arsenal as well this season i think…
    Musso to inter or anyother italian team’s rumour is not around anymore… Instead, atalanta and inter all eyeing up for meret from Napoli who is mediocre keeper as best…
    Rulli got a good move but is he going to be first team keeper or another backup???
    If musso move we will see andreda or rossi in Udinese as much as rumors suggest….
    Machesin was best keeper in Portuguese

  11. I think otamendi should try to secure a move for Valencia…. He is not appreciated in city anymore.. He is still good enough in tackle,ball playing ability but doesn’t have the pace to play in high line diffenc… For Argentina he is good enough still and scolani like him fir system… Our most of the young cb’s are still raw but not the finished product.. So i don’t think dropping him for them is not fair… Young cb’s should be subs for now and slowly they can be added in starting eleven…whatever mundo users say, experience has value and he always plays well for us,as long as he is reliable for us i don’t care his club form…. But he should push for first team or move so he can keep him match fit and keep confidence
    For pazzella in paper valencia should be an upgrade,but Fiorentina is more suitable for his kind of gameplay… But i don’t mind him moving….
    For our young cbs, all of them need to chang their current club like romero,who secured a good move…sensi should move into more competitive league and team like sevilla, atm won’t give him chance as much as we can guess… Oh foyth!! It’s seem like nobody is interested in him… Such a shame our yound cb with good talent cannot attract clubs or all the links are rumour… No official bids…maybe their lack of ambition is in the way…for quatra I’mnot sure is he match fit or not… Should get a call in next camp but should not strt and should be used as a sub…. And for belardi it was very good move, Marseille a club will play in cl and he will get plenty of opportunity…..
    Overall we hv some really talented cbs, but still raw most of them… We don’t need super star cbs, but team player with reliable performance, whether they may play in farmers league or mid table club….

    Note: for love of god Romance king pls stop showing ur love for germans and wanda here, just talk about football….

  12. Btw i dont see any merit in Pezzella leaving for Valencia. They are in a real bad management spell & will clearly suffer this season. Also he is so well loved & settled in Fiorentina. Why change unless you are moving to a top 3 club & getting CL action.

  13. The whole WCQ itinerary looks tricky with the covid situation in South America. Read tim Vickery article in espn. 18 Boca players positive. Liberadotres starting on sept 17th. River going to Sao Paulo which is a covid hotbed. European clubs are going to create a big objection to the wcq in Oct. There can be delays with a changed format or change in venue with European based players for the major teams.

    • It may sound heartbreak to a fan.. But considering the health of players & situation in South America , they should maybe postpone oct matches & reduce WCQ format ( 2 groups based on FIFA rankings to offset lost time ) or cancel Copa America 2021 & use that time to catch up on some WCQ matches. Shifting venue to Europe may not be commercially viable for the smaller teams who are mainly South American or Mexican based.
      Even this Nations League now is really foolish. What if there is an outbreak among players & some player actually gets severely impacted.

      • In my personal opinion, it is not advisable to cancel next year’s COPA and next month’s qualifiers. All European teams are playing already twice than what south Americans are playing.

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